Hermione looked down at her watch, pushing her bushy hair out of her eyes. The train was to arrive in two minutes time, and the station was filling up rather quickly. All around her there were children wearing black robes tagging along behind their parent s. Over by the wall there were teenagers who were catching up with their friends that they hadn't got to see all summer. It would all appear to be ordinary if it were not for that each of them pushed a trolley and had a wand sticking out of their pocket. In their trunks there were textbooks full of spells and directions on how to care for magical creatures. The chirps of owls rang throughout the station, along with much laughter and yelling. One word to describe all of it would be chaotic, but there was no time to worry of the matter of that right now, for the Hogwarts Express would be pulling up at any minute.

Hogwarts. When Hermione received her letter she couldn't believe it, and at first she didn't. It was a lot to take in; that wizards and dragons and unicorns, all of that existed. That magic was indeed real. Her parents, who were dentists, had never heard of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but convinced her that there could be a chance that this all was true. There was no reason for someone to take so much time coming up with fake names for places and supplies just to make someone look foolish. In order to prove that this wasn't all just some hoax, she had agreed to go with her parents to see if the place where she was intended to buy her school supplies, Diagon Alley, was truly existent. Following the directions, they were eventually led to a pub and what seemed to be an ordinary brick wall. But the moment the bricks had moved aside, creating a doorway, Hermione knew that this all was not some childish prank, but actually real. People paraded around from shop to shop wearing pointed hats and looking through windows that were full of broomsticks and wands.

Her parents had said how proud they were, that she had been given such and amazing opportunity. Hermione was quite thrilled about it all herself, that is until the real hassle had begun. Since her family had been muggles, they had no wizard money or any knowledge of what was required in the wizarding world. Even after the both of them read many books and filled out many papers to convert their money, they were very confused about the whole matter. So, for the sake of her parents, Hermione had begun studying all about Hogwarts and the history of the magical world. They were very interested in it all, and she wanted to be able to share all of it with the both of them as well. It wasn't long till the whole family had been counting down the days till she was to leave, anticipating the experience to come.

Now, standing in the station next to her parents who were both looking around in awe, Hermione felt as though she were going to be sick. She was going to be gone for such a long time, and there would be so much work and studying to do since she wasn't as informed as some of the other students. When would she find time to sit down and write to her family? A loud whistle echoed through the hall, interrupting her train of thought and snapping her back to reality. Everyone jumped up and turned to see the approaching train. It was black with red and golden paint decorating the front. She had been waiting for the arrival of the Hogwarts Express for over an hour now. She made sure to show up extra early to intend she wouldn't miss it, because therefore she would be missing the whole opportunity.

Her mother bent down embracing her in a warm hug. He mother's hugs had always comforted her but right now she didn't think that anything could make her feel better. "We are going to miss you so much darling," she said but that only seemed to make Hermione more anxious.

"I won't be seeing you both again till Christmas," she said, her stomach seeming to sink even further down.

Her father rested a hand on her back. "You can write to us whenever you feel like it! We can't wait to hear all about it." She nodded, unable to speak any longer. "Now you better hurry or you'll miss your train!"

Grabbing her trunk she took a deep breath. She forced a small smile and looked up at the both of them. "I love you!" she said giving them each one last hug before grabbing her trunk and lugging it away. Next time she turned around she saw that they had disappeared in the swarm of parents waving goodbye to their children. Hermione would miss them, but this new adventure was only just beginning.


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