It was an average day at Mitakihara Junior High School as all the students began progressing towards their classrooms. But not every student is exactly ordinary or at the very least won't be too ordinary for much longer. One such example is Mami Tomoe, a ninth grade student that, unbeknownst to her classmates is a Magical Girl (or what's sometimes referred to as a Puella Magi). What's essentially a young female human that makes a contract with an extraterrestrial known as an Incubator to require supernatural powers to fight creatures known as Witches. The exchange rate however is that the Incubator must grant one wish in return and very few wishes are alike. However, it wasn't until today when Mami was the only Magical Girl at the school if not all of Mitakihara city. Homura Akemi was another Magical Girl, but unlike Mami she had to repeat this and the following twenty-nine days it over and over again until she gets the outcome she wants. The timelines that result from her time travels have little differences here or there with the exception of one major paradox, but otherwise their progression has been rather static. However, the timeline is radically different compared to all the other that Homura's paradoxes have created. At first, class seemed to start out like every other timeline prior with Homura walking in as soon as Ms. Saotome was done lecturing about eggs.

"Why don't you tell the class a little bit about yourself?" said Ms. Saotome as Homura stood in front of the white board.

"I'm Homura Akemi" the girl said "It's nice to meet you"

She then proceeded to write her name on the board as usual, however when she got to her seat….

"Now let's introduce our other new student before we get on with today's lesson."

Homura's eyes widened in disbelief, did she accidently cause another child to transfer here as a result to what she did in the previous timeline?

"Other?" she whispered to herself. And if that wasn't strange enough, that girl eerily resembled herself before she became a Magical Girl. The major difference being her long rainbow hair tied up in pigtails tied in white ribbons as opposed to braids, along with her hot pink eyes and light pink glasses. Though she shook it off, assuming that it's just some weird coincidence.

"You're Homura's sister, is that right?" Ms. Saotome said, causing Homura to focus even more in the process

"Hai, I am Homu-chan's imouto desu~! My name is Niji-chan desu~!"

She also wrote her name on the board, except her's was really long and has middle names despite being Japanese. It read:




Which reads in English as "Niji Aome Hime Rosetta Akemi". As the lesson began, Homura could jolt down the notes based on memories of having to repeat this lesson over ninety times at this point, but she couldn't stop thinking about Niji, but still tried her best to remain focus on her goal.

Later during lunch, a group of girls began huddling around Homura asking her questions about her before moving to Mitakihara

"What school did you go to before coming to this one?" asked one with long red hair.

"I went to a private Catholic school in Tokyo" Homura replied

"Hai~!" said a voice coming from the next desk

Everyone turned around as they saw Niji give a small wave from a nearby desk, before carrying on with the conversation.

"So, how about sports?" asked another with short dark green hair "Were you on any teams?"

"No, not really"

"Hai~!" Niji said again, but this time the other girls tried their best to ignore her "She has a serious heart condition. In fact, she was in the hospital before coming here desu~!"

"How does she know that?" Homura thought to herself "This girl continues to baffle me!"

"Your hair is really beautiful!" asked yet another girl with short blue hair, but unlike Sayaka Miki has slightly darker skin "What kind of shampoo do you use?"

"L'Oreal!" said Niji" "Because she is worth it desu~!"

"Will you please stop interrupting?" Homura said to the girl, no longer capable of ignoring her "We are trying to have a private conversation here."

"Okay, nee-chan~! I'll try de..."

"Actually what about your sister?" the girl with glasses asked "You haven't been acknowledging her so far."

"That's because I….it's hard to explain, okay?" said Homura

"Oh we can have any conversation you want about me desu~! But basically I'm Homu-chan's long lost twin sister who recently discovered her location and decided to enroll at the same school as her desu~!"

"Okay that explains why I don't even remember you and why you look like me with strangely colored hair, but that doesn't explain why I at least never heard of you"

"Well, I was pretty much erased from kasan and tousans' memories, so they're convinced that you are an only child desu~!"

"This still doesn't make any…"

"Oh tell us more, Niji" said another girl as Homura's "posse" is now suddenly gathered around Niji

"Alright then desu~!" It all started back in 199…."

Finally tired from all the stress this girl's been causing, along with others, Homura approached the nurse's aide, Madoka Kaname, if she could take her to the nurse's office, Madoka agreeing aside from being a little shy about it.

"I was did you know I was the nurse's aide for the class?" Madoka asked in the hallway

"Ms. Saotome told me that you were" Homura responded

"Oh right, of course she did! By the way the nurse's office is over to your…."

"This way, right?" Homura once again, recalling the previous times she repeated this step.

"Umm...yeah, that's right but...So anyway, how do you know you're way there? I mean you're new here and all"

Homura was silent

"Miss Akemi?" Madoka continued

Homura remained silent at first

"Call me Homura"

"Oh, Homura?"

"What is it?"

"Umm…nothing, it's just that, you've had an unusual name. But not in a bad way or anything, in fact, your sister's name is probably weirder. I was just thinking how it sounded cool, for a first name I mean."

Homura stood still and then turned around to face Madoka

"Madoka Kaname, do you treasure the life you currently live? And do you consider your family and your friends precious?"

Madoka was confused at first

"Well I...of course I do! I mean, I do. My family and my friends, I love them very much and yes they're very precious to me."

"Do you mean it?"

"Absolutely, I couldn't lie about that!"

"Good. Because if that's the truth, then you wouldn't try changing the life you have. Or the person you are. Otherwise, you'd lose everything you love"

"Just disregard her advice desu~!"

Madoka turned around to reveal that Niji had been following them the whole time.

"What are you doing here?!"

"Oh daijoubudesuka~! I have a hall pass desu~!"

"No, I mean why are you following us?"

"Just here to remind Madoka that you can still care about your friends and family and still be a Mahou Shoujo desu~!"

That statement along sent Homura into absolute shock, and that's saying a lot considering Niji's appearance and all her claims.

"Magical Girls?" asked Madoka in confusion "You mean like Sailor Moon? What are you talking about?"

"It's nothing" said Homura as she grabbed Niji's arm and advanced to the nurse's office "I'll see you after lunch, but please don't ignore my warning."

"Okay, see you later"

"Sayonara Madoka-chan~!"