Diary of the Rose of May

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ATTENTION: Please note for those who've read the first 11 chapters that I have rewritten a lot of it because back then I was a naive 15 year old and now I am older and wiser, and looking back on this, I realize a lot of it is cheesy. Don't worry, I'm not changing a whole lot. So, I hope you enjoy the new version as you did the old one.

Welcome young kin. Today you shall read a special secret document. It has been found buried under books and papers in the tower east of the entrance of Treno, which used to be the home of the famous scholar, Dr. Tot. This is the diary of a famous General of Alexandria, General Beatrix. It dates back from when the evil Kuja planned to conquer our world of Gaia. Please enjoy the Rose of May's side of the story…

Dear Diary,
My name is General Beatrix of Alexandria. I don't normally write in diaries, but I just found this in the back of my closet so I decided to start one for kicks. Perhaps this will help me clear my thoughts. I would like to tell you of something tragic that happened today. It's Princess Garnet's birthday and she has been kidnapped by a band of thieves, and that god forsaken Captain of the Knights of Pluto is gone as well. It all happened like this…

Alexandria Castle, Female Army Unit Barracks, Princess Garnet Til Alexandros the 17th's birthday…

CLASH! BANG! SLICE! CRASH! SWISH! The sounds of the mighty Save the Queen ripped through the air as two wooden dummies fell to the ground before the brunette warrior. The warrior's arm trembled slightly from the weight of her blade and slight exhaustion. Her long curls whipped in the breeze, her silver gloves sparkled and the silver eye patch over her right eye glowed in the morning sun. Her lips bared a self satisfied grin as she drove her iron battle boot in to the chest of one of the dummies, splintering the wooden mess under her powerful foot, digging it deeper into the ground. That foot belonged to none other than the legendary General Beatrix, the Holy Warrior of Alexandria. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with a tattered lace hanky then tucked into her left glove.

"Heh, a fine morning warm up as always, soon the Captain won't have a chance keeping up with me!" She laughed to herself.

She turned to the sundial near the Barracks. It read approximately 6:00 AM. Her smile faded to a serious look.

'The Queen should be awakening soon,' she thought to herself, 'I must hurry.'

She quickly sheathed her sword into its scabbard and rushed quickly into the castle. It was a fact that being the Queen's favorite wasn't easy. Day after day, Captain Steiner and General Beatrix would fight their way to the Queen's chamber door just to be the first one to greet the Queen in the morning. They'd compliment on her "Looks", her "Charm", her clothes and jewelry, both of them desperately trying to be in the Queen's favor, which, as of late, was not so easy.

Beatrix sprinted through the many hallways and corridors of the large castle, climbing the stairwell up to the bridge between the door to the Chamber Hall and the skybox. She pushed open the heavy doors to the Chamber Hall to find a large room with three doors. One door on the left led to the roof top, the on the right led to the Princess's room, the door across from where Beatrix stood was the Queen's Chambers.

To her surprise the Captain was already standing there, awaiting the Queen. He was in full armor, a chain mail hooded shirt and pants, a breastplate, shoulder armor, thigh armor, gloves, helmet, and boots. His face was rugged and it looked as if he hadn't slept well, he had dark rings under his eyes. Although he stood rigid at attention, his face had a sleepy look to it. He must have woken up early to beat her here.

Beatrix made her way toward him. At the sound of her footsteps he started from his drowsy state and turned his head in her direction. He gave her a smirk as he watched her hips sway from side to side as she approached.

"Good Morning, General," Captain Steiner greeted smugly, "It seems you are the last to arrive."

She snorted at his attempt to irk her, "No matter," she stated, "Queen Brahne has not risen from her chambers yet."

"Indeed, but make no mistake, today I will be the first to greet her Majesty, I arrived here bright and early. I suggest you go back to the kitchen where you belong, woman," he chuckled.

His sexist comment made Beatrix's face turn bright red with anger and her hand quickly traveled to the pommel of her sword.

