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Dangerous Minds- Prologue-

Elude: evade or escape from (a danger, enemy, or pursuer), typically in a skillful or cunning way.


There's something alluring about the darkness that surrounds a city just a little around 3 in the morning. Peaceful and quiet. Barely anyone filling the streets. All that roams the night are stray animals and a few stray cars heading to an unknown destination. And, for me- this city and this town- is my very own safe haven.

My dark brown hair blows in the wind as I close my eyes tightly and feel the ice cold breeze cause my skin to become chilled. Although the quiet and peaceful moment is cut short as a knock on the door breaks my concentration. My heart instant pounds against my chest like a nail being hit into a piece of wood. 'Thump...Thump...Thump...' The noise continues to hit my ear drums and as much as I want to block it out, I know that I can't. My racing heart beat and sweaty palms are now something that I've become accustomed to in the last few years. Although, late night visitors are never a good sign, especially when you're attempting to stay as low key as I have been for the last few months. I'm a woman who's wanted in more than one state for crimes that I can't really tell you if I've committed or not. Although, I'm accused of many things. No one has ever admitted their true sins and I won't start now.

All I can say is that no one misses me and no one seems to give a damn that I've been gone for as long as I have. I don't have much family, no brother or sister. My parents died when I was just a few years old and I was bounced around from unfit foster parents to an aunt named Jenna in Austin, Texas until I turned 18 and she kicked me out, for various reasons.

The sound of my name leaving my visitors lips makes me freeze near the door as he shouts out for me to open it. My heart sinks into my stomach as my mind screams his name. "Owen!"

Owen Thompson is the definition of everything that I never wanted and yet, somehow his kind of troubling personality came knocking on my door and I invited him inside. Just like I'm do in the moment. My trembling hands fumble with the door handle and once it opens, his hazel eyes burn into mine. He leans against the door frame, tasseled hair and a brown leather jacket hanging off of his 6'2 frame as he smirks without saying anything. I take a step back, more fearful than happy to see him. Even if there was once a time in my life where I was weak and vulnerable, looking for someone to save me from myself and being so damn naive that caused me to fall into his clutches. Now, I can't stand the sight of him. Maybe because back then I was heartbreak, alone and afraid. Thinking the whole time I was running from my past that Owen and I could actually be something amazingly reckless together.

"Where have you been?" He asks me, licking his lips as my hands begin to shake and my fingers slip away from the door handle. "Avoiding you." I comment bluntly, feeling his short fingernails dig into my skin as he grabs a hold of me and slams the door shut behind us. The sound of it causes my body to stiffen. Owen must sense it, the fear he's instilled in me because my eyes don't meet his as he inspects the room and inhales deeply. "Nice place, for someone who's trying to lay low."

"It's all I could afford. Ran out of money for right now." I reply back, not wanting to turn my back towards him because I'm afraid of what he'll do to me if I can't see his body language.

"You ran away from me in Prague, Elena. After you robbed a bank and took as much money as you could stuff into your bag. Clearly, it wasn't enough and I truly wasn't really expecting that. You know how inconvenient your little jail break stunt has been for me?" Owen asks me harshly, watching my dark brown eyes begin to water as he adds pressure against my skin at the thought of what I had done to him just three weeks earlier after I had told him that we were over.

"I did what I had to do to survive, Owen. You should try it sometimes." I comment with a small smirk, feeling as he releases his grasp and just when I think he's done with me and ready to leave. He screams without even caring if he awakens anyone in the building this early in the morning. "You think you can run from me! Is that it? Do you think that you can hide under pretty buildings and fake names? I know who you really are and all I have to do is tell them the truth, every single one of them that is out there looking for you. All those police officers, they will come and when they do. I will gladly turn you in!"

My face turns towards him, contorted with a hint of annoyance. I didn't want him involved in this to begin with. Although, he wedge his way into my life when I was barely 18 years old, looking for someone to protect me from everything that was going to swallow me alive. Owen was there, with a helping hand and kind words. He's older, much older than me and I've always looked at him with a certain kind of pity. He could have any girl he wants and yet, he choose to stay by my side until I screwed him over and took off.

"You make it sound like your working for them." I laugh it off, trying to not suspect him. However, I've learned that I can't trust anyone but myself in these last few months and trusting Owen again could cost me my life this time. I can't go to prison, I'm not cut out for it. Trust is a funny thing, standing in front of him and making him believe that we're on the same side is an illusion. Because deep down in my heart and in my bones, I know that something just isn't right here and that I need to manipulate him enough to be able to leave this room in one piece.

