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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Chamber of Secrets, May 29, 1993

Harry Potter had just performed the most incredibly stupid act of his young life, at least he thought so, when he willingly stepped into the jaws of Slytherin's Basilisk just for a chance to stab the beast in the only soft spot on its body, the flesh of the great serpent's mouth. Never mind the fact that a twelve year old wizard was even fighting a thousand year old Basilisk, an incredible feat in and of itself, but had also been fighting the King of Serpents with a bloody sword of all things! The fact that said sword belonged to Godric Gryffindor, was forged by Goblins and therefore imbued with great magic was of little comfort to Harry as the Basilisk's bite closed around him.

'Well shit!' Harry thought as the Basilisk closed its jaws around him as the Sword of Gryffindor pierced the giant serpent through the roof of the mouth. The incredible pain that Harry felt in his arm letting him know that one of the Basilisk's huge fangs had punctured him and was injecting the most powerful venom in the world into his body. The only thing that distracted Harry from the searing pain that was travelling up his arm was the massive weight that was suddenly pressing down on him as the Sword of Gryffindor pierced through the Basilisk's brain ending the snake's life and causing the now dead weight of the serpent to crash down on both the boy and the sword that was still stuck inside the beast.

'This is not good, I'm going to be crushed.' Harry thought as he sank to his knees under the dead serpent's weight, the Sword of Gryffindor still in hand and the constant pain of the venom spreading through his body the only things he was aware of anymore. At least they were, until with the sound of a metallic crack the blade of the Sword of Gryffindor cracked only inches above the guard. 'Now what?' Harry questioned mentally as he continued to hold the sword with the same arm that had been pierced by the Basilisk's fang. A small part of Harry's mind wondered if he'd be in trouble for damaging the sword that belonged to Gryffindor before the twelve year old noticed a shiny golden and red liquid begin to seep out of the crack in the blade and run down the guard.

"What is this stuff?" Harry asked himself in a pained gasp as the venom continued to pulse in his veins. The golden and red liquid had now travelled down his arm and covered the wound in Harry's arm which still had the broken off tip of the Basilisk's fang sticking out. 'Never mind,' Harry thought with his remaining focus as he yanked the Sword of Gryffindor out of the Basilisk's mouth and practically fell backwards out of the giant snake's partially opened jaws. 'I still need to save Ginny.' Harry finished in his head as he stumbled closer to the blurring figures a couple dozen meters away. The venom at this point had circulated throughout Harry's body causing his cells to die and his body to start shutting down.

"How are you still alive?" the shade of Tom Riddle demanded as he stared at the half dead Gryffindor wizard that was slowly stumbling towards him and the Weasley girl. It was then Tom noticed the broken fang stuck in Harry's arm. "Well, I guess it doesn't matter now, does it Potter?" Tom questioned with a sneer. "The poison will kill you shortly and I will be reborn when this girl's life fades. Though I imagine you must be in so much pain you probably can't even understand me anymore, hmm?" Tom finished with a cruel grin.

'I've got to find a way to stop him.' Harry thought as he stumbled closer to Tom and Ginny the Sword of Gryffindor held loosely in his right hand. 'I need to get the book away from Ginny.' Harry struggled to think coherently as he fell to his knees and continued to try and crawl towards Ginny's still form. 'Wait…the book. That's it!' Harry thought as the Sword of Gryffindor fell from his right hand as he knelt beside Ginny. The book was less than a meter from the first year Gryffindor girl when Harry ripped the Basilisk's fang from his arm and stabbed the book with it. Thick black ink began to spew forth from the book and Harry vaguely thought he heard the shade of Tom Riddle scream something as he brought the fang down on the book over and over again.

