Author's PoV:

Herb walked into the room, which made Jake wake up. When Jake saw Herb, he became nervous. Herb was becoming more and more aggressive every time he entered the room... He walked up to the bed and sat down on it. He said, "Listen, buddy, I'm sorry about earlier..."

"I don't believe you."

"Why not?"

"At first, you said that you'd never kill me, or even hurt me, but you have been hurting me... And you said that you're not joking about killing me... I don't know what to believe, anymore..."

"I just lost my temper, that's all. I really didn't mean it. I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry, Herb... But, in order for me to believe you, you need to let me go..."

"Nice try."

"I'm serious. Prove to me that you won't hurt me, by letting me go."

"You know I can't do that."

"Herb, please, this is ridiculous. You love me, right?"

"Of course I do."

"You love Millie, right?"

"Of course."

"You love my Mom, right?"

"I guess I do, even after she's done what she's done..."

"All of what you're doing doesn't prove your love. If anything, it's hurting the ones you love..." Herb thought over what Jake said. "Please, Herb..."

"Los Angeles Police! Greg Herb Melnick, we know you're in there! Now, come on out!"

"She didn't..." Herb said under his breath. Jake could tell that he was angered. Jake squeezed his eyes shut. If Herb wasn't joking about killing him, he was dead... He was scared. "Come here," He grabbed onto Jake's hair and pulled him off the bed. Jake was pretty much dragged from the windowless room to the outdoors. The building was surrounded by the police with their guns aimed at him. Herb pointed his gun to Jake's head.

"Greg, put the gun down and let the boy go!"

"Herb!" Judith got out of one of the police cars and tried to run to him, but one of the officers held her back.

"Where's Millie?!" demanded Herb.

Judith hesitated before answering, "Not here, Herb."

"You were supposed to bring her! You've disobeyed me twice now! You've brought the cops and you didn't bring Millie!"

"I couldn't put my other child in danger, Herb! And the police had to get involved!"

"I wasn't going to hurt Millie!"

"I've always trusted you, Herb. You've always been the best husband I could ask for. And the best step-Dad for Jake. After this, I don't know how to feel about you, anymore... Please, Herb, just let my baby go! I know you won't shoot him. You couldn't shoot him." Herb thought over what Judith said. Then, Jake took this chance to kick Herb in the shin. Jake ran over to his Mom.

"Get back here, you brat!" It was like Herb had a split personality... Jake ran into his Mom's arms, and the police were over to Herb in an instant.

"You're under arrest for kidnapping and attempted murder." Herb thought, 'Attempted?'

"You didn't succeed in killing Alan, Herb." All she did was glare at him. He took her son and tried to kill Alan... Jake just looked at Herb, while his Mother still hugged him. Then, Herb was taken away. "Thank god you're all right, honey." She couldn't stop crying.

"I'm all right, Mom, really."

"Did he hurt you?"

"No. I'm fine."

"Come on, let's go home,"

Judith brought Jake over to the police car she was in. He got in, then she did. They were taken home. On the way there, Jake said, "Mom, why did Herb act that way? He was always like a Father to me."

"I don't know. He got anger and rage into his head. He's always wanted to have a child of his own. When he found out Millie wasn't his child, he got mad. Very mad."

"And he had to shoot Dad and take me?"

"Like I said, he had rage and anger in his head."

"Do you think Herb would've killed me?"


"But, he shot Dad?"

"Even though he shot your Dad, he wouldn't have brought himself to shoot you."

"I was scared that he was... The way he was acting..." Jake bowed his head, thinking about what Herb called him, which was, "Mama's little boy"... "Mom, do you think I'm still your little boy?"

"Of course you are, honey." She hugged him.

"Herb said it in a mean way, though... He said that I'm still 'Mama's little boy'..."

"You always will be. You take that as a compliment, OK?"

"I can't wait to get back home..."

"I know. Your Dad's awful worried about you."

"Is he OK?" Jake let go of Judith.

"He's just fine. He's at Walden's now. Everyone's there waiting for you."

Jake sighed with relief and said, "I can't wait..."


Everyone was still in the living room, waiting for news about Judith and Jake. The door opened, and in came Judith and Jake. "Jake!" the entire crowd cheered. They all ran over to Jake and hugged him. When Alan hugged Jake, it took a lot of effort to get him to let go.

"Did he hurt you, buddy?"

"No, Dad, I'm fine..." Alan hugged Jake again. He was so relieved that his son was all right... Alan cried... Alan barely ever cried... "Dad, don't... I'm fine..."

"I know... I just... couldn't bare the thought of losing you... I've already lost your Uncle Charlie... I couldn't lose you, too..."

"Well, you didn't, and you won't for a long time... Don't worry about me..."


To be Continued...

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