He stops for a minute, standing against the door and leaning to his left side to wipe a streak of dust off of the cherry wood colored end table beside him, lifting his fingers and examining it in the light just a little. "You promised me half of that money. Sweetheart, I'm here to collect what's mine." He says with a malicious glance, watching me squirm a little under his heavy gaze. I know that look in his eyes, because I've seen it many times before. I know that he's here because I did him wrong and now, I'm going to pay for it.

"You know what I do to people who steal from me, Elena?" He questions as my eyes narrow down to the small snagged string of my white lacy colored blouse that I had bought just a few days ago.

"No." I reply back, my tone shaky with a hint of underlined fear.

"I collect my debts and then I make sure that they remember, never to cross me again!" He shouts as he steps in front of me. I don't see it coming. However, I feel the impact of his hand hitting my face when he back hands me so hard that I fall to the ground and my short nails dig into the carpet. I try to get up and regain my balance all the while, tasting the metallic liquid dripping from the side of my cheeks and into my mouth, a deep red bruise will appear in no time. My eyes shift downward and I notice my own blood is forming a dark red pool of crimson red underneath my hands as Owen fists my hair into the space between his fingers and hisses into my ear with a warning tone while pulling my head back forcefully so that my eyes are level with his. "Now do you see why you shouldn't have left?"

My whimpering cries are swallowed down as fear begins to build into my throat. He's going to kill me. I thought I knew the reason he was here so late at night and I should have never opened the door for him. Although, the once weak and vulnerable, lonely girl I once was took over and the need for companionship drove my actions.

"Please, let me go. Please, let me go." My pleas for freedom are hitting a brick wall between us because what he does next causes me to shout out in pain. Owen throws me on the bed, leaning down and stroking my cheek as he grins widely and closes his eyes. "You think you'll get away from me like you did everyone else? It's not that simple, Elena...We're in this together. Don't you remember, darling?" He questions, leaning down and stroking my cheek again as he inhales my scent and I hear a rattling noise echo into the room. The sound of his belt buckle clatters together and just as I open my eyes, he's undressing himself with a smile, starting with his belt buckle and then slowly unbuttoning his dark blue shirt.

"How about I remind you what it feels like to be loved?" He asks, turning away from me as my unsteady legs lift up from the bed and I scan the room for anything to protect myself with. Owen Thompson was supposed to be my savior. Although now I realize that I need to be my own to survive whatever pain he's going to inflict upon me.

The minute he turns around and notices me holding the gun, his eyes suddenly change as my fingers hover over the trigger and I stare icily at him. "I don't think that's going to work out so well for you, Owen. You see. You're working with people that I can't trust and that is a problem for me." I comment, pulling the trigger which doesn't move as he lets out a sinister laugh and wiggles the bullet casing in front of my face. "Looking for these, darling. How stupid are you?"

"Looks like your little plan just blew up in your face." He says, turning his back as I cautiously pick up a heavy vase that's on the nightstand near the bed and I watch him head towards the door. We're just inches apart and if I aim the crystal vase directly at his head, I won't kill him. But, maybe I can knock him out so that I have enough time to run.

He turns back to me, eyebrows furrowed and a wicked smile on his face and just as he begins to open his mouth, I throw it at him. The clear crystal vase fly's across the room and hits the side of his head, sending his heavy set body to the ground with a loud thump and causing a large bloody gash on the side of his forehead. Once he's immobilized I lean over him and grab the collar of his shirt, pulling him up by his hair just like he had done to me. The room is dead silent as I whisper into his ear. "This is for ruining my life." I tell him, pulling my arm back and punching him hard enough in the face to where I can hear a few bones crack under the pressure, not even really sure or caring if it's my own bones that I've fractured or his.

"La signorina si prega di aprire la porta!" I hear them screaming for me to open the door in Italian a their footsteps get closer and I heave out a breath, the sun coming up through thin white blinds in the room. My skin is crawling, my knuckles bloodied from punching Owen and my eyes are looking for an escape. This wasn't supposed to happen like this, none of this was supposed to happen like this. But, here we are and here I am ready to start running from my past, from everything that once kept me grounded.

