Chapter 4

Journal entry: I headed out to the Ingalls farm. The ride out there was too quiet. And once I got the farm, I could see what the cause was….

James rode out to the small farm, located about a mile from the town. The farm was comprised of a small two story house with a barn about 50 feet from the house. There were some animals around, but none wanted to go near the barn. A couple of small girls were hanging around the house, while a woman was busy hanging laundry. A man had appeared from the local field, heading over to the pump to get some water.

James approached the family and introduced himself. "Good afternoon. My name is James Williamson and I hate to bother you, but I would like to ask some questions."

The man turned. He was roughly 6 foot tall with brown shoulder length wavy hair. He had on a white shirt and red suspenders holding up brown work pants. He had a strong look about him and offered a weary smile as he turned.

"Charles Ingalls. This is my wife Caroline and my two girls Carrie and Grace."

"James Williamson, U.S. Marshall. I am investigating a crime that has some of the same signs that took your daughter Laura."

Charles and Caroline stiffened a little as James mentioned Laura. He knew there was something going on with the farm.

"What kind of signs?"

"Blood writing on buildings, the killing of children. I came across the same things in Chicago. I believe it may be being committed by the same person."

Caroline gave a small shake of her head and took the girls into the house, leaving Charles alone with James.

"Officer, I am not sure what you're doing, but I can assure you that the same person is not committing these crimes. The monster that killed my daughter is the one who is doing this to gain attention from the fact that she killed my daughter. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go and check on my wife."

Charles turned and went into the house. He slammed the door as James went back to his horse. He scouted out the land and found a good spot to see the barn from. He would come back tonight, and see for sure if a Harrowed lived in the barn.