Authors sisters note:This story belongs to my dear lil' sis, and was a school project. She was supposed to write about a day at her dream school, and naturally, it ended up like this. ;) Please, read and review, it means so much to her! (Did I sound like Beru? I'll have to work on that. (: ) Besides, english ain't her native tongue.

Dream school.

by Stormcloud.

"KAT STORMCLOUD! Legal, telepathic conversations are not, during classes."

Master Yodas ears were bending backwards in furry. I could sense his anger trough the Force.

"Master Yoda," I said calmly. "I thought anger was of the Dark side." I watched the green creature turn slightly red.

"True, child. But the real path to the Dark side is fear. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. HATE leads to.... suffering." He answered, his voice growing creepy, and the room seamed to darken.

"Yes, Master Yoda, we know." I said, remember hearing this speech a COUPLE of times before.

"Done history class is. Train with your Masters, you will."

I found my Master waiting for my right down the hall. She is a fish-like creature, a mon calmari, and her name is Bant.

"You have lightsaber practice with my friend Obi Wan and his padawan Anakin."

"How come I've never met him?" I asked.

"He's been studying on other planets." She leaded me to a room and left. I entered. And there he was.I'd never seen anything that cute before. His eyes was clear and blue. They were beautiful. Then I notice a tall man standing next to him. He smiled, no doubt reading me mind. I could hear Bants voice inside my head.

"Remember, a jedi shall not know anger, nor hate, nor LOVE." Once again it was quiet. Then the tall man began to talk.

"I leave this training to you." He said, and left the room, smiling like he knew something we didn't. I looked at Anakin. He looked sad. I pushed the button on my lightsaber, and the blue sword emigrated. He did the same, but his lightsaber was green. He raised his sword, and the fight began. He was very strong. I couldn't handel it. Something was wrong, I could feel it. It was something about this boy, but what? I looked into his eyes. They were no longer nice. Dark feelings burned inside them. He missed something, or someone.

Then my sword was gone. It was lying on the floor. Anakin looked at me.

"You have to train more. You're not focused." He said, sounding a bit arrogant.

I reached out trough the Force to get my lightsaber from the floor.

"Who taught you that?" I asked.

"You mean to be fast? My former owner taught me that."

"Your master?"

"No, I meant my former owner." He looked at me, his eyes were clear and blue again. "I used to be a slave on a planet called Tatooine" he had a little problem saying the word slave, I'm sure it was hard.

"You look sad, is something wrong?"

"I just miss my mother." He said.

" Do you now your mother?"

"Yes, don't you?" He asked with a strange look.

"No I don't know my mom or dad, the only parent I now is Bant." Now I felt sad. "How was your mom?" I always wonder how a real mother would be. But then, someone open the door. It was Bant and the tall man, Obi Wan, I presumed.

"Ani, it's time to go."

"Don't call me Ani, it's Anakin." He said, anger growing in his voice. He looked at me, and the anger was washed away in a second.

"Thank you."

"For what?" I asked, gazing at him. He didn't answer. He just left.

"Kat, it's time for you to return to your room. There is a new day at the Academy tomorrow."

Authors sisters second note: As I said, this belong to my lil' sis, and any flames will be removed. (I'm a protective sister, k?) Anyway, to quote Bria, "The ability to flame does not make you intelligent."