Long time no see! That's right, I'm back! And not just back for one outtake, but for a new story and some more things, that I'll tell you about below. Hopefully you've missed me as much as I've missed you. I'm sure you've missed Cockyback! Here's a long awaited outtake that has been requested many times. Enjoy, and I'll see you below with more info on what's next :)

Getting Blitzed Outtake

Being a vet was awesome on the Monday after a game day. A light workout and film review, and my ass was out of there several hours before the kids were due home from school, which gave me plenty of time to get home and talk Reed Girl into sexy times while Alex took her afternoon nap. I lived for fucking Mondays. Well, I lived for Sundays too, obviously, but less so the older I got. My playing time was coming to an end, though, and I was determined to enjoy every minute before I missed it.

I let myself into the house, smiling when I heard my wife's laughter. I'd been married to Reed Girl for almost half my life, but I still felt better the moment I got in her presence. And since my mind was on a little afternoon delight, the sound of her laugh did other things to me as well. Twenty years hadn't diminished my libido one little bit either. Thank fuck for that.

Over the years I'd learned not to shout out my presence when I got home. You never know when the babies were sleeping, or when Ethan or Reed Girl were composing music, or when Dani might be PMSing. Not that she was here these days, which really sucked.

I fucking missed the hell out of that kid. She was doing awesome down in Tallahassee-I knew that-but I hated that she was gone. I still wasn't used to it. She'd been gone for a month, and I still expected her to come running down the stairs to hug me when I returned from an away game, or to yell at her brothers to shut up because she was on the phone, or to ask her mom to bring the ice cream so they could talk about whatever boy-related drama was currently going on. Yeah, I even missed the parade of boys sniffing around her, because at least I'd been here to scare them. I had no idea what she was up to down in Tally. And it fucking killed me.

I dumped my keys and wallet on the table in the hallway as I headed toward Reed Girl's voice. If I knew my woman, and I damn well did, she'd be curled up on our little built-in, gabbing away to whichever of her friends she was talking to at the moment.

"See, I told you he's into you!"

I rolled my eyes. She was at it again. Matchmaking. I swear, there were more engaged or married New York Giants than any other team in the league. It didn't matter that many of our guys were young; Reed Girl had found women for them through our foundation or the symphony or wherever the hell else she was. She'd even hooked up a single mom or two from the Mommy and Me classes she took with Alex. My Bella had mad skills, but then, she'd landed me, so clearly she knew what she was doing.

"You can't think it's a coincidence that he's shown up at two of your games."

Wait, what? I stopped just outside the kitchen door and peered in at Reed Girl, sitting exactly where I expected and looking damn sexy in black yoga pants and a tank top, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She didn't look like she was a year away from forty, that was for fucking sure. I was more than ready to take her right on our dining room table, but my fear that she was talking to who I thought she was talking to kept me from making that happen just yet.

My wife let out her cute little laugh again. "Do you really think he has all that spare time to go to volleyball games?"

Fucking hell. She was talking to our daughter. I'd had a faint ray of hope that perhaps she was talking to one of my teammates who happened to prefer dudes, but no. It was my nightmare come true. Not even a month into college, and Dani already had men after her. Not that I was surprised, because my daughter was smart, gorgeous, and talented, but still. I'd wanted her to stay single for a few years. I knew we should have sent her to an all-girl's school.

Reed Girl laughed again. "Sweetie, I can tell you that during football season, your dad never had a lot of free time in the evenings."

Oh, hell no. Fuck that noise. I'd specifically told Emmett to ban the football players from going after Dani, and now one of them was stalking her at her volleyball games? I needed a name right the fuck now. My phone was in my hand, ready to text my brother instructions to cut whomever it was from the team and run him straight out of town. Maybe with a beating for good measure. Fucking hell.

"What free time he did have was spent with me. You know what kind of responsibility quarterbacks have, baby. They have more meetings, more film study, and more work to do than the rest of the team. I'm telling you, your dad barely had time to do more than fall into bed when he got home during the season."

That was true. My final year we'd lived together, and I'd often barely seen my girl. Though the falling into bed thing was true, it was never alone. I'd made sure to sex Reed Girl up properly almost every night, thank you very much. And I was sure this guy was making time to see my daughter as well. Fucker. He'd better not be doing more than showing up at her games.

