E+T Overdose. Ugh. I can't find my old groove back in E+T fiction, that's why I update my Furuba fiction more often, and why I'm not continuing Hikari Kawa anymore(maybe in the near future). But as of this moment, El Beso del Diablo is on indefinite hiatus. Perhaps I'll change my mind tomorrow, or maybe next week, or next month. I dunno. One thing is for sure though, I will conclude this fic, somehow.

As of now, I think I'll concentrate on Fruits Basket. Frankly, I enjoy writing Yukiru fics now more than any other fic. I'm sorry again for leaving you guys hanging.

Below is my tentative start of the future eighth chapter:

"The pilot episode will be shown tomorrow," informed the Señora. "It will be simultaneously shown in the whole of Spain and in UK cable tv."

Tomoyo sucked her breath in. At last, after a month of shooting, they were finally going to present to the masses their work. What if they don't like it? What if they think it's silly?

She felt a hand touch her shoulder. She looked at Eriol, who smiled comfortingly at her.

It will be alright, his eyes told her mutely.

She nodded.

And as for Hikari Kawa's 5th chapter…I have no certain plans about it yet, but believe it or not, I already know the ending.

Anyway, maybe this xmas vacation, I can come up with something. But right now…I'll just take a break from E+T.

Syaoran no Hime