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Double Trouble

Chapter 1 – Not quite right.

Author's note. Here's another story with a sci-fi twist. I'll freely admit it's not an original idea, but it's all in good fun. I hope you enjoy.

It was a normal Thursday at the asphalt café. As always, gang sat around the table chatting and eating their lunch. It was normal day with one exception. Robbie was absent.

In fact he'd been absent at lunch nearly every day for a month, plus was rarely seen afterschool or on the weekends. He would be in class, but that was the only place they would see him. When asked about this, Robbie simply said it was a surprise and they would find out soon. Though Rex almost spilled the beans and was quieted by Robbie.

They gang had gotten used to his absence, though in later days, Cat seemed to get sad as he was no longer trying to win her heart.

Today, the conversation came to Robbie and his mysterious project, as it did from time to time.

"So, does anyone have any idea yet, what Robbie is up too?" Asked Andre, between bites of his burrito.

Everyone shook their heads except Jade, who just kept eating and ignored the question.

"Come on…Someone's got to know?"

Beck shrugged. "Sorry, haven't found out. Then again, I haven't really been trying. Robbie will tell us when he's ready."

Jade looked up with a smirk. "Maybe he's been making a human jigsaw puzzle. You know there was that girl East High that vanished a month ago. You know it's always the quiet ones…."

Tori who was sitting next to Jade frowned and slapped Jade on the wrist. "Stop that Jade. Be nice. If you don't have anything nice to say, than don't say anything at all."

Jade rolled her eyes at her girlfriend of more than a year and then in a mocking voice said. "Oh yes, my eternal love….I will always be good and say nice things about people. I have a girlfriend so I have to be nice to people now."

Tori's frown grew much more prominent as she whispered in Jade's ear. "Mocking me or our love, will not get you any cuddles. Don't make me cut you off."

Jade grumbled, lowered her head and in a low voice muttered. "I'm sorry baby."

Andre chucked. "She's totally whipped."

Beck and Cat, quickly snickered as well.

Jade immediately shot up and appeared as if she was about to lunge across the table at Andre. "AM NOT! TAKE THAT BACK NOW!"

Before anything else could happen, an excited Robbie came running up to the table. "I did it, I did it."

Jade perked up as was about to toss an insult at Robbie when she was cut off by the placement of Tori's hand over her mouth.

"What is it Robbie, you seem really excited." Beck said.

"Yeah, out with it." Andre chimed in.

Rex quickly added his two cents. "They won't be impressed, Then again no one that's cool, will. They probably won't even know what it does."

Robbie quickly scolded Rex. "Yes they will. I'll get a Nobel Prize for this."

"You have a better chance of getting to first base with Jade."

Tori quickly glared at Rex. "Quiet and let Robbie talk."

Robbie seemed to compose himself. "Ok, I've been busy a lot recently but I've been working on something for the National science competition. Everyone who enters put's in an invention and the winner gets a huge cash prize. I have Something big. Huge. I'm going to blow them away."

"Blow them up is more like it." Said Rex in a snarky tone of voice.

"What is it?" Asked Tori, ignoring the increasingly annoying Rex.

"Can I show you. It's better if I show you. I have my setup in the basement. Lane let me use an old storeroom in the basement. I'm ready to go. Let me show you."

The gang looked at the clock and realized there was half an hour left in lunch so they all looked at each other and nodded. "Ok then."

Robbie then led the group down into the basement past the boiler to a door in the dark corner of the basement. After unlocking the door he let them inside.

The room itself was the size of a small classroom and besides some boxes and broken furniture there was a good deal of computer equipment, hooked up and flashing. There was one other thing, what appeared to be a small platform with what looked like a metal doorway. But this had all kinds of wires and things running of it.

"We see it, but what is it?" Asked Andre as he scratched his head.

Robbie went and hit some buttons on a keyboard causing the equipment to begin to hum. "I've built a machine that allows one to travel to a parallel universe or dimension. I've had the idea how to do it for a long time. Now I've done it."

The burst of laughter from the group was not quite what he expected.

"No…it's real. I tested it and everything. Saw into another universe, a couple actually. It uses interlocking magnetic fields to break down the quantum barriers between separate universes. It opens a doorway that one can look through and even travel through."

Beck raised an eyebrow. "Parallel universes? Dimensions?

