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Chapter 28 – The Nemea Leonthropes of Magical Britain

Summer between Fourth Year and Fifth Year was amazing for Harry and his Family. Tonks and Harry had consummated their relationship, multiple times at that, and a few of his girlfriends were dropping hints of their own. They'd all visited Fleur, Gabrielle, Appoline, and Marius in France for two weeks. The girls had all been happy to show off on the French beaches for Harry. Lavender and Susan had gotten a bit curvier over the last year. The blonde and redhead both had a little competition over 'who was curvier' with Harry as the sole judge! Fifteen year old Harry had absolutely ZERO problems with this!

Tonks had indeed gotten her Commendation from the Ministry. Hearing her recount how angry Umbridge had looked about it never failed to get a laugh out of them. She'd even been promoted from Auror to Senior Auror for her work. She was one of the fastest to rise through the Ranks of the DMLE in years. Having gone from Junior Auror under Alastor Moody, to Auror, and now to Senior Auror in only four years was incredibly fast. But she complained that the promotion had also brought her more parchment work to do.

Without Voldemort and his Followers around anymore, Harry and his girlfriends had a normal Fifth Year at Hogwarts. They attended classes, did homework, and went on dates. In early December, Lavender had asked to see Harry alone in an out of the way corridor. It was with a swell of excitement that Lavender had pulled Harry into an abandoned classroom that she'd, apparently, been 'sprucing up' for just this moment.

"Is that a bed?" Harry asked Lavender with wide eyes.

"Oh my~ it DOES seem to be a bed~" Lavender teased him a she led him towards the bed by the hand. "Whatever could we possibly do with it~?" Harry responded by pulling Lavender into a soft kiss. The blonde moaned softly as they wrapped their arms around each other. When they pulled back Lavender was smiling warmly at him. "Harry, I love you~"

"I love you too, Lavender~" Harry smiled at her as they gently held each other. A few soft kisses were exchanged as hands began to wander. With a giggle Harry's robes were undone by Lavender's hands. The buxom blonde was quick to shimmy out of her own when Harry undid the clasp. Harry's tie was grabbed and he was pulled into a heated kiss by Lavender. With the passion increasing by the second Harry simply tore Lavender's button-up shirt open, freeing her large breasts and sending the buttons flying. "No bra?" Harry raised an eyebrow as he tore his gaze from Lavender's tits.

"It would get in the way~" Lavender breathed out as she guided his hands to her chest. Harry cupped her large breasts and began to play and explore. He had some experience with Tonks from the summer and began playing with Lavender's hard nipples. "Mmm~ Harry~" The blonde mewled as her boyfriend played with her boobs.

The two slipped out of the rest of their clothing in short order. Lavender had blushed prettily when she revealed herself completely to Harry. For his part Harry couldn't stop his eyes from roaming over her beautiful body. She trimmed herself, he found out, and Lavender giggled when he kissed her and told her he liked it. The curvy blonde had a boost from his words and crawled onto the bed. She made sure to give him a little show; shaking her bum for him and letting him see everything from behind.

Harry couldn't keep himself still with such a show. He climbed onto the bed behind Lavender and began to fondle her lovely bum. The blonde moaned when Harry's finger began to explore her core. She was already so turned on; the extra stimulation was just making her completely soaked! With a yelp, Lavender was turned over so that she lay back on the bed. Harry's lips found hers and she moaned into the deep kiss they shared. With a happy coo their lips separated and Harry began to kiss his way down her body; her cheek, her neck, her collarbone, both of her breasts, both nipples, down her tummy, just above her center, then a kiss to each thigh. Lavender was already panting and Harry hadn't even gotten to the best part! With a smoldering look of passion Harry's lips met her soaked core and Lavender moaned lewdly!

"Harry~" Lavender moaned wantonly as her fingers threaded through his hair and pulled him as close to her sex as possible. "Aah~ Yes~ Harry~!" Harry put all of his experience with Tonks to use as he worked to pleasure his girlfriend. From her moans, mewls, and coos, he'd say he was doing a damn good job! Lavender began to instinctively buck her hips after some time. Harry had to firmly hold her thighs open to prevent them from closing around his head. With a shriek Lavender hit her peak and Harry continued his ministrations throughout her orgasm. The blonde collapsed back onto the bed a few moments later as Harry pulled back from her drenched sex.

