Diary of the Rose of May
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Dear Diary,
Back in Alexandria with a lot of surprises. Not all good just to let you know. Queen Brahne… is regrettably deceased. The Princess Garnet will take the throne, yet at such a young age… I wish we could have prepared her more… Brahne has entrusted Steiner and I to be her loyal Guardians from here on and wished to be buried in the Resting Place. In the past few days… It's been days for remembrance for us… and the findings of new… feelings…

Terno Area, Mountain dwelling…

Beatrix awoke to the morning light shining into her eyes. She found herself curled up and leaning against Steiner. He was surprisingly awake and holding his head. Just as she predicted, he had a very painful hangover. She wanted to say something like, "Serves you right" or "You deserved it, you know." But she didn't. She just merely sat up and looked at him.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

Steiner looked at her with a grimace. Then smiled weakly.

"Oh, your awake." He chuckled lightly, still holding his head.
"Yeah…" Beatrix smiled.
"I'm… sorry about last night…" He whispered.
"As am I…"
"Ahh! Your finally awake!" a voice called from the dwelling kitchen.

It was Freya who was running a cloth under, what Beatrix assumed to be, cold water. She walked over to Steiner and placed the wet cloth on his forehead. He winced when the cool cloth touched his head.

Freya turned to Beatrix, "So what this? Sleeping beside your number one rival?"
Beatrix tried to hide her blush in her cheeks, "I thought he might need some company-"
"Company?" Freya smiled.
"-To keep him out of trouble if he woke up in the middle of the night and was still not sober." Beatrix quickly added.
"I see…" Freya mused.
"Heeeeeeeeeeeelllllooooooooooooooo in ther'" I voice echoed into the dwelling.
"Someone shut that blasted fog horn off!!!!!" Steiner bellowed hold his head in pain.
"I'll go see who it is." Beatrix volunteered.

She walked down the granite path. Her delicate yet strong fingers griped her sword tight as she walked toward the dwelling door. Four shadows stood there. She carefully drew her blade, let out a cry and attacked. Before her blade touched flesh, she stopped. She withdrew her blade and smiled at the surprised four: A large man with a reddish beard, with Marcus, Blank and… an ooglop? Out of all of them, the ooglop seemed to catch her eye the most. It seemed… familiar? And that mustache… very odd. But she merely ignored it and continued to smile.

"My apologizes." She said placing her blade back into her scabbard.
"Gwa ha ha ha ha ha! I wasn't scared! Gwa ha ha ha!" The large man laughed.
"Sure you weren't, Boss." Said Marcus.
The large man just laughed and introduced himself, "The name's Baku of Tantalus. You must be General Beatrix."
"Indeed I am." Beatrix smiled.
"I'm sure you already know Blank and Marcus."
"Yes I do."
"We're here with Regent Cid to deliver an urgent message."
"But how did you find us? And where is the Regent?"
"I'm right here! Gwok!" Snapped the Ooglop.
Beatrix jumped back in surprise, "Is this some kind of joke?!"
"It's no joke, General. I've had a recent quarrel with Hilda and this is my result." The Ooglop told her.
"Oh my! My humble sympathies, Regent." Beatrix bowed.
"We found you by following Dr.Tot's directions. He's back in Alexandria right now." Blank told her.
"Back in Alexandria? But isn't still dangerous for us there?" Beatrix asked.
"While you where here, Brahne was planning to take over the outer continent. Unfortunately for her, a man named Kuja prevented her and… destroyed most of the Alexandrian army forces. We received a letter from the princess that the Queen is badly injured and the Princess, The Queen and the princess's friends will be arriving shortly in Alexandria. Gwok!" Cid told her.
"KUJA?!" Beatrix exclaimed in surprise.
"Do you know of this man?" A voice asked from behind.

It came from Steiner who had walked up behind Beatrix with out her noticing. Freya was holding him up, since he was quite weak from the pain of the hangover.

