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*~Sea of Emotion~*

(20078, A.D)

Panama City. Tourist trap though it was, it's a wonderful place to live. Or so was his opinion. Many people dreamed of living in Florida. He was one of those lucky people that were actually born there.

On land.

Even now, as the salty breeze swept his hair, he watched the ocean. He quite simply loved it - the sight, the feel, the scent, even its edible inhabitants. He enjoyed the sound of the waves, crashing along the white, sandy shore and the jagged, wet rocks that were embedded in it.

Yes, he loved Panama City.

But he loved the ocean more.

Today was one of those great days. The sun beat down on him, scorching his skin, particularly his scalp, since his dark hair did nothing to stop the absorbing of sunlight. But he wasn't bothered by it. Heat was welcomed with open arms - it was something that kept him alive (and kept up the golden- brown tan on his body).

He was laying on the sand now, sunglasses on, with his hands under his head, and his eyes shut, trying to ignore the gaping women that went by.

To him, women were annoying. And no one could blame him, with all of the female half of the human race climbing on his back.

He had quite a list of enemies for that. Oh well. If they wanted to fight, he'd negotiate. . .before breaking them in two.

He was half-asleep when an unwanted voice piped up.

"Enjoying your day off, Heero?"

Heero removed the glasses, squinting slightly at the light. "Hello, Dr. J."

Doctor J grinned, his silver hair blowing around his shoulders. Heero wondered why he didn't disintegrate in that ever-present lab coat. "Hello, Heero. Maybe next week, you can actually sleep in your apartment."

He sat up. "Not really. The light helps me stray off."

"Of what, your brain?" His smile, if possible, widened. "I was wondering if you'd give me a hand later tonight, but it doesn't seem to probable."

The sunglasses came back on as he went back again. "Not really," he said again. "But I'll see what happens."

"Nothing ever happens, and you still don't come."

He allowed himself a small smirk. "Usually not, Doctor." He propped up on his elbows as a thought struck. "Hey, Doc, since I'm not your employee today, I can be personal right?"

"Hm. That depends on your question."

"Well." He glanced over to look at him. "Why do they call you Doctor J when you run a pawn shop?"

"Now that's too personal, Heero," he told him. "Maybe someday you'll know, but really. I don't see it happening."


"Well, then," Doctor J said, turning, "if you can make it, I'll need you around seven."

"Got it." And Heero went back to sleep.


He awoke to voices nearby. Opening one eye, he turned the concealed blue toward the speakers.

"He looks good enough. . . "

"Sure, but he'd have to be able to handle it. And have a devotion to it. She won't accept him, otherwise."

He saw the man with the braid grin at the man with blonde hair. "Well, if his personality doesn't fetch her out, his manliness might."

The blonde snorted. "Highly unlikely."

"Either way." The man with the braid turned toward him. As he walked to Heero, he sat up. "Hey, buddy," he greeted.

"Can I help you?" Heero asked, looking at the ocean.

"Maybe." The man extended his hand. "The name's Duo Maxwell. I work on the ship the Golden Wave. I was wondering, do you have any sea experience?"

Heero looked at him now. "Experience? That depends. What kind do you mean?"

Duo shrugged. "What you got?"


"Really?" Duo pulled a notepad out of his pocket. "Heero Yuy. Current occupancy: Assistant to a pawn broker." He looked up. "And you're telling me ya got soldiering experience?"

"Look, pal." Heero stood up, scowling. "I don't know how you got information on me, but I was trained to fight in the ocean since I was five. Whatever you want me for, you should accept that."

Duo placed a hand on his hip. "Really?" he said again. He beckoned to his companion. "Introduce yourself."

"My name is Quatre Raberba Winner," the blonde said. "Heero Yuy, you can ignore this idiot."

"Hey!' Duo exclaimed. "Watch it, I rule over you."

"Technically." Quatre nodded to him. "I work as the medic on the Golden Wave, and Braid Boy here is the weapons chief."

A line creased on Heero's brow. "And I should know this. . .why?"

Quatre smiled. "We'd like you to join the crew."

For a moment, Heero repeated the words in his head, trying to find a loophole. Had he heard what he thought he had? Leave the land? The answer needed careful planning. Give himself a few minutes. . .

One was enough. He'd have to know what he was needed for and not look too eager.