"Got a little loud there, Love~" Harry purred at her with a grin.

"Mmm~" Lavender grinned at him lovingly. "Your turn~" Harry couldn't tell you HOW she'd done it, but Lavender had flipped their positions and now Harry was the one lying back on the bed. With a smoldering look of passion, love, and lust directed at him, Lavender kissed the head of his cock. Harry exhaled deeply as he kept eye contact with Lavender.

The buxom blonde kissed her way up and down Harry's length. When she got to the base she licked the underside all the way to the tip in one long stroke of her tongue. Harry growled at the sensations and Lavender grinned salaciously at him before taking him into her mouth. Harry's hand moved to the back of her head. He wasn't grabbing her to take control; he simply ran his fingers through her long locks as she bobbed her head along his length. With time Lavender worked more and more of his length into her mouth. Her tongue was never idle as she lavished attention on his cock. Pulling back, and kissing his cockhead again, Lavender winked at him before taking him back into her mouth and then she surprised him by going further. The teen barely stifled a roar with a rumble from his throat as Lavender took him into her throat. Clearly she didn't have experience, or cheat-y Metamorph powers like Tonks, but Lavender had deep throated him!

"Lav~ Fuck~" Harry rumbled out as his fingers continued to run through her silky locks. Lavender hummed, which made Harry jolt in pleasure, as she worked his shaft into her tight throat. They held each other's gaze as the beautiful blonde pulled him out of her throat, took a breath, and then went back down. This pace was set and Harry could only groan and pant as Lavender worked his length over with her mouth and throat. Harry lost track of time quickly as all of his senses focused only on Lavender and the pleasure she was giving him. She made him come undone in what was probably a rather short amount of time. "Lav!" Harry rumbled out and Lavender pulled him from her tight throat and stroked what she didn't have in her mouth. Harry unloaded into her hot mouth and Lavender let out the lewdest, muffled moan he'd ever heard.

"All gone~" Lavender teased a few moments later as she opened her mouth and lolled out her tongue. Harry felt himself twitch at the naughty display. With a growl he flipped their positions again and Lavender giggled as their fingers entwined and she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Make love to me, Harry~" She gazed at him with such raw emotions in her eyes that Harry's lips met her without conscious thought. Harry eased his way into her soaked slit, slowly; little by little he filled her. Lavender mewled and tightened her grip on their entwined hands and both of them moaned as Harry hilted himself to the base inside of her.

"You're so tight, Love~" Harry kissed Lavender again.

"Harry~ so full~ I can feel you inside my tummy~" Lavender cooed at him as they both got used to the feeling of being one. An experimental roll of her hips had both Harry and Lavender moaning again as shocks of pleasure shook their bodies. The two began to slowly form a rhythm all their own as Harry thrust into her in time with her rolling hips. The two panted, moaned, and purred as they made love. Their lips met over and over again, tongues playing in each other's mouths as they chased the peak of their pleasure together. Lavender tightened her legs around Harry's waist and her pussy fluttered as she hit her peak. "Harry~!"

"Lavender~!" Harry roared back as Lavender forced him as close as possible with her legs. Harry felt himself push up against something inside of Lavender as he crashed over the edge. The couple found each other's lips again as they came. Lavender dazedly moaned as Harry's warm seed filled her up. Harry likewise purred as he kissed her and continued to fill his girlfriend with his release. They practically collapsed from their coupling and Harry quickly rolled to his side and pulled Lavender close, never removing himself from within her depths.

"Harry~" Lavender cooed as she snuggled close to her boyfriend's warmth.

"Lav~" Harry purr back as he tilted her chin and captured her lips again.

"That was amazing~" Lavender snuggled against him.

"You're amazing." Harry smiled as he gently nibbled her ear. Lavender mewled at the teasing.

"Harry, year after next I hit my Majority," Lavender murmured to him. "I want the change, I want to be with you forever~"

"If you want it at that time, I'll be happy to give it to you." Harry promised as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"Good, I'm not changing my mind~" Lavender smiled lovingly at him.

"I love you, Lavender~" Harry kissed her again.