Beatrix nodded, "Yes… I do…"
"Yeah, I saw you with him and Brahne in Burmecia…" Freya spoke up.
"What do you know of this… Kuja? Gwok!" Cid asked.
"He has very strong powers… stronger than I've ever seen. And is quite… insane." Beatrix told him.
"Just lovely." Freya said sarcastically.
"Quite. Gwok! Let us return to Alexandria." Cid told them.

Everyone nodded. Blank and Marcus offered to help carry poor, weak Steiner and they were off to the Gargan Roo in Treno. After a few hours of riding the cart, they finally made it back to Alexandria.

As they emerged from Gargan Roo, they were greeted by Dr. Tot and two Knights of Pluto.

"Captain!!" Laudo and Weimar shouted happily as they ran towards them, helping them out of the cart.
"Laudo! Weimar! Good to see you!" Steiner smiled. "I hope that you and the other knights took good care of the castle while we were gone."
"Of course, Captain!" Laudo told him.

Steiner nodded then turn to Beatrix and helped her out of the cart. Laudo and Weimar watched with wide eyes. They have never seen the Captain be so polite to the General before.

"Captain… W-What are you doing?" asked Weimar.
"What do you mean? What does it look like I'm doing?!" Steiner shot a glare.
"Well… aren't you… are you… never mind…"
"I'm glad to see you all safe." Dr. Tot spoke up. "We have already explained everything to the soldiers, so they will not attack. Please come quickly, the Princess will be arriving shortly!"

Everyone followed Dr.Tot, racing up the dungeon steps, through the Queen's room, down the Chamber hall, down the hallway stairs, to the Neptune Statue and to the dock. Once they arrived there, they looked out to the ocean. Watching and waiting for some type of sign, ANY sign of the princess. Suddenly, out in the distance, Beatrix spotted the silhouette of the War-Ship's escape pod.

"I see them!" Beatrix shouted.
"What?! Where!?" Steiner asked.
"There! Out there!" Beatrix pointed.
"I see them too!" Freya smiled.
"Oh ho ho ho! As do I!" Dr. Tot chuckled.
"Where?!" Steiner demanded.
"Are you blind?" Beatrix joked.

Beatrix leaned closer to him pointing in the direct so he could see where she was pointing better. Weimar smiled devilishly and nudged Steiner in the arm. Steiner glared at him. Weimar backed off. Steiner looked closely to where her hand was pointing and spotted the silhouette easily. As the silhouette drew closer guards gathered 'round to help the escape pod to the dock. Once it was secure two figures emerged from the escape pod. The blonde thief known as Zidane and the ever so Lovely Princess Garnet. But, their backs were turned. They were dragging something. The Queen? What was going on? They stopped and turned to the welcoming party. Both Beatrix and Steiner's hearts almost collapsed from shock at the Princess's first words to the welcoming party.

"Please! Hurry! Mother's badly injured!!! She needs help!!! Help us bring her to the infirmary!!!! Please, she's dying!!!!!!!" Garnet screamed.
"WHAT!?" Everyone exclaimed.
"No time to explain just help!!" Zidane shouted.

Steiner and Beatrix ran on board ignoring the new faces that were on board that were helping carry the Queen. They carried the Queen to her room and laid her on the bed. Dr. Tot examined her carefully. He asked them all to leave the room while he did this. Beatrix took the liberty of talking with some of the Princess's new friend and especially the young thief.

"You love her don't you?" Beatrix asked him, pulling him away from the crowd outside the Queen's door.
"Wha?" he said confused.
"The Princess. You have feelings for her, do you not?" Beatrix asked folding her arms under her chest.
"Well, if you're not like Rusty over there, then yes. But if you are then I take it back." He said backing away a bit.
Beatrix could tell he had remembered the three times they had fought, and each time she won, "I can assure you, I am more open minded."
"Cool. Nice to know not everyone around here is like him." Zidane smirked.
"You know, even though he is under me, I don't appreciate you making fun of Rust- I mean Steiner."
"Heh. You're alright, General."
"Please, call me Beatrix."
"Alright, Beatrix." He paused for a second, "Hey, how did you know…?
"I could see it in the way you look at her."

