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Chapter 1

Jason stood at the edge of the docks and tried to figure out just how the hell he let his life become such a mess. He was standing here because he didn't want to go home. She was at the penthouse and honestly if he went back there right now he'd probably snap her neck. Sam McCall was working his last nerve.

The con artist had come to town three months ago with a nice round baby belly looking for a one way ticket to easy street. She had met Sonny while he was out of town on business. It was during one of his partner's "breaks" from Carly. Although how the hell you took a break from someone you were married to still hadn't been fully answered. Sonny and Sam hit the sheets, and once again Sonny's super sperm jumped into action. So when Sam showed up she fully expected to be taken care of. Too bad Sonny hadn't mentioned his wife.

The wife he was doing his absolute best to hide Sam from. The problem was in a town this size you couldn't really hide anyone for long. Especially not when the pregnancy was high risk and the best doctor in town worked at the same hospital as Sonny's mother in-law. So Sonny had lied, and said the baby was Jason's.

And of course Jason not wanting Carly to get upset went along with his friend. Because Sonny had lied to him too. He promised to sit Carly down and tell her about Sam. Then the annoying dark haired woman could move out of Jason's penthouse. Three months later and that still hadn't happened. However something else had. Sam had decided she was tired of waiting and that he would be a great dad. There was no way in hell Jason was raising Sonny's kid.

"Don't you know it's dangerous down here?" Came the female voice.

Jason was smiling by the time he turned around. Not the half smile he gave everyone else, but the full smile he always gave to Elizabeth. "Isn't that supposed to be my line?" The enforcer asked his more than friend.

Elizabeth Webber was the best person he knew. She had been his steadfast friend since the night she found him bleeding to death in the snow. Nothing had been able to break the bond they had forged. Which was ironic because if you looked at their lives on paper then there was no reason they should be so close.

She was a girl from a small town who had moved to this small town to live with her grandmother. She had been badly hurt not long after, which lead to her falling in love. Her boyfriend "died" in a fire only to come back to life a year later. He was not the same boy who left, and she didn't even bother to try to reconcile but did offer to be his friend. In the time he was gone she had moved on. Elizabeth had met and become involved with a man named Zander who was killed in a plane crash, but from that relationship she got her son Cameron. Lucky on the other hand had not move on. The younger blonde had backed off when Liz was with Zander, but now that she was single again Lucky was hoping for a reunion despite Liz saying it wasn't going to happen. Because in Jason's opinion Lucky was an idiot and a stalker.

He on the other hand was born into the most powerful family in the area the Quartermaines. Had grown up wanting nothing. Then at twenty-one made the bone headed decision to get in a car his drunk brother was driving. When he woke up from his coma he was this version of himself, with no memories of who he was before. This version had been angry and lost, until he found Sonny. Now as Jason Morgan he was feared and respected throughout the underworld. Like Liz he had two serious relationships under his belt. Robin who had been his first love, but they couldn't make it. She wanted him to leave the mob, and he had slept with someone else. Which lead to relationship number two. Carly. Where he learned the meaning of karma when she slept with Sonny.

He still considered Carly to be a good friend. But not good enough to put up with Sam for much longer.

"You only get to say that if I'm down here when you arrive. You are here first so I can say it this time." Elizabeth smirked as she came down the steps. "What brings you out tonight?"

"I needed some air." Jason said moving to the bench they always sat on to talk.

"Is everything okay?" Elizabeth wanted to know. She placed her hand on his arm and felt the spark that always happened whenever they touched one another. Jason was a man she could easily give her heart too, but they had the worse timing in the world. They never seemed to be available for anything more than friendship at the same time. "Is something wrong with Sam? Or the baby?" Elizabeth asked him.

Not in a million years would she ever admit to being jealous of the dark haired woman, but she was. Elizabeth wanted to be the woman in Jason's life. It was why she hadn't given Lucky a chance after Zander died. There was no way she was going to be able to fall in love with her former boyfriend when she was already in love with Jason.

"Why do you have a bandage on your arm?" He said looking down at where her hand rested on his arm. He loved it when she touched him. It was not something she did often, but every time she did he could feel it all over his body.

"I had a physical today." Elizabeth told her friend. They hadn't seen one another in a few weeks. "I graduated from the student nursing program, and before I can join the staff I need to have a complete work up."

"Congratulations." Jason said smiling. "Your grandmother would be proud of you."

"She would." Elizabeth missed her Gram something fierce. The older woman had taken her in when her life in Colorado had become unbearable. Living with her parents and siblings was making Elizabeth miserable.

"Where's Cameron?" Jason wasn't used to seeing her without her son, unless she was working.

"With Em." Elizabeth said trying not to relay that she was annoyed with her best friend at the moment. "She asked if she could spend time with him, so I found myself with the night off." Elizabeth leaned back on the bench and rested against the arm he had across the top. "You never answered my question. Is everything okay with Sam and the baby? I know it's scary when you are about to become a parent for the first time, if I can help you I'd be happy to."

Jason looked into the dark blue eyes of the woman he had slowly been falling in love with for the past two years and simply couldn't lie anymore. "I'm not about to become a parent. The baby isn't mine, its Sonny's."

Carly needed some air. She also needed to talk to her best friend. She needed him to explain a few things to her. Sonny had pulled another disappearing act tonight and she was convinced that he was cheating on her. The guards, who normally told her anything she wanted to know, weren't giving her any information this time. Which in her mind that meant they were covering for Sonny.

