A/N: The characters aren't mine, all I own is my imagination.


I never thought I'd be here again. Standing in a field with my brother, scars on display, waiting for an army. This time however there was no fight for blood and territory. No psychotic bitchpire looking over our shoulders. It was for the Major's family and, as he was mine, I would be here for him.

I looked to my right at the man who changed me, who let me run from an existence of terror and saw that he had come back into his own. Gone was the emo veggie vamp and in his place stood the God of War. Any normal person would be scared shitless of him. Hell, half of our allies were. But I knew the truth. I knew that despite his hard ass persona, Jasper was still in there. He had a hand behind him, wrapped around Alice, the pixie, finding and giving comfort simultaneously while she tried to see the outcome of the battle. The all-knowing one and I had always butted heads, but there was love there. Although she wasn't his mate anyone who could save and love my brother the way she could would forever be important to me.

My sister stood next to him. She kept me sane for long after we escaped, saved me from throwing myself into a bonfire more times than I could count. I wanted to go back so many times, despite knowing it wasn't the time for it. Char winked at me, bouncing lightly back and forth on her feet. Ready to run forward and rip limbs. It shouldn't surprise me. It's what we were made for. Her mate Garrett was off to her right, waiting to join yet another war. I wasn't afraid for my sister, I knew he would always protect her.

I knew that they would be here soon. I knew that it wouldn't end well. And I knew that something else would follow.

I felt the pull in my chest and looked to my left. Mahogany curls that felt like silk in my hands. A body with curves whose movements could be both soft and deadly. Fierce red eyes that could see what was left of my soul. My dead heart clenched at the thought of losing her again. As if she could read my mind, those eyes found mine and softened. Reaching toward me she gently traced the scar over my right eye. Her favorite one. Said it gave me character.

I pulled her to me and buried my face in her neck, breathing deeply. Magnolias, lemon and something else that I've never been able to describe, it was just her. My love, my life, my deadly beautiful girl. She stood on her tiptoes and I could feel her lips at my ear. "I will always win, my love will never fade," pulling back she finished the words she had murmured to me so long ago. "I am forever yours."

I ran my thumb over her cheekbone before cupping her face and pressing my lips to hers. Once, twice, three times. "Be safe, run if you have to. I'll find you at the end, Darlin'." She smiled at me. "Of course you will. You'll just know where I am." For one of the few times in my life, I wished for my brother's gift. I wanted to throw my emotions at her until my love, adoration, desperation and need wound around her heart. She knew how I felt anyway.

"It's starting, I can feel them." Jasper said quietly. I pressed my lips to her forehead one last time and squeezed her hand as she slid back to her place in the line next to me. Never behind, she was a force to be reckoned with and from the first time the Major had thrown her into a fight she proved it over and over. It was a part of her. I still worried. I would always worry.

I couldn't tell her I loved her right now. It would be goodbye and that wasn't fucking happening. I had just gotten her back, losing her wasn't an option for me.

A hoard of newborns barreled towards us over the hill, my body tensed and then as if with a mind of it's own, ran forward into the fray.