After the war the village betrays him, only 3 people actually help him. The Bijuu resealed against their wills. In an attempt to bring the Bijuu back to him so he could save them he inadvertently reforms the Juubi. After speaking to it he finds out who his real mother is. Kaguya Otsutsuki the woman he defeated in the war. Descendant of Amaterasu and the Shinju Naruto now has to fix troubles in a different pantheon. Hopefully he doesn't cause too much trouble.

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Naruto Son of the Heavenly Rabbit

Chapter 1

Naruto hasn't been happy since the 4th Great Ninja War had ended. Once the war was over and the Beasts were free everything went to shit. The nations had betrayed his trust. They sealed away the halves of the Bijuu again and bound him in chakra resistant chains. The only Bijuu he drew in fully was Kurama again as he would not let that bastard Sasuke hold him. Apparently not anyone could hold any Bijuu and Sasuke was the only one who could hold Kurama. He also made sure to draw in the Bijuu's souls so even if they had them inside they couldn't be controlled or used.

The only ones there for him was Tsunade, Gaara and Shizune as they didn't betray him. They made sure he didn't die of starvation from being caged in a dungeon.

The only reason they locked him up was because they couldn't hold him down with seals due to the Bijuu's overpowering it. But without chakra or the Bijuu cloak he was stuck.

But unbeknown to the others with Tsunade's help he was over writing the seal to the chains and to his own seal. He needed to break the chain seal first and then he'd draw in the halves of the Bijuu. He knew the risks but the Bijuu all agreed to it, rather than let their power be out of their grasps once again.

Naruto sighed 'You all ready?' He asks the Bijuu.

"Hell yeah Kit! Let it rip!"Kurama says giving him a mental fist bump. "No matter what happens Kit we thank you for helping and befriending us" he says before Naruto smiles and sets to work.

He takes a deep breath and focuses the little Bijuu chakra he could access as he had been storing it up for over a year and a half and even then it wasn't much. He hoped it worked. He took a deep breath and sent it rocketing through the chains. They shattered under the immense weight of the demonic energy. He took ragged breaths and drew forth his cloak form and frowned as he felt multiple energy sources coming to him. He needed to rush.

He ran through the hand seals the Bijuu had drilled into him and slammed his hands on the ground "Sage Art: Attraction of the Tails!" He called out as he erupted in even more golden flames.

A matter of seconds later chakra of numerous colors crashes into him. That was when it all went to crap. The energy collided too quickly and instead if just fusing the halves of the 9 into wholes it made the 9 fuse back into 1. He was unintentionally reforming the Juubi. He tried to stop it but it was too strong.

'Kurama and everyone else I'm so sorry' he says in a somber tone. Kurama lets out a sad chuckle "We don't blame you kid, we knew the risks but at as long as you are in control we don't mind" he says before their personalities meld back into the Juubi. Naruto struggles to hold control as the golden flames turn silver and horns grow from his forehead like the Sage of the Six Paths. He opened his eyes to see Sasuke and the village leaders minus Tsunade and Gaara in front of him.

"Beast get back in your chains! And release the Bijuu we know you took them" Onoki says as he hovers near A and Mei. Naruto lets out a sad chuckle "Can't do that as I promised I'd guard them and they aren't here anymore" he says as he looks to them forming his cloaked form which was the same from his cloaked form he when he originally held all the Bijuu but his horns that he just grew became larger and his eyes changed, not that he could see but the others could.

Sasuke glared at him with pure hate. Naruto's eyes were a more perfected version of his Sharingan/Rinnegan eye. Even though it had been 3 years since gaining this eye he had made no progress in unlocking any of their Rinnegan abilities.

Naruto stood up to them and glared at them "You abused mine and the Bijuu's trust, you sealed them up again and chained me up for 3 goddamn years all because you were power hungry cowards!" he yells at them unconsciously making the tomoe spin in his eyes. "Not only that but you made me pull them in and cause them to disappear into the Juubi! So either leave me be or I will end you!" he yells glaring with full malice at the group in front of him.

The ninja behind the Kage's were struggling to stand under the Killer Intent in front of them. Sasuke draws his sword and summons his eyes only to find massive pain in his left eye but he shook it off. "Dobe you were too weak with those beasts and you dared take away my chance to use that fox of yours. Oh well I'll just rip the Juubi and use it" he says as he charges him. Naruto in the blink of an eye ends up behind Sasuke and hits Sasuke with an insanely powerful kick.

He was grateful Tsunade taught him her super strength as he was chained up, though this was his first time using it actually but thankfully his chakra control was better than it was when he and Kurama butted heads back when he was young.

Sasuke gets sent through the underground building and he looks to the Kages and flares the Juubi's chakra. He was confused why it was being so complacent but he'd cross that bridge once he got out of here and away from the village. He summoned the Truth Seeking Orbs and 2 Chakra Rods just in time to block against A's Lighting Lariat. He ducked under the strike and landed 2 hits on the Raikage's chest sending him flying into Mei. He sees Onoki flying towards him with a Dust release in his hands.

