Of Straw and Steel

Summary: Zoro was always warned of the dangers of falling for the Captain's daughter. He just never imagined the dangers that came with falling for the Captain herself. Oneshot series on people's reaction to the Captain and First Mate's relationship.

Warnings: Fem!Luffy, A bit of swearing, Smut in the futre, pregnant!Luffy later on.

"I'm bored."

The whine was drawn out much longer than it should have been, causing the ex-pirate hunter to twitch in annoyance. How he had ended up here, with her, he still wasn't completely sure. Everything that had happened on the base seemed to fly past him in a blur, and yet... He cracked his eyes open just enough to cast her an annoyed look. Her, the rubbery idiot he had somehow come to call captain. Her, who had saved him... although he might not admit that just yet.

She grinned goofily at him upon seeing his eyes open. He quickly shut them, hoping the action would go unnoticed by the girl or that she would quickly forget she ever saw anything.

No such luck.

Then again, he seemed to be running low on luck since he joined this "pirate ship". Really, what pirate ship consists of some girl and a man she just met? A pirate hunter at that. He scoffed under his breath as the sound of snapping rubber filled his ears, and a warm body suddenly pressed against him.

It wasn't the first time in the past few days, so the green-haired swordsman barely reacted to the captain's actions. At least, he convinced himself, the boat had not tipped this time. The violent rocking subsided slowly as she adjusted herself in his lap.

All he wanted was to rest, for his new captain to just give him even a moment of peace and quiet. Of course, he wouldn't be getting that anytime soon.

"Zoro! Zoro! I'm bored!" Luffy cried, her tone much more demanding than he had ever heard it before. He ignored it, letting out a sigh.

"That's your fault," Zoro told her, still not opening his eyes. "You don't have a navigator, so that's why we're lost and sailing aimlessly."

The answer was not what Luffy expected, and he could imagine her expression had turned to one of puffed cheeks and narrowed eyes. He smirked as he felt Luffy lean back. Perhaps, just maybe, she would leave him alone now.

"Well, it's not different than what you were doing before you joined my crew," She said stubbornly. He could almost hear a note of annoyance in her tone, as if she were anyone to talk. "You got lost and had to float around, didn't you?"

"Irk!" Zoro straightened, finally opening his eyes to glare at her. Her tone might have been one of scolding, but her expression was anything but. She sat in his lap, arms crossed across her chest as she watched him with eyes that betrayed her teasing. When she caught his eyes, she gave a whoop of success and he found himself giving in to her whims. "What do you want, anyways?"

"I'm bored," she repeated as though he should know exactly what to do in such a situation. Which wasn't far off... the things she had dragged him into for the last three days... Needless to say, he was definitely looking forward to getting a new crew member. Anyone would be good at this rate, so long as they managed to keep her attention from the poor swordsman.

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"Play a game with me." Luffy puffed out her cheeks again as she made the demand, but this time her bottom lip jutted out into an adorable pout. He groaned, reaching up to tug his bandana down over his eyes. Anyone exposed to a look like that would break within moments, after all.

"There are no games that someone like you could play on a boat this small," he told her sternly, his voice implying that if she tried, there would be consequences without a doubt. Instead of sulking away like she had done in previous attempts, he felt her press closer to him, her hands coming up to push his bandana back. Stubbornly, he kept his eyes closed.

"I know one game! I doesn't take any room. Only two people!" She told him, causing him to crack his eyes open. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but he couldn't help but wonder what the girl had up her sleeve.

"Oh?" He asked, wondering what his chances were of getting her to bugger off after giving in to her whims. To his surprise, she held up her hand right in front of his face.

"It's called five times five! Teenagers in my hometown used to play it, but Makino never let me play it... You have to pick a finger!" When he didn't immediately, she gave him another pout and he found himself pointing at her thumb like, in his opinion, a moron. She grinned, and before he knew what was happening, her lips were against his. Her lips were soft against his, and he felt himself being drawn into the kiss. Just as he leaned forward, she broke away tutting with a grin.

"What the hell kind of game is that?" Zoro sputtered as it seemed to sink in that his captain had just up and kissed him.

"Five times five!" Luffy said, the smile not slipping from her lips. Her... suddenly, very enticing lips. "All the boys and girls used to play it, but Makino wouldn't let me. She said I had to play with someone special."

Zoro seemed to blanch at that. He really should have known better, being her first nakama, but that didn't stop him from asking, "And I'm special?"

"Of course!" She said whilst nodding. The first thought that flickered through the green-haired man's head was how utterly naive she must have been. So when she raised her hand for him to pick another finger, he shook his head.

"This... Makino... Didn't just mean someone special," He told her, grabbing her wrist and guiding it down to her side. Oh, how did he find himself explaining this? He should be napping, not explaining why she shouldn't randomly kiss people. It didn't help that he wanted to kiss her more than ever all of a sudden. "She meant someone you love and want to... be with. You can't just go around kissing anyone, anyways."

Luffy frowned at this explanation, as if not understanding what he was saying.

"But I do love Zoro!" She exclaimed after a moment of exhausting thinking. "Does Zoro not want to kiss me?"

As if he could deny that - from the first moments she had spoken to him, he had been charmed by her. Tomboyish she might have been, but it wasn't her appearance that drew him in anyways. No, he had been taken by storm by the fiery determination that filled her being, the way in which she stood her ground and how her eyes shone with spirit. The same sheer determination, it seemed, that was now working against him. It just felt wrong, kissing his captain while she seemed so innocent and positively naive. "That's not it..."

"Then pick a finger."

Her wrist had somehow escaped his grasp and she lifted it again, her thumb down and waving four fingers enticingly. The look on her face, he realized with a start, was anything but innocent as she waited patiently. He gave a sigh and she grinned in triumph.

Perhaps, he thought as he picked her ring finger and found his lips locked with hers in a much deeper kiss than before, his luck had not run out just yet.

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