"Why you son of a-" She was cut short by the sound of the door knob clicking.

The door swung open gracefully to reveal Queen Brahne Alexandros emerging from her chambers. Her blue complexion was covered in heavy makeup, and a gold crown graced her blonde locks atop her head. She wore a very extravagant dress upon her rather large frame, and an ornate fan was clutched in one stubby fingered hand.

Captain Steiner opened his mouth to speak, but at the last minute Beatrix stepped in front of him and smiled brightly.

"Good Morning, Your Majesty," Beatrix addressed her Queen, "You look stunning as usual."

"Why thank you, General," Brahne beamed, "Good Morning, Captain." She said absently as she past him.

"Good Morning, Your Majesty," Steiner spoke through clenched teeth as he glared at the General for stealing his moment to gain favor.

They escorted the Queen to the Dining room. Once there, the queen turned to the General.

"General Beatrix, please summon my daughter to join me for breakfast." The Queen commanded.

"At once, Your Majesty." Beatrix replied, bowing deeply.

Beatrix exited the Dining room and started at a brisk pace back up the stairs to retrieve the Princess. Once she arrived at the Princess's room, she softly knocked upon the door.

"Princess, are you decent?" Beatrix called; hoping the princess would hear her from inside.

"Yes," a voice yawned from behind the door, "You may come in."

Beatrix opened the door to find a Beautiful young girl, sitting at her makeup table, brushing her long black hair. She was what very man desired and what all women wish to be. She was Princess Garnet Til Alexandros the 17th. She turned around to face the General. Her brown eyes seemed distant and unhappy.

"Good Morning, Beatrix." She gave a pseudo smile.

"Good Morning, Your Highness; and a Happy Birthday to you. I hope I didn't wake you." Beatrix replied.

"No, not at all, I've been up for a while. And I thank you for the Birthday greeting."

"You're always welcome," Beatrix smiled gently. "I've come to tell you that your mother has summoned you to breakfast, Princess."

"Of course; could you please help me into my gown?" the Princess asked.

"Of course, Your Majesty."

Beatrix walked over to the Princess's closet and pulled out a beautiful white gown. It was quite heavy with layers of frills and metal frames. She placed it on the table as Garnet stripped down to her slip and stood on a stool. Beatrix pulled the heavy dress over the Princess's head and down to the stool. She lifted it up again and tied up the ribbons of the corset, faceted all the buttons and placed a beautiful silver tiara upon the Princess's head. Beatrix stepped back to admire her future Queen with a twinge of envy.

"There, beautiful as always, Your Majesty," the General smiled at her genuinely.

"Thank you, Beatrix," She sighed, hearing the same words many times before. "Will you be wearing a dress tonight, General?"

Beatrix was surprised by the Princess's question, but replied quickly, "No, no I do not believe I will. I can not defend Alexandria and protect you and the Queen in such a garment. Besides, I'd feel naked without my sword," She confided in the Princess.

The Princess laughed lightly at this. Beatrix smiled; it was the first time in a while since the Princess last laughed so sincerely.

"I see. You and Captain Steiner are a lot alike," the Princess commented, "He'd feel the same way if he was without his armor and sword."

Beatrix frowned deeply. "I think you are mistaken, Princess," Beatrix replied quietly, "He and I have nothing in common."

She laughed again, "The rivalry continues as like every other day."

The Princess hopped off her stool and Beatrix escorted her to breakfast.

That night, General Beatrix and Captain Steiner escorted Queen Brahne and Princess Garnet to the skybox over looking the stage of the Theater Ship, the Prima Vista. The Queen and Princess took their seats and the Captain and General stood at attention at their posts, watching over their Sovereign and Princess. The lights dimmed and a rather large man in an old and battered costume of a king, Baku, stepped on to the stage. He gave the introduction speech, which the two knights didn't really pay attention to. Their only concern was their Majesties' safety.

