So, first things first, I should probably say sorry for not writing for so long, and I would like to give some excuse like I didn't have time, or writer's block, but if I were honest, it was just laziness.

Anyway, welcome to the second chapter of True Happiness.

Answers to reviews:

Lewamus Prime, you are exceptionally long winded, but to answer your questions, first, no, Tomoki isn't Deadalous's husband, as I meant to say but apparently didn't in the beginning of the story, the only characters from the Sora no Otoshimono universe will be the angels/angeloids, what I meant about thinking who she liked was to think how Tomoki acted in the manga, and you could figure out who it is very easily. Second, Naruto will be as smart as he is in canon, which is actually very smart(if lazy), he will just get help earlier than after failing for the third time on the graduation exam(which is the truth in the Naruto manga, even if the anime tries to make Naruto stupid by claiming that Iruka helped him ever since he was about 10, then making it seem as if he suddenly became a genius after leaving the academy as he did things like learn a technique that took the person who learned it quickest in about a year, and learns it in a month(the Rasengan)), I will also be making him a lot less lazy; so he will be learning quite a bit more than he learned in canon, just wait and see. Third, I'm trying to keep this as close to cannon as I can without making no sense whatsoever, so no ocs, sorry. And finally, I am basing all about the Sora no Otoshimono universe on the Manga, not the Anime, and there are a lot of differences, so don't worry about it if something comes up that seems to contradict what you know about Sora no Otoshimono, because it is most likely from the manga.

LordGhostStriker, first off, it's 6 angeloids, Chaos will be with Konohamaru, and second, I want to pair the two female Jinchuriki with Naruto because they get killed off in the original Naruto storyline, and I don't like that, so I will have him save them, and who else could better understand them than another Jinchuriki.

Anyways, for those of you who haven't figured out who Deadalous's husband is, I will give you all a second hint, one that makes a lot more sense if you read all I said about this topic earlier, he will be introduced sometime during the Chunin Exams arc.

Also, I'm thinking of adding one more pairing to Naruto's harem, but I'm not sure; I've recently started to like reading Fem-Kyuubi stories, and was considering adding her, but I'll ask all those who are reading my story, what's your opinion on this?

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Konohagakure no Sato, The Village Hidden Among the Leaves, was a beautiful village located in the middle of Hi no Kuni, called that because of the large amount of trees that grew in and around the village, which were created by the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju. The village was known as the most powerful of the great ninja villages, having won each of the three Great Ninja Wars, and was also known as the most peaceful of them.

The Village had been repaired since the attack almost 7 years ago, and life seemed to be seemed to be going well for the people who lived there, except for a few.

One child walking along the street towards the Hokage's Tower was less fortunate than most of the villagers. Everyone who saw him would look away soon after, and ignore him, whispering behind his back. The boy was a young blond haired boy with tan skin and three odd whisker-like marks on his cheeks. He was wearing a pair of ill fitting orange pants, and a white t-shirt with a red spiral on the back of it. This was Naruto Uzumaki, a young child who was born on the day of the Kyuubi attack and who, for some reason, was hated and ignored by practically everyone in the village for reasons he had no idea why.

Naruto was heading to the Hokage's Tower because he had asked the Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, a man whom treated Naruto like his grandson, to help him learn how to read, since no one at the academy would help him and he needed to learn how so that he could actually pass. The Hokage had agreed and had been having one of his ANBU, a woman with long purple hair and a mask shaped to look like a cat, teach the boy how to read in the Hokage's personal training ground, behind the tower, every day, and Naruto had nearly learned most of the basic characters. He was looking forward to learning, as Neko had promised him she would get him ramen for a whole week if he could learn to read simple sentences by the end of the next month.

As Naruto arrived at the training ground, he sat down at the edge of the clearing and grabbed the notebook he had with him that he was using to write down the basic Kanji he learned from Neko and started to look through it, to refresh his knowledge before Neko got there.

He had only been sitting there for a few minutes, when a bright light caused him to look up. Right where the flash of light had gone off, there were now five girls about his age, all of them were passed out, and he saw something else that shocked him. All five of these girls had wings.

Running over to them Naruto shook the shoulder of the nearest one, getting a good look at the five as he did so.

All five girls were wearing white dresses that reached down to there knees. They also seemed to have a slightly starved look to them, and all of them seemed bruised and scratched up pretty badly, though they didn't seem badly hurt.

The first girl, the one he was trying to shake awake, had long red hair and a rather round face, which made Naruto's mind pop back to a dream he had a while ago, about a woman in a black dress who looked similar, with a roundish face and red hair. Her wings were pinkish white and fluffy, like an angel's wings.

The second girl had long bluish green hair, and her wings were more like a butterfly's or a beetle's than an angel's. Her ears were also long and pointed.

The third girl's hair was golden, just like his own, and was long and straight, her wings were just like the red head's wings, only this girl seemed to have a second pair of wings and her's were pure white.

The forth and fifth girls both looked exactly the same, except one had green hair, and the other had hair that was a pale blond in color. They both had a single pair of wings that were similar to the wings that the red head and the blond girls had, but their wings were a mix of white and black, with the tops of their wings being white, and the bottoms of their wings being black.

Naruto spent the next minute trying to wake the girls up, but had no success, knowing that Neko wouldn't be there for another half hour or so, since he had gotten there early, he immediately ran back to the Hokage's Tower, and up to the Hokage's office.

When he got to the door, he ran in, the guards letting him do so as Sarutobi had told them to let him in unless he was in a meeting.

