The 18-year old girl in question turned around to face the boy. She was not surprised to see him follow her. In fact, he managed to follow her almost everywhere. It was tough being an older sibling. Such is why she tried to flee from the Knight-to-be himself. What surprised her though, was that the boy was covered in bruises and his eyes were watery. Maybe he got into a fight. Now, she was not like her younger sister Stella, who would most likely incinerate the culprits before decapitating them. Though she was slightly mad that someone would hurt her little brother. Only slightly, she thought.

Jaune was a unique kid, though. Wherever she went, wherever she hid, he would almost always find her. There was only one time she hid in the spot where nobody would even look in. Jaune didn't manage to find her at that time, but when she looked towards the boy from her hiding spot, Jaune was crying. She couldn't bear it that time. She couldn't bear to see her only little brother crying. She hugged the boy there and then and promised to herself not to hide from the ones she loved ever again.

Now she was in the woods, gathering lumber for her family. Their parents were away, so they were left alone to tend to the house. Her other siblings offered to help her, except Jaune who was away at the time of their meeting, but she turned them down, saying that she could do it on her own.

And she could, really. That was until a certain blonde boy came up to her.

"Welcome back, Jaune. You came home early."

"... Something happened and now all of my friends won't even look at me in the eye anymore."

Now, Jeanne was not the type to just ignore her brother's pleas and problems. But she had a really busy schedule that evening. If she did not finish her work for the day, she wouldn't manage to watch Passions. And God knows what would happen if anyone in the Arc family couldn't watch Passions.

It was an Arc thing.

Hmm... Passions or helping Jaune get out of his misery...

Jaune wailed.

The answer couldn't have been clearer.

"What happened, Jaune?" she asked the shorter and younger boy.


A frown appeared on the boy's face. No, wait. He was pouting. Why was he pouting? Jeanne thought of this seriously. She came to the conclusion that Jaune could read minds. How did he know she was thinking about carrying the boy on her shoulder while listening to the boy's tale and collecting firewood?

Jeanne would need some anti-mind reading helmet or something.

Maybe Lux knows someone who has it. She knows a lot of weird people. Like that brawny guy who yells "DEMACIA!" over and over. She said he took that character from a game. She didn't believe it though. Maybe it was some unknown city of some sort. That would explain his girlfriend being an assass-


Oh. Jeanne completely forgot about Jaune. Now... What was she doing, again?

"... I need your help..."

Jeanne sighed. She may act uncaring towards the younger boy most of the times, but she actually cares for Jaune a lot. All of their siblings knew the fact. The only one who doesn't is probably Jeanne herself. Hoping someone would record Passions for her, she lifted up the boy and brought him to her shoulder, carrying him as she took a walk, leaving the axe behind her.

"Anything wrong, my brother Jaune?"

Shrugging at her own awesomeness for rhyming that, she asked the boy as nicely as possible. Others called the voice she was using to the boy as 'The Older Sister' voice, only used at times when she needed to act as the head of the Family, most of the times due to their father getting drunk and their mother nowhere to be seen.

"It's... I met this girl today and I-"

"Whoa there boy. You already got the hots for a girl? That's fast. When I was your age, I was beating up boys left to right."

"N- No! It's not like that!"

"Haha, I know, Jaune. I was just joking."

Little did she know, that in the future, she would come to regret not thinking of it the other way around.

Jaune then sighed, knowing full well that his older sister was listening.

"I befriended her, since she was acting so lonely. She was... an orphan."

Flashes of their youngest sister came to the older girl's mind. Their youngest sister was also an orphan until their father took her in. She could be a little... difficult to understand, and she's... different from most people, but she's sweet and has good intentions. Though most of the time, it was due to the fact that she could fool around with the family. She's also jealous of her, though. The fact that she didn't age was something she would like to have.

Shaking her head to ward off the thoughts, she listened more on the boy's day.

"When I introduced her to everyone, they gave me glares and some even insulted her. I got mad at them and... well..."

"Showed them who's boss?"

"... Kinda... Except... I... kinda lost..."

Jeanne snorted. Well, Jaune was not the strongest person in the family, so that was expected. She guessed that there were more or less 8 kids who had caused such injuries to her little brother. There was no way Jaune could handle them all on his own.

"Do you want me and your sisters to beat them up for you?"

"A- No. Pyrrha already took care of them all on her own."