"Queen Brahne, Princess Garnet, Ladies and Gentlemen; I give you, 'I Want To Be Your Canary'!" He announced once his speech was finished, bowing low toward the skybox.

The lights dimmed further. Beatrix turned her head to the stage as music began to play and fireworks began to shoot from the stage. Beatrix's eye grew wide with amazement. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Suddenly the stage went dark and a spotlight was placed on the stage door. Three young men ranging from the age of 16 to 20 knelt under the archway of the castle set.

"Bereft of Father! Bereft of Mother! Marcus! Thou hast lost even thy love!" The young man with fiery red haired man announced his lines with expertise.

"Fortune hath escape'd thee! For what shalt thou live?" the pudgy one exclaimed.

"For the sake of our friend… Let us bury our steel in the heart of the wretched King Leo!" the young man with the tail shouted dramaticly.

"Aye!" The three men shouted together.

Beatrix became deeply interested in the play, and was suddenly startled as the Princess stood from her seat and walked towards the door.

"Is something the matter, Princess?" Beatrix asked quietly, so the Queen would not be disturbed. "Is the play not to your liking?"

"No, no, it's lovely, General, I'm just getting something from my room." The Princess replied with yet another pseudo smile.

Steiner quickly stepped forward upon hearing the exchange and asked, "Princess, would like me to escort you to your room?"

Beatrix rolled her eyes at him. It was quite obvious that the Princess wished to be alone.

Confirming Beatrix's thoughts, the Princess replied to the Captain, "No, no, I will be fine on my own. I will not be long." With that the Princess left, but did not return.

A while into the play, Zorn and Thorn, two clown like jesters, one was wearing blue and white, the other was red and white; came running in the skybox. Beatrix barely tolerated the pair. To her they seemed useless to even have around, but Her Majesty had hired them after a strange magician appeared before the Queen. Beatrix had never seen the strange man herself, but that is what she had been told through the grape vine. She watched disapprovingly as they sprinted toward the queen, only to be blocked by Captain Steiner.

"Your Majesty!" Zorn shouted in distress.

"See the Queen, we must!" shouted Thorn at the Captain.

"Her Majesty is busy! Come back later!" Steiner growled at the two fools.

Suddenly intrigued, Beatrix stepped in.

"Is it an emergency?" Beatrix asked.

"An emergency, it is!" Thorn replied.

"A veritable emergency of terrible urgency!" shouted his brother Zorn.

The General thought for a moment, then replied, "Very well. I'll see what I can do."

"Very grateful, we'll be!" Thorn said.

"We'll be very grateful!" said Zorn.

"Grr! Curse that Beatrix!" Steiner snarled to himself, "Always trying to one up me!"

Beatrix heard this and shot him a quick glare then returned her focus to Zorn and Thorn, "So what exactly is the problem?"

"Her Royal Highness…" Zorn started.

"Princess Garnet…" Thorn continued.

"-Is in danger!" They shouted at the same time.

The General's eyes widened, trying to think of what could possibly have happened. Also, the Princess had the Royal Pendant in her possession, if anyone were to get their hands on it…

"I see. Wait right there." Beatrix said calmly then approached the Queen.

"No interruptions! Can't you see I'm enjoying the show!?" The Queen bellowed at the General.

"Your Majesty, I'm afraid Princess Garnet has-" Beatrix started.

"Ah, yes… she did leave her seat a while ago." Brahne thought aloud.

"Your Majesty, it seems the Princess Garnet has run off with the Royal Pendant." Beatrix finished urgently.

"Well of all the… What could she be thinking!? General Beatrix!" Brahne called.

"Your Majesty!" replied Beatrix as she stood in attention.

"And Captain…" the Queen had to think for a moment, "uh… Captain Steiner!"

"Yes Your Majesty!" He ran up and stood in attention as well, hiding his disappointment from the Queen momentarily forgetting his name.

"Go find Garnet!" the Queen ordered.

"Yes, my queen!" announced Steiner eagerly.