With a deafening scream the shade of Tom Riddle exploded in a burst of light. Harry would have celebrated, as much a dying person could anyway, if he wasn't suddenly racked with a pain even more intense than the Basilisk venom seeping into every part of his body. It felt as if a part of his head, right were his scar was, suddenly exploded outward. Harry screamed at the intense pain as a thick black ichor ran down his face as the Horcrux in his scar was expelled and destroyed by the Basilisk venom. Harry was left barely conscious from the pain before he heard a majestic trilling of birdsong as Fawkes the phoenix landed beside the near dead wizard. Fawkes wasted no time as he began to shed multitudes of his healing tears all over Harry's Basilisk injury. The hole in Harry's arm sealed up, along with the strange gold and red liquid that was still drenching the wound. Fawkes then cried a few tears on Harry's scar causing the famous lightning bolt to seal up and become just a faint line, still noticeable if one was looking for it but now looking like any small scar that was several years old. The healing done Fawkes began to trill a song of joy to help rouse both Harry and Ginny from their unconscious states. Harry was the first to awaken as he stiffly sat up and looked towards the beautiful phoenix before turning his eyes towards Ginny. The Weasley girl looked much better than she had before as color returned to her face and she started to stir.

"Feeling better, Ginny?" Harry questioned lightly as he gave a small grin to the young first year.

"Harry! I'm so sorry! It was Tom! He…he…he took me over. He made me open the chamber! I couldn't do anything." Ginny babbled as she started crying while remembering the past few months that she had been possessed.

"It's all right now, Ginny. Tom is gone and Ron is waiting for us back down the tunnel. Let's get out of here and get you checked out by Madam Pomphrey." Harry replied as he tried to console the distraught girl.

-Time skip: The Next Day-

Harry fidgeted nervously as Madam Pomphrey, McGonagall, and Dumbledore sat around his infirmary bed and asked him for more details about the incident in the Chamber of Secrets. Well Dumbledore and McGonagall asked while Madam Pomphrey was simply running various healing charms and diagnostics over him to make sure he was healthy. Last night, after returning from the Chamber and tricking Lucius Malfoy into freeing his House elf Dobby, Harry was forced to the Hospital Wing were Madam Pomphrey fussed over him for hours before giving him a Dreamless Sleep Draught and putting him into bed. It seemed that now that Harry was rested Dumbledore and McGonagall had decided to ask about what had transpired down in the Chamber. After recounting his time in the Chamber to all three staff members Harry decided to ask a few questions of his own.

"Professor Dumbledore, am I in trouble for damaging the Sword of Gryffindor?" Harry asked with a downcast look afraid that he might be punished for damaging such a priceless relic.

"Of course not Mr. Potter. You used the sword for its intended purpose, to defend yourself and others from harm. I see no reason to punish you for that." Dumbledore replied while McGonagall nodded in agreement. Harry let out a breath of relief which caused all three staff members to smile slightly.

"Madam Pomphrey, are the people that were petrified ok yet?" Harry asked hoping that Hermione and the other students were all right.

"Not yet Mr. Potter, Professor Snape needs one more day to finish the Mandrake Restorative Draught. But by tomorrow all the students will be up and about without harm, though I insist on checking them all over just in case." Madam Pomphrey replied as she continued to cast various diagnostic charms on Harry, frowning lightly as she continued to get a strange reading that didn't match up to any ailment she knew of.

"Thank goodness." Harry sighed with a great deal of relief that soon everyone would be ok. "Can I ask why you're still checking me over so much, Madam Pomphrey?" he asked the school Medi-Witch as he noticed the slight frown she had after several of the charms she cast.

"That is something we also wished to talk to you about, Mr. Potter." McGonagall said as she looked towards her small second year student. "Poppy has informed us that her charms are detecting something rather off with your health. Though she can't tell what it is, we were hoping you might be able to tell us if anything else happened to you while you were in the Chamber of Secrets."

"Not that I can remember, Professor." Harry replied while trying to think harder on his experience last night. "Except when the Sword of Gryffindor was damaged." He stated as he suddenly remembered the strange gold and red liquid that had seeped out of the sword.

"What happened, Harry?" Dumbledore questioned with a calm tone while both McGonagall and Pomphrey turned their attention to the young boy.

