It's been so long since I posted here, sorry! But finally, a new one shot, based on a prompt asked on Tumblr. Hope you enjoy!

Last one… Adam thought as he lit up the last candle. The light scent of incense was already filling up the bedroom. Incense wasn't really his thing, but he knew Kim loved to light one up to help her relax, especially after a long day at work. Besides, he was getting used to it as started spending more and more time at her house, his apartment being a lot smaller and farther from the precinct. Even if they'd never actually addressed the matter, they basically lived together. And he was about to make it a bit more official.

He looked around the room one last time to check that everything was in the right place, then went to the living room, knowing Kim would be home any minute. He paced around for a few minutes, then resolved to sit on the couch and watch some basketball match on TV while waiting. He was clearly a bit nervous, and the fact that Kim was late - half an hour late, actually - wasn't helping at all. The crowd on TV cheered but he wasn't paying attention.

He heard her footsteps on the hallway and before she opened the door, he was aware she was home. He stood up in a jump and brushed his kind of sweaty hands on his pants, suddenly realizing he wasn't wearing any. How could he be so stupid? He rushed to the bedroom before Kim could see him and searched for a pair of nice pants for his white shirt. He ended up making a mess of the closet.

"I'm home" he heard Kim shouting from the living room "Adam?"

"I'm coming, just a second" he said back, trying to tidy up the mess.

When he finally made it to the living room, Kim was lying on the couch, a blanket covering most of her body. She looked really tired.

"Oh my God today was horrible" she said in an unusual nasal voice as she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. He noticed her nose was red and her eyes a bit puffy. Her cheeks were hot.

"Are you feeling okay?"

"No I feel like hell" she sniffed "Sean came in sick this morning. I told him a million times to go home, but he didn't and now I'm infected as well"

Adam sat on the couch and wrapped her in his arms "I'm sorry babe"

"Stay away from me or you're gonna get sick as well" she warned him as he tried to kiss her properly.

"Do you feel like eating something? I'll make you soup, you stay here" Adam said in the sweetest voice as he covered her with the blanket. He kissed her on the forehead.
He went to the kitchen and prepared soup. As it was heating up, he went to their bedroom to clean everything up. He wanted that night to be special, and with Kim being sick he'd decided it wasn't the best time to propose. He'll do that another day, it wasn't like they were going anywhere. He blew the incense out and proceeded to pick up all the rose petals.

Only after a while did he realize Kim was at the door, watching him, confused.

"Adam, what's this?" she coughed a bit, a sweet smile crooking her lips.

"Uh, nothing, just…" he trailed off "I wanted to.. uh… but then you were feeling sick so I decided not to…"

She went closer to him and took a few petals from his hands.

"What where you trying to say?" She knew he wasn't the best with words and she loved how he tried to make up for it with his actions. It was clear he'd planned something romantic for the evening and she felt bad for having destroyed those plans.

"I wanted to, uhm, propose" he cleared his throat "but it's fine, I can do it another time"

"No, do it now, it's okay" she was smiling so much that her cheeks almost hurt.

"It's… I feel like it's not special anymore, I wanted it to be a surprise and now it's just… weird. I'll plan something else, I promise" Adam struggled a bit, nervous.
Nothing was going as planned.

"Hey, it's really fine. I can't wait to be your wife, so I surely can't wait one more week or month for you to propose again"

Adam cleared his throat, again. He was relieved. Knowing she was really going to say yes to him made him a bit more confident. Not that he'd thought she would say no, he knew they were on the same page about it. But, still, hearing her telling him made it feel a lot more real. It made him the happiest man alive, so yes, he'd regained his lost confidence.

"Okay. I'm just gonna go ahead, then…" he scattered the rose petals on the floor around them and they both laughed "ever since I met you, I felt this deep connection - and I know you felt it, too.
I've never been happier to share my life with anyone. I am in love with you. You are so incredible; at work, at home, you make me proud to be by your side. You made me a better man. I love waking up next to you every single day and I hope the first thing I'll see every morning for the rest of my life is your beautiful face, so… Marry me, Kim."

A tear dropped from her left eye and she sniffed as she tried to wipe it away with the palm of her hands. She wrapped her arms tightly around Adam's neck and said Yes a billion time while smiling and kissing his lips, his cheeks, his neck. He held her tightly and kissed her back.

As he finally opened his eyes, he saw a light coming from the curtains. He squeezed his eyes shut, then opened them again to try and focus more.

"Oh fuck!" he whispered. One edge of the curtain was on fire. Damn, he knew he shouldn't have lit up so many candles. Kim parted from him and turned around to see that.
Adam went quickly to the bathroom and came back with a basin full of water. He threw the water at the curtain, hoping it would be enough to extinguish the small fire. It was. He sighed, relieved. Then he heard giggles coming from behind him. He turned around to see Kim holding her hand against her lips to try and cover her laugh.

"Do you find that funny?" he asked, a playful resentment in his voice.
"I was just imagining having to call the firemen" she said, laughing and he smiled as well, totally getting what she was hinting at now "and the guys showing up here… they'd make fun of us for the rest of our lives"

"Yeah… It will definitely be one great story to tell at the wedding" he smiled again and she blushed, her cheeks getting redder than they'd already been. He went back to her and enclosed her in his strong arms.

"You look like crap" he whispered as they laid on the bed facing each other.

"Well, thank you, that's such a nice thing to say to your soon-to-be-wife."

"You do. But you're still beautiful and I still love you a lot." Adam caressed her cheek and went for a kiss.

"Careful, you really don't want to get sick" she said as she playfully put a hand on his lips "you have to work tomorrow"

"Oh believe me, I couldn't care less. I actually planned on calling in sick tomorrow anyway" he smirked, kissed the palm of her hand "not lying makes me feel better about it"

Kim laughed out loud and kissed him as he pulled the covers up to their necks. He could tell she was shivering and he was starting to feel cold already. Being together made the flu a lot more bearable.

"Damn, not again! THE SOUP!"