Author Note. This is a parody fic. Aaron12 helped Beta read this story for me.




Uttering their usual mindless groans, several rock monsters carried a stone coffin into a large tower. Walking behind them was the unmistakable form of Charmcaster, Chief Sorceress. At 30 years old, the world had plenty of time to know her appearance off by heart…. the tall, slender frame with long, snow white hair falling down to her hips…the china-like face with a thin mouth, a small nose and bright eyes that would shift in color from blue to violet, depending on what angle the light struck them…the purple, sleeveless tunic with black leggings, cape and boots…the cloth pouch on her belt, the bracelets on her wrists, the medallion around her neck and the tiara on her head.

She spoke not a word, but followed the heavy, shambling creatures into a crypt, within the tower. Once inside, the rock monsters set the coffin into a slot in the floor and stood back. And as Charmcaster slowly eyed the coffin, her mind went back to over a decade ago.

She was once a student of her Uncle Hex, a ruthless and powerful Master Magician. Years ago, he spent his adult life seeking new powers so he could be ruler of the world while she reluctantly served him, waiting for the time when she would become Master Magician. Hard to believe that, despite their formidable abilities, the biggest obstacles to their quest for power were two mere children. One, a young girl named Gwen, who dabbled in being able to do magic like herself. The other was her cousin Ben, a smart mouth boy who had somehow gotten a strange device called the Omnitrix that could turn him into different unearthly creatures, each with their own superhuman abilities. Later, those two would be joined by a former enemy called Kevin Levin; a half-alien human who could absorb the prosperities of matter and energy.

For years, their plans were continuously upended. But eventually, her uncle came up with a long-term plan that worked. Influencing, manipulating and controlling key people in the world, Hex moved and guided events like a master chess player. And in less then a year, he had become Master Magician of the World. Of course, naturally there were some resistances, including the Tennyson family and their allies. However, through clever traps and strop magic, Hex was able to capture them and strip them of the unique abilities, turning them into powerless slaves. Establishing a World Order, he enslaved much of humanity, disabling advance weaponry and relying on his stone monsters to keep order among the slaves. Not surprisingly, Hex didn't select any humans to share his rule, but needing a world bureaucracy, he used his magic to create stone avatars of himself, and establishing them in different places around the world to represent his rule and presence.

With this system of manipulation, Hex would rule with a strong hand for three years.. only to suddenly and mysterious die. Although, how he died was something Charmcaster was never able to figure out. It was as if some illness that his magic offered no protection against had killed him in his sleep.

Not that Charmcaster would mourn Hex's passing. Admittedly, she never cared for her uncle and his death merely left the world entirely in her hands. Before Hex's body was even placed in its resting place, Carmcaster had already recreated his stone avatars in her own image and had proclaimed herself Master Magician of the World. And as her mind drifted back to the moment at hand, Charmcaster now found herself back in the dark tower, where she continued to stare at the stone coffin.

"Good bye Uncle. May you rest in peace," she uttered, simply and coldly, before turning her attention to her stone creations. "Follow me slaves. We have work to do."

And with that, she turned and walked out, the rock creatures lumbering closed behind. Inside the crypt, the coffin remained motionless and silent. The only sound that would be heard was the groan of the large tower doors closing, erasing the once-invincible ruler of the world in pitch-black darkness.


Author's Note

The following contains facts about this story.

Behind the Scenes.

This story has very vague Christian hints interwoven in it, but it also has some non-biblical elements too. You have been warned.

I did my own little twist to it. In some ways it's like the original, but in many ways it isn't.

This story is not linked to the Ben 10 canon, so a number of things won't harmonize with the cartoon canon.

This story is currently ratted K+, though I might change it do T later. It has faith, hope, love and salvation, but it also has death, ghosts, hell and damnation.

Role cast parody.

Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Devlin do the role of the Cratchit family.

Charmcaster is the role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

Hex is the role of Jacob Marley.

Azmuth is the role of the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Paradox is the role of the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Ghostfreak is the role of the Ghost of Christmas Future.

There are no other role cast parodies in this fic.

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