"Love you too, Harry~" Lavender kissed back. She pulled back from the kiss to giggle as she felt her boyfriend get hard against her body again. "Is that for me~?"

"If you're up for round two…" Harry grinned at her.

"I might be~" Lavender teased as she pushed her wet sex against his hard length. She squealed when Harry flipped her over onto her tummy and lifted her hips up. She was in the classic 'face down, ass up' position. "Harry~!"

"You said you were ready you teasing minx~" Harry grinned at her as he gripped her hips and lined himself up.

"I wasn't going to tell you to stop~" Lavender purred as she shook her bum. "Oooh~" The buxom blonde moaned as Harry entered her again. His hands came around her body to cup her large tits and she threw her hips and ass back into his first thrust. "Fuck~" Lavender moaned as the new position sent bolts of pleasure into her brain. She could definitely get used to this! Whenever they had the time to be together, and at the end of every date from now on too!

After hearing about Lavender and Harry consummating their relationship the other girls were noticeably more amorous. Hermione, who'd been made Prefect along with Neville for their Fifth Year, was torn between enforcing the Rules and not getting in the way of her 'sisters' as they made their choice to deepen their relationship. Harry had a VERY fond memory of Parvati making a comparison to her Goddess namesake and how they both 'rode' a lion. The fact she said this while straddling him during their first bout of lovemaking only made both of them grin. Padma had simply led him off after a date to her own spruced up hidden love nest. The Ravenclaw of many talents had proven to be quite adept at lovemaking with some practice. Susan had just pulled Harry down one day after they'd been practicing Spells together. The redhead had been VERY passionate that evening as they showed their love for each other. They'd both left their practice room flushed, sweaty, and oh so satisfied!

O.W.L.s had gone well for their Family. Hermione took the top spot easily for their Year. Harry had made it into N.E.W.T. Classes for Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, and Potions. Against Dumbledore's wishes, and in spite of standing as his Legal Defense, Snape had been accused, charged, and convicted of being a Death Eater. The greasy, hateful man was now in Azkaban along with the rest of Voldemort's Death Eaters. Their new Potions Professor, a Horace Slughorn, was an actual teacher and made lessons enjoyable and informative.

In Sixth Year, Hermione and Harry consummated their relationship. The lovely young lady that Hermione had blossomed into over the years Harry had known her; was certain in her feelings and her love. They'd made love after a Hogsmeade date and Harry had done everything in his power to show his beautiful brunette Love how much he loved and adored her. They'd stayed in each other's arms the entire evening and had fallen asleep together with smiles on their faces. Harry still chuckled at how Hermione had freaked out that they'd both violated Curfew when she'd woken up the next morning. Lovemaking became a regular thing between them shortly afterwards. Hermione was quite the wildcat in the privacy of their 'bedroom'. Their lovemaking often involved trying new positions and things. Hermione had told him she wanted the Change for her eighteenth birthday. Harry was more than happy to agree to give it to her when the time came.

The summer between Sixth and Seventh Year saw Fleur and Harry consummating their own love. The Veela and the Leonthrope were both so enamored with each other that Tonks had pouted about Fleur trying to hog all the 'Harry Time'. Fleur had suggested that Tonks simply join in. Whether or not Fleur had actually expected Tonks to take her up on the offer was unknown. But the beautiful Veela certainly hadn't complained when Tonks DID join them in bed! Harry had nearly been run ragged trying to keep up with both of his eldest girlfriends at the same time. He wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING though! He was tired, exhausted even, but no way in hell would he ever disappoint! A King had his pride after all!

Luna and Harry had been the last to consummate their love. The spacey, petite blonde had happily confirmed that she wanted the Change. From there she and Harry had kissed, then deepened said kiss, neither remembered removing their clothing. Luna proved to be a deeply loving and passionate woman. Their bodies moved to a rhythm only they could hear. The two had not stopped until well into the early hours of the morning. Thankfully it was a Saturday and they didn't miss any classes by sleeping in until noon. Luna had giggled that Hermione might have woken them up if it had been a school day. The brunette had, with blushing cheeks, denied that she would have done such a thing. Luna had smiled as she hugged her 'sister' for all she was worth.