Robbie tried to explain. "Ok, in theory for every decision ever made there is another universe out there where a different decision was made. You eat fish for dinner instead of pork, that kind of thing. Like that Gwyneth Paltrow movie, Sliding doors. Her whole life changes over the fact that she either makes or misses a train."

Andre was the first to speak. "You mean like a universe where my grandma isn't crazy."

Robbie nodded, "Or one where you live with your grandfather. I've seen a few other universes. One just a short while ago. I even stepped in it."

Jade rolled her eyes. "So what did the genius see?"

"Ok, it was just this room, which was full of junk, but it was another universe."

Beck looked around at some of the equipment. "Where did you get all this stuff. It looks expensive."

"My uncle has a friend who works for NASA. They were getting rid of some old equipment and I was allowed to procure some of it before disposal. It allowed me to do it. Please let me test it, show you."

"Sure, why not. This should be good for a laugh," Jade said acidly, as she leaned up against one of the many pieces of equipment in the room."

"Go ahead Robbie." Tori said in an encouraging voice.

However at that moment Tori's phone rang. She answered it and quickly grew visibly annoyed at who was ever at the other end.

"Fine, I'll be there in 20 minutes." Tori said right before hanging up.

Jade looked to Tori. "What?"

"Trina was coming back from the dentist and ran out of gas. She seems to think that E on the gas gauge means something other than empty. I have run and help her out."

"Leave her." Snapped Jade.

Tori kissed Jade on the cheek, "I can't and you know it. I'll see you later. Love you."

Jade smiled with a sparkle in her eye. "Love you too Vega."

With that Tori left and Robbie got to work, getting the machine going.

"Ready to see a something really special." He said with pride as the machine hummed louder and louder.

After a few moments of nothing, a strange greyish light began to form in the doorway. But the light lasted for only a second, then the lights dimmed and a shower of sparks suddenly shot out from the doorway. A second later the machine seemed to go dead.

But at that very same time, Jade jumped away from machine that she was leaning against with a shout. "Robbie your stupid deathtrap just shocked me. Thanks for nothing. This was stupid."

Angry from having her time wasted, along with the shock, Jade then stormed out, leaving an embarrassed looking Robbie. "I'm sorry. I don't know what happened. "

Andre put a hand on his shoulder. "Better luck next time."

Beck shrugged, turned away and muttered under his breath. "Loser."

Cat merely gave him a sad look and quietly walked away with Beck and Andre.

Jade however was fuming mad about the shock the machine had given her.

"Idiot." Jade fumed, as she came up the stairs out of the basement into the main hallway. For a moment something seemed wrong, but she was too angry to pay any attention to it. She merely growled in displeasure and headed towards her next class. Had she paid attention she would have noticed that the nearby trash can which was blue when she went down the stairs, was now green and shaped differently. But that, along with several other details like it, escaped Jade's notice.

She went to class and again something seemed off about her classmates. One or two of them she thought were wearing different clothes than earlier, but again she disregarded them.

It was after the next class did she finally see Tori at her locker. Jade was still in a foul mood and a few seconds in her girlfriends arms would make her feel right again.

Quietly Jade made her way to Tori's locker and as soon as the Latina shut her locker and turned around, Jade quickly put her arms around Tori and gave her a passionate kiss.

But Jade quickly noticed something was really wrong, as Tori didn't respond to the kiss. Instead she seemed to stiffen and go very rigid.

Jade pulled back from the kiss and frowned. "What's wrong baby. Trina give you a hard time or something. Jade can make it all better. Let's skip school and just spent the rest of the day in bed, just you, me and a very large strap on. You can put it on first."

Only then did Jade realize that Tori's eyes were opened as wide as they could be with a strange look of terror and surprise locked on her face. Her mouth was open into the shape of an O, but no sound came out of her mouth. After a moment, Jade realized that Tori appeared to be in shock.

Jade was about to say something with Tori's eyes seemed to just roll up in her head and she promptly fainted in Jade's arms.

"What did you do to her?" Bellowed an angry looking Andre', as he came up and helped ease Tori to the ground.

Jade now was more confused than ever. "Nothing. I just kissed her."

Andre huffed and got right into Jade's face. "What is that some kind of sick joke. I've stood by too long and let you treat Tori like shit."

