I really need to make my chapters longer!

Ok, now we are finally at the air port and getting our stuff checked out in this x-ray machine (I'm not great naming what things are). And then we all aboarded the plane (I am such a terrible speller). And then the flight lifted into the air, and I fell asleep straight away. This wasn't a great start on a plane trip if you were near a cheeky guy by the name of Taylor, and there is also another cheeky guy by his name of Luke! Guess what they did to me?

OK, so when I woke up they were giggling hardcore, so i looked into the mirror and saw that I had Decoy written on my forehead.

"Never give a pen to Taylor if he knows some one is asleep". Hayley said giggling too.

I glared at Taylor, he was blushing. I sighed.

"Well I guess some of us are decoys". I smirked. Taylor giggled slightly and I went into the bathroom to wash my decoy face.

I walked back out and sat back next to hayley. I looked over at andy, he looked really flushed. (Yes that is a feeling). He glared at me. I poked my tounge at him, he raised an eyebrow. I sighed once again.

This flight was awfully boring and full of so much music. I couldn't stop listening to the same song over and over again.

Calum and Michael were watching a movie, ashton was playing pokemon with luke. Jeremy and hayley were watching the world go by. And Taylor was watching a random movie too. Then there was Andy... Well he was staring at back of the chair. Frozen. I was so bored out of my mind.

I hope you are enjoying this really short story.