He just merely smiled. She smiled back. Suddenly the doors to the Queen's room opened and Dr. Tot motioned everyone to come inside. Everyone did so and huddled around the Queen's body as Dr. Tot examined it some more. Garnet clung to Zidane's arm tightly. Beatrix found that quite odd, how she clung to him for support. Then it hit her… She had feelings for Zidane, just as he did for her. 'Sigh… young love…' she smiled, thinking to herself. But there was no time for thoughts such as that, she must focus on the Queen's illness, and for anything Dr. Tot would need. Dr. Tot turned to them.

"…She's fading fast… I don't know how long she will last… Her wounds are… very deep and… she's lost a lot of blood." Dr. Tot paused, "She could go at any minute – second even. I will check on her again in a few minutes, you may all have a bit of time with her if you wish."

With that, Dr. Tot left the room. The Princess walked up to her Mother and sat by her side. Suddenly the tiny girl with purple hair walked up to her with the tiny mage known as Vivi.

"Don't worry, Dagger, she'll get better. Won't she Vivi?" the Purple haired girl turned to Vivi.
"……" Vivi was silent, he seemed traumatized enough.
"Won't she Zidane?" The Purple haired girl continued.
"…I don't know Eiko… I honestly don't know…" Zidane told her.
"Well, she'll get better, Dagger! Don't worry." The purple girl smiled at the Princess.

Beatrix noted that 'Dagger' must have been some type of nickname she had picked up from her journey. The Princess suddenly rose from her chair and ran from the room in tears. Zidane, Vivi, and the Purple haired girl, ran after her. Beatrix was about to do the same but she was stopped. She looked back to see Steiner's hand on her shoulder. He shook his head in a "no, let her be" kind of way.

"But what if she does something she will regret!?" Beatrix argued with the look he gave her.
"She won't. She is old enough take care of herself in these types of situations." Steiner told her.
"But… Sigh… I will not argue with you Albert." Beatrix said pulling her shoulder away from him.
"…What did you call me?"
"I called you by your first name. What of it?"
"…Nothing…" His eyes seemed hurt.

Beatrix looked at him strangely. Was Dr. Tot right? Did she really push people away till it hurt? Suddenly her train of thought was interrupted by a voice.

"…Y…You are not fighting anymore…" a voice said weakly.

Beatrix and Steiner both turned to the bed. Queen Brahne had propped her head up and smiled at them weakly. They ran to her bedside. Steiner fell to his knees with an astonished face and shaking his hands while Beatrix knelt on one knee and bowed her head.

"Your Majesty!" They both said at the same time.
"Ha… I… I have not seen you both get along so well in all the…y…years that I have known you…" Brahne said weakly.
"Your Majesty, we are deeply sorry that we abandoned you to join the Princess's side…" Beatrix started.
"…It is quite all right… general… I was not thinking straight… I was under the influence of Kuja's power…"
"Kuja…" Steiner stood up, turned his back to them both and clenched his fists.
"Queen Brahne, is there anything you need? Anything at all?" Beatrix asked.
"…There… is one thing…" Brahne started, "…come closer, both of you…"

They did so.

"…I… I know that I am not going to last…"
"Your Majesty, no-" Steiner started.
"Hush… As I was saying I will not be on this earth for long… there is no use fighting anymore… just promise me one thing… Be the Princess's Guardians… not as her bodyguards… but as her… replacement parents… sort of…"
"Your Majesty…" Beatrix whispered.
"Please take care of her… Promise…me…"
"We-" Steiner stopped.
"We'd be honored." Beatrix finished.
"…Thank you…" Brahne smiled as she slowly closed her eyes once more.

Beatrix jumped to her feet and clasped her hands to over her mouth and backed away.

"Is she…?" She whispered.
"…No… her chest is still rising and falling. She's still with us…" Steiner told her.
"I can't believe this is happening…"
"I know… neither can I…"

Beatrix turned her back, shut her eyes and hugged her shoulders restraining herself from breaking into tears. Suddenly she felt a warmth wrap around her. She opened her eyes to find two muscular arms wrapped around her body. She looked up to see Steiner… holding her. 'Why is he doing this?' was the thought that spun around in her mind. Then she thought of something… 'Could it be for that moment at the graveyard?' She thought. She found herself stroking his muscular arms. She suddenly felt something strange… She felt his face in her hair. It surprised her and she pulled away from him. 'Did he just smell my hair?!' She thought to herself. She slowly walked to the door not even turning back once to look at him. She refused to show him her blushing face. She only said one thing before she exited the room.