"At once, Your Majesty!" replied Beatrix with a salute.

With that, the two Knights exited the skybox at once in search of the Princess. Beatrix was sure the Princess had probably just wandered off somewhere, and that there was no real danger. This firmly in mind, she turned to the Captain with smug smile and decided to make the search interesting.

"I bet 100 gil that I find her before you do," Beatrix told the Captain with a superior air.

"I'm sorry, but I do not gamble." Steiner replied rather snootily.

"Why afraid you're going to lose, Captain?" the General provoked.

"Humph! My Knights of Pluto will find her with in the hour!" the Captain announced with confidence.

Beatrix let out a hearty laugh at the Captain's announcement. "When pigs fly you mean!"

With that said, Beatrix left him to fume inwardly as she walked away from him, chuckling to herself. The General immediately descended the stairwell and began to search each and every room of the castle, as well as the courtyard. She searched behind every bush, tree, and interrupted every guard on patrol to find any clue of the Princess's whereabouts. Unfortunately, there was no useful information of where the Princess could be found. Exited the Castle, she spotted Steiner heading toward the west tower. Beatrix immediately thought it might be a good idea to check the east tower and rushed off to do so. To her surprise a Knight of Pluto already stood there with the doorway barred.

"What is the meaning of this?!" General Beatrix demanded.

"I-I-I've already checked this tower, Ma'am. Nothing's up there!" He said almost desperately.

"What's your Knight number?" Beatrix glared daggers at him for his insolence, "I'm reporting you, for blocking my way!"

"M-m-my Knight Number?! I-I-I don't have a knight number…" he replied meekly.

Beatrix looked at him suspiciously, "Wait a second… You are not a Knight of Pluto, are you?"

"Shoot!" The 'Knight' ran off.

"Get back here!" She shouted as chased him toward the West Tower, but lost him as she arrived.

She cursed silently and paused. 'Wait a second, if he's a fake knight…" she thought to herself, putting the pieces together, 'then this must be organized and the Princess could actually be in real trouble!' Beatrix ran towards the west tower. She blitzed up the stairs like it was nothing reaching the door to the tower's top. She pushed the door open and stormed out onto the balcony and leaned over the edge.

She was too late. She spotted a girl in a white robe, whom she assumed to be Princess Garnet, swinging from a banner being followed by the actor with the tail. She looked around for Captain Steiner who was no where to be seen. She suddenly looked below her, discovering that the iron clad Captain had tied him self to a banner as well and swung towards the Princess and the actor with much determination. Beatrix's eyes went wide at the scene below her.

'I can't believe it!' she thought to herself, 'He's actually going to pull it off! He's gone to make it!' Never before had she been so impressed with the Captain. Perhaps she should treat him with more respect from now on?

But, to her and Steiner's surprise, he swung past them and crashed straight into one of the Theater ship's towers. Beatrix had to cover her mouth to keep herself from laugh hysterically. The respect that she had suddenly gained for the Captain soon washed away and the hilarious sight of his legs flailing about from out of the Theater Ship's tower.

"Correction! ABOUT to make it!" She snickered, unable to hold it.

After she got herself together, she ran down to report to the Guards and order them to their attack posts. She barged into the Female barracks and had the ladies line up to attention.

"Girls! We got a code amber! The Theater ship actors are trying to kidnap the Princess! This is not a drill, ladies! Squad one, man the cannons! Squad two, guard the queen, we can't take chances! Squad three, look for an imposter posing as a Pluto Knight! Now go!" Beatrix ordered.

The three Squads did as they were told and ran out of the Barracks. Beatrix followed Squad two to the queen's skybox. The queen seemed to be enjoying the show still, not knowing what was still going on. Beatrix approached the queen and saluted.

"Your Majesty…" Beatrix began.
"Oh yes! General! You must see the show! It is getting quite interesting! Cornelia is a very good actor. But that Prince Scheinder isn't very good though… It's too bad Cornelia and Marcus had to die… such a tragedy."

