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"Okay let me have a look at you." Elizabeth said fussing with her oldest son's tie. "You look really handsome." He looked all grown up. Her happy little boy had grown into a very intelligent and handsome young man. He looked a lot like her, with bits of Zander sprinkled in, like his brown eyes. But his personality was all Jason. He was the big brother, and protector. She was so very proud of the man he had become.

"Thanks." Cameron said looking at himself in the mirror. "I should get going or I'm going to be late. Dad has the tickets." He reminded her.

"I know." Elizabeth said nodding as he walked from the room. His cap and gown were hanging in his car in the courtyard. The rest of the family were meeting them at the graduation site. Her eyes filled with tears as it hit home, her first born was graduating from college today.

Jason had given Cameron a hug downstairs, and now he was standing in the doorway watching his wife cry. "You okay?" He asked coming into Cameron's room and putting his arms around her waist. The fact that she was crying wasn't at all surprising.

"My baby is leaving home." Elizabeth said leaning against her husband. "Where did the time go?" It really did seem like yesterday the nurse was handing him to her and Elizabeth was trying to make herself believe she could raise him alone. Of course that didn't end up being the case. No, she had the incredible man standing next to her helping guide their son to the wonderful young man he grew up to be.

"Not for a few more months." Jason said rubbing his wife's back. Today he was filled with pride. He was going to watch as he eldest son graduated from college. In August he was going to be a mess when Cameron left for graduate school in Cambridge. He had agreed to guards which would help Jason rest easier, but it didn't change the fact that for the first time not all the kids would be living at home.

"This will be good practice for when Jake leaves." Elizabeth said trying to look on the bright side. "Whose idea was it to have them close in age?" She asked laughing.

Jason laughed to. "You look beautiful." He said smiling at her. She was in a raspberry floral sheath dress that showed off her figure, green heels for height, and she was wearing the bracelet he'd given her when the adoption became final. Cameron was twenty-two and to Jason's eyes his wife had hardly aged a day.

"Thank you." Elizabeth wiped her face. "I should go clean up so that I don't look all blotchy in the pictures. I won't be but a minute."

"I'll be downstairs with the rest of the monsters." Jason said laughing as he walked from the room.

"Mom done crying?" Jake asked from the couch. He was surfing the channels until it was time to go.

"Almost." Jason said looking down at his second son. Jake had looked like him from birth, and as he grew that didn't change. But he had his mother's smile and personality. He was the wildest of all the Morgan boys, but not a bad kid. He never broke the law, but he did bend it a few times. "Where are your brothers?"

"No clue." Jake said with a quick grin. "Is mom going to be okay when Cam leaves?" It would be weird living in the guest house all alone. He and his big brother were close and not having him here day to day would feel like a piece of them was missing.

"It will be an adjustment for all of us." Jason told his son. "At least Harvard is not that far away. I'm hoping your brother will come home every few weeks." Cameron was following in grandparents footsteps and becoming a surgeon.

Jake gave his dad a rueful grin. "I looked at MIT, but Cal Tech is a better fit for me." His mother had thrilled when the acceptance letter came. It was the school he dreamed of attending. Still Jake knew that night she had cried over the fact that he was going across the country for school. It was just how she was.

"We are proud of you Jake, and we understand why you chose the school you did." Jake wanted to work for The National Science Foundation as an astrophysicist. The fact that his sons were as smart as they were sometimes left Jason speechless. "You better call home at least twice a month or your mother will hurt you." Jake had also agreed to guards.

"She'll hardly know I'm gone with frick and frack to keep track of." Jake said laughing at how often his brothers got in trouble. "I'm glad I was never like that." He said with an innocent look.

"Yeah." Jason said just shaking his head. "I guess it wasn't you who turned the water in your grandmother's pool to gelatin?"

"I got an A in science for my experiment." Jake grinned. It was harder than you thought to turn chlorinated water in to the jiggling substance. "And grounded for a month for not asking permission first." He remembered, it was winter and he didn't think anyone would care. The enclose pool didn't get a lot of use that time of year. "They are smarter than I am." Jake said with a wicked grin.

Jason just shook his head as he walked down the hall. All the quiet was making him nervous. His two youngest boys could really get up to mischief if they tried. If they got dirty Elizabeth would kill them. "Aiden? Chris?"

"Down here dad." Aiden called from the basement. It had gone from a rec room, to place where the boys hung out with friends.

Jason headed down the steps and found his youngest boys playing pool.

"We aren't dirty." Chris said lining up and then sinking his shot. "Mom would shoot us." At fourteen he was the last of the Morgan children. Chris looked like his mom but had his father's eyes and personality. He was generally the quietest of the kids, the one who watched before making a decision or taking action. Like his dad and big brother he was incredibly protective of the people close to him.

Aiden at sixteen looked like his dad and big brother Jake, but he had more of his mother in him. Including her eye color and the small dent in his chin. He was the child who seem to be the perfect blend of his parents. Aiden could be a deep thinker like his dad, but had his mother's artistic skills. Of all the boys he was the most social. If friends were over at the house, more than likely they were visiting Aiden. "You want to play?"

"We don't have time. Your mom should be down shortly so we should head up." Jason told the boys and watched as Chris racked the balls, and Aiden stored the cues. Cleaning up after themselves was second nature. Elizabeth taught the boys early to be respectful of their things and their environment. Aiden jogged up the stairs, but Chris hung back some. Jason just waited for his son to speak.

