As u all know, I don't own Hatchet. Based on chapter 19 of the book.

After Brian retrieved the survival pack and made it back to the shelter, he was completely unable to move. The sand near the shelter never made him feel so safe and warm. After lots of comfort, he finally slept inside the shelter. The next day, he got his energy back and opened the pack. But what he found in it was not what he expected. It had pots and pans covered in rust, destroyed spoons and forks, rotten food, a sleeping bag filled with moss, a rusty rifle without any bullets, and an emergency transmitter with its bits everywhere. A fish must've made it into the pack.

Brian broke down and cried like a child, with high pitched gasps, that could possibly be heard from miles. All the exhausting plane work for nothing! He soon got dehydrated and passed out. He wanted to wake up and drink water, hunt, anything, but not lie still there. Just then, high pitched cries came from outside of the shelter.

Brian panicked with the cries and tossed the hatchet as strong and fast as possible in the direction of the sound. The sound soon became a sound of a pack of wolves freaking out and fleeing. He slowly went outside to retrieve the hatchet and spotted a lifetime view. A Japanese white and black wolf pup and a black Asian bear with red fur on his head were sniffing the hatchet with blood near a wolf's leg. Brian realized he had done that and saved the little creatures from the fling pack. Brian went back to the shelter and brought them his moldy food. The little guys ate desperately, which gave Brian enough time to study them. They had collars with the address of Central park Zoo in Ney York. They must have escaped and wondered here. They had been injured in some parts of their bodies and the bear was a male while the wolf was a female. They fell asleep as soon as they were done. He gently took them into the shelter and healed them with a first aid kit (the only thing he could actually get a use out of) and slept himself.

The next morning, Brian got up and noticed the little ones were still asleep. They were surely exhausted. He went out, killed a foolbird and brought it back. He shared the marvelous meal with the little guys as soon as they woke up. For the next couple of weeks, it was just like that. The little creatures almost never left the shelter. Just as Brian was starting to suspect they would run away soon, he came back just to find the wolf pup killing a foolbird and bringing it back in. as Brian came in, the little pup put the foolbird on his lap. It must be for me, thought Brian. The bear cub came closer to them and handed him a dead fish. Brian hugged both little ones tightly and whispered their names to them. The wolf was called "Gaea" and the bear was called "Akakuma" (which means "red bear" in Japanese). He now knew they were there to stay.

10 years later…

"Gaea! Akakuma! Let's hunt!" called Brian every day. Now the little creatures had become huge and helped Brian hunt. Thanks to them, moose and large animals were now in the menu. Brian was glad the emergency transmitter was destroyed, for if he was to contact someone, he would never see Gaea or Akakumaagain. He was happy with his two friends. Soon, Akakuma and Gaea met mates and had cubs of their own. Brian was still able to feed the mini-pack due to the cub's great predator instincts. Brian knew God had planned that, because of that, he rejoiced. Brian lived 102 years, without ever losing his hatchet.