There was once upon a time in another place, an evil kingdom who no person dared to face.

At the head of the Bionis, there laid a huge, vast place called Eryth Sea. Many people lived there, especially in the capital Alcamoth. They were of many races- Homs, Nopon, and especially High Entia. They lived in peace for a while together, until one princess took over...

"Miss Melia. How have you been? Fine, I presume?"

Ever since her father, Sorean Antiqua, and her brother, Kallian Antiqua, had died, Melia Antiqua had taken over the spot of royalty in Eryth Sea and Alcamoth. Being exposed to riches and furniture and gold, Melia couldn't help but extort her position. She was very demanding and commanding, but she had a soft spot that she rarely showed to anyone, except her servant Dunban. Speaking of Dunban, he was talking to her right now. "Yes, of course, Dunban," the white-haired princess replied, her voice quite bored-sounding as she relaxed upon one of the many fancy couches in her room. The loyal servant nodded to her.

"Very well then, Princess Melia." Dunban said, and he was about to continue when Melia interrupted him. "Please, Dunban, you know that when alone with me you need not call me Princess." There was a small, very small, smile upon her face. Dunban nodded. "Is there anything I may get you?" he continued, looking up to her. Melia pursed her lips. "Just something to eat. Turkey. You know how I like it. And I shall eat in here," the female replied, busying herself with fixing her crown and then looking back at Dunban. The servant nodded. "Yes, Melia. It shall be ready soon."
"Wait one minute, Dunban. I need one more favor."

The young blonde male walked into the green section of the kingdom. He himself lived next to it in blue, however most of his friends were in green. A voice rang out nearby him. "Shulk! There you are!" he turned to see a blonde female with long swaying hair run to him. He smiled. "Hi, Fiora!" the male, Shulk, called out to her. Fiora was a very popular girl in the green section, as well as in the whole kingdom, well respected for her beauty and kindness. Most people liked her, and Shulk was pretty sure everyone liked her, maybe except royalty. He and Fiora were quite good friends, in fact.

"Look, we've had a new statue erected here. It's one of the princess," she said, pointing to the square. Looking where she pointed, Shulk saw a silver statue of Princess Melia wearing a glorious dress. A plaque under it read " 'I bless the citizens of the green section, and hope they fair well in all affairs.' - Princess Melia Antiqua" And the plaque curved into a large fountain, which the statue was in the middle of.

"Cool," commented Shulk, watching how the statue shined in the sunlight. "Yeah," replied Fiora. "Though if she blesses us so much, why does she never come out for a visit..." She grumbled slightly. Shulk shook her shoulder, and added, "She never goes to the other sections either." Fiora shrugged. "I guess so."

In the shadows of an alley, a man with dark brown hair watched the two. Noting everything he'd seen, he turned and headed to the Imperial Palace.

"Melia, how is the turkey?" Dunban asked, watching the white-haired princess chew on the turkey. "Very good," replied Melia. "Tell the chefs they have my thanks." She ate the turkey, now resting in a comfy yet fancy chair by a table as she ate. "Of course, Melia." Dunban bowed. "Anything else I may do for you?"

The princess looked up from her meal at her loyal servant. "Have you started doing what I asked earlier?" she asked, a serious look flashing on to her face. Dunban nodded and replied, "Yes, Melia. I started right away." Melia relaxed. "Good. That is all I need of you for now, Dunban." she said simply. "You may go."

He nodded, bowed, and exited the room.