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Chapter 1-Offering...

Music sang softly as the purple flags fluttered gently. Thousands of red eyes stared around the huge, glittering, grand ballroom. The light reflected off their grinning eyes as they murmured to one another. Under a grand chandelier, beautifully dressed people waltzed, their dresses exotic as they shook to the bouncing beat. Bright feathers stuck out of their backs, shimmering like peacocks. Sighing, I rested my head against the red velvet padding of my throne. My family's murmurs faded into the background, their thoughts drifting in the wind.

Why were they so excited? Why were they so eager to end a person's life?

I know it was so important to them and it was tradition, but could they not see the agony I was in? I was not ready for this tragedy. I was not ready to become a murderer. Sometimes I wish I had never been chosen.

I wish I had died along my tribe, but instead I was doomed to a life of a monster… a horrid monster…

I use to live in the sanctuaries- a place where vampires keep humans for their 'safety'. When I was eleven years old I was chosen to be part of the offering. The offering is a tradition that happens every year, each year a human was chosen to be drained by a vampire. If you are lucky, you can be saved by being chosen to become a slave or a family or in my case a member of the royal family. I don't remember my real name but my mother as I came to call the queen of the vampires named me Edward. On the night of my seventeenth birth day, I officially became Prince Edward of Phoenix and also creature I detest the most; a vampire. For the last two hundred years, I have struggled to keep my humanity and at times became wild and untamed. Instead of living in the open forests, I live in a grand palace that has over a thousand rooms even though some are useless and I am forced to contribute in vampire tradiitions. Today was my turn in the very ceremony that had joined me to this horrid world. It was my turn to take part in the offering; I would have to murder an innocent I never saw before...

The bouncing music shook my throne slightly, reminding me of the celebrations around me.

They were celebrating the youngest prince's offering-my first offering. They were celebrating the death of over a thousand humans…they were celebrating the end of life.

Why did they need to do this just for royalty? Could they not just kill the poor humans instead of putting the creatures through torture?

"Son, are you listening to me?" My father's voice brought me out of my muse.

"Yes?" I turned to face him. His golden eyes were filled with concern as he peered at me.

"I asked if you were excited about your first offering. The first offering is always the best, you know?"

I strained a smile. "Yes, father, I am excited- exhilarated is a better word to use."

My father smiled as he breathed a sigh of relief.

"I am glad, I thought you would be reluctant."

I am.

Flashing a forced grin, I ground the words out. "Why would I be reluctant? It's a family tradition. I should be proud to take part in it."

His eyes saddened. "Edward, are you sure you want to do this? We can stop it if you want." Hope filled his voice as if he wanted me to back down.

I shook my head. "I have to do it for the family."

"No you don't. We can send them back if you are not ready to…."

My heart-strings tugged when he said this. No, the people are relying on me and…. "I may not be ready but for some reason I feel like I have to… like it is my destiny."

Tilting his head, my father analysed me, his eyebrows furrowing. I looked him in the eye-concern lay there. His defined face was expressionless as he reached across to pat my shoulder.

"I am proud of you." His voice was no more than a cold whisper.

Suddenly, trumpets blared, echoing around the room. Silence fell across the once noisy ballroom.

"The royal offerings," a gruff voice declared. Groaning open, the big, smooth wooden doors swung open, revealing the offerings. Chains scraped against the floor, slowly, as the humans stumbled into the room. White dresses and suits coated their skin and their hair had been styled. Silent whimpers escaped the poor offerings as they stared around the room, fear evident in their eyes. A pair of brown eyes flashed to me as a brunette-bobbed woman scrambled along, hiding something in the flowing material of her dress. The observers inhaled, their eyes trailing the lines of the offerings, pink tongues darted across painted red lips. Rising from my seat, I moved in front of my father. Pressing my right hand over my chest, I kneeled down.

"For you my king, I, Prince Edward of Phoenix, will be honoured to take part in this year's offering." My father shoes gleamed as I stared at his booted feet. I felt a hand graze my shoulder.

