Author's Note:

Remember the part in my profile where I said I would never do crossovers? It appears I lied...

So, we were sitting around google chatting one fine day, and my buddy says to me, "Hey, how about a Frozen/Star Wars crossover?"

Three weeks later, it's finished.

This story is rated "M" due to the language tossed around by people, primarily the f-bomb, although a couple of other naughty words are in there as well. No sexy time or anything else that would require the "M" rating. Mild violence.

Although I'm probably being a prude rating it "M" for the language, considering what kids are exposed to on TV these days. Showing my age, I guess.

IF this story took place in my headcanon storyline, it would be about a month after "Do The Magic!". Of course, it's not really in my headcanon storyline, since it takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! The story is canon, as close to canon as I can manage, to "The Empire Strikes Back". Major Derlin actually had screen time in the flick, and he was played by John Ratzenberger!

True story: I loved 'Star Wars' in 1977, so eagerly awaited 'Empire'. The first day of the film's release, I was at corporate headquarters in Greenwich, CT doing stuffy corporate things. Me and two buddies snuck out at lunch and went to see the first showing in Stamford, CT. We loved it so much we saw it again that night.

Hope you enjoy the story.

p.s. the AWESOME bookcover is by stillslightlynerdy.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle and her sister Princess Anna had decided to spend a quiet day visiting the North Mountain and Elsa's Ice Palace. It had been almost a year since Elsa's disastrous coronation day when a secret that she had been hiding for thirteen years had been exposed to guests, dignitaries, and the entire population of Arendelle.

The Ice Palace had been created that day when Elsa had fled her kingdom in shame and fear; her secret? She had the magic power to control ice and snow. After a childhood mishap had injured her sister Anna with her powers, Elsa had been taught by her parents to hide her magic from everyone, including her sister.

The three days after her coronation had resulted in Elsa almost killing her sister and almost dying herself in an attempted regicide by Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. Anna had saved herself and her sister by being willing to sacrifice herself to save Elsa from Hans' sword.

Since then, the two sisters had reconciled and become as close as could be hoped for, and Elsa's rule over her kingdom and her people was successful enough that no one bore any grudges for the winter in July they had endured until Elsa had learned to truly control her magic.

Elsa and Anna would occasionally spend a day traveling to visit the trolls in the Valley of Living Rock or enjoying the company of Olaf and Marshmallow, two living snowmen that Elsa had created that day, along with the Ice Palace. It was remote, and quiet, and they could just be two sisters instead of royalty. Kristoff had brought them up yesterday morning, and would meet them tonight to take them back to Arendelle. They were enjoying the day.

This day would be a little different, however. This day they would find themselves in someone else's story.

"Elsa, what's that funny light?" Anna asked her sister.

"What funny light?" Elsa walked out onto the balcony to join her sister. "Whoa! What is that?" Elsa exclaimed.

Anna looked at her with a frustrated expression on her face. "That's what I just asked you!"

The 'funny light' was a whirling vortex just above the balcony the two women were standing on. As they watched it got larger and brighter. Too late, they realized that it was going to engulf them.

"RUN, Anna!" Elsa screamed and grabbed her sister's hand to drag her away, but she wasn't quick enough. They were both swallowed by the whirlpool, which promptly shrank into a tiny point and then vanished.

"OOF. What just happened?" Elsa was the first to recover. She and Anna were sitting in what looked to be an endless field of snow drifts. The wind was blowing strongly, whipping snow and sleet around the two of them, reducing visibility to a few yards. Standing up, she reached out a hand to help Anna stand as well.

Rubbing her behind, Anna asked, "Where are we? Did you set off another eternal winter?"

"No, Anna, this isn't me," Elsa said defensively. The subject of eternal winter was still a little bit of a sore point for the Queen of Arendelle. "I don't know where we are or what this is. Are you okay?"

Elsa was concerned for her sister. Fortunately, Anna was dressed for the cold even though it was summer; the Ice Palace was above the snow line on North Mountain, so Anna was wearing a winter woolen dress, heavy cloak, warm hat and mittens. Cold never bothered Elsa, and although her off-the-shoulder dress might not look it, was more than warm enough for her comfort.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But … where are we? What was that light?" Anna was looking around for some landmark that would give them some indication where they were, but there was nothing to be seen but featureless white blowing snow.

"I don't know. I think we need to try to find out, though." Elsa responded grimly. "Any ideas?"

