A/N: Why hello there. This is my first fic on this account, and I fully intend to finish this one. The ages are different than canon. Astrid is significantly older than Hiccup, which is a big part of the story (she is seventeen whereas he is fifteen). It will be in Astrid's point of view, but I'll most likely reveal the thoughts and feelings of other characters, as well. You should also note that, as it says in my profile, I have not studied the HTTYD characters extensively, so they may be OOC, and I apologize in advance for that. Feel free to bring it up. Also feel free to bring up any grammatical/spelling/punctuation/ect mistakes you come across. I do proofread all my work and am pretty good with the previously mentioned things, but I imagine I'll make a mistake every now and then regardless. Since FF is a buttwhipe and isn't letting me do lines of any sort to indicate a change in who is thinking, as well as when the chapter begins and ends, I will instead put something in bold, like so. Thoughts will be italicized. So keep an eye out for that. Anyway, I will give chapter ratings as well as an overall story rating. The story rating will comply with FF's ratings. Well, okay. It sort of will. Technically, this story is MA, and FF doesn't want MA fics for some odd reason, but somehow, I doubt they're going to start enforcing it, as there are just too many lemon fics on this site. Anyway, I will make up my own ratings for the individual chapters. They are as follows:

T: no cursing to mild cursing, no sexy times, and no other adult content. Possible innuendos, but nothing graphic.

T+: cursing, innuendos, hints of sexy times, possible references to sexual stuff.

M: possibly anything listed above, but what will get it bumped up is sexy times.

Story rating: M

Chapter rating: T

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Summary: Astrid, a few years older than Hiccup, ignores his affection for her, dismissing it as a boyish crush. But it becomes rather difficult to ignore when her parents decide it's high time she got married, and that Hiccup, having saved the village, is quite the catch. Hiccup himself decides to take matters into his own hands.

This chapter: Essentially a set up chapter. What the deal is with Astrid, her acknowledging that Hiccup has feelings for her, but her thinking of him as a boy instead of a man.

Prologue: Seventeen

Seventeen. Seventeen, unmarried and childless. That's me. It's not like I heaven't gotten my fair share of offers or anything, it's just that I don't want to get married. It's not that I don't want children. If I were to get married, I would want a husband who actually cared for me. The men on Berk who have asked for my hand weren't interested in me. They see my fighting ability, and they want that for their sons. That's another problem I have with marriage- sons. They don't want a companion, these guys. They want a childbearing machine. And I want more than that for myself. I like fighting. And that is why I, Astrid Hofferson, will most likely wear a kransen around my gray hair-covered head at my funeral. Because while men like the sturdiness of my body and my ability to fight (both things are good for a woman to have if she's going to give birth, at least in this society), they lose interest upon discovering that I will not simply be a wife and mother, for I would be dissatisfied. And that's just fine with me. It's much easier to go about my business without men falling all over me at all hours of the day, as they used to. I am grateful to Freya for leading their attentions elsewhere.

Men vied for my affections for approximately three years. Starting after my twelfth birthday, the minimum marriageable age for women, all through my fifteenth year, at which time they finally got the picture and gave up. They haven't looked at me that way since.

All except one: Hiccup. The lanky fifteen-year-old has watched me for years, when he thinks I'm not paying attention. Despite being skinny and lacking in muscle mass, he's quite tall. Vikings tend to stop growing at about thirteen, hence the marriageable age being around that time. It's a silly little crush, I know, but most teenage boys have fleeting crushes, not ones that last from the time they're eleven to fifteen, do they? Or maybe it's normal for them to last this long, and for the object of their affection to be stared at intently. Sometimes he looks... Desperate, almost. I might even go as far as to describe the look in his eyes as one of hunger; one I might mistake for that of food if he hadn't eaten in a week, if he wasn't looking directly at me. Sometimes I'll catch him, and his face will turn bright red, his eyes going from hungry to shocked, and then he averts them. It's quite funny, actually.

In any case, I'm rambling. There's no reason to go on and on about a kid with a crush.

Historical stuff: This is not supposed to be 100% historically accurate. I will make it accurate (according to my knowledge) when it is appropriate to the plot line, but I may add some things in there that are not historically accurate. I don't know about male Vikings, but for female Vikings, the marriageable age started at twelve. That's accurate. Couldn't find anything on male Vikings, though (no one on the internet seems to take interest in the marriageable age for men in other cultures). To my knowledge, Vikings did not stop growing around thirteen. However, I'm putting it in anyway. I don't know this for sure, but it would make sense for men (before doctors who could ease the birthing process, and the fatalities that came with it, were around) to seek out healthy women with sturdy bodies; you know, women who looked like they could bear plenty of children. By the way, I discovered that a kransen is what Astrid wears as a sort of headband in the movies. It represents chastity. I learned this from Lio's fic, One Last Problem, which is awesome and you should totally read it. And the sequel, too.