Incidentally, Luna was the second Nemea Leonthrope to be Changed. Her father, Xenophilius Lovegood, had given his blessing for it at the end of the School Year. Luna had her first instinctive transformation in mid-August of the summer. Harry's Therian Instincts had been purring the whole summer and well into the fall from the joy. Lavender made her first transformation two and a half months after her seventeenth Birthday. Parvati and Padma had taken the Change on their birthday as well and both sisters had dragged Harry off the night of their very first transformation. All three had returned the next morning with bright smiles and were completely unrepentant! Susan had also taken the Change on her seventeenth birthday, jokingly stating that it was now Tradition; and the Bones Heiress had happily padded around both the Potter and Bones Manor Grounds that summer in her Full Lion Form while her aunt watched on. Hermione, after going over every facet of the Change with her parents, had taken the Change on her nineteenth birthday in September. She'd acquiesced to her parent's request that she wait until she finished her Hogwarts Education. The growing population of Nemea Leonthropes had all of their Therian Instincts purring happily for the longest time.

In a surprising turn of events, especially to Tonks and Fleur, Luna had gotten pregnant first! The petite Leonthrope had been all smiles when they'd found out. Harry, Tonks, Lavender, Parvati, Padma, Hermione, and Susan had all been extra protective of their smallest Family member during her pregnancy.

On October Seventh of Nineteen Ninety Nine, Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood became parents to a healthy baby boy.

Leon Pan Lovegood was the first, Natural Born, Nemea Leonthrope in the world. The baby had dark blonde hair, a mixture of his parents, and green eyes with a hint of his mother's, almost mystical, gleam. Harry had only let his son out of his arms under threat of mauling from his Loves. They all wanted a chance to hold the baby too!

Marriage came quickly afterwards. Harry spent from the vast Potter Fortune to give each of his fiancés the wedding of their dreams. Each wedding was covered as if a member of the Crown Family was being wed! Harry couldn't care about any of that though. His heart was full to bursting every time he saw one of his Loves being walked down the aisle to him. Tonks, Fleur, Hermione, Lavender, Susan, Padma, Parvati, his heart nearly leapt from his chest each time he saw them walking towards him in their own chosen wedding dress.

Unsurprisingly, after the Honeymoons a few of the women found themselves with child as well. Fleur had been glowing with joy when her pregnancy was confirmed. Likewise Tonks was fondly rubbing her slowly swelling tummy for the full nine months of her pregnancy.

Fleur gave birth to an absolutely adorable daughter that she and Harry named Victoire. The girl was a Veela, just like all daughters born to a Veela. Her silvery-blonde hair and bright green eyes had Harry wrapped around her finger from day one. Green eyes were uncommon in Veela and Fleur considered it a wonderful thing. Harry would state that his daughter was perfect no matter what. Fleur had to have the other 'sisters' run interference since Harry didn't want to let go of his children.

Tonks had given birth to a baby boy. Theodore 'Teddy' Potter was both a Leonthrope and a Metamorph, just like his mother. Tonks had been overjoyed at seeing her son change his hair and eye color the first time. The Senior Auror had been brought to tears as she held her baby boy. Harry had been threatened with a vicious mauling if he tried to monopolize time with Teddy, by Tonks. The two were clearly going to be doting parents; though that was just how Harry was with all of his children.

Parvati was the next to get pregnant. The lovely fashionista had been brought to tears when it was confirmed. Her mother and grandmother had thrown a huge celebration for the whole Family. Padma had joked that they missed their chance to get pregnant at the same time. Parvati had hugged her twin sister and Harry could only wait with a smile on his face for his next child to be born. Parvati didn't disappoint either! The beautiful Indian Witch had given birth to twins! A boy and a girl; Rittvan Potter was their son and Layra Potter was their daughter. Harry had been beside himself with joy as he held the twins for the first time.

Padma had found out she was pregnant just two months after her niece and nephew were born. She'd hugged Harry for all she was worth and Parvati had gotten to play 'Experienced Sister' to her twin with a smile on her face. This had, of course, prompted the Patils to throw another large celebration! Padma, in a strange turn of Fate, had also given birth to twins! In Padma's case it was to identical twin girls! Disana Potter and Mysha Potter easily had their father under control from the moment they were born. Just like their other siblings.