"Well when the Sword of Gryffindor broke an odd red and gold liquid seemed to seep out of the inside of the blade. It covered my arm and the wound the Basilisk gave me. My memory is kind of hazy from the pain but I remember Fawkes crying on the wound and it healing with the liquid still inside of it." Harry explained as he recalled the hazy parts of his memory from the previous night. Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Pomphrey all looked somewhat worried at this new revelation.

"Do you feel any pain, nausea, or disorientation, Mr. Potter?" Pomphrey questioned as she ran a few more obscure diagnostic charms on Harry.

"I feel really hungry, but otherwise I feel fine." Harry replied as he thought about having some of each meat dish available at all three meals today.

"That's good to hear, Harry. I think I'll head to my office and examine the Sword of Gryffindor for any remains of this substance to try and determine its identity." Dumbledore stated before the old headmaster stood and left the Hospital Wing.

"I'll have an elf bring you some breakfast, Mr. Potter. You stay in bed until we're sure you're okay." Pomphrey said as she headed towards her office.

"Thank you, Madam Pomphrey." Harry replied before sitting back against the headboard of the infirmary bed. With a small pop one of the Hogwarts House elves appeared with a tray loaded with various breakfast foods from the Great Hall. Harry quickly dug into the eggs and bacon while eyeing the ham appreciatively.

"Slow down, Mr. Potter. I dare say the food isn't going anywhere." McGonagall lightly admonished as she herself was sipping some tea, when she'd gotten it Harry couldn't say.

"Yes, Professor." Harry replied as he slowed down his eating speed. Shortly after finishing his breakfast Harry and McGonagall were rejoined by Dumbledore and Pomphrey.

"Did you discover what the substance from the sword was Albus?" Pomphrey asked hoping to get Harry's health squared away before the students left the next morning on the Hogwarts Express.

"Alas, Poppy, I'm afraid the only thing I was able to determine was that the substance was the blood of a powerful magical creature. I wasn't able to determine which particular creature however I've made a few Floo calls while in my office to some of my colleagues at the ICW. Two specialists in the field of Magical Creature Research and Identification should be arriving momentarily. I've given them the address to the Hospital Wing's Floo and had the school's wards allow them access." Dumbledore said in a calm tone while taking his earlier seat next to Harry's bed again.

"Well I do hope they get here shortly. Mr. Potter's health may still be in jeopardy with this external blood source in his body." Pomphrey stated while fidgeting slightly at not being able to fully care for her paitient. Only a few minutes later the flames in the fireplace flared up and turned green and a witch and a wizard stepped out. Dumbledore quickly stood from his chair and welcomed the two guests to the castle.

"Welcome to Hogwarts and thank you for taking the time to come and help one of our students with the situation he has been placed in." Dumbledore greeted and thanked the witch and wizard from the ICW.

"Not a problem, Mr. Dumbledore." The wizard said with a nod. "My name is Michael Silvercroft, I'm a lead authority on the Identification and Discovery of Magical Creatures in the United States. As well as a fully licensed Magizoologist." Michael introduced himself. He wore a casual light grey suit with a black tie and white undershirt with a darker grey wizard travelling cloak over it.

"When I heard a child had been exposed to unknown Magical Creature blood I volunteered my services. My name is Aleris Athis, I'm also a lead authority on the Identification of Magical Creatures in Greece as well as a Master Healer with a specialty in treating poisoning and infection from most known Magical Creatures." Aleris introduced herself. She wore a dark green travelling cloak with white Healer's Robes on underneath.

"It's wonderful to meet you both, Mr. Silvercroft and Ms. Athis. Allow me to introduce you to the student in question. This is Harry Potter." Dumbledore said as he walked with the two specialists to Harry's bed.

"Hello, Ms. Athis and Mr. Silvercroft." Harry greeted almost expecting them to look towards his forehead to try and see his scar. To Harry's surprise and relief neither of the two seemed to react to his name at all. Both simply returned his greeting with a small smile before asking Madam Pomphrey about his Medical history and anything he might be allergic to while pulling out their wands and scanning Harry with one charm after another. It was almost forty minutes later when Aleris proclaimed that she had figured out what Magical creature the blood belonged to.