Wait a minute. Did she use me as an example of a football player, or did she say quarterbacks because…

"It sounds to me like Tanner Hunt is staking his claim."

Fuck. No, no, no, no, no, no. No way in fucking hell was that little shit going after my daughter. He was a dead man. I was going to have to kill him. He was an egotistical little prick from what I'd seen and heard. And Emmett said he was a total player. That kid was getting nowhere near my daughter. I fired off a text immediately.

What the fuck, Emmett? What's this bullshit I hear about that asshole, Hunt, going after my daughter? You had one fucking job, to keep your damn players away from my girl, and you failed spectacularly. What the hell?

"Oh? He just happened to be in the cafeteria when you were there a few times this week? You do know that they have their own cafeteria with way better food. You've heard enough stories about your dad's playing days, baby. It sounds like he's going out of his way to show you that he's not only figured out you're not a nobody like he thought, but you're somebody special that he wants to know."

First off, that fucking fucker better stick to his own cafeteria. I still had pull at that damn school, and I was getting his ass banned from anyplace that wasn't football affiliated. And that included the volleyball court. Getting the starting quarterback kicked out of school was harder than some random player, but I'd do it. Rumors could be started, drug tests could be failed… I'd find a way. Maybe Jasper still had some drug connections down in Tally. I'd call him later.

Secondly, what was this nobody nonsense? My daughter was not a nobody. She was a fucking Cullen, which meant she was awesome. Way more awesome than he could ever hope to be. And she was MINE. Not his. He needed to get the fuck out.

What are you talking about? Hunt and Dani? First I've heard of it, I swear. I'll get to the bottom of this.

Whatever, jackass. He'd already fucked up. That's what I got for trusting my moron brother to notice anything. I swear he was brain dead.

"So, the question is, do you want his attention? I know he was a jerk that first time you talked to him, but it sounds like he's making some effort to make up for that now. And he is gorgeous. God knows I tried to resist your dad at first, but I couldn't."

Humph. He wasn't THAT good-looking. He was no me. On the field or off. I was kind of annoyed at Reed Girl for even thinking that he might be similar. And damn right she couldn't resist me. I was irresistible.

"I'd say the ball's in your court, literally." Reed Girl laughed again, and it was much less cute now that it was over some punk football player who wanted to nail our daughter. "I love that idea! Spike the ball right into him pre-game and go over to apologize!"

See, this is what happened when you married a woman who was a skilled stalker. She passed those scheming stalking skills onto your daughter, and it came back to bite your ass all over again. Damn it all to hell.

Rainbow came down the stairs, yipping in joy when she saw me. She'd likely been napping with Alex when I got home. I scooped her up and attempted to silence her, but my wife glanced over and saw me, shaking her head.

"I've got to go, baby. Your dad's home." She paused and laughed again. "Yeah, I will. Have fun at practice. You wouldn't want to take an errant shot."

Yeah, really fucking funny. "Wait! I need to talk to her."

Reed Girl shook her head. "I love you, too. We'll talk to you soon." And she disconnected without giving me the phone.

"What the hell, Bella? I said I wanted to talk to her."

"And since you'd been eavesdropping, I knew exactly what you wanted to talk to her about. And you're not going to talk to Dani until we talk about it first."

Damn woman. I hadn't made a peep, and yet she knew. She always knew. Reed Girl was a witch in a former life, I swear.

Alright, then. "Fine. I don't need to talk to her."

She raised an eyebrow at me. How that managed to be both sexy and annoying at the same time was just one of the mysteries of Reed Girl. She killed me.

"You won't talk to Emmett, either."

I smirked at that one. Too late, baby.

She shook her head and fired off a text.

"What was that?"

"I told Emmett he wasn't to do anything to Tanner."

As if that would work. He didn't want him around Dani any more than I did.

"And I included Rose in the text."

Fucking hell. Damn him for marrying one of my wife's best friends, and the scariest one at that. She'd keep him from doing his damn job and killing Tanner for me. Well, fuck it. I was going to Atlanta next week. I'd make a side trip and do it myself.

"Edward, come here."

I sighed and carried Rainbow over to her, sinking onto the bench next to her, with Rainbow laying her head on my shoulder, still her favorite place to be after all this time.

