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Three days later found me laying in the sand looking out into the turquois water of the Mediterranean Sea. Garrett was surfing, despite a lack of any real waves. Or talent. Jas and Emmett were wrestling. Emmett finally pinned him, but Jas just raised an eyebrow as the giant celebrated his victory. I had to snort. Somehow my brother had managed to convince the big oaf that he could actually beat him.

Hearing my noise of disbelief Emmett turned to me. "What you think you can do better?" He asked his voice full of bravado from his recent win.

"Yes, but I also know Jasper can too." I said without even bothering to open my eyes. "In fact I'm pretty Char could beat your ass."

"Please. I love you Char, but there's no way a tiny little thing like you could take me." Emmett boasted causing Alice to giggle. She saw what would happen if Charlotte fought him. That should have been his first clue that he was being a dumbass.

"Go ahead Darlin'. Show him what you know." I said. Charlotte might have been one of the most well trained vampires on the planet. When she was first changed she was so terrified, but Bella had taken her under her wing and taught her everything she knew. That was in addition to the fact that Jasper and I had both made an effort with her. While Jasper was seen as the most dangerous vampire by far, he had no one to teach him, it was all instinct and experience. I had only been trained by him and while Bells had benefitted from both of our experience, the three of us all had gifts to help us. Hell, Jas could drop anyone in pain, and Bella had her shield so unless she was extremely distracted no one could get close enough to touch her. Charlotte on the other hand was all skill.

Sighing our little sister stood up and walked over to Emmett. While he crouched and began shifting his weight back and forth, she simply stood there. He began to circle her, and she never even followed to keep him in her line of sight, but I knew she was aware of his location the whole time. Finally Emmett charged her from the side. Just as he reached her and was about to have his arms around her, Char slid to the ground and underneath him, evading his grasp. Kicking his feet out from underneath him, she grabbed his arm and swung herself up on his back and had her teeth at his throat before he even hit the ground. The whole thing lasted about two minutes.

Emmett cursed loudly as the rest of us attempted to stifle our laughter.

"If she's so good, how come Jas loses to me if he taught her?" He wondered.

I couldn't contain the laughter anymore. "He's holding back you idiot. If he didn't you'd probably lose a limb every time. When Jas is in the zone there are very few who can evade him, and only one that I've ever seen actually beat him." I said without even thinking.

"Pete," Jasper quietly said telling me to shut up if I truly didn't want to talk about her. The funny thing was I was beginning to get to the point where the memories didn't always cripple me.

"It's fine." I murmured.

"Who was it?" Emmett's constant curiosity exploded. Even Rose looked mildly interested. Alice was staring at Jasper, pissed that he never told her about it I guess.

"My mate." I replied stunning the shit out of all of them. None of us had ever mentioned her before, even to Alice who was supposedly a Whitlock.

"What! How did I not know this? I can't believe you kept something like this from me Jasper!" Alice shrieked. Charlotte was one her in a second, before Alice could even see the decision.

"Back off." She growled lowly. "It's no one's business and if Jasper didn't tell you it's because Peter didn't like to talk about it."

"Char its fine." I said, not really wanting to have a fight break out over this. "I should have talked about it and Jas, you didn't need to keep it from her. She was your sister, you're perfectly entitled to talk about her." Garrett walked over and gently pulled my sister away from the pixie murmuring quietly to her and trying to calm her as a sob escaped her body.

Silence reigned for a moment before Rose spoke up. "Was your mate?"

"She's dead." I said with as little emotion as I could. Immediately Jasper's guilt was projected onto all of us. "Knock it off," Char and I snapped at the same time. "It wasn't your fault." Sighing I continued. "Jasper changed her in the wars. We fought together for years, and both knew right away that we were mated, but tried to hide it. It would have been a weakness if anyone knew and Maria especially could use our bond against us. Eventually she came up with this plan. I had to take Charlotte and run and she and Jas would stay. If we all left at once Maria definitely would have followed. I fought her on it, but eventually my knower kicked in and agreed with her. It was the only way to save Char from being destroyed at the end of her newborn year. Maria tended to only like to keep vampires with gifts."

Jasper continued. "After they left we continued to fight for a few years. We figured eventually Peter's knower would go off and tell him to come back and get us when the time was right. Then one day we faced a surprise attack and the two of us were separated." He swallowed back the venom and inhaled sharply before continuing. "I heard her scream and looked for her. All I saw was smoke lifting from the last place she had been. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find her. She was gone."

"The next day Peter and I came back and found Jas in the woods by the camp. He was distraught and his power was completely out of control." Char stopped a minute and looked at me. "I knew that my sister was gone. The three of us left and never looked back"

I stood up quickly and mumbled "I'm going for a run."

Taking off i circled the island unable to stop. If I could run from my pain from body I would have done it years ago, but nothing ever worked. Eventually I ended up sitting in a tree letting my thoughts consume me. I didn't even hear her approach. Some warrior I was.

Jumping into the tree Rose situated herself and sat beside me quietly for several minutes. "I can't believe you never told us Peter. We've been friends for years. I would have listened."

I reached out and took her hand. Rose could be a bitch, but ultimately she was a loyal and good friend. She usually just didn't show this side of herself to many people.