"I honestly never expected this of all things." Aleris said as she looked towards Pomphrey, McGonagall, and Dumbledore.

"Is it dangerous?" Pomphrey asked worried that Harry's life might be in danger while she could do nothing to help.

"Not really, though it is incredibly rare." Aleris responded before continuing. "Mr. Potter has come into contact with the blood of a Nemean Lion."

"Nemean Lion? Like the one from Hercules' Twelve Labors?" McGonagall asked to which Aleris nodded her head before replying.

"Yes the very same species. I am very shocked to see that a magical sword in Britain was forged with the blood of a Nemean Lion. Even a thousand years ago the population of Nemean Lions in Greece has been strictly controlled. Their known wizard killers due to their magic resistant hide that cannot be pierced by spell or spear. The only way to keep their population in control is to set up warded spaces that limit their hunting areas which keeps the adult lions from wanting to breed." Aleris explained to the group.

"But why would Godric Gryffindor's sword have been forged with the blood of a Nemean Lion?" Dumbledore questioned. "As far as legend goes Godric had the blade forged by Goblins so that it would take in anything that made it stronger."

"The blood of the Nemean Lion has incredible magical potency, Mr. Dumbledore. It would ensure that the sword wouldn't be damaged from anything that it took in to strengthen itself." Aleris replied getting a nod from Dumbledore.

"I'm afraid I've got some more news that you all may or may not like." Michael spoke up from the opposite side of Harry's bed. All eyes immediately turned towards Michael demanding an explanation. "You can confirm that Mr. Potter was injected with Basilisk venom for a near lethal amount of time before your phoenix saved him with its tears, correct Mr. Dumbledore?" Michael questioned.

"Yes, from what Harry can remember and what Fawkes was able to share with me that seems to be the case." Dumbledore replied still looking towards Michael gravely.

"I thought so. Well the good news is Mr. Potter will be fully recovered in a few months as long as he gets plenty of food and sleep." Michael informed everyone though there wasn't a trace of a smile on his face as he delivered the good news. All the other occupants in the room took notice of this fact.

"What's the bad news, Mr. Silvercroft?" Harry questioned lightly a look of dread on the twelve year olds face.

"The bad news is that because the Basilisk venom killed so many of his cells before the phoenix tears were administered Mr. Potter couldn't be healed in the normal sense of the word. Phoenix tears can't bring anything dead back to life after all. So instead of using Mr. Potter's cells to repair the damage from the Basilisk venom the phoenix tears used the incredibly powerful blood cells that came from the blood in the sword and were trapped inside Mr. Potter's veins when the phoenix tears sealed up the wound to repair the damage to Mr. Potter's body." Michael explained as he began rifling through one of the magically expanded pockets of his cloak.

"What does this mean for Mr. Potter?" Pomphrey asked with concern as Harry sat on his bed trying to make sense of Michael's explanation.

"It means Mr. Potter is very lucky to be alive right now." Aleris replied while smiling gently at Harry. "Though I'm sure Mr. Silvercroft has a bit more to add to explanation." She said while Michael nodded in confirmation.

"Yes, Ms. Athas is correct." Michael confirmed before continuing his explanation. "Mr. Potter will need large meals three times a day for the next two months and plenty of rest while his body goes through its change."

"Change? What change?" Harry asked focusing intently on Michael for an answer.

"The same change quite a few other witches and wizards have made throughout the ages, Mr. Potter." Michael replied. "You're becoming a therianthrope, a wizard or witch that is no longer fully human but part human and part magical beast. To my knowledge you, Mr. Potter, will be the first of an entirely new species. There has never been a Nemean Lion therianthrope in recorded history." Michael finished as he finally fished a somewhat large book out of his expanded pocket and began flipping through it.

