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Chapter 1 the prologue

Harry sighed as he looked up at the house in front of him. He noticed that there was a black navigator in the driveway, while to be honest he doesn't know a thing about cars. Taking a deep breath he walks up to the door and just before he knocks he thinks back to the events that brought him here.


Harry was sitting beside the lake with his familier and friend Hedwig the snowy owl. While Harry was grieving the loss of his godfather the wizarding world was celebrating the fact the the 15 year old boy was once again the defeater of the Dark Lord. Besides for the horrible thoughts running through his head, he has another thing to think about.

Earlier that week the class was working on a family tree in potions class and they just got the results this morning. He has just found out that the headmaster has lied to him this whole time. The results showed him that he has more family, it turns out that his mother had younger brother named Burt Hummel.

End Flashback

So here he was at the age of 16 standing on the front porch of his uncle's house. It had taken him a little longer to leave the wizarding world then he would have liked, but now he was the youngest student to graduate from hogwarts as well as a citizen of the United States. He had talked to Burt hummel and found out that burt lost his wife and has remarried and has a son and step-son.

taking a deep breath and squaring his shoulders he knocks on the door, waiting for his new life to begin. Hearing some noises in the house getting closer to the door he waits with baited breath. the next thing he notices was a boy his age opened the door. He had brown hair and eyes that Harry doesn't quite no the color of, was dressed to impress. " Hello, I'm kurt. You must be Harry." kurt said well looking at the boy with unruly black hair and emerald green hair. As harry walking into his new home, Kurt was already making plans to taking him shopping for a whole new wardrobe.


so here is where the story begins or ends, it is up to you. I am new to writing stories so feedback would be great. If i continue on then something will be explained more. This was just a Prologue, in a way.