"Rise Prince Edward." I did so, my hands grasping his right elbow as he embraced mine. The salute of respect between royals. Staring into his eyes, we shared a knowing look. Slowly, I stepped away to face the red eyes that watched us. "Good luck son," he whispered in my ear before he turned to our audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the time has arrived again. It is time for the Royal offering. It was started many years ago by King Litherus the third in honour of his son, Lucas the brave and his arrival into young adulthood. Each year we hold an offering ceremony, where a member of the royal family is chosen to pick his offering and taste their blood in honour of that very first ceremony. The time has arrived for my son Prince Edward to take his first offering and to be welcomed into the world as a young adult." The crowd roared, I took a deep breath, preparing myself for what my father was about to say, silently, I prayed inside for the soul I was about to take. "So let the event begin." Everything slowed down; the humans' heartbeats thudded in my ears as I inhaled the sweet air.

A sweet lavender scent floated up my nose, controlling my mind. My vision turned black and white. Time sped up as I leapt off the stage. Weaving in and out of frozen humans, I tried to find the owner of the scent. Sweaty bodies scrambled away from my seething figure. Their owner's eyes widened with terror. They screamed when I pushed them out of the way, causing the rest of the line to fall like dominoes.

Suddenly, I backtracked.

I stopped in front two brunette women in white dresses.

The scent was in between them. It swarmed around in the air. That's when I saw a little hand wrapped around one of the women's leg. A familiar face stared at me as I moved towards the shaking woman; her bright brown eyes widened with fear. Blocking the little hand from my view, she adjusted her dress. A snarl scraped through my lips. She took a step back, the chain stopping her from going any further. The room fell silent. My footstep seemingly echoed like thunder. The woman's eyes were still wide, her hand grasping the person that hid beneath her long flowing skirt. Begging in desperation, my heart pulled my torso towards the little figure.

"Please, don't hurt her, take me instead! Anything but her please-" She pleaded as I yanked her out of the way. A pair of little, stunning brown eyes stared up at me. Twinkling, they widened with fear, and she shuffled towards the woman. Dropping to my knees, I stretched towards her; my fingers aching to grasp her skin.

"Hello, I won't hurt you." A squeal escaped her lips as I reached for her. Her hands pushed at an invisible wall like it was meant to shield her from me.

I put my hands up in surrender as I tried to move closer. "It's okay, I won't hurt you."

The girl stared at my hands in terror as she shuffled yet closer to the woman.

"Please don't harm her, take me instead." The women repeated, hugging the child to her torso, keeping her eyes on my figure. I moved towards the woman, my fingers widening as she tried to cocoon the girl away from my grasp. She didn't realize she was helping me capture her. Ripping her arms from around the girl's figure, I ignored the child's screams. The chain that held her to the woman snapped in two.

"No!" She screamed as I pressed the squirming child to my torso.

"Angie!" The girl screamed, her arms reaching out to the human as I turned away, a triumphant smile on my face.

"Bella!" The women struggled against the guard's grasp as she tried to reach for the child. Trying to calm her as I approached the stage, I stroked her soft, smooth brunette hair. Tears dripped down my shirt. Panicked thoughts entered my brain, many of them were about how she wasn't a good offering. I let a growl escape through my lips; causing the child to go into hysterics.

Angie! Angie! Her thoughts got louder as the angelic child continued to fight against my hold. Cooing, I focused on the thoughts surrounding me. Many were filled with sympathy for the child who was about to lose her life so young. But as I stared at the crying child, I could feel nothing but fascination and enchantment. I climbed up onto the stage and stood next to my father; his face was grim as he stared at the child. If only he knew. He gestured for me to make the speech.

I searched around the room, taking in the people's faces.

"In tradition of the Wersters that have ruled these lands for years. I am honoured to share this moment with you as I accept my-" I looked at my father as I finished the sentence, "-mate." Gasps filled the room as the woman who had hid the child stopped struggling.

"What!" my father demanded, his grim face replaced with a mask of joy.

Is it true? My family's thoughts echoed each other. A proud smile pulled its way onto my face as I nodded. The child's sobs quieted as my hand soothed her hair. The hall erupted into cheers and murmurs as my sister squealed, jumping up to hug me, her black hair swaying down her back. A growl entered my throat as she flung herself at me; I flipped over and landed on the chair. The child started to struggle in my grasp.

