Could my life suck any harder?!

AN: I wrote this like years ago. As a matter of fact this was my first fanfic. Seeing that there are just Max and Alec stories I figured that I re-post this. It's not the best story but it's M/L. So if you haven't read it yet go and do so. Have fun. And please R+R..

Could my life suck any harder? Normal let's me work my ass off, doing double shifts, it's Logan's Birthday tomorrow and my last heat is 4 month ago and already is about to break out. Max thought as she drove to do her 20th ride of the day. She's absolutely tense and all she wants is go take a bath and then go with her gang and Logan to the Crash to party into his birthday. And tomorrow to go over to Logan and have a nice birthday-dinner and enjoy one another's company – now that the virus bitch was gone. And now this. Lousy day at work and heat around the corner.

"What ya thinking bout, boo?" OC asked after pulling up on her bike next to Max, ripping her out of her thoughts.

"I can't possibly go to crash tonight and it is impossible to even think about going over to Logan tomorrow" she shouts over to OC.

"What's the stress all about girl? I mean ya told Logan about the heat thing and that bitch of a virus is gone. Watcha waitn for? Get all freaky with your man, it is bout time you two banged the gong."

"It hasn't been the right time yet, with all that Manticore fuck and Asha and the S1W. I mean it's not that I.....,I mean that we don't want to move on to the next level, but I don't want it to happen while I'm in heat. I want to enjoy it and finally be with Logan. I don't just want to scratch an itch. Ya know what I mean? I want to make love to him, not just have my brain fucked out", Max replied already feeling a little wave of her upcoming heat while thinking about getting it on with Logan.

"Well then cancel the dinner on Logan's birthday or at least take me and Joshua along to keep you from jumping Logan. But you can't bail on him tonight. He'd be really disappointed. Besides your heat hasn't even really started, I mean you still look normal and haven't tried to jump any of those guys we've passed. So we should deliver those last packages and head home. If you want to take a bath and dress up sexy n' all then we have to hurry" Cindy said and turned right away not wanting any discussions about Max' going or not going to the Crash tonight.

It already started to get dark as Max was riding her way home from her last run.

Maybe Cindy is right. I can't bail on Logan again. I have to go to Crash tonight. And then I will talk to him explaining him why we should better not have dinner and I hope he is as understanding as usual. God I really hope he understands. Max thought while moving her bike upstairs to get ready for a nice hot bath.


Logan was already finished for Crash. He showered, shaved and spiked up his hair again. He put on a black T-shirt, a little thighter than the one's he usually wore and some blue jeans, that hid his exo but were still tight enough to show of his nice ass. He hummed and smiled and strolled into the kitchen to check on the stuff he bought for his dinner with Max tomorrow. He really looked forward to the next two nights with Max. Not fighting the evil but enjoying their time together. He decided to check his e-mails again as there was a little time left.

While waiting for the computer to load up he was hoping that nothing serious happened to interrupt their celebration. He looked around the room and suddenly his eyes widened. He got up from his chair and walked over to the calendar looking at the red mark he made for Max and his anniversary and the red mark Max painted there to mark his birthday. 4 month already. 4 month. She told me on our anniversary about that heat thing. That's 4 month already? Oh my god. Max must be in heat or close to it today. Max in heat. Wow. Logan thought and couldn't help but smile a little. But then he thought about it and figured that Max won't show up tonight and tomorrow due to that heat. He was a little disappointed and decided to call Max and ask her if she will be coming tonight to Crash.

Why would he want to go to Crash if Max wasn't there. So he moved over to the phone and dialed Max number still trying to find the right words and not let her know that he already knew she was in heat. "What's up" Cindy shouted into the phone obviously busy getting ready for tonight. "Hey, it's Logan. Is Max in?" he asked carefully hoping she was in and not out on the streets in her condition.

"Logan? What's up" Max purred into the phone. Logan felt relieved that she was there but could already hear that her voice sounded somewhat different. "Logan? Hello? You there?", Max asked.

"Ah, eh, ya, sorry. I wanted to ask you, ahm, I was wondering if you, eh, ahm, want me to pick you two up at home to drive to Crash together?" Logan asked calling himself an idiot for not figuring out what to say before he called her. Max obviously didn't notice his stammering, "Yeah, that would be cool that way we can drink as much as we want. So be here in 20 minutes, k? We come down then. Later." Logan put down the phone, shut his computer off and grabbed his keys and went out the door to the elevator. Happy but also a little nervous.

Max apartment

"Ok, Cindy, you're ready Logan is going to be here any minute?" Max shouted into the bathroom.

"Well, well, well girl. You look like you can't wait to see your man. So you changed your mind on that banging the gong thing?" Cindy said and couldn't hide her amusement about Max bouncing nervously through the apartment.

"No, I didn't change my mind. I will celebrate tonight and tomorrow, when the heat cycle strikes on full power, I will stay at home. I just want to enjoy this evening and get home save and alone. Now get your ass moving sista and let's go party", Max replied. Cindy followed smiling. They both bounced in the car outside where Logan was waiting. They drove to Crash just talking about their day and what a great Party it is going to be. Logan avoided to talk about the dinner tomorrow night and Max prayed that he wouldn't mention it. They entered Crash and the place was already about packed. Sketchy and the rest of the gang were already waiting near the pool table.

"Wow, what's that. This place is packed, I can't re.....", was all Max could say before the live band started to play some heavy rock sounds and over sounded Max voice. They ordered beer at the bar and walked over to the rest of the gang not being able to talk as it was simply too loud. They yelled hellos to the others and sat down on the chairs the others held free for them. Then the band started playing some old, pre-pulse rock tunes causing Logan to smile and whip rhythmically. He leaned over to Max ear, and laid a hand around her neck to pull her closer to scream something in her ear. That move really surprised Max and sent some shivers down her spine.

She turned around and instead of her ear that Logan aimed for, Max lips were now facing him. They stared each other in the eyes for a little while before noticing the hauling people and the applause after the band announced to be back after a short break. Max pulled back grabbing her beer and taking in a deep gulp. Logan then leaned over and said: "I just intended to yell at you but that's much better. The band is really cool. But a little loud." "Yeah, really cool, even though I don't know any of the songs they play. Probably before my time" Max replied still feeling a little shaky from the earlier closeness of Logan. Logan wondered how Max was feeling but he figured that her heat hasn't reached the peek yet but was definitely there already as she looked a little heated in the face and bulking down cold beer as if she hasn't been drinking for days.

"So, Max, you look thirsty. Wanne go to the bar and grab some more beer?" Logan suggested and was greeted by a smile from Max who jumped out of her seat immediately. She figured that would be much saver than sitting there with him being so close to her. But she figured wrong. The second they reached the few steps that lead to the bar the crowd was pushing from the back and left and right leaving Max and Logan closely pressed together. They had to hold onto each other to keep themselves from falling. Max breathed in sharply at the contact and Logan just clearly enjoyed that unexpected arrangement. Wow, this might turn out to be interesting. Logan thought while trying to push himself and Max closer to the bar. Oh my god. He right behind me. I can feel his body heat. God if I would be circling my hips I'm sure I could feel way more than that. No Max, god don't even think about that. You want him, but not now – not in your condition girl. But he feels sooo good. God I'm burning. I hope he doesn't notice. Max was thinking but Logan noticed. He could see her cheeks all red and hot and he could see the sweat starting to form on her face. He heard her breath in and out deeply. And with the beer he drank that made him feel a little dizzy and Max body pressed against his he didn't know how much longer he could control himself.

End of part 1