Could my life suck any harder part 3

By lfbrox

Rating: NC-17

It was a soft, gentle kiss at first, but then Max decided to give up all her struggles. She swung her arms around him bringing him closer to her and opened her mouth to let him in. Logan moaned at her body pressing against him and her tongue exploring his mouth. He moved his hands from her face down her back until he reached the little space of naked skin between her waistband of her jeans and the tight and short tank top. He moved his hands up her back underneath her tank top, noticing that she wasn't wearing a bra.

At that she deepened the kiss pressing as close to him as possible to feel him hard against her belly. They both breathed hard, hands roaming all over the others body trying to reach as much naked skin as possible. With her pressing so hard against him Logan had to struggle to keep balance so he moved with Max, still kissing and touching, against the nearest wall. Instinctively Max wrapped her legs around Logan's waist bringing his hard one directly in the position between her legs. Both groaned at that making their desire even more urgent.

He lifted her tank top just over her breasts. He didn't want to make her naked in a back street just outside of the door of a packed bar. But he wanted to taste her. He leaned down and took one of her already aroused nipples in his mouth. A passionate scream escaped Max throat and Logan was lost feeling Max skin and tasting her. After completing his torture on Max right breast, licking, biting and sucking he turned to her left one proceeding the same painfully arousing routine he did to the now abandoned one. Max breathed hard and couldn't wait to finally feel Logan inside of her. She circled her hips against his rock hard arousal causing him to come up for air, for his breathing has become equally hard as Max'.

He captured her mouth again pressing hard against her. She moaned and started rubbing harder against him. They both were so turned on and aroused that they both feared not to last any longer and just come from rubbing against each other. Deciding that foreplay was over Logan took a step back and let Max back on the floor. He looked into her eyes wanting one last reassurance that they're doing the right thing before he'd move on. Max breathed heavily and her eyes were dark with desire. That's all he needed. He grabbed the waistband of her Jeans, opened the buttons and slid them down. Meanwhile she was just as eager working on his pants having quite some struggle to get his Jeans down over his throbbing arousal.

She slid down his boxers and was again pressed hard against the wall. Wrapping her legs around his waist again she could finally feel his aroused dick at the center of her core. He slid his hand from massaging her ass to her clit teasing her and feeling that she was oh so ready for him. Max grabbed his hand and removed it from there almost shouting at Logan in between heavy grasps "Logan.... I really need no further stimulation". He gently bit her neck and kissed his way to her swollen lips. He kissed her gently looking in her eyes.

He could see her urgency and a wicked grin flashed over his face. "So you just want me to fuck you now, ha?". While saying that he positioned himself ready to enter her, but he didn't. He teased her hot wet pussy with the tip of his dick making her moan and pushing herself against him. He kissed her again passionately continuing his teasing. Max couldn't take it anymore and pressed her hips forward to bury him finally inside of her. Logan breathed in sharply at that followed by a loud groan pressing Max back at the wall to get even deeper inside her.

Max clutched her arms around his neck kissing him deeply letting her tongue roam around his mouth and started to circle her hips. That drove Logan wild. He withdrew himself of her almost completely only to push as hard as he possibly could back into her making her scream. He continued pumping into her - both screaming and groaning as loud as they could at the deep penetration. Logan felt that he couldn't last any longer as he felt Max walls contracting around him. A couple more hard thrusts and they both reached a mind blowing orgasm. Logan spilled himself in her and Max screamed his name after collapsing on his shoulder.

They kept standing like that for a couple of minutes trying to catch their breaths. Max head buried in his shoulder and Logan resting his head in her neck. Max was the first one to recover raising her head and pulling Logan's head in for a long and gentle kiss. Even though Logan couldn't feel his legs he knew that they must be weak and shaky. He decided to move them a little to bring them in a different position, but as he was still inside of Max he necessarily also moved inside of her while shifting his legs. Not knowing what he was doing he sparked the flame of passion in Max again who instantly got ready to go for another ride. She started circling her hips against him, moaning loudly.

Logan broke the kiss looking at her in confusion. "Ya know Logan", Max grasped, "You just have to help me out a little bit more." One look in Max dark eyes was enough to convince Logan that he wasn't sated either. He pushed hard inside her again and again until they both reached yet another peek. After catching some breath Logan decided it to be much saver to let Max down now because he sure was spent now and he didn't want to risk to turn her on again within the next 5 minutes.

He let her down withdrawing himself from her and leaned down to kiss her. But with that simple kiss he got Max going again, her appetite wasn't stilled yet. So he grabbed her and led her over to an old table standing next to the door. He laid her on the table giving her one more kiss and whispered "You know I need just a little rest, but that shouldn't stop me from helping you out here." With that he kissed his way from her mouth to her neck. Moved down to her breasts. After lingering there for a little while he kissed down her flat and firm belly. He left out the mid section and kissed her inner thighs moving her legs over his shoulders to have better access.

He dove his tongue into her finding her wet and ready for him. He licked her throbbing pussy diving his tongue in as deep as he could. Max was panting heavily due to his ministration and closed her legs more firmly around his shoulders and his neck so he would dive even deeper into her. "Suck me harder", Max pretty much shouted at Logan, "More...right there.....yes.....oh my god't stop..." Max panted. Pushing his tongue deep and hard inside her he took his left hand to keep her from falling of the table and his right hand massaged her clit as hard as possible. Soon he felt her walls contract and her liquid all over his mouth and face. He swallowed and wiped the rest of it off with the back of his hand and kissed his way up to the mouth of the still panting Max.

He kissed her gently until her breath got somewhat normal. "I kind of like that job Max. Could I please have it forever?" Logan asked her with a wide smile on his face feeling more alive than ever in his life before. Max just smiled peacefully and happy, gently stroke his cheek and said: "You really don't know what you got yourself into Logan Cale. But if you insist on it then this job is yours for now and to forever." At that Logan kissed her passionately. They broke the kiss after hearing that the band stopped playing and decided that it's best to leave here, before someone comes looking for them – finding them half naked in the middle of trash cans and broken old furniture. They quickly got dressed and made their way to Logan's car because as Max put it: "There's a lot of work to be done."