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Upon entering the room Severus offered her the seat in front of the fireplace, but Hermione declined, knowing it was his favorite spot, and sat on the carpet beside him instead. He hadn't seemed to regret having her over yet, though the uncertainty in his movements was evident. He tapped his fingers against whatever surface they came in contact with, which was currently the armrest. The rhythmic clicking of his fingers was muffled against the spongy fabric. Despite its obvious age the cushion hadn't stiffened, and she inched herself closer to him, eventually finding herself resting her head on the same rest his arm was draped across, only centimeters away from touching him. His fingers stilled.

The fireplace was already lit when they entered, and she wondered if there was some kind of spell placed on it for when he was absent. A fireplace left alone was definitely a fire hazard. Hermione reminded herself to bring it up to Severus at some point. Severus, she thought, repeating the name fondly in her head. She had unintentionally begun to mentally address him by his given name. The name sounded strange, but not unpleasant, like it would roll off her tongue if she said it aloud.

"May I call you Severus?" she asked, eager to test it out. Just as she had thought, the name evoked a particular feeling. It was so strange coming out of her mouth, as she expect calling any of her professors by their first name would be. This was different though - he wasn't just another teacher to her.

"You may." He stared into the fireplace, his dark eyes clouded with thought. "I'm assuming that means I may call you Hermione then?"

She nodded, fighting a pleasured tremble. It was also strange hearing her first name come from her mouth, and not the usual sharp Granger.

"Strange not saying your name with the usual disdain-"

He read her mind, and she snorted, cutting him off. "Precisely!"

He smiled, glad to see her back to her usual self, if only for a moment. Eventually the laughter faded and the atmosphere returned to the awkwardness that had filled the room before. Snape spoke up, watching her out of the corner of her eye. "I am sorry about before. I'm glad you decided to stay, though in hindsight having you stay here again probably isn't the best idea." His body was tense, stiffly holding himself into place. His breaths were slow, controlled, and underneath his calm exterior she could sense the storm of emotions brewing within.

She tried to lighten the mood, if not for him, then for the both of them. "Only if someone catches us, which is very unlikely. I would expect someone like you is especially good at not getting caught."

Severus laughed, "You've heard too many rumors, but I suppose I cannot disappoint."

Hermione smiled in response. She hoped he was implying what she thought he was. He was still staring wistfully into the fireplace. She brought his hand to his, snapping him back into reality. The fireplace should have already been warm enough, but she still yearned for his warmth. His arm tensed for a moment then quickly relaxed. After he settled he returned the display of affections and gently took her hand into his grasp. "I am truly appreciative you stayed." She could tell he was doing his best to comfort her.

"It's a bit different hearing all these kind words coming out of you. I wouldn't have thought it was possible before." Hermione found herself moving closer to him, nuzzling her head into his thigh. She only thought it through after she had done it, feeling almost like a clingy puppy. She looked up at him, a little embarrassed, hoping she wasn't acting quite as irritating as she thought she was. Snape's eyes were closed and he looked relaxed as ever. Pleased, she in turn closed her eyes, enjoying the heat radiating from the fire - and from him.

He was warm, and she could feel his warmth from under his dark twill outer robe. She always found herself surprised by it every time she came in contact with him. It sounded silly but she assumed the stern serpentine man was as cold-blooded as his reptilian counterpart. It would be fitting, she thought before changing her mind. In this moment, sitting so close by his side, that was the last thing she felt about him. Severus gently stroked her hair with his free hand, then abruptly stood up. Hermione shot up to her knees, meeting his gaze. "Don't sleep here. The bed is all yours. I'll be in the back room." She frowned but listened anyway, too tired to immediately put up a fight, and made herself comfortable between his silk sheets.

She watched him walk to the door before calling out to him, "Severus, wait."

He looked back at her, one eyebrow raised.

"Please, stay. You can read, or do whatever you want to do in here." She pulled down the covers on the opposite side of the bed. He rolled his eyes, pulling a book off a bookshelf as he walked over. He eased his way onto the mattress, kicking his shoes off the end of the bed. Hermione meekly held the sheets just over her mouth, watching him in amusement. When he was fully settled on the bed, she scooted closer, "You're listening to me for once."

He returned the amused expression. "Would you rather I not?"

"No," she rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling. "It's just different. I'm used to you being the one to tell me what to do." She didn't think about how it sounded till it came out.

And up went the eyebrow again. "Oh, is that so?" He set his book down on the nightstand and turned toward her, wrapping his arm around her midsection and pulling her into his chest. "I happen to prefer it that way."

