Whenever Sharla left the house, she was always pitied by those around her. After news of "the robbery" people over-comforted her, and while she appreciated the thought, it was getting kind of annoying to a leader-like person like her. Deciding to try and not attract that much attention, she went out mostly at night, deciding she would try to stay out of sight until this whole thing died down. Currently, it was 23:00, or as some others called it, 11:00 PM. She needed some supplies, so she had headed out to the shop right before it closed for the day.

Slipping through the doors of the RubyMart, a large and popular store with lots of supplies, Sharla saw it was pretty much empty. Very few people were there and they didn't bother her much as they slowly emptied out of the store. She passed an employee, who said to her, "Ah Sharla. Didn't imagine to see you here at this hour." Sharla turned back and gave a small nod to the black-haired employee. "I didn't want to attract attention, Lily," she replied. Lily-the employee- nodded. "That's imaginable. Am I right in saying the pity is getting kind of annoying?" Sharla rolled her eyes as Lily talked, replying,"You have no idea."

Chuckling, Lily said, "Of course. I'll let you on your way then." Sharla nodded, then turned and did her shopping. Once done paying, she carried the bags out into the dark night, heading home. She found it strange still that rarely anybody was out at night, but whatever. After she had reached home she put her stuff away and sat down. Juju peeked in. "Everything OK, Sharla?" he asked, walking over to her. Sharla nodded, replying, "Yeah. Rarely saw anyone, so I'm just fine, Juju." Juju smiled. "Good, Sharla."

"Hey, Shulk! Shulk!" shouted Fiora, startling Shulk who was sitting under a tree in Outlook Park in the blue section. It was 23:30, aka 11:30 PM, and while most people wouldn't be out at this hour Shulk liked to read outside at night. "Oh, hello Fiora," replied Shulk. "Guess what? I met a new girl today. Her name's Keyara," said Fiora excitedly. "Want to meet her?" Shulk cocked his head slightly.

"A new girl? So that's what took you so long," replied Shulk with a smile. "Yup," Fiora replied. She tugged at his arm. "Come on, Shulk. Come meet her!" She giggled. Shulk sighed but smiled and got up, letting Fiora drag him off.