"She's not dating Hunt."

"No, she's not."

Well, then. That was good. Nipped in the bud, and now we could get on to…


Fucking hell. "Bella."

"Edward." She mocked my stern tone, scowling at me before breaking into a smile. "Nothing has happened yet. He's shown up at a couple of her games, at a couple of places she's been. They haven't even talked since the first time."

The first time? "And just what was the first time?"

Reed Girl stroked Rainbow's soft fur before reaching up to cup my cheek. "He met her at the football gym, and assumed she was there for him. He bragged about being a star, your daughter was unimpressed, and Emmett showed up and let him know she was to be left alone."

At least my moron brother did something right at some point. But he'd dropped the ball somewhere since the jerk was still coming around my daughter.

"So what's he doing following her around?" I demanded.

"She intrigued him, of course. She didn't fall over at his athletic prowess, his looks, or his attitude. Sound familiar?"

Of course it fucking did. "He's not me. Dani's not…" Well, I couldn't finish that because she was a hell of a lot like her mom, much to my utter dismay at this moment.

Reed Girl chuckled and shook her ponytail. She held up a finger. "Quarterback." A second finger came up. "Cocky." A third. "Great-looking." A fourth. "Has a reputation of being a player." A fifth. "More to him than meets the eye, at least I think so. Just like my guy all those years ago."

She punctuated that last part with a kiss, which slightly mollified me.

"I don't want her to be with a guy like me."

My wife cocked her head, smiling softly. "Really? You don't want her to be with a man who loves her with his whole heart, who remains loyal and true to her every single day for the rest of their lives? Who's a wonderful father to their children? Who makes her laugh every single day and makes her body tingle even after twenty years? Because I sure want that for her. I want that for all of our kids."

Fuck. Every single argument I had deflated at her words, and I put Rainbow down and pulled Reed Girl into my arms.

"Okay, then." I breathed her in. She always smelled amazing. "What if he doesn't turn out like me?"

She laughed and squeezed me. "Then she'll kick him to the curb. She's smart enough not to waste her time if he's not worth it. Trust me when I say that she's being cautious about him. She's intrigued by him, but she's being patient and seeing what he does next. She's a smart girl, Edward. Trust her."

I did trust Dani. I didn't trust Hunt. No way.

"So, are you going to call your daughter and forbid her to see Tanner?" Reed Girl asked as she pulled out of my arms and smiled at me.

Like she'd listen if I did. "No."

Reed Girl took her tank top off, and she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Fuck yes.

"And are you going to call Emmett and have him do anything to Tanner, like threaten him or beat him up?"

Since her hands were now on the top of her yoga pants, I quickly shook my head.


And off came the pants, and maybe it was laundry day, because she had nothing underneath there either. My wife was beautifully, gloriously naked in our kitchen, and the last thing I was going to think about right now was our daughter and some dumb jock.

"So…" Reed Girl cocked her sexy hip at me. "What are you going to do, then?"

I stood. "You."

She nodded. "Very good answer. Come and get me." And she darted toward the stairs.

I gave Rainbow a quick pat and headed after my wife. I'd deal with Hunt another day. I had way better things to handle now.


I'd traveled down early so I could catch Dani's game on Thursday night before heading up to Atlanta on Friday to prepare for my own. Coach knew not to fuck with me when it came to a chance to see my kid. Plus I was older than he was, and when the hell did that happen? Every day was a step closer to retirement, and it fucking sucked.

I didn't bother telling anyone in my family that I was coming down. Obviously Reed Girl knew, but nobody else did. I wanted to surprise Dani, and the big mouths in my family couldn't be trusted.

I drove straight to Tully Gymnasium and headed in, ignoring the gasps of recognition that came when people recognized me. Well, I ignored most of them, until I heard one guy say, "That's Edward Cullen, Dani's dad." I grinned and waved at that guy, like the proud parent I was. Dani Cullen's dad… That was one description I fucking loved.

The team was out on the court, and I stood and admired her as my girl leaped into the air and spiked the ball down on the other side of the net. She was poetry in motion: not a move wasted, perfect form, muscles bunched, with a look of pure concentration on her face. The loud thwack the ball made as it flew into the floor echoed throughout the gym. She was in game form, alright. I was thrilled to watch her play in person again. Videos just didn't cut it.