"Edward, I only wanted to give you a congrats hug."

My father's hand touched my sister's shoulder, his eyes burning at my sister's stupidity.

"Alice, he could have killed you." My sister rolled her eyes; not seeing the threat she had been to my mate.

"He wouldn't ha-"

"You lunged for him with his vulnerable mate in his arms."

"But-"Alice huffed. My father's glare told her everything, and she turned to face my little mate and me. "I am sorry, Edward. I completely forgot about the feeling. Do you forgive me?" I nodded in response. Her hand grazed her opposite as she motioned thank you before she sat down. My father's quizzical eyes stared unnervingly at me.

Do you want to have another go? I wrapped my cloak around the child as I stood up. My father nodded and turned to the audience again.

The rowdy crowd did not notice him; the shock of this discovery still rumbled through them.

He cleared his throat. "Quiet- thank you, I am over-joyed that my son has found his mate, but we came here for a reason, and my son wants to complete that reason. So, I would like to say, let the event begin."

He nodded to me as I gripped my mate tighter to my torso, my lips finding the crown of her head. The crowd screamed wildly, I looked at the women who had tried to hide my mate; who was still in the grasp of the guards, her eyes wide as she muttered something over and over. I sniffed the air. I leapt off the stage, zooming around the humans. They all scrambled away from me, terror sewn into their eyes. Their thoughts filled with pleas for them to live like my mate did. I chuckled inwardly. They would never live either way; they were going to die. Just one will be killed by me. My hand lunged out, snatching a scrambling blonde by her arm. The chain snapped as I yanked her out of the line. Her pleas rang out as I dragged her to the stage. My fingers gripped tightly onto her upper arm, whilst simultaneously gripping firmly onto my mate. "Here, I hold my first offering!" I cried as I sunk my teeth into her neck. My child continued to struggle as I gulped down the blood of my offering. The blonde's heart was still fading, her screams turning into gargles when I lifted from her neck, letting her drop to the floor.

Son? My father moved towards me. I put up my hand and waved a servant up, leaning in and whispered my orders into his ears.

The audience gazed as the servant approached me with a knife and glass. I took the knife and leaned towards the gargling blonde Blood squirted out as the tip of the knife entered her heart. I reached for the glass and filled it with blood before rising. "In tradition and honour of the newly mated, I am honoured to share the blood of my first offering with my new mate as it has been done by many members of this family before!" My mate's sobs and struggles stopped as I brought the glass to her lips. A drop fell down her throat. The audience stared in awe, my father smiling with pride as my mate drank her first offering blood, I smiled as she tipped the glass, letting more blood fall into her mouth. As she drank, I kissed her forehead and praised her for each gulp, her eyes on me all the time as she drank.

A little bit of blood strayed out of the side of her mouth. Handing the glass to the servant, I wiped the blood with my finger and placed it to my lips. I ordered him to put the rest of my offering blood in bottles and for them to be kept in the cellar.

Smiling at my mate, I remembered the woman and called one of the guards.

"Take her into the chamber next to my room." My eyes flittered to the woman and the guard followed my gaze. Quickly, he walked to the other guard, informing him of my order. Crossing their right arms across their chest, the guards bowed before they started to drag the woman out of the room; Her screams echoed as she tried to break free. Her eyes were transfixed on the child hidden beneath my cloak.

"Bella!" The door slammed shut.

I stared down at the child, who was staring curiously back at me. "Bella…" I murmured, the child eyes lit up at the sound of the word. I repeated it a bit more loudly. She stared at me and squirmed. "You're called Bella." The child nodded slightly as confirmation. I sat down thinking as my father clapped his hands and command that the others be removed.

Cries of dread fled from their mouths as they left the room. Two servants scurried away, the limp body of the dead offering dangled in the middle of their bodies. Her limp body scraped against the floor, her white chest coated in blood. Her blue eyes stared unseeingly into the air. Regret rushed through my bones. What had I done? I was a murderer. I was like the rest of my kind. I had killed an innocent.