Jade stepped back as while she understood Andre's words, they made no sense. "What are you babbling about."

"You bullying Tori. Your mean to her, then make half ass apology, she forgives you than you do it again. The thing is you're just getting plain cruel. Last week when you humiliated her in Sikowitz's class. If he'd been there instead of a sub, you'd be in deep shit. All she's ever done is try to be your friend. It's bad enough that Megan, Courtney and the others bully her too. But you're the worst of the lot."

By time Tori had woken up and was now watching a furious Andre confront a very confused looking Jade. She was just as, if not more confused than Jade was.

Jade this time stood her ground and poked Andre' in the chest. "Megan? Courtney? Those two band geeks. They've never bullied anyone. And if they have, both those bitches will get it and good. Me and Me, I don't bully Tori EVER. SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND. I LOVE TORI! STOP MAKING SHIT UP!"

"Wha?" was all the stunned Andre could say.

Tori who had sat up, likewise, just stared at Jade with a yet another shocked expression.

At this point, Jade felt someone slap her in the ass. Turning around it was Beck who looked alot more smug than normal, if not downright cocky. "Come on babe. It's fuck time. Beck need's some, Get your ass moving. Don't make me, drag you to my car."

The next thing Beck felt, was Jade's knee being rammed into his nuts. Suddenly turning white, he let out a loud groan and fell to the floor. Then, a now livid Jade stood over him and screamed. "I AM NOT YOUR BABE OR YOUR LITTLE FUCK TOY. AND DON'T TOUCH MY ASS, ONLY TORI, MY GIRLFRIEND CAN TOUCH MY ASS OR ANY OTHER PART OF ME. GOT THAT, PENCIL DICK!"

A painful sounding moan was Beck's only reply.

Jade then turned to Andre and Tori who were now looking at her, as if she had suddenly turned green and sprouted wings.

Jade then grabbed Tori's hand and helped her up. "Come on sweetie. Everyone here's been sniffing glue or something. Let's get out of here."

As Jade started to walk away with Tori, she noticed that Tori didn't move.

"Jade, I don't know what kind of Joke this is, but that's enough." A confused and now somewhat looking Angry Tori said.

Now more frustrated and angry than ever, Jade suddenly bellowed "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON."

Suddenly Jade could hear Robbie call out from behind her. "Jade?"

Jade spun around. "WHAT!"

He took a cautious step forward. "You said you were Tori's girlfriend? Did I hear that right?"

Jade gritted her teeth and ran her hands through her hair. "Have you gone nuts too? Of course I am. If I wasn't than why would I have this."

Jade pulled the side of her pants down two inches to show a tattoo in gothic lettering."

"Tori's Girl"

"I got one and Tori has one that says, Jade's gal. We got them 5 months ago for our anniversary."

As Robbie looked at the tattoo with wide eyes, he attempted to touch, it but Jade quickly hissed. "Touch me and you'll end up on the floor next to prince charming here. Only Tori is allowed to touch me."

Robbie then appeared to think for a moment. Then he looked at Tori, who now appeared to be completely in shock.

"It gave you a shock. The machine. Didn't it. When I tried to open the doorway between universes." Robbie suddenly muttered.

"Of course it did, you moron. What does that piece of crap have anything to do with the fact that everyone here is gone nuts?"

Robbie took a step back and cringed. "I'm afraid everything. You see, I think the machine worked. Only not in the way I intended."

"What do you mean? You showed me the machine, it gave me a shock when I leaned on it."

Robbie nervously bit his lip and looked pensively at Rex, who for once had nothing to say.

"Jade. If I'm right, the machine not only opened a door to another universe. It accidentally switched you with the Jade in it. Your Robbie must have been doing the same thing showing off the machine. Both of you leaned up against equipment, both of you got shocked and both of you switched places."

"Wha..What?" Sputtered Jade.

"Look, Tori may be your girlfriend, but not here. Jade, I'm afraid you're in the wrong universe."

Authors's Note. Ok, I borrowed the idea somewhat from the Bearded Spock episode of Star Trek. But this one I think will have more depth and Jori lovers won't be disappointed. In fact, you'll get a real fun treat later on.

P.S. I am still working on my story. "The Real me." I've been having some writers block and my pace on the next chapter has gone at a somewhat glacial pace. But I haven't given up on it. So be patient.