"Jiji!" he cried out, shocking the Hokage, who had been doing his paperwork and hadn't expected to see Naruto for a few hours at least, and making him look up.

"What is it Naruto?" He asked, taking note of the panicked look that Naruto had, and getting somewhat worried.

"I was out in your training yard when there was this big flash," the boy said, motioning his hands as he spoke. "And suddenly there were five angels laying on the ground. They were passed out and they wouldn't wake up, so I came to get you." He looked worriedly in the direction of the training ground and then back at the Hokage. "You gotta come help!" he shouted.

Sarutobi wasn't sure what to think, he knew that Naruto liked to play pranks, and also was known for trying to bother him when he was trying to work in order to try to get him to go buy Naruto ramen, but he also knew that Naruto wasn't good at lying, and also Naruto actually looked really worried, so he decided to trust Naruto. He stood up, and called to his ANBU, "ANBU, come with me to see what Naruto is talking about, if there is anyone hurt, I want to know how they got there." He was worried, if what Naruto said was the truth, then somehow whoever it was had gotten into a private Training ground past a large group of ANBU without any of them noticing anything.

Then he realized exactly what Naruto had said and looked at him, asking "What do you mean angels?"

Naruto was still looking worried as he answered, "They all had fluffy wings like angels are supposed to, but they won't wake up Jiji." He didn't seem to be worried as to how they got there, or the fact that they were supposedly mythical creatures that didn't exist in the real world, but was rather worried that they seemed to appear and were not waking up.

That actually made Sarutobi feel a little proud, as he knew that if what Naruto said was true, then his parents would definitely be proud of how their son had acted, putting others health above anything else, even after the way the villagers treated him.

Sarutobi and his ANBU followed Naruto to the training field, and when they got there, everyone but Naruto, who ran over and tried to shake the girl with red hair awake again, froze at the sight of the girls

They had wings, real wings. Sarutobi then rushed forward and knelt down beside the red head, noting as he did so that she seemed to look very similar to Naruto's own mother, Kushina, only with lighter colored hair and a slightly more angular face. He ran a medical jutsu over the girl, one meant to diagnose any problems. Noticing that the girl seemed fine, if exhausted, besides the bruises and scrapes, he went and checked the others. Each of the girls seemed okay, just exhausted and unconscious.

"Are they alright Jiji?" Naruto asked, looking worriedly at the Hokage as he checked the fifth girl.

Sarutobi stood up, and looked over at Naruto. "Their fine Naruto, they just seem tired." He smiled at the boy, then caught sight of a letter sitting on the ground beside the red head that Naruto knelt by. Reaching down and picking up the letter, he saw that it was addressed to the Hokage, and so he opened it up.

The note was scrawled in a hurry, and he could see that whoever had written it was crying as the note was written, as there were tear stains on the paper. The note read:

Dear Minato Namikaze, Hokage of Konohagakure:

I have sent you this letter with my children in order to save then from becoming lab rats and to allow them to have a normal life. My name is Daedalous Mitsuki, and I am the wife of one of your ninja's. He and I met when I lived in the village of Rosemary eight years ago, and fell in love. He was never often around before we married, and he spent most of his time traveling, but after we had our first children he stayed with me for a month before he was called back to your village because of some emergency. We had three children and after he left I found out I was pregnant with two more. After he left I was taken back to the country I was born in with my children. I never did tell him the truth.

The truth is that I am not human. My Race is what your people call angels, and the way I hid it was that my race has the ability to hide our wings, as if they don't exist. My race has lived in a pocket dimension that can only be accessed by those with my race's blood. The reason I had left the pocket dimension was because my race is dying, there are less than one hundred of us left, and within a century we will likely die out. I left because I wanted to see the world and not stay with my people who were not concerned about our people's survival. But when the current leader found out I had left he tracked me down, and forced me and my children to go back to our dimension.

He wanted to use my children to figure out what was wrong with our race, and then use them as meer breeding stock to bring back our race, but I won't let him, it took me over six years to get my children out of here, and to send them to your village. Please take care of them, and when you meet their father, tell him that I loved him and will miss him, as I doubt I'll ever see him or my daughters ever again.

Please keep my daughters safe and let them have happy lives. I'll miss them.

As Sarutobi finished reading, he looked back at the girls, and thought he knew who their father was, but he wouldn't be able to contact him for at least the next few years. He sighed and looked up at his ANBU. "ANBU, take these girls to the medical room in my tower, and then don't speak about them to anyone, this is now an S-rank secret that these girls are angels, when they are better, they will be able to hide their wings, and they are children of one of my ninjas. They need to rest, and then I need to speak to them when they wake up." He then looked at Naruto. "Naruto, I need you to not tell anyone about them, but you can come see them when you are done with your lesson from Neko. You don't need to worry, they will be fine." He smiled as the boy nodded.

"Are you sure they will be okay?" Naruto asked, still obviously worried.

"They will be fine, yes Naruto." Sarutobi said, and he gently lifted up the red head and jumped to the window on the back of the Hokage Tower.

Naruto looked as the ANBU grabbed the other girls and followed the Hokage into the tower, then sat back down to study until Neko got there.

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And there is chapter 1, hope you like it, and i'll probably be rewriting the last part of chapter one before I write the next chapter. See you all again in the next chapter.

Also, before anyone asks, the reason that the letter is titled to Minato Namikaze, is because Daedalous was taken before she knew about what happened the night of the Kyuubi attack.