The music started again and people got up to waltz, like nothing had happened. Like no one had died. The music was energetic and lively, the death of the woman lost beneath the loud beat of the drums. My father touched me on the shoulder as he crossed his arm over his chest again, silently, I motioned back. Before he took my mother's hand and headed down the dance floor, he smiled. Alice and my brother, Jasper were next to follow, each repeating the motion as they excused themselves.

My oldest sister moved into Alice's seat to stare at my little mate.

She's so tiny, she thought to me with a beam.

"I know Rosalie." My finger grazed my angel's chubby cheek.

She looks a lot like Emmett. I frowned; while Bella did look similar to Emmett, I knew it was Rosalie's excuse to try and convince me to let her take care of my mate.

"Rosalie, you know that you can't use my mate as an opportunity to be a mother"

"Why not?"

My big brother snorted as he leaned over his wife, staring at the child in my cloak.

"You know why" I growled.

"You have forever to do that. This is Rosalie's only chance to be a mother" Emmett gazed at Bella sweetly, a dimpled smile pulling its way onto his face. I adjusted my cloak to block her from his view.

"Well, she will get to choose a child in the future." I glared at him.

"Not a young one though, come on Ed for her." Rosalie smiled at her mate and I pictured Bella in her arms. But I couldn't tell them that I planned for the woman who protected her to become her mother. I sighed, the woman could become her nanny.

"Fine." I gave in.

"Thank you." Emmett smirked as Rosalie kissed his cheek.

"But I have a condition."

Rosalie turned to face me. "What is it?" She sneered, her eyes narrowing.

"You let a human look after her..." Rosalie stared at me.

"You got to be joking!" She nearly screeched. Bella buried her face in my chest, a sob crawling from her mouth.

I turned my glare onto Rosalie.

"Now look what you done," I snapped. Turning back to Bella, I rocked her back and forth, trying to comfort her while Rosalie screamed in my head.

No! I will not let a human look after my child. I glanced at Rosalie.

"Your child? I only said you could consider her your child under the condition that you let a human also care for her!" I sneered.

"But-" Rosalie was cut off by Emmett.

"We accept" He shook my free hand. Rosalie turned to him, with her mouth agape.

"Why did you do that?!" She hissed.

"Because you were going to lose her, and you will need a nanny as well when you, me and Edward are busy." He pouted as he leaned in to kiss his wife. I watched Rosalie face soften as she quickly kissed him on the lips before returning her hard gaze to me.

"Fine as long as they don't try to steal her."

I smiled, my finger grazing the little girl's cheek as her eyes slowly started to close, her cheeks stained red of her tears.

"They won't, I promise."

Rosalie nodded before reaching for Emmett's hand. She stood up with one glance at her new 'daughter' before floating to the dance floor. As the vampires twirled around the floor, I stared at my mate, her eyes finally closing as sleep took over her. A smell of blood drifted in to the room, causing the dancers to return to their seats. The servants entered the room carrying blood-filled champagne glasses; the remains of the rest of my offerings. My eyes saddened slightly. The poor beings didn't need to die so dramatically. They were innocent after all… well at least I think that. The rest of my family returned to their seats, waiting for a servant to bring them glasses. I listened to their conversation and looked down at my sleeping mate. Finally understanding the affection one feels for another, I didn't block their conversations out. Instead I decided to join in.

"Have you seen the Denali sisters' dresses?" Alice sniggered as she turned to Rosalie.

"I know! They are way too revealing." I stifled a laugh. It was true, but the sisters were known for trying to seduce men, single or taken.

I leaned in interrupting the conversation. "You should not be surprised, neither should Mr. Newton either."

"What are you talking about?" I pointed towards a stiffened Lord Mike Newton, who gripped the edge of his seat as the oldest of the Denalis', Tanya, flirted with him.

"He looks like he is about to be sick," Alice chuckled as Lord Newton leaned far away from Tanya. The servants reached us, handing us a glass of blood each. The liquid rippled under my breath. There was no point in wasting the person's blood. I could not let their death be in vain.