I made my way to my front- row seat, scanning the crowd along the way to see if I could see the fucking stalker anywhere. Dani walked toward the bench and started talking to one of her teammates. I wasn't ready to alert her to my presence yet, so I sat and watched as she and a teammate did a little volley to one another next to the bench, just tapping the ball lightly to one another, when suddenly Dani bumped her return a little too hard and it flew into the crowd, heading right for Tanner Hunt. Fucking hell. She'd enacted her mother's little scheme right in front of me.

Unfortunately, the ball did not nail him in the face and break his nose as I hoped. He caught it and smirked at her. Dani threw back her head and laughed as he turned to the people around him and asked something. A woman riffled through her bag and handed him a pen. I watched as he wrote something on the ball before tossing it back to my daughter. She read whatever he'd written before smiling at him and nodding.

I needed to know what that ball said right fucking now. He'd better not have written anything sexual. I wanted to punch him for the way he was watching her. Shouldn't he be preparing for the game on Saturday? Fucking slacking stalker football player. He needed to be more dedicated to the game and less dedicated to staring at my daughter's body.

Enough of this shit. She needed to stop paying attention to bystanders who weren't me. I let out a loud whistle and called her name. Dani's head immediately whipped around, and a brilliant smile broke over her face as she jogged to my section. I stood and caught her in my arms, hugging her tightly and breathing her in.

"Dad! What are you doing here?"

I tugged on her ponytail as I pulled back to look at her. "What, like I was going to be less than an hour's flight away and not come see my daughter play?"

She laughed and launched herself into my arms again. "I should have known! I can't believe you're here, though! Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't Mom?"

"I wanted to surprise you. Seems like I did a good job." I cut a look over to where Hunt was watching us, not looking quite as smug and sure of himself as he had a minute ago, was he? Motherfucker. "What's up with you and Mister Football?"

My daughter blushed. She really fucking blushed. I wasn't sure I'd seen her do that since she was around thirteen and started noticing boys. She'd had a harmless crush on Sammy for a while, and she'd blush and flutter when he talked to her. I didn't like it then, and I most certainly didn't like it now.

"Not much."

I raised a brow at that bullshit. "It didn't look like not much to me."

She sighed and shrugged. "He's been around some is all."

Around some my ass. "What did he write on the ball?"

Dani rolled her eyes. "Can we talk about this after the game? I need to talk to Coach."

Of course she did. But it was nearly game time, and I wanted her to be at her best. "Fine. I planned on taking you to a late dinner if you're up to it?"

Her smile flashed. "It's a date." Then she started laughing, confusing the hell out of me.

"What's so funny about going out with your old man? Did you have other plans or something?" I sent another glare Hunt's way. He'd better not plan on usurping my daughter's time while I was here.

Dani's giggles eventually died down, and she shook her head. "Pretty sure I'm the only girl in history who gets to date two Seminole quarterbacks in the same week."

Fuck me. "He asked you out?"

She nodded, blushing yet again. "That's what he wrote on the ball. Isn't that sweet?"

I was going to go more for cliched and annoying, but I knew it'd piss her off if I said it aloud. "Really sweet."

Okay, maybe I didn't keep the sarcasm out of my tone, but it seemed to go right over her head as she beamed at me before kissing me on the cheek. "I'm so glad you're here. See you after the game."

"Kick some ass, baby."

I sat back down, alternating between watching Dani and Hunt, who didn't take his eyes off my daughter for the entire game. I didn't like the way he looked at her, at all. He looked so fucking proud of her, every time she hit the ball, made a block, scored a point, whatever. He didn't look like a guy who wanted to fuck and forget her. I should be happy about that, maybe, but I wasn't. It was too soon, and he was too…everything. He was trouble. Major fucking trouble.


"You were fantastic, baby!" I scooped Dani into a celebratory hug, not caring that she was sweaty. My girl had kicked ass out there tonight. "I don't think I've ever seen you play better."

"Coach Walsh has really helped me," Dani gushed, taking my hand and pulling me over to said coach. "Plus I had to show off for some old legend that was in the gym tonight. Everyone kept talking about him." She hip-checked me. "I had to show him there was some new blood in this town, taking all the glory."