Simple as that. Assuming this 'Pyrrha' person is the orphan who Jaune befriended, Jeanne thought she would probably come to like this girl.

Little did she know, she would come to a point where she would slap her past self silly for ever thinking about that.

"Then, what's the problem?"


"Jaune, you know you can tell me."

Jaune then held her older sister's hand, which was on his lap. Jeanne was always there to listen to him and Jaune liked that part about the girl. Though she could be quite cold sometimes, but she would give in anyway in due time. Jeanne was nice, but she just doesn't care about much thing 80% of the time. The only thing she would always care about, is her family.

"It's just..." Jaune started, looking down to the ground. "... I'm afraid that Pyrrha would leave me as well..."

That was all it was? Wow, Jeanne tired herself out for overthinking things. She thought Jaune would be upset that he was protected by a girl or something. Or wants to start training seriously with his family. If it was the former, she thought about dressing him up as a girl. (What? It looked quite fun when Lily started to dress up the boy since kindergarten) If it was the latter, then she didn't think Jaune would last for more than a week. Stella doesn't know how to go easy on people. Plus, Dad had been training Rinka a lot lately. She knows her father doesn't have time to train another one because of how little he had time to stay at home.

It was sad that only 3 people in the Arc's generation actually knew how to fight. And Stella wasn't even blood-related to them.

Jeanne shook her head again, to forget the thoughts. She needed to focus on her little brother for now. Time's-a ticking!

"You know, Jaune..." the girl started as she lifted him up, before putting him safely on the ground. She pat the boy on the head before sitting down so she was looking at the boy eye to eye. "Do you know why she protected you, after you did your best to defend her?"

Jaune thought for a moment. No he did not know.

"It's because she thinks of you as a friend. You're her friend now. Her only friend, even, from what I could tell." she rustled his hair in an affectionate manner, like a sister to her little brother. "And I know she'd do anything in her power so that you'd be her friend as well."

Jaune then smiled as he thought about. He had just made a friend that could last him... a lifetime.

"So don't worry about it, okay?"

The younger boy nodded enthusiastically. He now knows his path.

"I know that she would always be here."

"Why the heck are you even still here?" Jeanne questioned the girl who was now kneeling in front of her in the living room.

"I came for you answer to my question 6 months and 25 days ago." Pyrrha answered, not missing a beat.

"You kept asking me every day in those 6 months. Don't you have competitions or something you have to attend to? Heck, do you think any sane sister would give someone who barges in unnoticed, kicked my room's door down and yelled 'GIVE ME YOUR BROTHER'S HAND IN MARRIAGE!' a positive response?"

"Considering the fact that you're anything but sane, is that a yes?"

"No." One word was all it took to demoralize Pyrrha and cause the younger girl to move to the nearest corner to weep.

For like 3 seconds.

"WHY WON'T YOU JUST LET US BE HAPPY TOGETHER?!" Pyrrha shook the older girl with all her strength, though it didn't have much affect on said Arc.

"I don't consider you and Jaune getting married as, 'happiness' for him. Just imagining the things you could do to him couldn't make me sleep at night."

"Ah- So you were up all night imagining the dirty dirty things I could do to Jaune and you just... moved your hand to your-"

"You're about to cross a line."

"So is your brother complex."

"You know what-" Jeanne has had enough of this girl. She pushed the girl lightly away and moved to the next oldest of the family. "Stella, you're up."

The brunette looked confused for a while until she looked up from her card game with the youngest sister, only to see Pyrrha with a serious expression. Judging from her experience, she knew that Pyrrha was here for Jaune, and that's it.


Stella got up and walked towards the younger girl.


Stella stared.

Pyrrha stared.

Stella narrowed her eyes.

Pyrrha scoffed.

Stella growled.

Pyrrha grinned.

Stella turned around.

Stella gave up and walked back to the card game.

On her way, she rustled the hair of the next youngest in line.

Lux pouted.

"You could hardly call that a discussion." the mage stated.

"Well she is a cyborg. She doesn't have a language program built in, anyway." Jeanne commented as she took a sip of her tea.

Lux then walked to Pyrrha, a plan came to mind.

"Say, Pyrrha, why don't you just... you know... give up on Jaune. You know he doesn't like you that way anyway."

Pyrrha crossed her arms under her ample bosom.

"My dear Lux-neechan."

"You know we aren't your sisters, right?" Lux commented.

