Warriors High

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Hollyleaf's POV

I rushed down the stairs to my next class. I didn't want to go to history class, led by Russetfur, but I couldn't afford to miss it.

I twisted around a corner and down the stairs, my ponytail flying. The ruffles on my light blue tank top bounced up and down on my way up the stairs.

I straightened my tight black leggings and blue boots before I continued running. I don't want to be late!

I turned a corner, nearly body checked Berrynose, who was chatting with Poppyfrost, and I continued on.

Turning the last corner, I- WHAM! I fell over, and knocked over a student as well. He adjusted his glasses and helped me pick up my books.

"Thanks," I mumbled, embarrassed.

"No problem!" He said brightly. His voice was light. His eyes gleamed as he piled my third binder on my pencil case.

"I- I'm Hollyleaf," I stuttered.

"Fallen Leaves," he said, pulling out a hand. I shook it, his grip firm and tight.

"Gotta go," I said, and he watched me run by.

"Talk to you later!" He called after me.

I entered history class, relieved to not be late, and plopped myself in a seat next to Honeyfern. But I couldn't stand but feel that little happy dance in my heart.

Cinderheart's POV

I walked down Thunder's hallway, but heart beating. My school sweater was pulled on over a green t-shirt, and jeans completed my ensemble.

I was so concentrated on remembering that new math problem, I ran into- Literally ran into- Lionblaze.

"Sorry," I said as I helped him up.

He grabbed my math textbook on his way up. "Hey."

"We're still… you know… going out tonight, right?" He blushed, and nodded.

"Okay," I said happily. He blushed an even deeper red, and brushed his hand through his smooth, golden hair.

"I've gotta go. Basketball practice," He said. I nodded, and left. I had to get ready.

I walked to my dorm, but then realized I forgot my water bottle in math class and ran back.

I passed Honeyfern, a cat I think was Willowbreeze from River, and a Thunder senior named Brackenfur.

I then saw Heathertail, from Wind. She ran up to me and hissed, "I saw you with Lionblaze."

"Yeah? So?"

"Stay away from him."

"Why? We're both in Thunder-"

"I know. But the rules say it's not recommended to fall in love with someone else."

"What's your point?"

"He's mine."

"No." I took a deep breath and stared into my new enemy's eyes. "He's mine."

Heathertail smirked. "Yeah, right. A girl like you?"

My eyes burned. "What do you-"

Heathertail interrupted me. "Fine. Best girl wins." Then she flounced off, her purple skirt twisting as she went.

I sighed. Love was so complicated. Heathertail was really pretty, too. Long, blond hair, curled… And that sassy, flirty girl every boy fell for.

I had competition.

Honeyfern's POV

I straightened my short, gold dress and walked down the hall. I was looking for Berrynose.

Okay, people may find him annoying, but I find him cute. He's always nice to me, and was really supportive.

But the last week, I haven't seen him. He's avoided me, and I want to know why.

I wanted to ask him out, but I was too shy. I was so afraid he would say no. He likes you, everyone said. But I was never sure.

I found him, alright- taking to my sister, Poppyfrost.

He was talking to her, and she was lightly flirting- I could tell- and then Berrynose blushed, and…

"Hey!" I called, storming over. Poppyfrost blinked, and turned to me.

"Hey, sis! What's up?" She asked cheerfully, trying to hide the blush on her cheeks.

"I need to talk to you," I said to Berrynose, ignoring Poppyfrost. Berrynose just followed me down the hallway leaving a stunned and somewhat hurt Poppyfrost.

As soon as we had turned three corners, I stopped. I turned to face my friend.

"Why have you been avoiding me the last week?" I blurted out. "You constantly run away from me, and, and you never talk to me, and-"

Berrynose laughs softly. He stared at me for a long time before replying.

"I asked Crowfeather for advice," he said, "On my love life."

Crowfeather. He had three girlfriends- One moved schools, but came back, but he never dated her again. He had a second girlfriend- I think it was Leafpool, someone who took the special course thingy. Then, when people found out, he moved on the Nightcloud, a sassy yet very, very popular girl. The only reason he dated Nightcloud was to prove he didn't disobey the rules.

"Right. Crowfeather," I grumble. Berrynose looks at me, and continues.

"He told me the best way to get a find out if a girl liked you. Hang around her a lot, then avoid her for a week. If she becomes concerned, or is scared, then you've got yourself a girlfriend."

I was speechless. Does this mean-

"Yes, Honeyfern." Berrynose spoke softly. "I like you."

"What- What- What?" I stammered. He laughed again.

"I'm asking you out. Duh," He added, smirking.

I was probably the happiest person on earth. The guy I liked, so much, asked me out?! I'm in heaven! Then I snapped back to reality. Poppyfrost.

"Hold it," I questioned. "What about Poppyfrost? My sister? Every time I see her, you're with her."

Now it was Berrynose's turn to blush. "Well, she's nice and all…. and she's really pretty…" Then he trailed off, and I was hurt.

"I've heard enough," I murmured. I turned to leave, but Berrynose grabbed my wrist.

"I didn't mean it like that!" He cried. "I really, really like you Honeyfern."

To prove it, he pulled me in close, and kissed me on the cheek.

I smiled in his goofy way, then he turned and walked away. "I'll pick you up at 8 tomorrow!" he called over his shoulder.

I stood there, frozen, as I watched him disappear around the corner. I heard the 'yes!' from Berrynose, and I imagined him pumping his fist.

Oh my god… what's Poppyfrost going to think?

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