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Summary: Why hadn't the Gentle's heart been captured yet, anyway?

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Gentle Heart


"Susan, what are you looking at?"

Susan glanced back at her sister then nodded out the window. "Kat and Oreius are on the beach. They look happy. Although, I'm certain Kat wants the wedding to cease being delayed."

"Poor Kat. I think she was upset this morn. She spent the whole time baking."

She watched the General embrace the Princess Royal for a moment then drew back, granting them privacy from unseen eyes. Turning back to her dressing table, she raised a delicate eyebrow at Lucy's wild hair. "What have you been doing, Lu? You look like a little heathen who's been tramping through the wilds all day."

Lucy giggled. "Well, Thalia and I were watching Solon and he sort of escaped into the maze. We were chasing him then he was chasing us then somehow Peridan's twins got involved and we all had great fun!"

Susan sighed as she picked up a hairbrush then began than arduous task of taming her sister's unruly locks. She had only been brushing for a few minutes when Lucy broke the silence. "Susan? Why haven't you accepted a suitor yet? There's been some nice ones."

Her hands stilled for half a heartbeat then continued to gently separate leaves and twigs from her sister's hair. "I want more."


"I want a man who will love me for more than what he sees, more than this," she gestured sharply to her face, meeting Lucy's eyes in the mirror. "I want a man who will see that I am more than a trinket, that I am not just my face. I want a man who will love me for Susan Pevensie just as much as for the Gentle Queen. I want him to look inside and see that I am worth loving. Like Thalia loves Peter for more than being High King, like how Oreius can look beyond Kat's silly antics and fierce temper to love her for everything that can be hidden from the world, like how Kat loves him and sees beyond his impassiveness, and like Tarrin looks at you."

Lucy's fair cheeks bloomed with color. "Tarrin doesn't look at me in any special way!"

"No?" Susan laughed softly then returned to the original question, "When I meet a man who sees me as I am, flaws and all, and loves me for more than just one quality then I will accept his suit." She inspected her sister's curls then nodded in satisfaction. "Now, if you've no more silly questions, we've a wedding to finish planning."


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