I smiled as I placed the blood to my lips. Not better than my offering. The thrill of the memory entered my mind. I stared at the sleeping child in my lap and back at the glass. Lowering the glass to her lips, I parted them with the rim of the glass and watched as my mate unconsciously swallowed the blood.

"Well, at least they will stop harassing 'Eddie' now" I glared at Alice, when she said the sisters' nickname for me. Well, more like Tanya's nickname. "All because he has found the cutest girl in the whole entire world!"

I grinned at my sister.

"Sucking up to me? What do you want? To be her pet?" I nearly choked at Alice's face of disgust. "Maybe you want to play… Barbie doll with her?"

Alice squealed. "Really?!"

"Aww Edward, that was meant to be my job." Rosalie pouted.

"Sorry, Rose but we all know Alice. She never gives up, right Jasper?" I called to Rosalie's twin.

"Huh?" Jasper replied. He leaned forward so he could see past my mother.

"I said that Alice never gives up." I grinned at him.

"That's right" he chuckled. Alice glowered at him.

"I am not that bad." She huffed.

"Well, you sure pestered me," Jasper mumbled under his breath. Alice released a bone chilling hiss. Jasper shuddered. "I am glad that you did." I chuckled at my brother ; who was a major ,who has been in battle many times, was scared of a little wisp of a girl.

Alice smiled sweetly. "Love you."

"Love you too." Jasper glared at me.

I am going to kill you if she refuses to have s-

"Jasper, pleases don't continue that thought." A smirk played its way on to Jasper's lips.

"Sorry." But if she does do that, you'll be facing a lot more worst when the girl gets older. He gazed at the lump in my cloak.

"We'll see brother, we'll see." I smirked at Jasper's face.

Bring it on.

I nodded towards my brother, accepting the challenge.

Like I am going to lose.

Still smirking, I stared down at the little girl in my arms. I didn't have to worry: the future would be perfect as long as she remained by me. I would make sure. I could not wait for the mating ceremony, to make sure she was finally mine once and for all. Her brown hair, curled in ringlets, fell around her face. A lock strayed in her face. I moved it out of the way with my finger, and sighed. I stared around the ballroom, at everyone chatting, sipping their blood.

The orchestra played softly in the background.

Staring into my glass, I sipped some blood before placing the blood to her lips again.

I could picture the mating ceremony, her angelic face as she smiled at me as the priest spoke the ancient words of the tale of the first mating ceremony. I could picture the golden goblet gleaming in the light as we both leant in to sip at the edge as the priest muttered the words that would bond us for eternity.

"She is so cute." I looked to find Alice watching my mate swallow the blood. "She's like a baby drinking its mother's milk." Alice chuckled at this. Aww, mother Edward.

"Yeah, whatever. That's Rosalie job…" I brushed it off with the wave of my hand, my eyes focused on the angel in my arms. Her eyes were tightly shut as she buried her head into my chest, oblivious to the world around her.

"What's that meant to mean?"

"Well Rosalie is her mother." The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them. Oh, great. This is not going to be pretty.

What do you mean? Alice gawked at me.

"Erm…." Begging for help, I stared at Rosalie.

Alice followed my gaze, her eyes full of confusion. "What does he mean you're her mother?"

Rosalie smiled awkwardly. "Surprise! I am a mother."

"What does she mean?" Her eyebrows raised as she turned her curious eyes onto me.

I focused my gaze on Bella. "I agreed for Rosalie to be my mate's mother."

"What!" The hall fell silent at Alice's screech. Alice looked down embarrassed. After a while, the hall was filled with murmurs again, the occasional court member glancing at my sister.

"Rosalie asked, and I know how desperate she was, so I accepted." I pleaded with her, desperate for her to understand why I did. Who was I kidding, she would never understand. I thought have thought about the consequences before I decided it.

"What about me Edward? Do you think that I am not a good enough to be a mother?" Her bottom lip started to quiver.

"Of course I do Ali, but Rosalie has been waiting a lot longer than you." Her eyes burned with anger.

Alice snarled "She had her chance a long time ago Edward! What about me?!"

