chapter 1 The Before

'Hmm the clouds are grey today' thought 10 year old Naruto Uzamaki as he was on his way home from the academy 'bet there will be thunder also great' he thought.

"Hey look there he is the..." was the harsh whisper from an older woman.

"Shh you know we are not suppose to talk about that" hushed the other woman next to her.

'More whisper more taunts same as yesterday and every other day', thought Naruto as he kept his head down and picked up his place. 'why.. why can't i just be accepted i mean i know i have the nine tails inside me but still' he thought sadly.

"Oi brat" someone yelled out as Naruto got closer to his apartment.

Naruto kept on his way head down and hoped he could just get home.

"BRAT!" the same man yelled "Hey I'm talking to you, you demon spawn" the man spat as he quickened his step to catch Naruto. He grabbed for Naruto's arm but Naruto dodged, ducked his head, and slipped into his apartment in the mans confusion 'yeah just like every single day' Naruto thought as he went on with his daily routine.

two years later

"Alright guys that it for today head home" called Kakashi-sensei to team seven.

'Time to head home i guess' thought a now 12 year old Naruto.

He glanced over at his teammates, Sasuke was headed back toward his home, his brother waiting by the fence (a/n: the Uchiha massacre never happened and Sasuke is less of a bastard and Sakura is a bit nicer to Naruto just a bit) Sakura was talking to Kakashi-sensei about today's training.

'Wonder what if i have anymore ramen at home' thought Naruto.

"Naruto!" Sakura called, Naruto looked be hind him, "yeah?" he asked "don't forget tomorrow we have early training okay Kakashi-sensei told me to remind you ,bye" she said hurriedly then ran home.

'Odd but okay' thought Naruto 'well home it is' and with that he headed home.

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