I laughed and hugged her to me. "I'm sure the legend doesn't hold a candle to you."

"He's still the best." The smile she sent me warmed me to my core. My kid was just as proud of me as I was of her. "Coach, my dad's here!"

I'd met Jane Walsh when Dani had been recruited, but I shook her hand again and basked in her praise for my daughter. She told me how Dani was a natural leader, how nobody worked harder, and just how much she'd improved in only a few weeks time.

While we talked, I noticed that my daughter had wandered back to where Hunt had been sitting, and sure enough, he approached her, grinning at her and tugging on her ponytail just like I had. Not fucking cool, at all. He handed her his phone, and she no doubt gave him her number so they could plan that dinner she'd mentioned. Maybe I should be glad he was going to at least take her out before he tried to get her into bed, but I wasn't. This was so fucking confusing. I hated dating-well, dating and my daughter combined.

She handed back his phone, and I watched as he touched her cheek lightly before walking away. I exchanged a few more words with the coach as Dani headed back my way.

"I'm gonna grab a quick shower, and then I'll meet you outside of the locker room?"" she asked.

"Sounds good."

I made my way over to the locker room exit to wait for her and texted Reed Girl while I waited.

Our girl kicked ass! Two aces, four kills, countless blocks and assists. An easy win.

My phone buzzed with a return text almost immediately.

That's great! I bet she was thrilled with your surprise.

I smirked. Of course she was.

She was. I got a huge hug, and I'm taking her out to celebrate the game.

Should I? Yes. I should.

Tanner Hunt was at the game. Again.

Bastard. Maybe I had time to dump his dead body in the gulf before I left tomorrow. I'd have to time it right…

Really? I bet Dani was excited.

Humph. She was excited alright. Far too excited for my liking.

She used your stalker ball move.

I could picture Reed Girl's grin and hear her laughter from all the way down in Tally, I swear.

Did she now? Did it work? Who am I kidding? Of course it worked! It was my idea, and as you like to point out, I'm the best stalker of all, aren't I, Champ?

She truly was. There was nobody like her, which was of course why I'd fallen in love with her despite myself.

You are, and thanks to you, so is your daughter. They have a date apparently.

Kill me now. Would I be going through this again in sixteen years with Alex? Because I was pretty sure my heart would just give out by then. Boys were the worst.

That's amazing! Tell her to call and give me details.

Of course Reed Girl was excited. She didn't get how dangerous this was. Dani was really into this guy, and unless I missed my guess, he was just as into her. So much could go wrong.

Don't ruin it for her, Edward.

Damn it. It was like she could read my mind, even when we were a thousand miles away from each other.

You didn't see the way he looked at her. I'm worried.

She was just a kid. And she was a long way from home. If something happened, if she got her heart broken, we wouldn't be there to pick up the pieces.

She's a grown woman, Champ. We have to trust her. He knows who her family is. If he steps out of line, it's not like Emmett can't rain hell down upon him for us if we need him to.

I laughed at that. I needed to speak to my brother about adding some heinous workouts into Hunt's day, make him too tired to fuck around with my Dani.

"What's so funny?" she asked as she came out of the locker room. Her hair was down, wet and curling madly down her back, her eyes shining with happiness. She was so damn pretty. I couldn't blame Hunt for sniffing around her, even though I hated him for it.

"Just chatting with your mom."

She laughed and slid her arm around my waist. "I should have known. Nobody makes you laugh like Mom does."

It was true. "I missed you, kiddo."

"I missed you too, Daddy." She squeezed my side. "Now feed me. I'm starving."

Yes, she was definitely her mother's daughter. "Let's go."


Walking back into the stadium was just like coming home again. The place had changed,of course-they were always funneling money back into the football facilities to keep the recruits coming in-but it was still my place. So many awesome memories. I walked past my jersey, my crystal championship trophies, framed pictures of my Heisman wins… It felt awesome.

What was really weird was seeing the name Cullen on an office door and knowing that my brother was inside. Who would have thought that Emmett would work his way into such a prestigious job and actually be good at it? Not me. But he'd found his place, just like I found mine.

"Be right with you," he muttered when I knocked on the open door. He was staring at his computer, no doubt watching some game tape for Saturday.