Beatrix looked down at the stage. She found Steiner and the Princess on stage! The Princess was acting like she was dead.

"My Queen! That's the Princess, and the Captain!" Shouted Beatrix.
"Nonsense! They're mere actors! Though the prince's stupid expression does remind me of the Captain." Brahne pointed out.

Suddenly a young mage ran onto to the stage followed by two Knights of Pluto. He jumped over the Princess and tried to defend himself with a fire spell. The Fire caught the Princess's robe and the princess jumped up in a panic! She quickly through off her robe and the crowd gasped.
"My Goodness! You were right!" cried the Queen, "…Prepare the cannons. They might want to escape! I want the Princess and the pendant back!"
"Yes Your Majesty!" Beatrix replied confidently.

Beatrix exited the skybox. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks…

'…Wouldn't the cannons… endanger the Princess's life? …No! The queen would never endanger the Princess's life! …Would she?' She thought to herself.

She shook it off and headed for the cannons. Squad one was there, awaiting orders.

"I bring orders from her Majesty!" Beatrix announced.

The squad started to talk amongst themselves. They grew silent when Beatrix clapped her hands together.

"If and once the Theater Ship tries to escape with the princess, we shoot them down with the Bombs on the queen's command!" Beatrix told them. "Missing is not an option! Got it!?"
"Yes Ma'am!" They replied as they took their stations.

Suddenly, as they suspected, the Theater Ship started to sail off. Beatrix gave the signal and the cannons fired. Harpoons sailed through the air digging into the hard wooden frame of the Theater Ship. Two of the girls got nervous and shot with out aiming first. One hit a tower in the city and the other dug into the ship, but almost hit the Princess.

"Fools, I said missing was not an option! You almost killed many nobles and even the PRINCESS!!!! DO THAT AGAIN AND I'LL DEDUCT YOU BOTH!!!!" shouted Beatrix.
"Yes Ma'am! Sorry Ma'am!" they cowered.
"Enough with your babbling and SHOOT!" Beatrix commanded.

Beatrix leaned over the balcony watching the harpoons trap the ship into place. She turned to the Skybox. Brahne gave a mighty wave of her hand towards them. The Signal. Beatrix ran towards a large door that opened up, revealing a large cannon.
"Is the Bomb loaded?" Beatrix asked on of the guards who were pulling it out.
"Yes General Beatrix! It's all set!" She replied.
"Excellent! Prepare to fire immediately!" Beatrix commanded as she took her place behind the cannon and aimed for the target. "Dear God, please don't let me harm the Princess…" She whispered to herself as she pressed the button.

The Bomb launched into the air, blew off it's metal casing and attacked the ship. Beatrix ran back over to the edge of the balcony. Steiner was battling the ruffians who were trying to capture the Princess, and the bomb was right behind him!

"Idiot! Steiner! Get out of the damn way! Get the Princess away from the Bomb!" Beatrix called out to him.

He could not hear her. The Bomb grew larger with every second… until… KAAAAABLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!!!! The bomb had exploded! All that was left was a gigantic cloud of smoke. Beatrix bowed her head in sorrow… Had the bomb really killed the Captain and the Princess? She turned to walk away… a tear rolling down her cheek from her good eye.

"General!" Cried a Soldier, "Look!"

Beatrix swung around. Her eyes shot wide open from surprise. The theater ship was still in one piece! …well maybe a couple thousand pieces… but it was perfectly fine and slowly sailing away. It slowly lowered into the mist beyond… into Evil Forest. Beatrix walked back up to the balcony and leaned on the railing. She smiled.

"Well, Captain, I guess I owe you 100 gil." She chuckled lightly.

She quickly turned to her troops and told them to go after them, and bring the Princess back alive. Finally left alone, she watched as the moon slowly rose into the middle of the sky and the stars twinkled above. She may not have rescued the Princess, or topped the Captain once again… But she was glad that they were okay.

To be continued…