NOTE: I do not own any of these 7th heaven characters. All of them belong to the WB.

Summary: I really missed Matt from 7th heaven. He was really cool, smart, and beyond cute! So I decided to do a story about his future. He and Sarah are married and doctors. Let's not forget their kids.


Matt and Sarah Camden live in New York in a big apartment building. They have two eleven-year-old twin kids. Dante is their son and Casey is their daughter. Casey and Dante are twins but Casey looks more like Matt (long, dark brown hair) and Dante looks most like Sarah (curly brown hair). The twins are in the fifth grade.

Here's some info on the twins. Casey is beautiful. She has reddish brown eyes, is pretty short for her age, and has Matt's exact skin complexion. Casey has a serious love of roller-skating and bike riding (she also still plays with dolls). Dante has Sarah's eyes (of course, her hair). He LOVES video games. Both of the twins are pretty good students.

The Hamilton family (John and Priscilla) live in an apartment downstairs from the Camden family. John and Priscilla have a daughter who goes to school with Dante and Casey. She and Casey are the best of friends. They have been friends since John and Priscilla moved into the building when Joni was one. It's good to have friends in the same building and Matt keeps in touch with his other Camden family, too. Sarah keeps up with her Glass family also.