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Flight of the Angels
Chapter Four
Interviews and Such
Vale (Saturn Angels)

So Aeris rushed into the airport, and since like the day before she was unable to hail a cab she had to run the way there, her bag dragging behind her as she did so. She looked around frantically for the right terminal; thankful at least that it was a delayed flight rather than a completely new one-- otherwise she wouldn't make it-- due to the problem of checking in baggage of course.

She rushed passed B6, which had previously been their gate-- but apparently it had changed since she didn't see Sephiroth there. So, technically speaking she was just looking for Sephiroth; because quite simply Sephiroth was where she needed to be.

Wait, that doesn't sound completely right, it makes it seem like she was in love with him or something.

Which she wasn't, she wasn't the type to fall in love with someone just because he was handsome: this guy was rude, obnoxious, sarcastic, and all sorts of things that Aeris didn't really go for in a guy.

She almost ran passed the right gate when a flash of silver caught her eye, and that was all she needed. Gate D3, she was indeed lucky to actually catch sight of Sephiroth in her 'brisk walk' as she called it when someone had told her to slow down.

She caught her breath, quickly heading over to the woman standing behind a thin wooden podium and showing the woman her ticket. The woman nodded, gave Aeris what she needed to board the plane and ushered her to hurry before the gate closed, which Aeris did.

Her poor, battered bag looking a lot worse than it had a few hours ago.

She gulped, trying to get rid of the dry feeling in her throat, as she looked down at her ticket to see what seat she had gotten. A3, great, first row. She grinned to herself as she went to the first row, standing on her tiptoes to place her bag in the compartment above the seats-- glad that no one else had put anything in there already.

She grabbed a pillow and a blanket from the compartment, tossed them onto her seat and closed the compartment now that it was full.

She looked at her seat and did a double-take, Sephiroth was sitting in it... and using her pillow and blanket that she had just gone through all the trouble of getting out.

"B-but..." Aeris stammered, before shooting him the best glare she could muster, "That's my seat!"

"Oh, come now, you're not going to fight over who gets the window seat, are you honey?" he asked, sarcasm lacing his words.

"Get out of my seat!" she cried, stomping her foot angrily.

One of the flight attendants made her way over to Aeris, "Excuse me, miss? Is there a problem here?"

"Yes, Miss..." she looked at the woman's name tag, "Lucretia, this man won't get out of my seat."

Lucretia looked from Aeris to Sephiroth and approached him, "Sephiroth," she said with a slight nod, apparently they knew eachother, "Did you take this woman's seat?"

Sephiroth looked at Lucretia with one of his calculating gazes before he nodded, "Yes."

Lucretia sighed, "Let me see your ticket--" Sephiroth handed the woman his ticket and she examined it, "A2." she said looking at Aeris, "Surely you're not making such a big fuss over one seat."

"She's just whining about having the window seat taken away from her," Sephiroth explained.

"Do you two know eachother?" Lucretia asked.

Aeris was about to shake her head when Sephiroth answered yet again, "Yes-- we recently got married and had our honeymoon."

Lucretia seemed surprised before she smiled warmly, "I see, Aeris Gainsborough-- it was nice meeting you," she handed back Aeris's plane ticket, "and I'll probably be seeing more of you know that you're married to my son."

And with that she left.

"Your mom's a flight attendant?" Aeris asked, blinking as she dejectedly sat down in the seat next to Sephiroth, forcefully pulling the blanket from him and using it for himself though she allowed him to keep the pillow.

He shrugged slightly, "She does a lot of odd jobs for fun, God knows that woman should be retired already."

Aeris nodded slightly and put on her seatbelt, looking out the window, leaning forward in order to do so.

"Please sit back in your seat." a random flight attendant said to her as she passed by, informing people to sit back and put on their seat belts since the plane was to take off in a few minutes.

Aeris sighed and flopped back onto the chair, "Wait a second--" Aeris commented after about a whole ten minutes of awkward silence between the two, "Why did you tell your mom that we're married?"

"To mock you." he answered simply.

"...but but..." Aeris stammered once more before crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at the silver-haired man seated next to her, "That makes no sense!"

"Oh yes it does, we stayed in a honeymoon suite yesterday-- so naturally the conclusion would be that we're newlyweds."

"But you didn't have to say anything like that to your mom! Now she'll think we're married and be all confused and stuff when she finds out that we're not because we never got married and then it'll only make things more confusing to her when she finds out that we slept in the same room in a honeymoon suite and--"

"You're babbling Aeris." Sephiroth said, the look on his face signifying that his patience was being tried.

Aeris flushed in slight embarassment, "Sorry..."

"You tend to talk a lot on flights, don't you?" he asked.

Aeris shrugged, "I- I get nervous. I have a slight fear of flying..."

Sephiroth nodded, "Aeroacrophobic probably? That figures... earlier, yesterday on the flight you were practicing for an interview. Trying to find a job?"

Aeris nodded slowly, "Yeah, you see, my mother recently retired and is living in a not-so-pleasant part of Midgar; you know.. the slums, and well I'm hoping to get enough money to help her move out of Midgar to a more pleasant city."