Pyrrha cared for naught.

"When a cuckoo doesn't sing, I'll wait for it to sing. I would never replace said bird with anything. I will wait til the ends of time." she continued. "And having Jaune as my husband would mean he'll love me eventually so why not." she then grinned. "Plus the things I could do to Jaune legally..."

Lux gave up instantly.

Jeanne then looked towards the next youngest in line.

Lily smiled widely.

Jeanne did not like that smile.

The next one in line was Jaune himself so she then skipped the boy and looked towards Rinka, who was watching something on her phone. She did not want to know what, though.

"Rin, you're up."

Rinka looked towards Jeanne.

She then looked towards Pyrrha.

She then looked towards her phone.

Hmm... Decisions.

"Nope." she said and continued to watch somebody else play a game and react to it. Wow, this thing turned into meta way too fast.

Jeanne sighed. Sometimes the laziness Rinka would give could even rival hers. Not that it was annoying. She had to admit. She ain't even mad. That's amazing.

Jeanne looked hopefully towards Miki, who was looking at the exchange.

Miki smiled and walked towards Pyrrha.

"You can't have onii-chan." Miki stated as a matter-of-factly.

"And why is that?" Pyrrha lifted an eyebrow.

"Because Onii-chan is mine!" she pumped her fists up high.

Miki looked proud.

Jeanne facepalmed.

She then looked at someone- anyone to give some good reasoning.

She looked at Shinobu.

Shinobu was playing cards with Stella.

Shinobu then looked up, seeing that she had caught the attention of her eldest sister.

Shinobu realized there was a Pyrrha in the room.

Shinobu scoffed.

"Good luck with that." she then continued with her game.

Jeanne needs to get her sisters replaced. If only she has some magical phone from some company that could replace anyone with a touch of a button.

She then looked at Lily again.

She was her last hope.

Though she knew her hope will be crushed.

Lily grinned and got up.

"You're going to Beacon, right?" Lily asked, knowing full well what the answer would be. Well, it's just for formalities and some sort.

"Yes, yes I am. Though I'm thinking of not going, since Jaune didn't apply. It would not be worth it." Pyrrha answered and elaborated.

"Just go." Lily assured. "Heck, I have a few friends that could help Jaune get a few transcripts so he could pass Beacon's standards. I'm sure you two would have a fun time together."

Every sister in the room glared at the current singer.

Lily could feel her sisters boring holes in her skull.

She miiiiiight have made the situation worse.

"Really?!" she asked, a giant smile on her face as she hugged the older woman. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Lily-neechan! I've always loved you the most out of all our sisters!"

"Ribs. Breaking. Lily. Not. Strong." Lily spoke in broken English as the hug from the Amazoness was a little too hard on her body. And her bones. And mind. Aww Pyrrha wrinkled her clothes.

Lily was then released from the young girl's grips as Jeanne pulled her sister away from the girl. Lily was about to thank Jeanne like a Goddess of Kindness and Prosperity... before said sister lifted her up by the collar.

Sheesh. These girls are so affectionate.

"I will murder your family." Jeanne said in a terrifying voice.

"You know- We're all family in here."

"MURDER!" Jeanne shouted out loud.

Yup, Lily thought. The girl has snapped.

"You know, Jeanne-neechan." Pyrrha smirked. "An Arc never goes back on a promise."

Jeanne let go.

True, it's been like a rule for everyone in the house to never go back on a promise. Even their dad brought them all to the bar after he mistook a promise with Lily who said to bring 'everyone' to the bar as a joke, and him accepting it, since he was so drunk.

Moral of the story, she could not break a promise. And she could not let her siblings break it either.

Dammit, Arc Tradition.

"And that's how Jeanne-neechan let you go to Beacon." Pyrrha ended her story.

"You do know that they're not your sisters, right?" Jaune asked.

"Your sisters are mine as well, Jaune. We are one, body" she touched the Knight's gloved hand. "And soul." she placed her other hand on the boy's chest, which was covered by armor.

"Sounds a little kinky." Jaune commented.

"It is for you to judge." Pyrrha shrugged, walking towards their destination.

Jaune then sneezed.

The girl was worried for the boy's health but Jaune shook it off as some sort of evil mantra or something. Maybe her sisters are praising him for his bravery by coming here or something. Who knows.

Since they left their bags to the workers who would gather their things, they could now move to their destination.

