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Chapter 1

Snape preferred to work in solitude. Hermione, who had finished her detention work long ago, watched the professor from the front row of the classroom, twirling her quill in one hand and resting her chin on the other. She let out a short yawn, hoping Snape would catch on and realize he had already kept her an extra fifteen minutes late.

Small pops and sizzles issued from the cauldron as Snape poured another strange brightly-colored liquid inside. None of the flasks were labeled, which she assumed was intentional, making it impossible to guess what he was working on. She wondered if she dared speak up and risk having house points taken away for 'obstinacy' or whatever other stupid reason he could come up with. She cleared her throat and finally spoke up, "Er, excuse me. Professor?"

He paused, hovering over his work for the slightest second, then quickly went back to what he was working on before.

Again, she noted, it was very like him to clearly be so uninterested in what she had to say, or what anyone had to say for that matter. Not bothering to hide the irritation in her voice this time, she spoke up again, "Professor Snape, if I don't leave now, I won't make it to the Quidditch game. It's beginning in—" Truthfully, she hadn't really wanted to go but Ron and Harry had pressured her to at least make a short appearance before disappearing into the girl's dormitory.

"I guess you'll have to miss it then, Ms. Granger, if you cannot keep your mouth shut during detention."

She quickly closed her mouth and exhaled loudly through her nostrils. "Yes, professor."

A few silent minutes passed of Snape working alone and Hermione desperately trying to keep herself awake before he spoke up again. Hermione jumped. "But, I suppose if you want to make yourself useful in the meanwhile, you can go fetch me a bag from my supply closet down the hall."

Hermione stood up from her chair and took the supply closet keys from him, not really thinking a proper response to his request. She blamed her unquestioning obedience on her tiredness, but in the end decided it wasn't like she had much of a choice to begin with. Upon receiving the key her hand lightly brushed across his. It was rougher and warmer than she had imagined. Professor Snape seemed so stiff and cold-blooded. Was it silly of her to assume his body was as cold as he came off? Realizing the awkwardness of the thought she quickly shook her head and hurried down the hall to the supply closet.

As most everything else in Hogwarts, the door to the supply closet was ancient. The wood had split in several places and dark rot could be seen peeking through the cracks. Hesitantly, she stuck the key in the large bold lock and opened the door.

The room itself was about the size of the average walk-in closet. Biting her lip, she searched around the small space looking for the bag. She really wished she had been alert enough to ask him to specify. She spotted a small cloth bag on the middle shelf behind some more of Snape's notorious unlabeled carefully wiggled her hand past the jars and pulled it out.

Hermione took a step back and in a flash she tripped over something and caught herself on one of the shelves before she fell. Heart pounding, she froze, listening. She was surprised Snape hadn't already come rushing in to deduct points with all the noise she had made knocking things over. She quickly gathered up everything off the floor and shoved it back on the shelf. She grabbed the rest of the stuff that had fallen out of the bag, threw it back in and rushed back to the classroom.

She desperately wanted to turn back around and do a better job of cleaning, but it was too late, she was already at the end of the hallway. Snape loomed over her in the doorway."Well, do you have it? What are you waiting for?"

Hermione handed over the bag and followed him back into the classroom. She started to return to her desk.

"You're not done yet, Ms. Granger." He handed her back the bag and turned back to his work. "Pull out the items listed on the chalkboard.

Hermione did as she was told, refusing to look at him. She plunged her arm into the bag and managed to find the first few items by trial and error. Pulling things back in and out, over and over again. She had gotten used to the familiar shapes of everything in the bag when she came across something odd. She couldn't quite place what she felt. Her curiosity got the best of her and she pulled it out.

"What's taking so—" Snape said, turning around, and stopped mid-sentence. His expression was just as shocked as Hermione's. The object in her hand appeared to be some kind of flogger. She gasped, holding it a second too long before throwing it back in the bag like it had burned her.

"I-I—" she stammered, awkwardly meeting his gaze.

"It-it's for those damned beasts Hagrid loves to parade around." He sounded … nervous. A rare sight indeed.

"Y-yes, of course."

He cleared his throat before snatching the bag out of her hands. "Wrong bag, Miss Granger. Somehow I'm not surprised. You've done enough damage today. Return tomorrow to finish your detention.."

She nodded, finding herself at a loss for words. She gathered her belongings and dashed out of the classroom.