"Aprire la porta!" An older gentlemen with a slight off setting tone of voice shouts against the door as he takes a step back and I feel my body fall against it for support. I'm exhausted and I can feel it in my bones. I've been up all night and the adrenaline from Owen finding me has got my stomach in knots and my nerves and emotions all over the damn place. They'll accuse me, they won't see it as self defense and the worse part of it all is that they'll say that I hit him over the head on purpose. If he dies, I'll be thrown in a prison cell and I'll surely rot there for the rest of my natural life.

I take a moment, biting down on my lower lip and exhaling heavily while gliding my fingers through my disheveled brown matted locks of hair. I haven't slept well because I knew he was going to find me. I've been waiting for this moment for months. The man that I had trusted and believed was helping me in my search for the one person my heart aches for has now crossed a line.

The loud dinging noise on his cell phone makes an ear piercing sound which causes my heart to beat a bit faster. "Is it done?" Is the only thing the message on his phone from a woman listed in his contacts as Lexi Brason reads in English as I rub my face vigorously with my hands. I loved him and he betrayed me. Ever since he first came into my life as someone who said would help me in finding who I'm desperately searching for, part of me knew that I could never really trust him. By then, I was looking to be someone else and in a tourist town of central Italy. I was someone completely different than who I had left behind long ago- back home in Mystic Falls, Virginia.

As I watch the crimson color of his blood drip down on the cream colored carpeting and off of my thin olive toned skin, bile begins to rise at the base of my throat. I've become someone who can't be redeemed. I'm the anti hero and everything about me in the moment yells and screams "Murderer!" But, I'm not what the scene in front of my eyes suggestions. I'm not a monster and deep down in the pit of my core. I'm not this dark and soulless person who I've turned myself into. Italy was supposed to be my escape. It was supposed to be a place where I could be someone else and not have to worry about ever facing my painful and haunting past again. Although, I should have known that it was never going to last too long because good things never really do. After leaving Virginia and running away from the things that I never wanted to think about again. I found a tranquil small town to settle into near Florence. Owen however had promised to make my life a living hell all the while. And, that is exactly what he had managed to do when he found me before dawn and ripped me out of my comfort zone.

I glance down now at his lifeless body and try not to think about how I knocked him out cold with a heavy glass flower vase and my own knuckles. A small part of me keeps telling myself that he's breathing. But, I haven't bent down to check for a pulse. I'm fearful of leaving my prints behind on anything, even if they are covering nearly every square inch of this hotel room. Yet, a small part of me knows that I need to make sure that I didn't kill him. Leave no evidence behind has been the thing that I've learned while attempting to make a new life for myself wherever I go. That's been coursing through my whole body as I shake at the thought of what this aftermath will do to me. They'd arrest me, accuse me of killing a man that I once thought I loved and would support me in finding the one thing that's causing a gaping and empty spot in my heart. Sadly, no will ever know the real the truth. The torment and pain that he had caused me when all I was trying to do was run far away from my broken hearted past that lead me down dark roads in my life, the moment when I had turned to him for help because I had no one else! Although, it's clear to me now that someone else had meddled in our affairs and Owen has been playing both sides of whatever twisted game this is.

My quick thinking and conning skills kick in as I run towards the bathroom, glancing up at the small mirror in it and removing the splattered blood from my face and my chin. I comb my hair back with my fingertips and gently exhale, preparing myself for the scene of a lifetime. If I make them believe that everything's fine and there isn't a reason to panic. It'll give me enough time to leave this room and escape, hopefully undetected. My eyes close and my hands tremble as the floor creaks underneath my bare feet and I glance back at the messy state of the room. I took some time to move Owen and lean his unconscious body against the bed. He's slumped over, almost looking like he had just hit his head and now he's sleeping it off. I could lie and say he fell while heavily intoxicated. I could spin this anyway I want until I see that spark in their eyes of some acknowledgment that I'm speaking the truth.

"Ma'am, this is the police. Open the door right now before I kick it down!" A British speaking older man is heard yelling as I slowly open the door just half way and poke my head out, giving him a curious and flirty glance.

"Is everything alright?" He questions, attempting to look past me as I lift my hand up and close the door behind me, leaning against it and smiling a little foolishly. My brown eyes are dancing with how many ways this is about to go.

"Yes sir. Everything is just fine. My boyfriend came by and he likes to play a little rough. One thing lead to another and well, we got a little kinky and intimate last night." I wink at him, moving a chunk of my hair in front of my neck, trying to hide the bruising that I'm pretty sure has already began forming.