"So Mr. Potter is becoming a Were…lion?" McGonagall questioned in shock that another one of her cubs would be afflicted by a similar curse to Remus Lupin's lycanthropy.

"Incorrect, Ms. McGonagall." Michael replied while still flipping through his book. "Lycanthropy is an easily spreadable magical virus that forces the witch or wizard infected with it to transform on the nights of the full moon into a half human half wolf creature. A therianthrope is not affected by the phases of the moon and has complete control of their transformations once the practice shifting between their forms. There is also the fact that unlike lycanthropy a therianthropes whole body is altered both physically and magically over the course of two or so months until their first instinctual transformation."

"What kind of changes are we talking about, Mr. Silvercroft?" Dumbledore questioned as Harry simply sat on the bed in shock.

"Mr. Potter will undergo a complete biological change. His bones will alter until they can comfortably switch form from a purely human shape to a half human half Nemean Lion shape and then into a full Nemean Lion shape. His musculature, organs, cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems will also grow and alter to be able to deal with these three states of being so that he will feel no discomfort or pain from changing from one form to the next. That's why he'll need three large meals everyday as well as plenty of rest at night for the next two months. His body will require food for energy and material to build and alter his systems while he sleeps." Michael explained as he stopped flipping through his book.

"What'll happen if I don't get enough food or sleep for the next two months?" Harry asked worried about his summer with the Dursleys. They never gave him enough to eat or let him sleep for a full nine hours.

"Your body will tear itself apart trying to find the energy it needs to make the change and you'll die, without a doubt." Michael replied gravely before quickly glancing at the door. Mere seconds after Michael had looked towards the Hospital wing doors they were pushed open and the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, along with his toad looking, pink wearing Senior Undersecretary, Delores Umbridge marched through the doors.

"We just heard everything this man has said Dumbledore. Mr. Potter is no longer human and that means he isn't allowed a wand." Umbridge stated with a horribly fake sweet voice while Fudge nodded his head slightly.

"I'm afraid Delores is correct, Dumbledore. The laws are clear on Mr. Potter's situation. He'll have to have his wand snapped and be held by the Ministry until we can determine what kind of threat he is to others." Fudge announced while Harry just stared in shock.

'Is this it?' Harry thought to himself shocked. 'I'm going to have my wand snapped and the ministry is just going to cart me away like some rabid animal?' Seeing the look on Harry's face both Dumbledore and McGonagall moved to intercept the Minister and Umbridge.

"I'm afraid you can't do that, Mr. Minister." Michael spoke up from behind everyone while holding up his book. Harry's head quickly turned towards Michael a look of hope in his eyes that maybe everything would work out.

"The law is clear, sir." Umbridge said in the same fake sweet voice. "Who are you anyway?" she demanded with a sneer.

"My name is Michael Silvercroft, I'm a lead authority on the Identification and Discovery of Magical Creatures in the United States. As well as a fully licensed Magizoologist." Michael introduced himself. "I'm also an ICW regulator." He added at the end. Umbridge quickly lost her sneer as her face paled considerably. ICW regulators were wizards and witches that could legally enter any magical country that was a part of the ICW and perform investigations and make reports to the ICW about any member country that didn't adhere to the laws set by the ICW for all of its member nations.

"I'm so sorry." Umbridge tried to make an apology but Michael quickly cut her off.

"If you hadn't of barged in earlier you'd know that I was just about to inform Mr. Potter of the laws that pertain to people like him." Michael spoke with authority before turning to Harry and beginning to read from the book. "Any witch or wizard that is part Magical Creature but poses no threat of infection to other witches or wizards is to be treated to the full rights and privileges granted to any fully human witch or wizard." Michael read off from the ICW international law book.

"I believe that means Mr. Potter is still entitled to his full rights as a citizen of Magical Britain, considering that Magical Britain is a member nation of the ICW." Aleris stated and received a nod from Michael in response.

