"I.. I have always.. it's because I have always.. liked you"

- she says.

It's the utmost feeling that I have conveyed. Feeling of joy, and of regret... Ah, I can't dwell on that.. Kanada kun had always liked Mashiro, and Mashiro is my friend! They look so good together, but maybe, just a tiny bit.. I can too? He who dropped the single starlet from the sky O heartless child. eh? wasn't that Mikata kun's script? and what is he doing now, is he doing fine at school? I'm sure he will be surprised to find that he is already a married man. haha "let's get married when I come back!" what fool, like Misaki would not hand that paper over and look she already bought a house next door...

Ah talent... and I have not. Kanada you idiot.. I

Ayoyama cautiously jogged down a few more words, like putting thread through a needle, yet also like grabbing an infant's hands, ever so careful, ever so gentle. She crossed them out and lay back on the bed.

She looked up at the diary in an arm length. Words, simple words written on the unlocked diary book that trembled along with her body, became blurry, along with edges of the diary, then the ceiling fan, the half closed window, the night sky, and the moon also.

She pressed the journal to her face, fighting gravity as she leaned her head back. It's no use, the stream on her cheek had proven her method inadeuqte at working against gravity. Maybe she simply fought knowing that the result is just "Thank you".