"We got a call from the lobby saying to come up and check on this room. A noise compliant with screaming and what sounded like arguing. So, um. Where is your boyfriend?" He asks with an intense dark blue green gaze.

I shrug my shoulders back, keeping my hands tightly fastened around the knob of the door handle, giving him one of those innocent batting my eyelashes glances. "He's sleeping it off. Must of worn him out. Listen, we got a little too crazy together and I'm sorry about the noise. I'll make sure that we keep it down tonight. Besides, we're in Italia. It's too romantic not to get a little crazy." I add in with a wink and try to keep the suspicion they have that I can feel building around me, far away as possible.

"Can I come in to just check things out?" He asks me. I freeze, the tension in my body increases and my heart beat feels as if it's pumping blood at such a high rate that I can't breathe properly.

"You'd wake him and he's not very nice and sweet when he's awoken so suddenly. Listen, Mr..." My voice trails off, fishing for a name and trying to find out as much as I can about this guy.

He coughs out a breath, flashing his badge in front my face. "I'm not the local authorities, Ma'am. I'm the FBI and I'm looking for someone, my informant. He was heading to this very hotel to visit a woman, whose name or appearance I didn't catch because the phone cut us off when he was telling me about her. Long story short, he has yet to report back to me and it has been a few hours."

Maybe he senses it in my facial expression, in the way my body becomes numb and stiffens as his words rattle around in my mind. FBI...Looking for someone...Informant...Owen...

I smile a little, hiding the sheer terror that I'm feeling in my bones and in every ounce of my muscles as I lean forward and grin. "Well, if you're asking me if I've seen him. I haven't and I'm sorry. Now, I really should get back to taking a shower." I wink at him again over my shoulder, pivoting back to the door as he out stretches his hand and I feel his soft skin brush against my arm.

"If you hear anything else or see a young man with blonde hair and bright hazel eyes walking around here. Please, call me." He adds in, turning away and leaving with the group of two house keepers that had come down to the hallway with him because of all the noise that was being heard.

My shaking hand is firmly placed on the white sticky painted door as I watch them leave. I don't open the room back up until they're gone out of my view and I'm left with his business card. I shut the door fast and lean my back against it, exhaling deeply and trying to stop my rapidly beating heart from feeling like it's going to jump right out of my damn chest as I finally read his card out loud. "Agent Klaus Mikaelson. Federal Bureau of Investigations. "

After a few short minutes of trying to collect my thoughts. I walk back towards the bed and lean down, checking his pulse with the slightest touch from the tip of my fingers. There's a light thumping against my middle finger and I'm thankful that he's still alive. I didn't kill him- that was never my intention. I did injury him though and to be utterly honest that is all I wanted.

"FBI informant. You son of a bitch!" I exclaim, shaking my head and catching the reflection of a small piece of paper that is tucked away inside of his jacket pocket. It's fallen out and laying against his blood soaked chest while I slowly lean forward and grab it, pulling back from Owen and standing up straight as I move away from him. Standing near the door as I examine the photo in my hands that I had taken from his jacket. My throat closes from the pressure of a sudden rush that's making it hard to breathe as my eyes sweep over the image. I can't explain it, all I know is that I'm struggling to feel anything at all, any emotion that is remotely human like.

The palms of my hands are becoming sweaty fast when I lock my eyes on to the room and quickly run through it, grabbing everything I can and shoving it all into a large black duffel bag. The idea of no turning back runs through my mind as I step over Owen and shake my head at him, leaning down and checking his pockets for anything else that I can find. I take a few more things from him, money, a key that looks fairly important. The photo that's dated from 6 years ago has an address on the back of it and that little information alone compels me to place it right into my pocket for safe keeping.

With disappointment filling my mind. I open the door to the hotel, throwing my hair up and tucking it underneath a dark blue hoodie as my steps quicken down the stairs and I make it to the first floor, exiting the lobby without even checking out. It won't matter once they find him, none of this will. Because, I'll be far away from here by then and he hopefully won't remember a thing. My head is spinning as I place a pair of sunglasses over my eyes while I finally make it the busy street corner. Hailing a cab and watching it come to a stop in front of me. I open the door and throw my bag in first, sliding into the back seat while the younger man asks me in Italian where I want to go. I sigh out a breath, closing my eyes and clutching the picture that I had stolen off of Owen as I glance down at it and reply. "Take me to the airport."

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