"Furthermore," Michael continued to read from the law book. "In regards to Magical Creature Human hybrids that can bring others into a similar state of being, i.e. transforming another into the same species as themselves; so long as the transformation is done willingly by both parties without the coercion of spells, potions, brainwashing, torture, etc. the Magical creature Human hybrid may turn as many individuals as they desire so long as the hybrid's household can support and take responsibility for the actions of any individual that they transform." Michael finished while closing the book.

"But he could infect this entire school he is a danger to other witches and wizards!" Umbridge stated in triumph while pointing accusingly at Harry who turned towards Michael for an answer.

"While it is true that therinathropes can transform others. They cannot do so through a simple bite like a vampire or werewolf. Therianthropes must give at least a pint of their blood to another witch or wizard to transform them. So long as Mr. Potter doesn't force the transformation on anyone else he is perfectly within his rights to attend school and turn anyone who wishes to join him as a therianthrope, provided the House of Potter can financially support the new therianthrope and will take responsibility for any actions of the newly transformed individual." Michael explained as Harry for the first time since learning of his new state of being actually smiled.

"Well, I guess that covers everything then." Fudge said as he turned towards Dumbledore. "Dumbledore I'll need to speak with you about this whole Chamber of Secrets business tomorrow morning in my office at the Ministry." After receiving a nod from Dumbledore Fudge quickly made his way towards the Hospital Wing's Floo and left the school to avoid the any fallout from the ICW regulator's presence. Umbridge huffed loudly before following after the Minister.

"Mr. Potter, I believe that my and Mr. Silvercroft's work here is done. So we'll leave you in the capable hands of your Professors." Aleris spoke up as she and Michael started to head towards the Floo.

"Thank you for everything." Harry replied with a smile directed at the two people who helped keep his life as a wizard intact.

"Don't mention it, Mr. Potter." Michael said with a dismissive wave. "Also, Ms. Athis and I will have to document you as a new species of therianthrope. Do you have any preferences for a name?" he asked as Aleris and Michael stood in front of the Floo.

"Not particularly, I've never even considered naming a new species." Harry answered honestly. 'How often does someone just get to randomly name a species anyway?' Harry wondered to himself mentally.

"Then do you mind if we submit your new species as Nemea Leonthrope?" Aleris asked politely.

"That's fine I guess." Harry replied still a bit dazed that he was suddenly the first of an entire new species.

"Maybe just Leonthrope for short, eh Mr. Potter?" Michael questioned playfully before stepping through the Floo followed by Aleris.

"Sir, how am I going to survive the summer? My relatives have never let me sleep a full nine hours a night and I'm never given large meals by Aunt Petunia or Uncle Vernon." Harry asked while looking at Dumbledore for help.

"Alas I'm afraid you must stay at your Aunt's home for at least two full weeks Harry. It is the only way the protection you get from living there will work." Dumbledore replied before stroking his beard in thought. "Though I'm sure the Weasleys wouldn't mind taking you in for the remainder of the summer. I do believe I may have a solution for this problem. Dobby, could you come here for a moment?" Dumbledore called out.

"What can Dobby be helping Professor Long Beard with?" Dobby asked after appearing with a pop.

"Harry, I trust you know this House Elf?" Dumbledore questioned with a smile. Harry nodded while waving at Dobby, who waved back excitedly. "Dobby, would you like to bond with Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore questioned the hyper elf.

"Be the Great Harry Potter's elf?" Dobby asked in disbelief.

"If Harry is willing of course." Dumbledore replied looking towards the boy who was currently staring at his headmaster.

"How would that work Professor?" Harry questioned as Dobby appeared to bounce lightly in place.

"As your House elf Dobby can provide you with almost anything you could need. From plenty of food to enough time to sleep at night. Even while you are at your Aunt's home." Dumbledore answered while watching the excited elf practically bounce around.

"If you're willing to help me out Dobby I'd be glad to take you as my elf." Harry said with a grin as Dobby practically flew towards his new master with tears of joy in his big tennis ball shaped eyes.

-End Chapter-


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