"I know. I was messed up for a long time and couldn't talk about it. Even with Jasper and Charlotte. It still hurts every day."

"Don't take this the wrong way, but how are you not insane? I always thought that would happen if a vampire lost a mate."

"Some days I'm pretty sure I am insane Rose." I said causing a small laugh to escape her. "To answer your question though, we never marked each other. It would have put us both in danger, and I could never do something that would lead to the possibility of that. I still feel the pull every day, and have wanted for years to get revenge, but I managed to stop myself every time. I have an amazing family and my dying wouldn't help them at all."

"You're stronger than I could ever be."

"No I'm not. You're one of the strongest people I know. You overcame an extremely violent turning and went on to have an amazing life." I was quiet for a moment before I continued. "That's why Jasper turned her you know."

She whipped her head and looked at me curiously. "Was she…" Rose started to question but found herself unable to finish.

"No, he found her in an alley cowering from some asshole about to rip her clothes off. He fed on him right in front of her and she took one look at him and said vampire. Like it was an everyday thing. She had been exposed to our world and he couldn't bring himself to kill her." I knew Rose would object, she hated the thought of any one being turned against their will. Hell, some days she still hated Carlisle for doing it to her. "She never regretted it happening though. Even in the situation we lived in, the violence. She grew up seeing the worst of our kind and she told me once every bite and dismemberment was worth it to have me."

"I find that both disturbing and beautiful." She said causing me to laugh.

"Yeah well, she kind of was. I think you would have liked her. She could be a huge bitch too." I said nudging her gently earning a scowl and a push out of the tree. Rose jumped down beside me gracefully, offering me a hand to pull me to my feet.

"Let's go back. Maybe we can convince Jas to actually kick Emmett's ass this time." I suggested before taking off back toward the house. Rose's laugh rang off the trees as she followed close behind.

The next days passed quickly, albeit not without tension. Alice continued to be extremely pissy with everyone except for Emmett and Rosalie, especially Jasper. Finally Char had enough. Alice was ranting at Jasper yet again when she exploded.

"Let it go!" She yelled suddenly surprising all of us. "If Jasper or Peter or I had wanted to talk about it we would have. It's an extremely painful thing and the bond the four of us had was stronger than any family I've ever seen." Alice started to protest, but Char stopped her. "We grew up in a war living as if every day was our very last. All we had was each other and unlike you who's biggest deal is whether or not Neiman's is having a shoe sale, we had the knowledge that we were most likely going to die at any given moment. Hell I didn't even tell Garrett for about 5 years and he actually is my mate." My sister could never resist an opportunity to remind the pixie that she and the Major weren't truly mated. Not that Alice ever believed it. Jasper still didn't believe us half the time.

"How dare you! Jasper and I are mates and we tell each other everything! This girl, whose name no one will still tell me," Alice added with a glare at three of us, "would have been my sister I deserve to know these things. I'm a Whitlock too." She snarled.

"Oh get off it Alice. We all know you don't share every vision you have with him. And don't give me that crap about it changing the future if we know. You pick and choose what you tell him and the rest of us." Rose snapped.

"Besides," Char said with fake innocence, "didn't you refuse to take Jasper's name in every single one of those god awful weddings you planned?" This brought a scowl from Jasper. He had never liked her insistence that she was and would remain a Cullen.

Just as a full blown cat fight was about to explode Alice's eyes glazed over signaling a vision. When she came to she was in full panic mode. "Shit!" she yelled as she grabbed frantically for her phone. The rest of us looked at her with wide eyes as Jasper quickly tried to calm her.

"Edward! You have to run now! There are nomads coming, one of them is a tracker and they are going to be after Jessica. Take her and get out of Forks. Leave Esme and Carlisle and have him call the Denali's down to help. Jasper and I will meet you in Chicago I'll send Rose and Emmett to follow the other one." She was talking faster than I had ever heard before and then abruptly ended the call, flew into her room and began packing. "Rose, Em! Go now. Get on the next flight back to Forks and find the nomad. She has red hair. We have to try and ward this off. If they get to Jess, they'll kill her. Jasper let's go." With that she flew out of the house and to the boat we had to go back to the mainland.

"Sorry guys, I doubt it's as dire as she's making it sound, but I should go." Jasper sighed. You could tell he really had no desire to help the human other than the fact that no one deserved to be stalked by what sounded like a crazy vampire.

"Call us if you need help." I said shaking his hand as Charlotte gave him a hug. Garrett added, "We'll meet you wherever. You know Alice and Edward are both close to useless in a fight." And then with a wave Jasper followed his tiny wife out the door.

"God damned human ruining my vacation. She's constantly getting herself into these situations. Edward already had to save her from getting run over by a car." Rose grumbled

"I can see how she would be intriguing to a bored vampire. Most would want to know why such a large coven is keeping a pet." Garrett mused earning incredulous looks from us. "What? That's how most would see it. I don't think I know a single vampire that would believe the human was Eddie's mate."

I silently watched Rose and Em pack, and then it hit me. This girl was going to be trouble for the Cullens, but she was also going to be a catalyst to something life changing for the Whitlocks.