Squire Keladry; Mother?
What Happened? Kel's 17th Birthday
Out of habit, Kel woke promptly at dawn. Every inch of her body ached. Without
opening her eyes, she remembered it was the weekend and she had no classes. Kel rolled over
and snuggled closer to the warm lump in the bed beside her.
Two hours passed before Kel stirred again. This time she was awake for good. *Why do I
ache so much?* she wondered. Slowly her eyelids fluttered open. She scowled at her strange
surroundings. *How come I'm not in my rooms? And hey! How come I have three arms?* She
gasped still groggy from sleep and from her late night. She turned over and saw Cleon next to her
with his arms tightly wrapped around her. *Oh okay,* Kel thought. *I don't have three arms, that
other one is Cleon's.* Suddenly the whole situation hit her like a ton of bricks. She quickly
realized who was next to her and also what stupid thoughts she was having. "How did I end up in
here?" Kel whispered as the events from last nigh came flooding back to her...

"Come on Kel, just put the blind fold on, please..." Neal pleaded with his friend.
"Why?" Kel asked. "Where are we going to go?"
"To celebrate your birthday of course. Did you forget?"
"I don't want to. Why can't I just stay her, in my rooms. In Peace?" Kel said seriously
and also putting lots of emphases on that last word. The two had been disagreeing for the last
hour but Neal wouldn't give in.
"Because," Neal went on. "Today your seventeen. Kel, that's a big deal. Come on!" He
said attempting to blind fold Kel.
"So your twenty-one."
"Don't bring that up I know I'm getting to be an old man. Come. Please."
"Who's going with us?"
"Cleon, Seaver, Merric, and Owen. Who else?"
"Okay....I'll come if you promise we'll be back by nine."
"KEL! No way, it's seven now that only gives us two hours."
"That's the only way I'll go."
"All right, but once we get there, you might change your mind." Neal announced.
"I doubt it." Kel told him honestly.
"We'll see," he said as he wrapped the cloth securely around her grey-blue eyes and tied it.
Neal took Kel's hand and guided her out of the palace and into the streets. They walked quickly
and Kel had no idea where they were headed. Finally Neal lead her into the large smokey room of
the Dancing Dove. Once safely inside with all of Kel's surrounding her, Neal remove the cloth
from her eyes.
"Surprise!" They all shouted. Kel was taken aback, as Neal guided her to a table with
lots of packages piled on top. Next to that was another table completely smothered with plates
and bowls of delicious looking food. There were also many mugs of a frothy amber liquid. Each
of the guys took one of the mugs as Kel sat at the first table and opened each of the gifts, most of
which came from people who couldn't be there. Kel smiled gratefully and thanked all of her
friends with a great big hug.
"You're not going soft on us now are you, Kel?" Seaver questioned.
"Me? The Yamani Lump? Never." Kel replied wiping a small tear from her eye. Owen
set down his drink and approached Kel.
"Lady Keladry....would you do me...the honor of dancing with this blundering oaf?"
"Certainly. But you're not blundering or an oaf." Owen led Kel to the middle of the floor
and they danced. Rather painfully at that as Owen stamped over Kel's feet. Owen stopped
suddenly and went to get another drink. Kel ran over and took the glass from him.
"Oh no. I think you've had enough."
"Ah, Kel I'm celebratin'!" Owen announced loudly.
"Yeah Kel lighten up,"Neal said pulling out a chair for her to sit on. "Here drink up,"
Neal said sliding a glass of murky brown liquid before her. "You have to be thirsty. You haven't
had a drop all night."
"What is it?" Kel asked skeptically. She was a little parched but she didn't want to start
acting like the rest of her friends.
"Just drink it. Geez! It wont kill you I promise." Neal answered.
"Oh right," Kel answered. "One of us here has to stay sober, look at the rest of you."
Soon after much persuasion Kel took a small sip. Finding it good, and that it warmed her up; she
downed the whole glass. Then she started looking for another; which she found easily. Suddenly
some one grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down onto his lap. Turning to see who it
was Kel found herself staring into Cleon's powerful eyes. He grinned sexily and planted his lips
warmly over her own.
"Wait," Kel said pulling away. "My drink." She got up finished the drink she all ready
had started and went to find two others. Finding them she took one in each hand, set them on the
table, and planted herself rather unstably in Cleon's lap.
"Kiss me," she whispered.
"Gladly." Drunken passion consumed them like fire. "Stop," Kel said coming up for air.
Quickly Kel pulled the gold chain that held her pregnancy charm over her head. Then she plunked
it on the table next to the two empty drink mugs. Kel chuckled. "It's in the way," she replied as
she pulled Cleon closer and picked up where they had ended off.
"We can't do this here," Cleon gasped pausing for breath from their heated kisses. "Not
in front of everyone."
"Let's go back to the palace, then," Kel suggested. No one notice when Kel and Cleon
left together holding hands. Neal was off in one of the rooms of the Dancing Dove, and Kel was
pretty sure he wasn't alone. Seaver and Owen were at he back of the Dove singing a rude song
Kel had never heard before, and Merric was slumped over in his chair passed out...
End flashback

Reaching up to touch the charm that usually hung around her neck for comfort. Kel
gasped, remembering she had left it on the table next to the mugs at the Dancing Dove. "Oh no,"
Kel groaned. "What else could possibly go wrong?"
"Hey Cleon!" The voice was Neal's. Panicking Kel ducked under the covers.
"Cleon, The Lioness gave me this hang over cure, and it really works. I though you could
use some!" Neal said way to cheerfully as he opened the door. "I went to Kel's room but she
wasn't there." Seeing the bulge in the blankets, Neal pulled the covers back. "Kel!" He shouted
upset. "What the...?"
"Neal! Shush!" Kel called, pulling the covers from Neal's hand to cover herself. Hearing
the commotion Cleon finally awoke. He sat up quickly and fell back down."
"Oww!" My head!! Neal, Kel, what are you doing here?" Seeing Kel was in his bed
Cleon look under the sheets, then at Kel. "Oh...Noooo. We seem to be missing some things,"
Cleon said.
"Yeah?" Kel questioned sarcastically. "You sure?"
"Did you two...?" Neal asked a little frightened.
"I don't know!" Kel snapped. "Could you leave, so we can get dressed?"
"Oh...yeah, sure thing," Neal left.
Kel got out of bed and stood slowly stretching. She still had a mondo-big headache. Kel
began looking for her clothes. Kel glanced at Cleon out of the corner of her eyes. His eyes were
diverted and his face was a nice dark shade of red. "What?" She yelled upset.
"You're naked!" He replied.
"So?! You probably saw just as much last night! I can't believe this is happening. She
dressed and looked at Cleon. "Do you remember? Did we... you know...?"
His eyes were down cast. "I think so."
She nodded. "I thought so too. Well get dressed. I'll be in the Hall getting breakfast."