"What's the catch?" he asked (what he hoped was) skeptically.

Duo laughed. "No catch, pal. Captain Merquise wants more bounty hunters for his ship. Panama City, we heard, has a top-notch man for the job. That's you, Yuy."

An eyebrow was raised. "Top-notch, huh? Well, I must be deaf, because I definitely haven't heard that."

"A member of the crew has some connections," Duo said, "and we found you here."

Heero took a moment to register all of this. . .hold the phone. "Did you say bounty hunters?" he faltered.

"Yup." Quatre crossed his arms. "Sea damage is getting heavier. There are water pirates crawling the ocean floor, Mr. Yuy. They need to be taken care of, and the Golden Wave has set out to do that."

Duo placed his hands behind his head. "Mr. Yuy, do you really like the pawn business?"

Heero winced. No, he thought. Not particularly. Sure, it kept him fed and paid the rent, but it wasn't really a good type of occupancy for him.

"I'm more of a sea guy," he replied finally.

Duo tilted his head. If that were so, then how come he'd taken this long to decide that he wanted to be in the water? "Well," he said, "how 'bout it? Would you be interested in joining the Golden Wave?"

"Just like that?" Heero inquired. "It's a yes-or-no question?"

"Not exactly," Quatre quipped. "You'll have to get approval from the colonel. But," he looked him up and down, "I think you'll do." Fishing around in his windbreaker, he handed him a card. "That's all you need to know. Be at the ship base at eight, tomorrow morning. That is," he added, "if you'd like to join us?"

Heero looked from him to Duo, then to the vast blue stretching before him as if it gave him an ultimatum. Leave land and go to sea to make a few quick bucks. Stay on land and practically starve for a pawn shop. The answer was obvious.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Both men smiled, and then walked away.


"Doc, I'm here!" Heero called.

"You're joking," the doctor answered from behind the purchase counter. "You never come on your day off."

"I thought I'd do a last bit of work before I leave."

"Oh, well, that's nice of you, Heero.what?" Doctor J looked at him through the little goggles that seemed to be permanently attached over his eyes. "Heero," he said incredulously, "you're leaving Panama?"

"I'm leaving the land altogether, Doc," Heero said. "I'm going to sea."

"Heero Yuy," the doctor replied sternly, "you are not your father."

"No," he agreed, grabbing a dust rag and working on the shelves. "I've been told I've got more of my mother in me."

The old man scowled. "Though terrific, your mother was also a very sensible woman. She didn't go off into the sea for fun. She had to earn a living by it."

"That's exactly what I'm doing, Doc." He showed his mentor the card. "The pay's not bad, even for beginners."

Doctor J started. "The Golden Wave? Heero, that ship's for bounty hunters!"

"I know that." He lifted a small clock and attacked the dust bunnies on it. "Let's call it a challenge, shall we, Doctor?"

Doctor J frowned. "Bounty hunting is not a business for city/sea-side little boys."

"Doc," Heero said sincerely in his gruff tone, "I appreciate your concern. But I don't need it. Have you ever dreamed of something more? I know you love the antique business, but didn't you ever think about 'what if?'"

"Heero, I'm not nineteen years old," he told him. "My 'what if's' are all gone." He smiled slightly. "But Heero, your parents would be proud that you're taking to the ocean."

Heero looked out the window as the sun was beginning to set. "I know. But Doctor J, somehow, it's more than that. It's almost as if the sea's calling me to it." He shrugged his shoulders. "I know it's crazy. But the water has always been a part of me. It's called me before, and I ignored it. I won't do that again."

His mentor rested a friendly hand on his shoulder. "The ocean has no voice, young man. What may be calling you is your future." He became serious. "Promise me: Don't block it with your past."

Heero gave him one nod. "Thank you, Doc. I'll write."

"Good!" he called as he went out the door. "Goodbye, Heero!" When the door closed, he sighed. "Be safe."


The next morning was foggy, definitely one of those days you sleep in on. But Heero could do anything but sleep. He had packed everything the previous night, bought things he'd need. He had prepared well - but not for the sensation seeing the Golden Wave would give him.

The ship had earned its title well, it seemed. The submarine was almost like a space shuttle; it certainly seemed to be. But the fans on the rear of the ship told otherwise. The color was buttercup yellow - thus the name, which was printed on the side in capital blue letters.