So tonight she had done something about it. Tonight Carly had followed her husband. Right to the Towers. Which should not have raised any red flags. Jason still lived there, so she should have been fine with that. Except Sam lived there now too.

Something about that relationship was off. Having been with Jason as his girlfriend Carly knew how he treated the woman in his life. She wasn't getting that vibe from Jason where Sam was concerned. She was getting it, and had been for years now, from Elizabeth Webber. While Carly normally did everything in her power to keep Muffin away from Jason, she might have to change her tune. Liz might come in handy after all.

Shortly after Sonny went into the building Carly had called Jason to ask if she could come up. She was going to pretend to have been in the area. Only when she called her best friend, she could hear the sounds of the warehouse in the background. So if Sonny wasn't visiting with Jason who was he stopping by to see?

The answer had to be Sam. Carly saw the way her husband looked at the pregnant woman. And while she suspected that he hadn't been faithful to her on several occasions now, there was no way she would believe that Sonny would sleep with Jason's girlfriend. A second time. Especially while Sam was carrying Jason's child.

Carly had gone to the warehouse and Paulie said Jason was down by the docks taking a break, so she headed over. Only to hear him talking with Elizabeth. Muffin was finally a nurse, good for her. Bobbie had been saying for months that Elizabeth was good at the job. Carly had tried the program, catering to others simply wasn't her thing. She was born to live in luxury.

They had no clue they were no longer alone. Before Carly could go down and tell Muffin to take a walk Jason spoke up again. Carly's eyes widened in shock, as she listened to her best friend confess that he had been lying for months. That the baby Sam was carrying wasn't his after all, that it was Sonny's.

'Oh hell no.' Carly thought to herself. It was bad enough that Sonny had Kristina with Alexis. There wasn't going to be another bastard Corinthos running around, and there was no way in hell that Sam was going to become Mrs. Jason Morgan. Nope Carly stood still and let the wheels in her mind turn. She was going to have to find a way to get Jason to marry Elizabeth. And it needed to happen soon.

"Sam's baby is Sonny's." Elizabeth said in shock. There was also a huge wave of relief, followed swiftly by guilt. Jason was a great man, and he would make a wonderful father. He deserved a chance to find out what that felt like. Cameron was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her, and she wanted that for Jason.

He hadn't meant to confess, but he simply could hold it inside anymore. "You can't tell anyone." Not until he did, and that day was quickly approaching.

"I wouldn't. I'm guessing Carly doesn't know?" Elizabeth figured the blonde woman was at the root of the lie.

"No." Jason said feeling a lot lighter. He didn't care what anyone else thought, but he did care what Elizabeth thought. "I have another problem now."

"Which is?" Elizabeth wondered if Jason had started developing feelings for Sam.

"Sam is convinced that I'm going to raise her baby with her since its clear Sonny isn't leaving Carly." Jason scrubbed his hand across his face. "That isn't going to happen. I can't stand Sam."

Elizabeth tried to keep from laughing. "Jason are you hiding down here from Sam?"

"Yeah." He admitted a bit sheepishly. "She has to keep her blood pressure down and I'm trying not to hurt her, but Elizabeth I just can't stomach her." He wasn't going to tell Elizabeth about finding a naked Sam in his bed. She didn't need to hear that, but since that night about a week ago Jason spent as little time alone with Sam as possible.

"Have you told Sonny how miserable you are?" Elizabeth thought that the mob boss wouldn't really care. At one point Sonny had been a good friend to not only Jason but her as well. But over the past five years he had changed. He was all about himself these days, power had become his drug of choice. So Elizabeth made it a point to be polite when they crossed paths, but she no longer considered him her friend. Even Robin was putting space between them. After her last visit she said he wasn't the Sonny she knew before she left for Paris.

"No, but I'm going to have to." Jason looked over at his friend. "He needs to be the one to tell Carly what's happening. I'm fairly certain that once I flat out tell Sam that there isn't going to be an 'us', her first move will be to run to Carly and blab."

"That will be ugly." Elizabeth had tangled with Carly before. The woman wouldn't care that Sam was pregnant. She had watched the blonde go for blood when it came out that Kristina was Sonny's.

"Yes it will." Jason said shaking his head. "How long will Em, have Cameron for?" He had noticed that Elizabeth and his sister didn't seem to be hanging out much anymore. He suspected Lucky had something to do with that. He had heard Em talking with the blonde and giving him points on how to get back in Elizabeth's heart. Clearly his sister needed to be sat down and have the phrase 'not interested' explained to her. Maybe he could talk to her and Sam at the same time. Two clueless women fixed with one talk. Yeah, because life was that easy.

"Another couple of hours." Elizabeth told Jason. "Did you need something?"

"I need to go for a ride. Will you come with me?" Jason loved having her arms wrapped around him and listening to her scream in joy.

"I think a ride sounds like the perfect way to spend the next few hours." Elizabeth answered smiling.

"Come on." Jason got up and held out his hand. Elizabeth took it and they walked to where the Harley was parked. He would take this break from reality, and maybe when he got back he'd have a plan for how to get his life back on track. Once Sam was handled, he was going to ask Elizabeth out on a date.

At the bike he helped her put on the helmet before straddling the machine. When she was on the back and holding him tight he smiled. "Ready?"

"Absolutely." She responded loving how it felt to be so close to him.

Jason started the bike and they roared off into the night.

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