Hermione had been next; having been working her way up the Ministry she'd taken precautions to avoid pregnancy. Seeing all the babies must have set off something within because she was beyond ecstatic to find out she was pregnant. She became very careful of what she ate and drank, and made sure to get the opinion of her mother and her 'sisters' during her pregnancy. She'd given birth in the spring and Harry had once again fallen in love with his newborn child. Adrian Potter was Harry and Hermione's son, and Harry's fourth son over all. The bundle of joy had the messy hair of his parents and dark green eyes. Hermione had been in tears from her joy as she held her baby. Harry had hugged both of them close and Hermione had proven to be just as doting as Harry was, even refusing to let Harry hold their son until she fell asleep after the birth.

Lavender had apparently taken the fact that she hadn't gotten pregnant yet as a personal challenge. One which Harry was more than happy to help her correct! It had been their Honeymoon all over again, this time with absolutely no protection or contraception of ANY kind. They'd succeeded and nine and a half months later Lavender gave birth to a beautiful daughter of her own. Sparse blonde hair on the little girls' head hinted at a dark blonde matching her mother's. Harry and Lavender cooed to their little girl as they held her. Lavender had brought Harry to tears when she'd asked him about the name Lily. So it was that Lily Potter came to the family as Harry's fifth daughter.

Susan had been the last to get pregnant. She'd followed her aunt's footsteps into the Auror Corps and worked her way up. She was in line for a promotion to Senior Auror when they found out the wonderful news. Susan gave birth in the fall to a healthy baby boy that they named Edward Bones. Both of them had been overjoyed at the first sight of their son. He had sparse, dark red hair, and brilliant green eyes that matched his father's. Amelia had been over the moon to meet her grand-nephew.

Both Fleur and Tonks had gotten pregnant a second time not long after Edward was born. Fleur had given Harry another beautiful baby girl. Domonique Potter was born in the early summer with silvery-white hair and equally green eyes like her older sister. Fleur had beamed at seeing Harry's 'mesmerizing' eyes passed on again. Harry had another child that he would do anything for as he held Domonique so that Victoire could see her little sister.

Tonks had given birth to another boy. He was even a Metamorph like his older brother and mother! For a Magical Ability that had disappeared from the Black Family generations ago, Tonks was proving remarkably capable of passing it on to her children; something the Leonthrope Queen was ever so pleased about. Harry, Sirius, and Remus had all teared up when Tonks had smiled and named him James. All of Harry's children were doted upon by their parents, grandparents, surrogate uncles and, as Sirius called himself, Grand-Godfather.

Harry went on to become a Warder and Broom Crafter. He'd personally placed the Wards on the Potter Manor, the Bones Manor, and at the Rookery were the Lovegoods had lived for the last three generations. It was just before his oldest children would be going off to Hogwarts that Harry made a Broom that took the Quidditch World by storm! He called it the Sunlight and it had some of the best control and speed to ever be seen in a broom! Professional Quidditch Teams around Magical Europe wanted them for their Seekers and Chasers! It went without saying that the Potter Family only got richer than they had been before.

Harry Potter looked out over his Family; his Wives, his Children and he couldn't be happier. At the age of thirty-one he felt perfectly content with his life. The Nemea Leonthropes had truly found their place in the Magical World. It was with a grin that he noticed his children calling for him.

"Come on Papa! Come play with us!" Called out his youngest children. With a smile Harry leapt off the large back porch and transformed into his Full Lion Form. He padded after his children much to their cries of delight. When he increased the speed a bit his children all transformed as well! It was with laughter in the air that Lavender, Parvati, Tonks, Luna, Susan, Fleur, Padma, and Hermione watched as Harry's massive Lion Form trotted after his many 'cubs' in a playful chase. The Family was full of love and joy and none of them would trade their lives for anything. Many of them let out giggles as they watched their children turn on their pursuing father and gang up on him. Watching Harry playfully go down to the ground as he was swarmed by his children was adorable. Seeing the young 'cubs' playfully climbing on their father and rolling around with him in the grass of their home would always bring a warm smile to their faces.

Harry Potter, the First Nemea Leonthrope, had truly found his place in the World.

-End Chapter-


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