"Good day, Albert." She called over her shoulder and ran out of the room.

Later that night, Queen Brahne died in her sleep. No one discovered it until soft daylight entered their kingdom. The Queen's normal blue complexion had faded to a milky white. They had buried her in the Resting Place the following afternoon. Beatrix was so in shock from the death, she could not hear anything around her, like, at some moments she wasn't the one speaking when her lips moved, or could not hear others cries or speech. Everything flashed by her like a silent movie. Now she was outside the Princess's door, just remembering what happened.

'…I remember… Dr. Tot, the Princess, Steiner and I, were standing in front of the Queen's grave. I could hear nothing. I was lost in my thoughts. But I could see… The Princess had finally got hold of her tears. She stood before the grave. She was speaking to Dr. Tot. He handed her a wreath of roses, the Queen's favorite. She placed it against the grave. She spoke again. Steiner and I saluted. It was a quiet walk to the boat, and a quiet ride back to the castle. I remember… Dr. Tot called Garnet "Princess". I made a crack at saying that she wouldn't be Princess for long… wouldn't be princess for long… that time has finally come… It seems just yesterday, she had come into our lives. That was two days ago, now it is the time to prepare for coronation this after noon… It's all gone by so fast…' She thought to herself about to knock on Soon-to-be-Queen's door. Beatrix gave it a soft tap. Dr. Tot and Steiner were already there with Garnet. Everything thing was still like a silent movie to Beatrix. She couldn't even hear her own words. Her mind was set on sorrow of the recent loss. Suddenly everything came into focus again when Dr. Tot spoke the words:

"Beatrix, will you help Garnet get ready?" He asked.
Beatrix snapped back to reality, "Yes Dr. Tot." Beatrix saluted.

Beatrix walked over beside the Princess as Dr. Tot began to exit the room. Steiner stood there still in attention stance, but seemed like he wasn't really paying attention. Before Dr. Tot left the room, he turned to Steiner.

"Master Steiner, are you coming or do you plan on watching?" Dr. Tot asked with a chuckle.

Steiner blushed immensely and babbled on with meaningless dribble at his surprise and his embarrassment of lacking attention when even in the attention stance. He bowed low and left the room in a hurry with Dr. Tot. Beatrix let out a laugh as she pulled out the many parts of the Princess's gown. Beatrix let out a mournful sigh. She felt more like a nursemaid than a General at times like these as she helped the Princess into her gown. So many buttons, ties, facets and such. But it was her duty to help her in times of need. Even if it was to help her into a gown. She smiled as she placed the wreath of Baby's Breath on her head. Perfect. She envied the Princess's beauty, as did every other woman in Alexandria.

"You look beautiful." Beatrix smiled.
"Thank you." Garnet said, absent-minded, looking out the window.

Beatrix could tell she had something else besides becoming Queen on her mind. Beatrix couldn't blame her. After all, with her mother dying and all the chaos Kuja had caused… Or was it the absence of someone dear to her? Not her mother… but… Zidane…?

"Beatrix?" The Princess suddenly spoke after a moment's silence.

Garnet turned to face Beatrix with lost eyes. It made her sad to see the Princess that way.

"I'd like to see Zidane before the coronation… please?" She asked hopefully.

Beatrix smiled for a moment and sighed. 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder, didn't it?' Beatrix said in her mind, 'So innocent, so adorable… yet hopeless and foolish. But it means so much to her… too bad it wasn't the same for me. Feelings for others are but a waste of time. I have to push people away to keep myself from being hurt and left to the harsh winds of reality! No matter what Dr. Tot says. A General has no time for such things! This way I shall remain happy. I am happy! Am I? Aren't I? ...Why does my heart feel like there is something… missing…? Goddamn it! Don't leave her waiting! What should I say to her?' She looked at the Princess's hope filled face. It was the first time Garnet had even asked Beatrix about seeing Zidane. She'd ask Steiner, but he'd always change the subject or say no. As much as Beatrix wanted to set her free for a moment to see this thief, Garnet had only little time to prepare for the coronation.