"Is mom going to be alright?" Chris wanted to know. "This is a big change." All four boys adored their mother.

"She'll be fine." Jason promised. "This is a natural part of parenting. Eventually you'll all leave. Some of you might decide that Port Charles will be home, but at least one of you will decide it won't be." The odds were just stacked that way.

"Aiden will be the one to move away." Chris predicted. He and his brother were tight. The same was true of Cam and Jake despite the age gap. He would miss Aiden when he left. "He is talking about studying in Italy."

Jason nodded. Aiden loved their summer trips. They ended up buying a large villa in Venice, but often left the province to visit others. It was only a matter of time before Aiden asked to stay longer when the family's month long vacation ended. Jason figured next summer, and was already getting security set up.

"You don't want to leave?" Jason asked surprised.

"I do, for college, but I think I'll eventually come back." Chris said shrugging. He wanted to run ELQ. "Unless you and mom decide to move someday, and then where ever you end up will be home." All the boys knew what their father did, and none were planning on following in his footsteps. That wasn't the life for them.

"We have time." Jason told his son.

"Jason?" Elizabeth called out.

"Or not." He said making his youngest son laugh. "Come on."

After the ceremony the family gathered at the mansion to celebrate. Lila and Edward had both passed on, but Monica and Alan still lived there. Whenever Ned, Lois, and Brook Lynn were here they stayed over. The same could be said of Dillon and Serena along with their two girls. Emily and Juan had ended up making South America their home base, after her probation ended, but visited often. The distance made the fact that she was no longer close with Jason and Liz easier to bear. Still they were here today to celebrate. Their son Miguel, named after Juan's father, was going to be to graduating from college the year after Jake, so visits would be more frequent.

Diane and Johnny were at the party. The couple were still married, and living at the Towers. Neither one was interested in having children, but frequent visits to Ireland had made it so Diane was close with her nieces and nephews. The young generation of O'Briens often visited, and during one such trip Meghan O'Brien caught the eye of Cam. Now they were dating long distance, with her talking of doing her graduate studies at Harvard when she graduated next year.

Francis, Skye, and their daughter Lila Rae were in attendance. Lila was only a bit younger than Jake so they were often found hanging out. With the tall blonde young man glaring at any guy who looked to long at his cousin. To make it so she had a social life Lila introduced Jake to her good friend Ashley. They made a cute couple and Lila was able to meet her boyfriend Will.

Shawn and Alexis were in attendance. Kristina wasn't here because she was on a photo shoot. She now over saw the public relations arm of Deception. At the moment she was working on a campaign for a new fragrance that the European division, which Maxie ran, was launching. She really liked working for Skye, who now owned the company. Molly was here with her boyfriend TJ. He was Shawn's godson who moved to Port Charles to attend college.

Milo and Georgie were also at the party. They had one son Garrett and daughter Mara, both still in high school. Georgie was working at General Hospital and was considered one of the brightest minds in her field. Milo still worked for Jason, but now as his enforcer. It was already agreed upon that when Jason retired, after Chris graduated from undergraduate school, that Milo would buy the business. He had no interest in returning to Palermo.

Even Dara and Mac were at the party. After leaving the force Mac found himself with a new set of friends. With Dara spending so much time with her partners and their friends Mac tagged along. It turned out he thought Jason wasn't that bad. They had also opted to not have any children.

The big surprise was that Spencer Cassadine was in attendance. He had returned to Port Charles as a college freshman. The medical school, and a desire to meet the aunt his father told him about, brought the young man to the harbor town. It was from Spencer that Elizabeth learned that her sister Sarah was dead. She had fallen down the stairs when he was five, a few months after his grandmother died. With Stefan and Katherine no longer living in the United States updates on the couple stopped. Spencer was funny and open and warm, Nikolas had done a wonderful job with him.

"I think it's time that the man of the honor said a few words." Alan said tapping his glass and turning the floor over to his grandson. He and Monica had been privileged to watch all four boys grow up. After losing Michael and Morgan, who they had never regained contact with, they held their family close.

Cameron just looked around the room at his family. "Thanks, for all the support. I wouldn't have been able to do as well as I did without all of you behind me." He said raising his glass in salute.

"Well said." Jason told his son.

"So it's time for cake right?" Aiden wanted to know.

"Yes, it's time for cake." Monica answered laughing. Aiden like his mom had a large sweet tooth.

"Want to take a walk with me?" Elizabeth asked Jason needing some air.

"Sure." He took her hand in his and led her into Lila's garden.

They walked in silence for a bit. "I never saw this for us." Elizabeth admitted. "When I realized I wanted to be more than your friend, and we kept messing up the timing I never thought this would be us. I just thought you would be the guy I wanted and never had."

"I thought that too. The night you found me sitting on the docks, and I confessed that Sam's baby wasn't mine I told myself I was going to straighten that mess out and then I was going to ask you out." Jason told her smiling. "Then Lucky happened, and as pissed as I am at what he did." All these years later it still made Jason angry to think of how scared Elizabeth had been. "I have to admit he did us a favor."

"That diagnosis cut through all the clutter." Elizabeth got what Jason meant. "We were totally open and honest with one another."

"And now we are here. Years of love behind us, four healthy boys, a lot of family, and more years of love ahead. I love you Elizabeth Morgan." Jason said pulling her close and dipping his head.

"I love you too Jason Morgan." Elizabeth said just before her husband's lips captured hers and talking was no longer necessary.

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