Hi there I'm Diamond and I'm a stupid high school kid. But I'm not mean. I'm not selfish. I'm just that kid that sits in the corner of the classroom and listens to her music. My best friend is Sapphire Scars. Best soccer player in the whole city. If your wondering where we live we live in sydney, Australia. And in a few months Sapphire and I will be in a epic band called Blazing fire. We just need two more band members for the... I think it was the drums and bass. I must have caught the amnesia from 5sos (nooooooooooooooooooooooo).

It was a monday, I hate mondays ( doesn't everyone) and I was meeting Sapphire at the park before school. I had to get there so I got dressed quickly. I chucked on my navy skinny jeans, my favourite light blue singlet and then my silver doc. martens, then my black zip jeresy. Oh yeah can't forget my grey beanie that my friend Ruby gave me for my 18th birthday. Which was about 3 years ago, I miss being 18 it was epic as. Sapphire is about to turn 22 in december it's going to be a really big party. I couldn't wait. I already planned all out, it will be so epic. We'll let's get back to today. I meet sapphire near the park and she the biggest smile on her face. "Why are you smiling so cheesyly"? I asked sapphie. She giggled. I stared at her. "Ok fine I will tell you, drew Hayden asked me out". I stared at her."I'm so happy for you". I answered. we started walking into the school grounds. Everyone stared at sapphire. "Why are they staring at us". I winked at me and walked off over to the popular girls.

I followed her over. "shoo". said the most selfish girl I know which is Sophie. Sapphire smiled and invited me to sit down, I refused. She frowned and said "why not Diamond". The other populars told me to go away, So I ran away as I ran they started to laugh. As I started to reach the end of the school grounds I ran into someone. I fell on top of some random person. I looked up to notice it was a Boy with dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and an award winning smile. He had a really puzzled look on his face. I slowly got off the ground and he followed. "sorry about that". I said to him. He smiled. "It feels like I've seen you before". He smiled. Then I noticed something about him, he seemed really fimliar. He smiled again and said "Diamond". I noticed. "Ashton". We both hugged each other. Then the bell rang for after school.