"I don't think now is a good time." Beatrix told her.
Garnet dropped her head and sulked, "Even you agree with Steiner."
Beatrix winced and also dropped her head, "Your highness…" Beatrix felt regret.
"I know…" She finally spoke up. She walked over to Beatrix and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Beatrix."

Beatrix looked up at the young Princess. She looked so grown up.

"There is something I must tell you." The Princess told her.
"Yes, Princess?" Beatrix asked.
Garnet swallowed hard, "I am not… that is… Queen Brahne was not my real mother."

Beatrix smiled softly. Dr. Tot had told Steiner and her of this yesterday. Both were quite shocked, but never thought of doubting her as their Princess and Queen. They both loved her like a little sister… no… a daughter.

Beatrix walked over to the Princess, knelt on one knee, and placed a reassuring hand on the 16 year-old's shoulder, "Princess, Doctor Tot has already informed us of your situation." Beatrix smiled, "However, my allegiance to you remains the same, if not stronger. Beatrix assured her.
"Beatrix," Garnet looked as if she was about to cry and said quietly, "Thank you."

'I do not deserve such words…' Beatrix thought as she calmed the Princess down with a friendly hug. 'After all I have done… After all I've been through… I do not deserve the honor of being her guardian.' A few moments past by as the Princess's tears began to soak the General's uniform. Once she let go, Beatrix excused her self to take a stroll around the castle. She walked down the quiet halls, lined with soldiers and expensive paintings. Suddenly she heard the cries of someone in distress.

"Ack! Help me!!!!" Someone cried.

Beatrix ran down the maze of hallways to the entrance hall. Caught on one of the banisters, was the young girl with the purple hair that the Princess and her friends brought back with her.

"Don't worry, I'll help you!" Beatrix told her as she ran to her aid.

Beatrix grabbed the young girl under the arms and lifted her back over the banister and set her onto the floor. The young girl let out a sigh and smiled at Beatrix.

"Thanks lady, you saved my butt." The purple haired girl chirped.
"Your Welcome." Beatrix smiled warmly, she loved children, they were so adorable.
"Hey! Aren't you that famous General lady?" the young girl asked.
"Yes." Beatrix nodded, "I am General Beatrix of Alexandria. And who might you be?"
"I'm Eiko! Eiko Coral!" She smiled.
"What a pretty name."
"Thanks Beatrix. Well, I better be off now, I gotta get ready for a date!" Eiko smiled.
"A date? Aren't you a bit young for boys?" Beatrix teased.
"Hee hee. This guy is special though. Gotta run! Nice meeting you!" Eiko waved and ran off.

'It seems everyone is in love these days…' Beatrix mused as she continued her walk. Suddenly as she was deep in thought, she was interrupted by various yelling.

"He hasn't visited the castle since we returned. Maybe he can teach you a thing or two about proper manners!" a voice mocked.
"Okay, I get yer point! I've had enough of yer self-righteousness!" another voice bellowed.
"Steiner?" Beatrix whispered.

Beatrix walked down the entrance hall and out of the castle, down to the dock. She vaguely saw Steiner's figure leave the scene. She placed a hand on her hip as she watched him leave.

"Ah, so it was Steiner… I thought I heard him yelling. Sigh…" Beatrix walked up to the dock and looked into the clear waters at her reflection, "Alexandria is at peace again… Yet my heart is full of sorrow. Why…?" she asked her reflection as the ripples in the water washed it away.

She was about to leave when she noticed something on the ground.

"Hmm?" She looked down at the piece of paper.

'Litter? How disgraceful!' she thought in disgust. She picked it up. 'Wait a second… it's a letter…'

"Steiner must have dropped this." She began to read it, "Let's see…"

The letter read:

'When the night sky wears the moon as
it's pendant, I shall await you
at the dock.'

