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The Mikaelson kids approx. ages:

Henrik and Genim are going to be 9

Rebekah is 11

Kol is 12

Klaus is 18

Elijah is in his early-mid 20's

Finn is in his mid 20's


7 years later…

The sound of giggling, and laughter followed by the crunching of dead leaves under feet shatters the tranquility of the early morning silence.

"Come on brother, just jump! You're not going to die!" Kol laughs at his older brother, Niklaus, who is currently three branches high of a really large oak. Arms and legs clamped around the trunk, holding on for dear life. Though it wasn't too high, so his fear is quite unrealistic.

"No, never! I don't know what possessed me to listen to you four in the first place!" he shouts back. Kol and Henrik snicker.

"Because you love us, and besides no one can resist my beautiful eyes." Rebekah giggles and bats her eyelashes. From a few steps back Elijah and Finn cackle then smirk as they each held one of Finn's newborn children in their arms.

"Come on Nik, just do it. I will catch you if you do fall." Genim says cutely, not knowing his tiny body would be crushed under the weight of his nearly adult sized brother if he tried.

Giving in, Niklaus sighs, puts his feet on the branch and starts to jump off the branch, but before he can, the branch snaps. Niklaus lets out a scream as he falls down fast.

Almost instantly, Genim bolts to the front of the tree and puts his hands up and Niklaus freezes in midair, a few inches off the ground. Slowly he floats down onto a pile of leaves that the little ones were jumping in. The other siblings rush to his side and help him to his feet, asking if he was hurt.

"I told you I would catch you, Nik! I've been getting really good at using my powers." The youngest Mikaelson says with a proud smile but it drops when he sees his father approaching, with a furious look on his face.

"Niklaus! What do you think you're doing?! Being so foolish and putting your brothers and sister in danger like that! What if you had landed on them? Hm? What if you killed one of them?" Mikael growled out, grabs Niklaus by his shoulder with a vice grip and drags him to where the village huts are located.

Genim goes to follow them, but Elijah touches his arms and shakes his head sadly. Genims brows scrunch together and he wrenches out of his brothers' grip and goes in the direction his father and other brother went.

The cracking of a whip slashing against skin and cries of pain echoed in the dark hut. Slash after slash, the cries grew louder. Unknown to both the victim, and torturer, Genim had just stepped inside, and was watching the gut wrenching scene from the shadows, silently crying. Genim accidentally lets out a loud whimper when Mikael makes a harder slash than the ones before. Which tears a bloodcurdling scream out of Niklaus' mouth. Genim steps out of the shadows, eyes showing his horror.

"W-why are you d-doing that to Nik?!" He asks fearfully and Niklaus freezes, he didn't want his youngest brother to see him like this, all beaten and bloody.

Mikael freezes, his youngest child has never actually seen him physically hurt his bastard not-son before. He fears he may have traumatized Genim. Mikael drops the whip and walks to get closer to the child. But Genim runs away from him and dashes outside of the hut, sobbing loudly.

Genim isn't very far away when he catches him. Mikael grabs him by the shoulders and turns his son around to face him. But Genim squirms and tries to get away from his father. He avoids looking in his father's direction, terrified to the point where he can't even look at him.

"Genim, stop moving!" Mikael commands, but Genim continues to squirm and cry. Suddenly a hard slap is delivered to the boys cheek and he instantly stops moving in shock. The child slowly brings his hand to his reddening cheek and Mikaels' eyes widen. What has he done? He never meant to lay a hand on his youngest.

"You are a monster!" Genim sobs out. His eyes flash violet as he uses his powers to throw his father away from him telekinetically. Mikael goes flying into a tree a few miles from the hut he was beating Niklaus in.

"G-Genim wait!"

Genim runs back into the hut where Niklaus lay moaning quietly in pain, and moves him with his mind. He takes his brother to their secret lake that is connected to a waterfall, which is in a large clearing a bit far ways, deep in the wilderness, from the village and it rarely (if ever) has any human visitors.. Well, besides the Mikaelson children that is. The possibility of anyone disturbing them is slim to none.

"I'm going to heal you, okay brother? You won't be hurting anymore." the small boy says reassuringly to his big brother. Genims eyes flash violet as he gently lays his hand on Niklaus' left cheek. Slowly the open wounds on his face, arms and back, begin to heal and the broken skin starts to knit back together. The pain disappears, and is replaced with a warm tingling sensation. Genim takes a small cloth and dips it into the lake a bit and uses it to wipe the blood away from Niklaus' face.

"There, all better." The boy says with a small smile. Niklaus' eyes fill with tears, and he suddenly pulls Genim into a big hug and whispers a thank you.

"That is what family is for; to love and protect. I love you. I will always love you." Genim says and Niklaus hugs him tighter, with a big smile on his face. The unshed tears finally fall down his cheeks.

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