Author's Note: This is just a little wrap up to my story. I am starting the next one in a couple of days. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has reviewed. You all have definitely made my first experience with fan fiction a positive one. Thanks so much guys! You Rock! Usual disclaimers apply: They don't belong to me (I have a sad look on my face as I say this) and there is no money being made from this (there is an even sadder look on my face now).

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"Greg, I need those results now! Actually, I needed them ten minutes ago…" Sara's voice cut through the lab.

"Patience is a virtue Sara" Greg replied casually. He was engrossed in a book, and he didn't even look up when Sara stomped over to him.

"What are you reading that could possibly be more important than my…" She trailed off. She looked like she was torn between hitting Greg with the book and laughing.

"I thought it might be an interesting read since I have some 'first hand experience' in this field" he replied glibly.

Nick chose that moment to walk into the lab. He looked at Sara, then at Greg. "At the risk of sounding like Grissom, don't you two have things to do?"

Sara stifled a laugh as she grabbed Greg's book away from him. "Greg was just catching up on some light reading"

Nick glanced at Greg, who was blushing just slightly. Nick glanced at his watch.

"Hey Sanders, you want to come with me to the bank? Stupid credit card company started phoning me yesterday to remind me that I am overdue on my payments."

Greg shook his head. "Not on your life. Remember what happened the last time we went to the bank? I would much rather stay here and face the wrath of Sara" She smacked the back of his head good naturedly.

"Greg, maybe you should go with him. Then you might get the chance to put what you've learned from the book to use" With that, Sara grabbed her print out and walked away. Nick leaned over to read the title of the book he kept hearing about and couldn't keep himself from laughing. Greg grinned sheepishly.

The book was "American Sign Language for Dummies".