"Wh-What is this letter!?" Beatrix stammered, "Did Steiner… write me a love letter?"

Beatrix began to feel faint. After all they had been through… in Terno… along the way had he grown feelings for her? The room incident, the dance, the graveyard, the bar… had those moments meant something more to him? Beatrix felt so confused. So many strange feelings began forming inside her.

"Steiner…" Beatrix whispered and she held the letter to her chest.

Beatrix tucked the letter into her belt and walked back into the castle. Her mind was swirling with thoughts of him.

Later that day, Beatrix had returned to the Princess's room and was putting on the finishing touches. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Princess? Are you decent?" A voice called outside the door.
"I believe she is, Albert." Beatrix called out to him.

Steiner opened the door to find Beatrix standing beside Garnet all dressed up and ready for the coronation. He smiled at the Princess. She looked so grown up. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

"You're friends, in company of Master Vivi, have wished to see you before the coronation." He announced.
"Really? Is Zidane with them?" She asked hopefully.
"…Unfortunately…" Steiner breathed.
Garnet turned to Beatrix with a big smile then turned back to Steiner and nodded, "I shall see them."
"As you wish, Your Highness." Steiner bowed as he opened the door.

Garnet walked out of the room, holding her skirts, followed by Beatrix. But as Beatrix walked out the door, she placed a soft hand on Steiner's cheek, and slowly caressed his cheek as she walked out the door. Steiner's eyes shot open as she did this. He looked after her. 'What was that for…?' he thought in his mind as he watched the swaying of her hips as she walked away. After a while he snapped out of it and ran after them. They stopped at the door to the hall and Steiner exited first to announce the Princess. Beatrix followed leading the Princess to the bridge over the hall. Beatrix stood at one side of the Princess while Steiner stood on the other. Both knights listened as the Princess's friends gave her compliments on how Beautiful, and Spectacular she looked. But the young thief said nothing. Steiner noticed the time and dismissed them and the three of them marched back into the Chamber hall. Once they arrived back into Garnet's bedroom, Garnet burst into tears and hugged her best friend tightly. Beatrix, surprised at this outburst didn't know what to do.

"Your Highness! What's the matter?" Beatrix asked.
"H-he… He wouldn't even speak to me… why?" Garnet asked quickly drying her tears.
"Your Highness…"
"I've been waiting to see him this whole time and he doesn't even want to talk to me…"
"Princess… I'm sorry…"
"Don't apologize… It's not your fault. Why couldn't he even just say something!?"
"Princess, if we could give you the world, we would. But until then, life is going to have its ups and downs, so we best not let bad little moments like these keep us side tracked." Steiner told her.
"…You're right…" Garnet sniffled.
"Come, it's almost time for your coronation." Beatrix told her.
"Right. Let us be off."

With that, Garnet opened the door and exited the room.

Beatrix turned to Steiner, "Give her the world?"
"Why not." Steiner smiled.
"That was very poetic of you, Albert."
"I guess it was."

Suddenly their eyes met. They stood there for a moment or two, just staring into each other's eyes… until…

"Captain? General?"

Steiner and Beatrix snapped out of it and looked to the door. Garnet stood there with her hands on her hips.

"Hurry, we'll be late for my coronation if we don't leave now." Garnet smirked.
"I- uh…" Steiner babbled.
"Yes, Y-Your Highness!" Beatrix stuttered.

The two knights followed the Soon-to-be-Queen out of her room and to the coronation.

After the coronation Beatrix walked through the gardens of the palace. She gazed into the roses with fondness. The coronation was the happiest day Alexandria had ever faced. The towns people cheered as the royal crown was placed on Garnet's head. Beatrix and Steiner beamed smiles upon her, they were so proud. Beatrix never would have guessed that this day would come so fast… Even if she was not the true heir, she was still their little Princess… and Queen. Although, the whole time, Garnet seemed distracted. She tended to stumble or stop in mid sentence during her coronation speech. Beatrix knew she was thinking of Zidane. While Beatrix pondered on this, someone bumped into her.