"Well, it would be easiest to just walk with the wind at our backs and hope we find someone or some cabin or something before we … I … freeze to death." Anna wasn't joking, but she was worried about both of them.

"Even if I can't freeze to death, Anna, I'm just as vulnerable to starving to death as you are." Elsa reminded her.

"Funny you didn't think about that the night you built the Ice Palace." Anna smirked. It was an old joke between them. "Okay, lead on, oh Snow Queen!"

Elsa took a firm hold of Anna's hand, and the two of them began to walk. Unfortunately, with no landmarks and only limited visibility through the blowing snow, there was no guarantee that they wouldn't simply walk in circles until … Elsa refused to follow that thought to its logical conclusion.

They had been walking for about thirty minutes when there were some flashes ahead of them and some loud 'boom's. The sisters looked at each other and hurried their steps.

They became aware of a large, bulky shape looming up ahead of them. At first it was just a darker smudge in the snowy landscape, but became clearer as they drew closer. The shape suddenly resolved itself into something that looked like a large … elephant, kneeling with its head in the snow. But no elephant was this large, at least not in any book Elsa had ever read.

The women stood looking at the apparition for a few minutes, then walked up to it. Anna laid a hand on the 'head' and exclaimed, "Elsa, it's made of metal!"

They were stunned; so stunned that they didn't notice two figures coming up on them out of the storm from behind the metal beast. It was hard to see the two figures in any case; they were glad in all-white armor that blended into the blowing snow. When the two men got close enough to Elsa and Anna, they shouted, "Hands up you rebel scum or we'll blow you to hell!"

Startled, the two women whirled to face the voice. Both armored figures were carrying what looked like rifles, and at the sudden movement of Elsa and Anna, they fired. Anna was hit by what looked to be a beam of light and fell heavily. Elsa screamed, "Anna!" and blasted the two armored figures with her magic, encasing them both in a block of ice that immobilized them.

Sure that their attackers were no longer a threat, Elsa fell to kneel at Anna's side, cradling her sister. Anna had been shot in the stomach, a small neat hole with singed edges that was like no bullet wound that Elsa had ever seen before. There didn't seem to be any blood, which was a good thing, but Anna was writhing in pain, and Elsa knew from bitter experience that a gut wound like the one she was looking at could only be fatal.

"Anna, oh, Anna! Please stay with me. I can't lose you." Elsa was crying and rocking her sister in her arms.

"Ozzie, did you hear that?"

"Yeah, sarge. Must be storm-troopers. Guess we didn't kill all of 'em when we took out that AT-AT."

The two soldiers were dressed in soft white and tan winter parkas, pants and warm headgear with goggles. They were part of the Rebel Alliance that was hiding out on the winter planet of Hoth. They HAD BEEN hiding out, until an Imperial probe droid had found them and brought a task force of Imperial Star Destroyers down on their heads. Now they were just on the run, the last forlorn hope left behind when the rest of the Rebel forces had escaped.

"OK, Smurfs, be careful...there may be more of those fucks around. Shoot first, we'll question 'em later." Sergeant Meera waved his squad forward toward the fallen AT-AT.

They didn't find any storm-troopers. Any living storm-troopers, at any rate. There were a couple frozen in a block of ice, and there were two women sitting on the ground nearby. One was lying in the other's lap. The one sitting up was crying and rocking the other and kept saying, "Anna, please don't die."

Meera's squad just stood there gaping. What in the hell were two women doing out in this storm? The one crying wasn't even dressed for the weather. She was wearing a shear, off-the-shoulder blue dress that shimmered like … ice. She suddenly noticed them standing there, and screamed, "Stay away!" while gesturing at them with one hand.

"Whoa, lady, we're not going to hurt you! Who are you and what happened?" Meera held his hand out to signal the squad to stand in place until he could sort this out.

"Those … knights … shot my sister. She's going to die!" The woman seemed on the edge of hysteria. The one lying down reached up to hold the crying woman's hand. She seemed to be in pain, holding her side.

"We can help. We won't hurt you! MEDIC!" Meera waved the squad medic forward. "We need to check for more of those storm-troopers, though! Is that okay?" He wondered why the hell he was asking a hysterical woman for permission to do his job. There was something about her, though...

She looked skeptical, but finally nodded. The medic knelt next to them and gently lifted the wounded woman's hand away from the injury and checked her out. The woman in blue stroked the injured one's forehead gently.