Her heart was pounding wildly; she could feels it thumping in her neck, starting from the base and slowly filling her throat. Still staring up at the ceiling she replied. "As do I, Severus."

"Look at me," he commanded, but she was too stunned to listen. Flashbacks of her dream from weeks prior replayed themselves in her head. He took her by the chin, forcing her to look at him. Her eyes met his and she felt her soul leap out of her body. It was like she was watching the scene unfold from the space above, and she despite how guilty it made her feel she liked where it was going. Severus toppled over her, pinning her wrists down with one hand and holding himself up with the other.

This time he was the one to initiate the kiss. It wasn't like the kiss they had shared in his classroom. The way he kissed her now was ruthless and hard; devoid of all restraint. She felt the full brunt of his emotions though the harshness of his lips. He ran a hand down the center of her arched spine, digging his nails deep into her skin. She cried out, but didn't stop him. The pain excited her just as much. He ever-so slowly slid his hand under her shirt. Severus clumsily reached for his wand on the nightstand, knocking a few things over. He brought the wand to her chest, lightly waving it over her till her bra and the blouse layered above it undid themselves. Her eyes followed his movements, her breath catching in her throat

"Do you like this?" He asked in a raspy voice, kissing circles around her now bare breasts. She nodded, digging her teeth into her bottom lip to silence the purring deep within her chest.

Smirking in a way that proved his Slytherin nature, Severus moved his hand down her navel and into her panties. Hermione's mouth widened, fully aware of what he was planning to do. She mouthed the word 'stop' over and over again, knowing to the full extent just how sensitive she was there. His thumb pressed firmly against her nub and she threw her arms forward trying to pry his hand off. Pressure filled her head already numbed head, and she felt like she was going to explode.

Hermione opened her mouth to scream and just before sound escaped he stopped, now focusing his attention on her pink opening below. It was just like him to tease her like that, she thought bitterly. He started with a finger, easily making his way to three from how wet she had already become. She clenched around him, pleasure building from his massaging fingertips, but despite that she felt like something was missing. She stared up at him with wanting eyes, begging him for something more satisfying. Something bigger.

Happy to oblige, Severus kicked off his robes till he was just a exposed as she. Hermione took the sight in, blushing madly as her eyes grazed over his naked form. Underneath his robes he was a well-built man. She had always thought it was the fabric that made him look so imposing, but it was truly all him. He was so much bigger in comparison to her small frame, and the thought made her hotter. The boys her own age were nothing like this. Still growing into their own bodies, they were often much too scrawny and awkward for her tastes.

He rested her thighs above his shoulders, pressing his hard member against her entrance. She shot him a small, barely perceptible nod before he began to inch himself inside. She threw her head back, pain running through her.

"Slower," she said, each thrust piercing her like a knife of pleasure.

His unhinged expression relaxed, and he began to slowly easing himself in and out till he got to a speed she was comfortable with. The pain subsided sooner than she expected, becoming only an undertone to the pleasure that soon overwhelmed her entire being. Severus repositioned himself above her, finding an angle that hit a certain spot. Her body quivered, and Hermione shot him a worried expression. "It feels," she began before a moan escaped her instead. She squirmed below him, unsure of the new sensation.

He buried his face into the curve of her neck and whispered, "Good?"

"Yes," she gasped, not having the air to fully explain the heaven she was experiencing.

After a few more hard thrusts he finished inside her, leaving them both gasping for air. Liquid dripped down her thighs as he pulled out, leaving her feeling empty without him. With a small smile like an etch at the corner of his lips he rolled off her to lay beside her. Hermione turned her head so the side, watching her Professor breathe just as heavily as she did, their chests rising and falling rhythmically. Tired, she let her eyes fall, knowing that if she stayed up any longer she would have to think her situation through. For now, she was fine with letting whatever happen, happen. Severus slung his arms around her, holding her tight.

A dim light peeked through the curtains over the window, waking Hermione. The window, she thought with the same childish curiosity that compelled her to pick up the snow the day of the fireworks show. She stretched her arm forward and roughly pulled away the curtains, basking in the light streaming in. The glow from the window shone brightly over her brown hair, tinting it auburn. She closed her eyes, still tingling with tire, and relaxed in the gentle glow.

Snape shot up from behind her, staring when he saw her.

She jumped too, causing the curtains to fall shut. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"Sorry. For a moment you reminded me of someone else."

Her heart sank. Something must have shown in her face, because Snape hastened to soothe her fears.

"It's not important. You, standing in front of me is what's important to me now." He said with all certainty. Hermione smiled back wearily, she wasn't sure what just happened but she was glad to hear him say as such. She only wished she understood the emotion depth he tried to convey with his words.

