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Chapter 1: Within the Walls of Valle Rosa

The City of Seville.

The former city of the Spanish Moors, and the place where Mizuki Kaho had found solace after her disastrous relationship with her young master, Hiiragizawa Eriol.

She found another love in a successful businessman named Carlos Castillano who was twenty years older than her. He was the owner of several businesses that brought them financial prosperity and gave them satisfaction.

But not happiness, for Kaho loved only one man.

And Daidouji Tomoyo knew that, for she was her constant companion through the years.

And now, Kaho was a widow, the sole heiress of the vast Castillano Chain of Companies, for the couple had no children. Many men wanted to offer her his name, but she chose to isolate herself from the rest of the world, imprisoning herself within the high walls of her husband's mansion.

Tomoyo was the only one who witnessed her sufferings - a lonely woman who is at lost on what else to do with her empty life. The raven-haired girl watched as the woman drowned herself in the bottles of beers while her thoughts swam in the past. Painful memories Kaho had not yet learned to let go off.

But could Tomoyo stop her? No, for she too was helpless. She knew she was watching her friend die slowly everyday by intoxicating herself with the deceiving fatal drops of liquors that had managed to hold her life's fragile threads. That if she would dare to free herself from its ties, she still would die.

And now, the day she had feared so arrived. Kaho was dying of liver cancer, and now, the woman was lying on the bed, staring at her with the eyes of a little girl that was left alone in a dark room at a moonless night of October 31st. She knelt beside her former sensei and held her hand reassuringly.

The woman smiled shakily. "Thank you for being there always, Tomoyo," she whispered hoarsely.

She nodded quietly.

"I wonder how it feels like to die," she murmured. "Will I feel pain? Or will I be numb?"

She fought back her tears. "You shouldn't say things like that."

"I know," she smiled bravely. "Because I can finally escape my earthly sufferings."

She smiled back, forced. "Oh, Mizuki-sensei, how I wish I can take your sufferings when I touch your hand."

"You did more than that. You left Japan and your family to go here with me to Spain." She sighed. "Come to think of it, I never had asked you the reason why you left Tomoeda."

"And I'm glad you never did," she said softly.

"Yes, Tomoyo." The woman closed her eyes. "I'm..tired."

She nodded. She owed it to her second best friend to set her free. "Rest then."

"Please open the windows, Tomoyo."

She nodded and drew the thick red curtains away. The beautiful garden of roses was revealed before their eyes.

"Beautiful," said Kaho.

"That's because you had taken care of that garden with love," she explained. She knew how fond her teacher was with the roses.

"Heaven's garden will be much more beautiful than that."


Kaho shut her eyes. "And I trust that you shall stay here and take care of my beloved garden."

"Yes, I will. I promise."

"Thank you…for everything."

Tomoyo bowed her head down when the woman exhaled her last air.

Eriol was playing the piano when Nakuru's head peeked into the room. "Master?"

"Yes?" He paused from his work.

"There's a call for you, and it's a long distance."

"I'll take it then." Eriol put down his pen and music sheets then answered the call.

"Señor Hiiragizawa?" a voice asked.


"I am Señora Mizuki's assistant, Daidouji Tomoyo. I trust that you recall my name."

He frowned. "Daidouji-san?"

"Yes. I called you up to inform you of Señora Mizuki's death. I would like your presence to grace us in her cremation and the reading of her last testament."

"G-God.." Eriol sat down shakily. "S-She's dead? How? Why?"

"I shall answer your questions when you arrive here. I have already arranged your plane tickets to Spain. You shall need not book reservations in hotels for the Valle Rosa shall be your residence," she replied in a brisk, business-like tone. "Do you have further questions, Señor?"


"Good day then. We shall expect you, Señor Hiiragizawa."

Eriol put the phone down when he heard the busy tone. His quiet life as a composer was turned completely around by one shocking news.

"Master, who was on the phone?" asked Nakuru.

He looked up. "It's Daidouji-san. She wants us to go to Spain."

"Really?" Her eyes lit up. "Cool! Let's get packing!" She paused. "Oh yeah, why the sudden invitation?"

But Eriol was already on his way to his room to pack.

*** To be continued ***