"Nothing to worry about here, ma'am. Just a through and through from a blaster. A little bacta and she'll be fine." He pulled out a tube of something from his pack, showed it to her, and packed some of it into the wound. "That'll hold her til we get her back to the med droid at base."

"She won't … won't die? I thought a gut wound was fatal?" the woman in blue asked him.

Now it was the medic's turn to be surprised. "Die? From a little hole like that? Where are you from? A blaster wound like that isn't fatal unless it hits you in the heart or the brain. You'd have to be really unlucky since everyone knows storm-troopers can't hit the broad side of a taun-taun. They're terrible shots!" he said and laughed.

While the med tech was taking care of the wounded woman, the rest of the squad checked out the damaged AT-AT. Sergeant Meera had orders to recover the comp memory bank if he could. They might be able to get some decent intelligence out of it if they were lucky. They found more bodies, but no more live Imperials. Meera wondered what had happened to the two troopers in the ice block; how had they gotten there?

After they finished searching the AT-AT and salvaging what they could, they returned to where the two women were sitting. The wounded one was sitting up, although still leaning on the one in the blue dress. Meera didn't understand why she hadn't already frozen to death in that get up.

"Fixed her up, Skippy?" Meera asked the medic. Where the nickname 'Skippy' came from, no one knew.

"Yeah, sarge. All right and tight. Nothin' serious, through and through from a blaster, cauterized, no major organs hit. Packed a little bacta in, the tank is free back at base, an hour in there and she'll be good as new."

Both women looked dazed and confused. Meera knelt on one knee and looked the one in the blue dress in the eye. "Miss, we need to get out of here before more Imperials show up. Can you walk?" He took the shaky nod for a 'yes', then waved a couple of the squad over to help the wounded woman to her feet and get her to the float tractor.

Once every one was settled, he tapped the driver on the shoulder and said, "Move it, Red. Get us back to base so we can fill Major Derlin in on what we found. Maybe he can figure out what to do with a couple of civilians in this frozen hell..."

The float tractor disappeared into the swirling snowstorm heading for what was left of Echo Base.

When they got back to the base, Meera had Skippy and a couple of troops help the women to the med bay where the med droid could take care of the wounded one. He was sure Major Derlin would want to talk to them, but it could wait until the med droid had done its job.

"What did you find, Meera?" Bren Derlin was sitting in one of the abandoned offices. The squad had been left behind when the rest of the base had evacuated to the rendezvous point to escape from the Imperial Task Force. Most of the Imperial fleet had followed in an attempt to capture stragglers, leaving behind a single Star Destroyer to look for holdouts on Hoth's surface.

Derlin's squad was supposed to guard against those same Imperials. There were injured Rebels in what was left of the Echo Base's hospital. And a transport to get them off this ice cube. Unfortunately, the Empire forces had put up their own shield generator, and the Rebels were trapped on Hoth unless they could destroy it. Which wasn't going to happen. Derlin's squad was outnumbered and outgunned. The Imperials were guarding that shield generator like a mother wampa with only one cub.

Derlin's only plan was suicidal. Not that he would hesitate to execute even a suicidal plan if there was the slightest chance of success, but there simply wasn't. There was no way to get his squad close enough to take out the generator. All they could do was stay hidden and hope the Imperials got bored and left before the power ran out and they froze to death. As it was, they had to keep the base very cold so that the Impies didn't spot the energy signatures. Only the hospital rooms were heated to anything near normal, and they were heavily insulated to keep the heat from leaking out and betraying them.

"Nothing too interesting, Major. That AT-AT got its comp fried, so there was nothing to salvage from the memory bank. Lucky shot from some speeder, right through the front windshield. Fried the whole cockpit, plus the two fucks driving it."

Derlin just nodded. "What's this I hear about two survivors?"

The sergeant just shook his head. "I don't think they're survivors, not of that AT-AT at any rate. The Impies don't have women in their assault forces, and those two aren't dressed for the weather, either. I have no fucking idea who they are or where they came from. The wounded one was at least dressed in warm clothes, but the other one? I'll be damned if I can figure out how she wasn't as froze solid as those two storm-troopers in the block of ice."

"Yeah, and how did THAT happen?" Derlin asked his sergeant in a querulous tone. "Not sure how you create a block of ice, even on this ice ball."

Meera shrugged. "Maybe the two women can tell us. It won't take long for the med droid to fix up the one that got shot."

Derlin just looked skeptical. The two men began to review the status of their pitiful little band of Rebels again, hoping to figure out something that would get them out of this mess.