"Well, I have a plane to catch, but if you don't want these donuts…" I laughed as he snatched them out of my hand before wrapping me in a bear hug. "It's good to see you, too."

"Hey! I'd ask what brings you here, but I think I know." He shook his head. "Sorry, man. I don't know how I missed it."

I laughed and pushed his ass away from me. "I do. Someone's actually taking work seriously. Never thought I'd see the day."

"What can I say, bro? I love this shit." He offered me one of the donuts, and I shook my head. "Plus, I get to eat this, and you don't."

I laughed. "I could if I wanted to. I took Dani to breakfast this morning before her first class."

He grinned. "I looked at her stats this morning. She rocked last night. I take it you were there?"

"Yeah, came down to see her play. She's gotten even better."

"I'll say." Em smirked at me. "You know they're comparing her to Gabby Reece."

I groaned at that one. I mean, the volleyball comparison rocked. "I'll die if she starts modeling." She'd gotten inquiries over the years but hadn't had any interest, thank fuck.

He chuckled. "Tell me about it. The fact that she has Hunt sniffing around is fucked up enough."

I groaned at that, and my brother smiled. "You know, he's usually here around this time of day."

Oh, yeah? "Is that so?"

"Yup. Should be in the gym. Should you want to stop by and speak to him, you know, quarterback to quarterback."

I'd hoped he'd be here. "I just may do that."

He laughed and shoved another donut in his mouth. "Come see me before you leave. And don't beat him up… We need him on Saturday."

"And I need my hands on Sunday. I won't touch the kid."

Emmett waved me off, and I headed over to the gym. Another home away from home. I stopped outside of the room and counted around fifteen bodies working out. And yes, Tanner Hunt was one of them.

I was about to make my presence known when one of the guys approached him. "So, did you land that volleyball chick yet? Gotta tell you, man, that chick is hot as hell."

My hands clenched at my sides as the guy referred to my daughter as both a chick and hot. And yes, I knew I'd said a lot worse about women to my teammates, but this was MY daughter they were talking about.

Tanner shook his head. "Nah. It's not like that."

"What's it like, then?"

Yeah, what was it like? I was both dying and dreading knowing the answer to that question.

"I don't know, man. Can we get back to working out?"

The asshole who had asked about my daughter shrugged. "Sure, but if you're not gonna hit that, can I?"

I was about to hit him, game on Sunday be damned, but before I could, Hunt's hand shot out and gripped the guy by his neck.

"Don't you go near her." The threat in his words, along with the glare on his face, were clear enough.

Well, fuck me. The guy actually had feelings for my daughter. I'd been sort of sure of that last night, watching him watch her, but now, I knew. He wasn't looking to fuck and duck, which was good. I wasn't sure where this thing with them was going to go, but he liked her, and I knew she liked him. She'd admitted as much last night.

"Okay, man, sorry. I didn't know it was like that." The guy held up his hands, and Tanner released him.

Hunt just shook his head and headed over toward the free weights. I stepped into his eyeline and enjoyed the way he came to an immediate stop.

"Mr. Cullen." He glanced around, probably checking for witnesses. "What are you doing here?"

I could have gone hard ass and threatened him, but I knew Dani and Reed Girl would be upset if I did. And I remembered what I'd felt like, twenty years ago, when I'd been king of the campus and a beautiful whirlwind had come into my life. He'd shown more restraint than I had. I remembered beating Eric's ass for the shit he said about my woman and how fucked up and confused I'd been over her. If he was anywhere near that over Dani, I could sympathize with him.

"I just came to check out the old digs." I glanced around the room. "They're a lot better than they were in my day."

He laughed nervously. "They've updated even since I've been here."

I nodded. "That's the way it is. Are you ready for Saturday?" I asked.

"I think so, sir."

The use of sir made it clear to me that he'd understood that I wasn't asking about the game. Good. I nodded. "I'm glad. And you can call me Edward."

A quick smile flashed across his face. "Edward. Great. Thanks."

"Sure. How about you show me what's changed since I was here last?"


I followed the kid out of the gym. I didn't know how things would go with him and Dani, and as Reed Girl would happily tell me, it wasn't my business anyway. But he'd shown some real feelings for my daughter, and I couldn't fault him for that. It was in their hands now. Maybe they'd be the next Reed Girl and Champ. They should be so lucky.

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