This is in Quatre's POV (as if you didn't see that coming). Tell me if you think it is OOC, please, and maybe some suggestions on fixing it? This gave me trouble, and I didn't want to continue these poems without '04' in the correct slot . . . you know? ^^ ________________


I do not fight for strength or power

I only fight for peace

Where there is evil in this place

For those who brought me grief

It's not easy being careful

It's not easy being kind

It's not easy looking in your face

And telling you I'm fine

I'd give anything for happiness

And peace for all the earth

So I must fight to know their tears

Not measure what they're worth

It's easy to forget that I

Am no longer alone

That there are others just like me

If only I had known. . .

But there's no turning back, now

And what is done is done.

To outer space with all of us

Our time has finally come.



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