"Ow!" cried a voice.
"Huh?" Beatrix turned to see no one, but tilted her head down to find the tiny mage, Vivi.
"I-I-I'm so sorry. I didn't m-m-m-mean to bump into you! P-P-Please don't hurt me…" Vivi stuttered as he backed away a bit with fearful eyes.
Beatrix smiled at him warmly and knelt down to his height, "I'm not going to hurt you. And there is nothing to be sorry for, I can assure you."
"B-But what about Burmecia, a-and Cleyra a-a-and…"
"Those moments… I do regret. It was my lack of judgement that made me do those things. And from the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry."
"…A-Alrighty. I forgive you. I guess." Vivi smiled, (or what seemed to be a smile.)
"You must be Vivi. I've heard a lot about you from Steiner."
"Indeed. He told be you were very brave, and you look it too, for such a young man." Beatrix smiled.
"O-Oh! Th-Thank you." Vivi's cheeks blushed a bright red, "I've heard some good things about you too. And I guess that they are true."
"Really, now?"
"U-Uh huh. Steiner told me today that y-you were a very nice lady and very p-p-pretty too."
"Oh." Beatrix blushed immensely.
"Miss Beatrix, you're turned all red. Is something the m-m-matter?"
"N-n-no. Not at all." Beatrix blushed even more, "Oh my, look at the time! The sun has already set! You best be getting some place warm, Master Vivi." She said, changing the subject.
"Y-yeah, you're right. It was nice meeting you. Bye now!" Vivi waved as he ran off.
"…Did Albert really say that about me?" Beatrix whispered to herself.

Suddenly Beatrix remembered the letter. She patted her belt, looking for it, but it wasn't there! 'Drat!' she thought, 'I can't believe I lost it! …I recall it saying that he wanted to meet me at the dock at night… should I take the risk? What if it's some kind of trick?' Beatrix paused. The tug-o-war of yes or no raged in her mind until she couldn't take it anymore. She headed for the dock.

There… bathed in moonlight… was Albert. He stood there, looking as if he was pondering something. Beatrix was utterly surprised as she walked towards him. Only one word came from her lips at this moment…

"Steiner…" Beatrix she spoke, stopping a foot away from him.

Steiner whirled around to face her. His eyes seemed surprised yet hopeful.

"Beatrix… Was it you…?" He said, as he gazed into her deep, blue eye as she stared into his darks ones.

They stared deeply into each other's eyes, like nothing else around them existed. Both of them took another step closer to one another.

"Steiner…" Beatrix whispered with a smile.
"Beatrix…" Steiner whispered back, also with smile.

Beatrix could feel her heart racing as the space between slowly closed. She never felt like this before. His beautiful eyes… deep dark chocolate brown eyes. So warm, so caring… so comforting… And his mouth… so wonderful, so perfect… so… welcoming… These thought seemed to swirl in her head as he slowly wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and hers around his neck. She could not control herself. Everything seemed automatic. His touch felt so right… like nothing before. Steiner slowly pulled her closer to him. Beatrix looked into his eyes once more as his face slowly began to inch towards hers. He inched ever closer till she could feel his warm breath brush against her skin. Their lips were about to touch for the first time until…


Beatrix's eye snapped wide open as she pushed Steiner away and turned her back on him, kneeling on one knee. Steiner was surprised by this and turned to the direction of the sound. Baku walked in from out of the shadows.

"AAA-CHOO!" He sneezed again.

Steiner was just about to scold the old man until their was yet another surprise! Marcus, Blank and Eiko jumped up from their hiding spots.

"Boss!?" Blank and Marcus shouted at once.
"Oh, you totally ruined the scene!" Eiko snarled at Baku, sticking out her tongue and leaving the area.

Steiner was utterly confused. Here he was, only here to patrol the area, finds a love letter on the ground that he assumed was from Beatrix, was about to kiss her for the first time and all these Miscreants ruin it all! Steiner turned to face Beatrix… but she was already gone… Vanished.

"What's goin' on here!?" Baku demanded.
"A dream… only but a dream…" Steiner answered quietly with distant eyes, thinking of the damsel who got away from this knight in not so shining armor.
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