"Like Costa del Sol?" Sephiroth questioned at which Aeris nodded.

"How'd you know that?"

"It's where the plane is heading. So I'm guessing the place you want to work at is also in Costa del Sol?"

Aeris nodded once more, surprised that the former-general was being so talkative. "Right, it's a small business called ah... JENOVA Inc. or something..."

"Is that really your line of work? The sciences and such?" Sephiroth questioned, his facial features looking amused, "It's not a very big business-- so it doesn't draw much attention to it's city and only to itself-- I hear it's very complicated."

"You're so well-informed." Aeris said, rolling her bright green eyes skyward, hardly even noticing that the plane had begun to circle the runway already. "But I'll have you know that just because the building its located in is relatively small compared to Shinra's, it's still very big and prosperous."

"Chances are someone like you would be stuck doing paperwork..." Sephiroth said, causing Aeris to pout and glare at him.

"That's not true! I've been studying biology and microbiology for ... well, a long time now and I think I would be able to help some of the researchers there."

Sephiroth shrugged, "Which researchers exactly did you have in mind?"

Aeris was silent for a moment, fidgeting uncomfortably, "Well... I suppose the ones who work with plants-- botony and stuff."

"Hm." Sephiroth said, "we're in the air now."

Aeris blinked and looked out the window, leaning forward in her seat now that the plane was situated in the air people were allowed to turn on electronics and take off their seatbelts. She smiled, trying to get a good look at the

"You're afraid of flying yet you wanted a window seat..."

Aeris stuck her tongue out, "Once we're in the air I have no problem with flying. Can we switch seats?"


Aeris frowned and glared at Sephiroth, which seemed to have no effect whatsoever on him. So she pouted, crossing her arms once more, "Please?"

"No. Just go to sleep or something."

She made a small growl of protest, "You know what?"

"Hm?" Sephiroth asked, closing his eyes and getting comfortable.

Aeris stood, "I-I'm just going to go find another window seat."

"While you're up, mind getting me a blanket? Thanks." Sephiroth responded, causing Aeris to frown.

"Gah! Come on, please just let me sit there, you're probably always traveling-- this is the first plane I've ever been on."

Sephiroth cracked open another one, "Really? I could have sworn I saw someone who looked exactly like you on one yesterday."

Aeris pouted, "Oh, you! Well, this is the second flight I've ever been on and yesterday I didn't have the window seat either."

"Yes, you did." Sephiroth corrected.

Aeris thought back to the previous day before blinking and nodded, "Wait-- you're right I did. But I was too busy thinking I was going to die to really take a good look out the window."

"Well, you had the chance."

"Cruel." Aeris muttered, "Please just let me have the window seat-- you're not even looking out the window."

"No, but I'm using the wall of the plane as a headrest."

Aeris pouted, "Please?"

"Well, if you answer some questions for me--"

Aeris nodded, "Easy enough-- wait what kind of questions are these?"

"Why do you want to work for JENOVA Inc.?"

"Um, I already answered that-- because I want to help my mom."

"And, if this were your interview what would you say?"

"Because I view it as an oppurtunity for me to use my skills in a proactive way, or something like that I suppose..."

"What previous experiences to you have in the field of 'botony'?"

"Ah, well, I had many gardens back at my home... flowers flourished under my care and I would sell them out in the slums."

"You grew flowers in Midgar?" Sephiroth asked, this time looking genuinely surprised, "How did you manage that? The place gets no sunlight whatsoever, and even if it did the sky is far too polluted to give flowers nutrients and such that they need."

Aeris smiled, waggling her eyebrows, "Let's just say I have a green thumb then."

Sephiroth was silent for a few moments in contemplation, "Well you must, to be able to grow flowers in Midgar...." he trailed off suddenly, taking off his seatbelt and standing up, moving out into the aisle, waiting for Aeris to move into the window seat.

Aeris happily moved into the window seat, situating herself with a congenial smile in Sephiroth's direction.

"Flower girl," he said with a slight smirk in her direction, "You're hired."

Aeris blinked in confusion, "Huh?"

"You're hired."

"For...?" Aeris asked, not really understanding what Sephiroth was getting at.

"You're hired, as president and founder of JENOVA Inc, I welcome you to the business." he said, before reclining his seat backwards and attempting to take a nap.

"...You're president.. and ...oh my, that's right!" Aeris said, thinking back to what she had briefly skimmed through on the pamphlet, "I'm hired? I'm really really hired? This isn't just something you're saying to shut me up?" Aeris asked in a bubbly, exited tone.

"Obviously, it's not something to shut you up-- if it was, it would have failed horribly. Yes, you're hired now shut up and look at your window or something." he muttered, turning onto his side, trying to get comfortable.

Aeris grinned to herself happily, she'd done it. She'd made it, she was working for a big time company and soon she would have enough money to move her mom out of the slums and everything would be all better...

'Yay!!!!!' Aeris screamed mentally, not wanting to say such a thing out loud in fear of annoying Sephiroth and being fired without ever really working.


To be continued

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