Truth be told, Jaune doesn't know where to go, only following Pyrrha.

Pyrrha was searching for a bedroom.

Jaune does not like where they were going.

They then heard a sudden explosion from behind them.

Pyrrha turned around and Jaune hid behind her.

"YIKES!" he yelped and used her as a shield.

Pyrrha does not mind. She liked this position. Jaune coming up behind her and all that.

Wait, dirty thoughts later.

They looked towards the source of the explosion.

Inside some sort of small crater, there were two girls, one themed red and one themed white. Pyrrha remembered the redhead from their airship adventure. More like she remembered Jaune puked on the redhead's friend's(?) shoe. Jaune may need to apologize for that. That girl looked like she could kill him in 10 seconds flat.

Pyrrha then wondered how the situation occurred.


The sisters looked in awe at the scenery. The huge building looked badass, to say the least. No- Badass couldn't even describe how awesome it felt.

So this was going to be their home for the next four years.

Not bad.

"The view on Vale's got nothing on this." the older girl, Yang Xiao Long, whistled.

The younger girl, Ruby Rose, was about to reply to her sister's comment, but was then distracted by the bypassers and their miraculous weapons.

After much spazzing over their weapons and Yang trying to calm the younger girl down, they then walked towards where they assumed to be the meeting spot for the first years. Emphasis on the 'assumed', since Yang does not like reading manuals.

"I'm telling you, this place is so big, there would probably be some big idiot out there who would get lost easily in here. It's only a matter of time." Yang commented.

A little ways in front of them, Jaune sneezed.

"Maybe." Ruby said with little attention. She needed to explore this place. Fast. She loved exploring.

But because of her lack of attention, she tripped on some crabby girl's luggage.

Weiss was infuriated.

Not only did her sister forget to pack in Mr. Cuddles, but now some kid tripped over her precious dust collection! Well, it wasn't really a collection since she uses it in spar. But nevertheless, the day was going from bad to worse.

"What are you doing..." Weiss asked calmly, trying to remain calm.

She knows she has the habit of exploding on someone's face, so she needs to calm down. She might scare the girl, with how young she looked. She could not be more than 16, from the looks of it.

"I- I'm sorry!" Ruby stuttered, before correcting herself and apologizing to the older girl.

Yang, who was next to Ruby moments prior, was nowhere to be found.

"This is for your own good, Ruby..." Yang muttered from atop a tree.

"'Sorry'? Do you have any idea of the damage that you could have caused?" Weiss asked again, trying to calm down. Don't let the anger control you, Weiss, she thought.

"Uhhhhh..." to say Ruby was confused, would be the understatement of the year.

Weiss sighed, proceeding to take one of the bags and examine its contents. She then grabbed a vial of red Dust and looked at it clearly. Thankfully, the contents were fine. So, she didn't have to go back home to apologize to her father. Who knows what the man would be saying when he finds out. He would probably laugh out loud and make it some sort of national holiday or something. The Day Weiss Schnee exploded. Yes, she could see it now...

She would not want that to happen.

"Thankfully, the contents appeared to be fine." Weiss commented as she exhaled a sigh of relief.

Ruby then looked at the vile.

It. Looks... So... Shiny...

Before Weiss could even comprehend what's going on, Ruby was now holding the Vile of Red Dust and looking at it in awe.

The older girl's eyes grew wide. What was that kid doing?!

Ruby drooled.

So... Shiny...

She begun to shake it in an exaggerated motion, spilling some of its context to their surroundings.

Weiss could only watch in horror as the dust began to gather around them and Ruby's eyes sparkled with awe.

Then her face contorted.

Weiss did not like where this is going.

Ruby sneezed.

Blake was strolling around doing nothing in particular, book in hand. Some people may look at her and think she was reading the book, entranced by it, but in truth, she was just looking at the people around her, trying to find someone to befriend. She may look like the cold person who would not care less about friends, but she does get lonely from time to time. And she haven't had a friend since she left the White Fang. Though Adam was cruel and hard to decipher at times, she still considered him a friend whom she could always count on.

Does Adam still think of her as a friend?

She doubted it.

Suddenly, there was an explosion.

Well, that escalated quickly.

She turned to look at the source of the explosion to see one themed red and the other white. What was this generation with colours, anyway? Blake shrugged and was about to leave but then a vile came rolling to her feet.