Severus settled down back into bed, his arms crossed firmly over his chest. She took this as a sign to do the same and nuzzled her head against his side. He snapped out of his thoughts momentarily, welcoming her over with a smile and slinging an arm around her. She closed her eyes again, and drifted away.

She woke up again, only this time Severus was gone.

Hermione's eyes darted around the room, wondering where he could have gone. She stared at the window, the only thing in the room that could give her an feel of the time. She wasn't certain but it appeared to be mid-afternoon. She sighed and slid herself off the bed. A jolt of pain shot through her, a reminder of the night before. A vivid image of Professor Snape hovering above her disheveled form appeared in her mind, causing her to shudder with remembered pleasure.

She remembered him telling her to making herself comfortable but still couldn't help but feel like she was intruding. In the backroom she made herself tea by hand; an old Muggle habit she supposed. The stove and teapot looked like they hadn't been touched by hand for years. She had a hard time imagining him doing most things by hand that he could easily replace with magic anyway.

Mug in hand, she made her way back out to the main room. She sat in Severus' usual spot on the couch in front of the fireplace. It didn't look like he often entertained, or at all besides her. It was an observation she had made before due to the bachelor decor. Without him here she felt lonely, the dismal room only emphasizing it and she began to wonder if this was how Severus felt all the time, sitting in front of the fireplace alone.

She sighed, her eyes coming across a thick book sticking out from the bookshelf above the fireplace. Curiosity got the best of her, as it often did, and she found reaching for it. She blew a thick layer of dust off the patent leather cover. A photo album? She thought, opening it to the first page. Her eyes widened at the pictures of a younger Snape and what appeared to be his family surrounding him. She continued to flip through, and with each page he grew older. One thing that stood out to her was how the pictures weren't animated like the ones normally found in the wizarding world. Her mouth opened agape. In fact, none of these pictures were magical. She had always assumed he was a pureblood, but now she began to think otherwise.

In all the pictures of Severus, he always appeared less than joyful; sporting a solemn frown. She stopped at one photo of their family all standing together where he had looked especially upset. His eyes were swollen as if he had just been crying, and they stared full of hatred at his father's hand where it rested on his shoulder. He couldn't have been any older than sixteen. Hermione's stomach sank and she quickly slammed the photo album shut. She gulped, feeling like she had come across something she was not meant to see.

The door leading from Severus' office to the bedroom was thrown open, and a familiar dark figure swooped inside. Hermione quickly shoved the album back onto the shelf.

"Please Ms. Granger, would you tell your idiot friends to quit interrupting my class-" He stopped midway through the door, surveying the scene. She bit her lip, preparing herself for his wrath. But it didn't come. He walked up to her, his chest nearly touching her own, and stared down at her. "This was not what I meant when I said make yourself comfortable."

Hermione held her breath. "Sorry," she said, taking a step back.

He grabbed her chin, the familiar sensation of his touch shocked her skin and forcing her to look into his eyes. "Not again." His words enchanted her into submission and, god, did she love those dark eyes. She shook her head, her heart pounding in her chest. It took her a few moments to collect herself before she gave a proper reply.

"I'm sorry, I had no idea... I should be getting to class now."

His grasp on her loosened and eventually left all together. "No point now, the day is nearly over. But if you want to catch your last couple of period your should start heading out now." She caught her breath again, the stuffy dungeon air sitting heavy her lungs.

"Why didn't you wake me up?!" She snapped, scrambling to get her things together. When she couldn't find her shoes she gave up, falling back miserably on the bed. Truthfully, she cared less about getting to class than she knew she should. Before, she had been so set on attending as many classes as possible, the headmaster even permitted her to carry a time turner. The change in herself unsettled her. She felt like she was losing herself in him, which worried her tremendously.

"You needed your sleep," was all he said to explain himself. "I imagine you must be sore."

Hermione blushed. He was right, but... She instinctively moved to be closer to him, sneaking her arms around him. "Not that soreā€¦" He saw the want in her eyes and with a smirk, he led her to the bed. One more night spent in his chambers couldn't hurt, she told herself, as she allowed him to whisk her away once again.


Hermione decided to leave first this time. After sharing a quiet breakfast with Severus she escaped from his chambers. She bobbed her head, glancing back and forth down both ends of the hallway, checking if the coast was clear. The hallways were still dark, the candles not yet lit. With a sigh of relief she headed back to her common room, her chest clenching in anxiety. She should be used to sneaking around, she told herself, though the thought didn't comfort her much. When she reached the stairs she calmed, the worst part of it already over. With her anxiety gone, a new feeling filled her. She smiled giddily, her steps quickening up the ever changing staircase.