"You'll have a chance in the future! Look at her. You see the resemblance. Let Rosalie have one more chance!"

"Why should I? She had one and she threw it in the dust." A blood-like tear welled in Rosalie's eyes. Trembling, her lip pouted.

"You promised you would never mention it again. You promised." Anger burned beneath her skin, seemingly, her hair hissed at Alice like Medusa's.

"Yes but it was your own fault!" Alice screeched. Her sequined finger pointed at Rosalie as she snarled the words at her. My hand pushed her hand away as I stepped in front of Rosalie. I felt Emmett's breath on the back of my neck as he slipped in between us.

"It was never not her fault, Ali. Now please don't make a big fuss out of this by being a baby..." Venom dripped from my voice as I sneered the words at her. No way was she going to get away with saying that, she knew what had happened to Rosalie. Could she not see what I was trying to do? "Anyway, Rosalie wasn't my first choice… ". Her eyes narrowed accusingly as she took in my words. Realisation filled me. I had just admitted that Rosalie was never my intended choice. This situation just keeps getting worse by the second.

"Who was your first choice…?" Her eyes narrowed at me in suspension. If Rosalie wasn't your first choice, who was…. An idea dawned in her eyes. "No way"

"The human!" Rosalie sneered as she jumped to her feet, her eyes narrowing. "The human was your first choice before me! That's why you were so adamant for me to accept as her!" I opened my mouth to reply when Alice cut me off.

"So… you chose a human and then you decide to go for a no good bitch…." Her voice faded away as she realised what she had said. Covering her mouth with a trembling hand, her eyes widened with regret.

"Rosalie. I didn't mean that-" Alice jumped to her feet as she tried to embrace her sister.

"No, you did! I know that you think it! You all do! You think I don't deserve to be a mother! Don't touch me!" She flinched out of Alice's grasping hands, glaring at her "You couldn't accept that I could be happy again, could you?" Flying down the stairs, she ran across the gallery of frozen people, their eyes widening as they gaped at her. They remembered as she passed them, and, hurriedly, many tried to bow, their hands saluting across their chest in respect. Her high heels clicked on the floor as her blonde curls bounced on her shoulder.

"Rosalie wait!" The door clanked shut. Alice stood in the middle of the stage, her hands trembling as she reached after her sister. "Rosalie…"

Clearing his throat, Emmett looked distantly in the direction that his mate had fled the room from.

"I better go and see her…." Saluting, he walked down the stairs. Father silently saluted a good bye behind him.

The room remained stunned as they stared up at us. The doors shut again. Murmurs burst into the room as they began discussing what had happened.

"Father, I think it is best that the family retires for now." Alice's silent sobs rang out, and Jasper hugged her to his chest, his lips kissing her forehead. My father glanced at me. A hand rested at the crook of his arm. Mother stood by him, a soft expression on her face.

"Maybe we should. A lot has happened dear…. I think it is best." My father gazed down at her, a sad smile on his face as he nodded in agreement.

"I do too." Slowly he turned to face the audience, a grimace on his face. The murmurs stopped as thousands of curious, red, glowing eyes turned to face him. Every one wide with anticipation as they stared at him. "I would like to announce that after all that's happened, my family has decided to retire. However my family and I would like to thank you for coming here to celebrate this tradition and for witnessing the mating of my youngest son and his mate." Raising four fingers into the air, we thanked the people.

The vampires mirrored it back.

Saluting my father, I walked down the stairs and crossed the massive ballroom floor. Subjects on either side bowed to me, their right arms swaying across their chest as I passed. Some whispered their congratulations while others tried to spy on my mate.

I heard the door's clunk behind me as my footsteps echoed along the corridor. I could hear a human scream, begging to be set free. I opened my bedroom door and walked to my useless double bed. Sitting on it, I released the sleeping child from my velvet cage. I wrapped a blanket around her and kissed her gently on the forehead. I stroked her cheek and sighed, and ignoring the agony that flooded through my body, rose from the bed and walked towards the door.

I glanced at that the sleeping beauty on the bed before shutting the door, twisting the lock and walked to the room that released another tortured human scream.

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