Picking up the vile, she noticed that she had seen that design before. She then looked a the two people in the crater, who was now in disbelief as to what happened. She then recognized the person dressed in white. If memory served, the girl was related to the Schnee. Heck, she was the daughter of said family!

Blake then smiled. Maybe she could finally make a friend. She could probably open up with how she accidentally hurt most of her relatives and how incredibly inconsiderate the Schnee family is due to their mistreatment of Faunus rights!

Yeaaaah, that's not gonna work.

Oh well, least she could do was return the vile.

The day could not have been better for one Weiss Schnee.

And yes, that was sarcasm.

She just exploded a hole in front of the entire school. The cause of this, you may ask? A 16-year old, she presume, who thought that the Red Dust was like some sort of sparkly confetti or something. If looks could kill right now, she presumed the girl would have been dead by now. Nay- She could die after being dead multiple times over.

"I'm really, really sorry!" Ruby bowed to the white-haired girl.

Weiss could not care less anymore. She could practically hear her father laugh from afar. Ahh this would not be something easy to erase in her father's memory. She assumed that her butler was recording right now, sending a feedback to her father. By that time, the man would have saved it in multiple copies of floppy disks. Well, it was a fun teenage life.

"You see- It was really, really shiny and I thought that it's beautiful so I wanted to take a closer look at it and when I had enough, I thought that it was so shiny, that if I shook it around, some genie would come out and grant me three wishes. So- Uh... Sorry?"

Weiss was not even talking anymore. Ahh her sweet sweet teenage life.

"What's with her?" Yang asked, finally coming down from the tree.

Ruby looked at the newcomer like she had found her long lost rival.

"Yang why did you leave me?!" Ruby shook her sister violently, feeling betrayed.

Yang just smiled wryly, not even attempting to answer the question. She then noticed a new arrival in the scene.

"What's with her?" asked Blake the same question.

"That's what I asked." Yang added.

Then, another new arrival.

"What's with her?" asked Jaune.

"I was about to ask the same question." said Pyrrha.

"That's what I asked." Yang added.

"Ditto." Blake joined in.

"Oh sweet sweet teenage life. Wasted." Weiss grieved.

"Weeeeeelll, name's Yang. What's yours?" she asked the others in the vicinity.

"Blake. The name's Blake." Blake smiled to the girl, then looked at Ruby.

"I'm Ruby!" Ruby exclaimed proudly, already forgetting about the girl who was now grieving on the floor.

"Pyrrha." Pyrrha smiled.

"Arc." Jaune took a moment for a dramatic pause. "Jaune Arc."

"Did you just introduce yourself Bond-style?" Unfortunately, only Blake got the reference.

"Finally! Someone who gets me!" he looked hopefully at Blake who was now smiling an uncomfortable smile.

"Sooooo" Yang looked at the girl who was hugging her legs while looking at the far distance. "Who's this girl?"

Blake was the one who managed to answer that.

"Her name is Weiss Schnee, Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company. She's pretty well known in most parts due to the fact that her father loves to pull pranks at her. I remembered last Christmas when he took her change of clothes and she was forced to attend school with a maid outfit and cat ears."

"How do you even know that?!" Weiss, having recovered from her grieving, rebutted.

"Up until this day, I could never understand why she wore the cat ears. The outfit would have been satisfactory. Maybe it's her taste or something."

"I- It was left there so I wore it without knowing, okay?!"


Weiss was red to her ears. She needed to know how the girl found out about that embarrassing moment her father put her in.

Ruby then asked the group.

"Sooo... anybody know where we're going?"

"Ren, I feel a disturbance in the air."

"It could be the fact that someone just exploded."

"Ooooh! Did they explode?! Are there bones left scattered around or something?! Did someone take a picture? I wanna see the picture... REN LEMME SEE THE PICTURE!"

"No, Nora. There is no picture. And I think those people are fine."

"Awwww... Ah'm disappoint."

"Let's go, Nora."

"To the Auditorium?"

"To the Auditorium."

Nora then rode on the boy's back, forcing him to give her a piggyback ride.


"Wrong quote, Nora."

[Explosion- End]

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Jeanne (Fate/Apocrypha) 23

Stella (Black Rock Shooter) 21

Lux (League of Legends) 20

Lily (Vocaloid) 19

Rinka (Tokyo ESP) 17

Miki (IdolM ster) 15

Shinobu (Monogatari Series) 8 (500)

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