Chapter 1: Character Recreation

So this was what death felt like, cold, dark, drifting weightless in an endless void seperated from light and life. Time was meaningless as I slumbered, it felt like I had been sleeping for both five minutes and five centuries at the same time.

I could feel all the strength of my life fading into oblivion, all my memories, what made me me, what I used, needed to identify myself as the being known as Hyoudou Issei fading away, corrupted and eroded by the dark endless sea of blackness that surrounded me.

I knew, deep down in my soul I knew, I was passing over into death.

My memories, deeds, preferences, perversions, nothing mattered in the face of this erosion of my identity as I knew I was dead, and the dead carried nothing from their lives.

A red screen appeared.

Just as the last of me was fading, just as I was about to pass over into true death.

Just as abruptly, the erosion of my identity stopped, the void now seemed to be in complete stasis.

I turned my attention to the red screen.

Devilisation: 100%

Devil Reincarnation Complete


Resources Allocated: 8 x Pawn

Pawn ? As in chess?

Physical Reconstruction: 10%





Physical Reconstruction Complete

Wait wait wait what?

Spiritual Reconstruction: 14%




Spiritual Reconstruction Complete

Now hold the fuck up.

Welcome former non-devil sentient being, you have shed the trappings of your former race and have now been reincarrnated as a devil.

A devil?

But first, a brief history of the evil piece system used to reincarnate non-devils into devils.

Well... It's info I guess...

After the great war, the race of devilkind had lost many of their forces and since natural reproduction was incapable of replenishing their numbers, the evil piece system was created to allow for other races to be reincarnated as devils for the purpose of bolstering their numbers.

And thus I am now a devil.

Unlike other devils however, you have the pleasure of being the first user of the evil piece's super secret hidden function, the Game Based Statistical Distribution, Personal Growth and Vitality Regulation interface.

Meaning ?

In short, you will live the rest of your new life as a video game character.

I ... honestly don't know what to make of this.

Unlike other devils, your body has been restructured to enable usage of the GBSDPGVR ( henceforth dubbed the Gamer) interface. Your previous body has been scanned and the statistical data has been imported into your new body. Your imported stats are:

Strength: 3

Dexterity: 5

Constitution: 8

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 2

Spirit: 0

... Wow I'm weak.

As a reincarnated devil you are stronger than most humans. You were revived with 8 Pawn peices, as such you gain a bonus to your stats for each pawn piece used. However, only 1 pawn piece has been set to active as such you gain:

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Constitution: 5

Spirit: 2

Would you like to attempt an override of the evil piece settings ? (Y/N)

Looking at my stats, I'm probably going to need all the boosts I can get. Yes attempt override.

Attempting Override: 3%





Complete override failed, only 1 additional pawn peice unlocked

Stat Bonus:

Strength: 10

Dexterity: 10

Constitution: 10

Spirit: 4

Current stats:

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 18

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 2

Spirit: 4

Better than nothing I guess.

Onto an explanation of what the stats govern.

Strength: Physical strength (How hard you hit, how much you can lift etc etc)

Dexterity: Agility and Speed(How fast you can run, how well you dodge etc etc)

Constitution: Stamina and Toughness(Pain tolerance, HP, Physical endurance etc)

Intelligence: Logic and Memory(Mental calculation, Memorisation etc etc)

Wisdom: Social intelligence and spiritual attunement(Magical control, Persuasion)

Spirit: Raw Magical Power(Chakra, Qi, Demonic Energy, MP)

You are now given 5 free points to allocate amongst your Stats. 5 Points are given every time you level up. You can level up by gainig EXP, which is gained by defeating enemies and completing quests.

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 18

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 2

Spirit: 4

Points: 5

Well shit, what do I do ? I mean, with the devil boosts my physical attributes aren't so bad so they are not really a priority, that just leaves Wisdom and Spirit.

As much as I want to fling around magical balls of complete destruction, Wisdom is cripplingly low. Seeing as how it effects magical control, even if I did put points into spirit, my magical ball of destruction might blow up in my face.




Right, I have decided.

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 18

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 6

Spirit: 5

Points: 0

All points have been allocated. Finalise? (Y/N)


Statistical Distribution Complete.

Commencing scan for sacred gears.




Sacred Gear detected

Wait a moment... Sacred Gear ?

Name: Boosted Gear

Location: Left Arm

Type: Longinus, Dragon

Current Form: Twice Critical(Initial Form)

Warning: Sentient being detected within Sacred Gear. Seal or Establish Comm-Link?

I don't see why not, I mean perhaps it could help me. Establish Comm-Link

Establishing Comm-Link: 6%




Comm-Link Established.

Alright, nearly done. Lastly there are several basic voice commands that are necessary for you to learn in order to use the Gamer interface.

'Help' : Brings out the help menu in case you need to review the commands.

'Iventory': Calls out your very own personal hammerspace providing you with access to infinite storage space that breaks the laws of physics.

'Status': Calls out a window showing your current stats and all your information.

'Skills': Calls out a window displaying all your learned skills.

This is all very very convenient.

And we are done, here is your final status sheet:

Name: Hyoudou Issei

Level: 1

Exp: 0/1000


HP: 230/230

Mp: 50/50

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 18

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 6

Spirit: 5

Sacred Gear: Boosted Gear(Initial Form)

Are you ready to start your new life? (Y/N)

Here goes nothing.


One final red window appeared.


And then I was rushing upwards, pulled forth from the depths by a force I could not perceive. All around me the shadowy sea acted like quicksand attempting to suck me back down, unwilling to let this mortal man return to the land of the living.

But it was futile, it could only slow but not stop the immense pulling force the was wrenching me upwards and then I saw it.

The boundary between life and death, existence and non-existence, it was shimmering white, like the surface of an ocean viewed from the depths.

The force pulled me to the white shimmering wall, and I met it with open arms.

My eyes shot open.

Looking down I saw that my stomach no longer had a hole and all at once my memories returned, smashing into me with the full weight of my existence. All that made me me returned.

Then, it was over, and I laughed.

I laughed, a delirious, maddening laughter emanating from every fibre of my being.

I laughed, even as the tears of pure joy and exhilaration streamed down my face I laughed.

I had seen death and returned to the land of the living and faced with the full weight if my existence, I could only laugh with joy at the undeniable fact that I exist, that I LIVE ONCE AGAIN.

And for the first time in 17 years, I felt truly alive. Truly this was the best day of my life and the first day of my new existence.

Game On.