Duo spotted him first, and led two men over to the newcomer. "Heero Yuy," he said happily, "you made it after all."

Heero nodded, shouldering his large duffel bag. "What do I do?" he asked.

"You can start off by meeting these guys," Duo said. He nodded at the two other men. One was Asian and wore a deep frown, the other had green eyes and brown hair that swept over one of them, though on him, it looked wonderful - each of them could easily win over three-fourths of Panama City's female population.

"I'm Wufei Chang," the Asian one said. "I'm the behavior monitor." He smirked. "In other words, be nice to me."

"Trowa Barton," one-eye spoke up. "I run the machinery controls and make sure nothing breaks down."

"Pleasure," Heero said curtly.

They both nodded, their actions contrasting deeply with Duo's.

"You'll be able to meet the captain later," Duo quipped. "His name is Zechs Merquise - that's Captain Merquise to you, and us - and don't forget one thing."


Wufei answered. "Never, repeat, NEVER disrespect the colonel."

"Huh?" Heero frowned. "Who is he?"

"I believe the question is, 'Who is she?'"

They all turned their heads to see what Heero instantly classified to be an angel.

Duo, Trowa, and Wufei saluted to a beauty of their age. She did the same to them, though with no real sincerity.

"So, you're the newby," the woman said. Heero marveled at her. She had a wonderful voice (and a wonderful body). The thought made him mentally wince. The woman seemed strict, definitely not the girlfriend-type, but any man would fall to his feet - if she commanded them. She was short, but the black leather boots with the three-inch heels added onto her height. The forest green leggings and skin-tight blouse seemed to cling exactly where it needed to. "I've heard about you," she continued. "Mr. Winner told me you've come to join the crew. Interesting."

He extended his hand. "My name is Heero Yuy. It's an honor, ma'am."

"Oh?" She raised an eyebrow. "Well, then. An honor to what? To meet me or to know you're getting paid?"

"I, er." He lowered his hand. She didn't seem intent on shaking it anyway.

"Well, speak up. Which is it?"

"An honor to meet you, ma'am." Yes, she was an angel all right, he admitted. An angel from Hell.

She nodded. "Well. I am Relena Darlian, but you will call me Colonel Darlian. Is that understood?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Hn." She glanced him up and down then slowly circled him, eyeing every inch of his body, and he felt extremely anxious. She made little noises, some of approval, some of the opposite. When she was looking at his feet for some unknown reason, he didn't resist a glance at her. Her butt was certainly nothing to sneeze at. . .

Relena whirled around. "Something interest you, Yuy? Please tell me what you think of me, I'd like to know how you evaluate my physical attraction."

On a scale from 1 to 1,000 she got infinity. "I, uh, I don't think anything, ma'am," he stammered. His gut twisted. God, he was a man, he had hormones, and she was a beautiful woman with a perfect anatomy. What did she expect?

Her arms folded. "Is that so?" Relena leaned forward so that her mouth was centimeters from his. "Mr. Yuy, I must tell you. . ." Her eyes closed before flashing open with narrowed brows, and her hand slashed across his face. "You're a terrible liar."

The others winced.

"And also, Yuy, while you are on board this ship, you will follow the orders of Captain Merquise and myself. If that is not done, I will personally end your imaginative life. Oh," she turned and called over her shoulder, "that includes not feeling me up."

He felt red burn his cheeks just slightly. "Yes, ma'am."

Duo grinned and slapped his back once she had gone. "Gorgeous, isn't she? A real piece of art."

Heero could only nod.

"Eh, don't even think of it," Duo advised. "That lady is more solid than steel and colder than ice. She doesn't like men, save her brother, and really, she would never give her time for them. And don't ever ask to buy her a drink. I did once," he paused for emphasis, "and she had me confined in a rat-infested cell for two days. I actually knew this guy who kissed her while she was drunk - which doesn't happen often."

"What happened to him?" Heero asked.

Wufei grinned. "She shot him. With none-too-nice words of farewell, might I add. We mean it, Yuy. She's not one to mess with. Colonel Relena Darlian is made for catching bounty heads, not for romanticizing."

Heero breathed deeply. "I'll remember that."

"Good." Trowa nodded. "I think the captain's free now. He'll want to meet you."

And they headed toward the ship.


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