Prologue: Life End

Today was probably the best day of my life.

I had spent the day on my first ever date, with my first ever girlfriend.

Imagine that, me Hyoudou Issei, member of the infamous Perverted Trio of Kuoh academy , who through the sheer power of my libido stood equal amongst the two other members of this brotherhood of teenaged lust and perversion even without the special abilities possesed by the other members, Matsuda and Motohama.

Whose parents cried themselves to sleep at night reflecting on their failures in raising their child and had long ago resigned themselves to never having any grandchildren they prop on their knee and tell stories to.

Who had cried tears of joy upon the news of my girlfriend and spent two hours on their knees thanking every god they could think of that they might, just might have a chance of actually seeing grandchildren.


I am not a very good person am I ?

Well that changes now, I just spent an entire day with a pretty girl, take that former 17 years of loneliness and my right hand!

The date was picture perfect, even with me being so nervous I went to the meeting place three hours in advance and somehow enden up being accosted by some busty girl in a bat themed outfit who shoved a flier with a wierd magicky looking circle in my face when I tried to avoid her. I took it with me just so she would stop.

From then things only got better, I met up with her and we did everything a highschool couple were supposed to do on a date.

Hell I even did it all in the right order!

Seriously I checked through many many female magazined in my quest to plan this date, and even though I was exposed to the horrors of make up AKA liar's powder, I managed to glean the information I needed to plan for this date.

Even though I will never again look at make up the same way.

But I digress.

All good things had to come to end and our date was no exception. So here I was, in a deserted park at just the right time in the evening to see the sun hit the horizon in a beautiful picturesque explosion of orange, yellow and red.

Strangely enough, it was her who requested we end the date at this location and at this timing. Her name was Amano Yuuma, Evening Daze, how very poetic.

Yuuma seperated from where she was linked around my arm and ran ahead to a fountain.

" I had alot of fun today. " she turned around and said smiling .

I'm happy.

"Hey Issei, " she continued, that sweet smile still on her face.

"Yes Yuuma? "

"I have a request for our first date. Can you listen to my wish?"

For her, for this beautiful creature in front of me, for Yuuma, anything.

"Of course Yuuma go ahead."

Here it comes. Time to make mom and dad proud.

"Will you die for me ? "



Wait what.

That smile on her face, it was still there but now it seemed to grow decreasingly innocent and happy and more and more sinister.

"I'm sorry Yuuma, could you say that again I'm afraid I might have heard you wrong. "

At least I hoped I was wrong.

"Will you die for me ? " She repeated, that same increasingly sinister smile on her face.

Okay not wrong then. Fuck.

She took my silence as a cue to transform. Yes transform, she grew taller, her features sharper, her figure far more buxom. The clothes she wore disappeared and in their place were strips of leather barely covering her body in a twisted caricature of clothing and armor, black wings like that of a crow sprouted from her back.

... Wow those boobs. Wait wait no no no focus focus.

Flapping her wings she took flight a few metres into the air. All the while with the smile that was now a sneer of superiority marred her features.

Motes of light gathered in her hand to make a spear. Just by looking i could tell it was deadly, but most of all I could feel the power in the spear, it would be a bad idea to get hit by that.

She threw the spear.

I tried to dodge but before I could move, the spear had embedded itself in my stomach.

"It was fun, like playing house with a child. "

The spear dispersed into motes of light and left a gaping, bleeding hole in my stomach. Blood poured forth from my mortal wound as I sank to my knees, strength having long left my legs.

"Why ?" Why indeed, when I would have given you the world should you have asked.

She smiled, a faux-innocent smile.

"Because you are a threat to us, if you want to blame anyone blame the God that put the sacred gear in you."

I collapsed onto the ground, she turned and flew off. Not bothering to even give my dying corpse another glance.

So this is how it ends, alone, bleeding out from a hole in my guts, slain by the woman I loved.

I feel ... so ... cold.

Mother, father, forgive your son for having brought nothing but shame to you. Forgive me for not being able to give you grandchildren.

Matsuda, Motohama, sorry I cant watch that AV with you, please... take my porn and destroy it, don't let it see the light of day.

Guess I won't be able to grope breasts after all...




Why does it have to be me?

Why do I have to die?

Sacred gear? Don't give me that shit I don't even know what the fuck that is.

Am I going to die just because something thinks I'm going to be a threat to them because of 'something' that I may posess.


Why why why why why why why why why WHY ME.

The tears of frustration flowed freely down my face.

With all my strength I moved my left hand into the air, with all my heart I wished.

"I want to live." It was barely a whisper, the death throes of an unfortunate young man.

My vision began to fade, all feeling began to fade.

A pair of soft hands gripped my own, they belonged to the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Her hair was the deepest crimson, and was the last thing I ever saw as I died.

Life End

Devilisation: 0%





Devilisation complete.

Game Start