He fires 3 Truth Seeking Orbs at the man to negate the Dust Release and send him crashing back. He flattened another to create a shield against the Lava Shot that Mei fired at him. He then summoned the shakujo to block Sasuke's sword.

Sasuke glared at him "Amaterasu!" he yells trying to burn the dobe's legs off but is shocked when the flames don't come out. In fact it hurts his head greatly to even try. Why was his Sharingan acting up and why couldn't he use his Sharingan/Rinnegan fusion eye?

Naruto noticed that Sasuke was only using one arm as the other was hanging limply from his side and half of his face was soaked in blood, seemed the one hit he landed damaged him greatly. He didn't really want to kill anyone here, just incapacitate them. He evaded the strikes, confused why everyone was so slow. These were supposed to be top tier Shinobi but to him they were as fast as genin.

He ducked under dual strikes from A and Sasuke and landed a palm strike on the two sending them rocketing back again. He dashed after A and grabbed his ankle and swung him towards Onoki with great speed, shocking the man as they both crashed through the building again.

All he needed to do was take out Mei and then he could run. He summoned the orbs around his hand and spiraled them into a drill and hit Mei with great speed. She tried to use Lava to protect her but the Truth Seeking Orbs negated it. She fired out through wall and Naruto quickly left out the underground base. He had been trapped under the Leaf village where the Root headquarters use to be.

He summoned clones to help find a way out but after a couple minutes he grew tired and summoned a Rasenshuriken and fired it at the ceiling in the large training area he found himself at. The ceiling exploded and revealed the sky above him but before he could fly out he had to dodge a large arrow made of fire and purple energy.

He looked over and frowned at Sasuke standing in his Tengu Susanno with a bleeding A holding up an unconscious Mei. Onoki was limping greatly. "Dobe we won't let you escape. Those beasts are to be used as weapons. That idiotic Sage didn't know what he was doing" he said as he drew out two swords and dashed towards Naruto.

Naruto noticed his Susanno was faster as he dodged the slashes and fired Truth Seeking Orbs at Sasuke. They seemed to weaken its armor as it was slowly getting slower. Naruto changed one orb into a familiar blade, the blade of Zabuza, Kubikiribocho. He swung the blade down and severed an arm of the Susanno. He jumped up and slashed at the forehead where Sasuke was and shattered it and hit Sasuke fast and hard straight in the face, sending him crashing through the back of his Susanno.

A dashed at him again but Naruto ducked underneath it and hit his elbow, shattering his elbow and kicked him hard in the chest crashing him into Onoki again. He sighed as Mei was still unconscious. This was his chance.

He flew upwards and out of the underground base and looked out to see a new massive village. Turned out he wasn't under the Leaf village, he was under a brand new village that seemed to have pieces of each village. Maybe he was under there for more than 3 years, with the progress they made in a joint village he didn't quite know. He lowered down on the building that had the fire symbol on it and eased out of his cloaked form to find his horns still there. He didn't mind but it would take some getting used to. Luckily it was the dead of night so not many saw him. He sneaked his way in, he needed to find Tsunade.

He sneaked around the building as he knew any ANBU that saw him wouldn't report it to Tsunade but to the others as she was the only one besides Gaara and Shizune that tried to help him. He eventually found her behind her desk drinking sake. He chuckled mentally at her and lowered from his hiding spot.

"Oba-chan" he says with a smile making her jump and smile happily once she saw him. She hugged him tightly and cried silently "Brat, don't scare me like that. I'm glad you finally got out" she says patting his cheek. He smiled as she passes him a scroll. He opens it and unseals the contents to see clothes and his necklace she had given him. She turns around for him to change.

He now wore black cargo pants with an orange shirt and long sleeve black jacket and black shinobi sandals. The necklace was proudly displayed on around his neck and his headband was around his waist as his new set of horns kind of made it difficult to wear it on his forehead.

Tsunade turned around and frowned once she saw his forehead and eyes. "Naruto what happened?" she asks as she activates the privacy seals in her office. He sits down and starts explaining everything that happened from him breaking out to the point where he got here.

She nodded "Well that explains the eyes and horns" she says confusing him. "What about my eyes?" he asks looking for a mirror. She hands him a small one and nearly dropped it when he looked in it. Gone were his blue eyes and now were two pure red orbs with concentric circles with 9 tomoe in total. He had the Juubi's eyes, not Sasuke's version which was purple but the true Shinju eyes.

"Wow that is shocking" he says as he sits down "another thing, the Juubi isn't fighting for any kind of control, it seems almost calm in me" he says to her. She sighs and nods "Yes I can explain that but I think you should go to you mindscape to see it first as it will probably explain it a lot better" she says pouring another glass of sake.

He looks confused but sighs and nods "Fine but if I show any signs of losing control hit me hard okay" he says getting a nod from Tsunade. He sits down in a meditative stance and fades into his mindscape.


He frowned as his mindscape had changed yet again. Now it was a massive clearing full of trees but the most noticeable tree was the gigantic on he hadn't seen since the 4th Shinobi was. This time it was fully bloomed and the moon reflected the Shinju eye on it. He walked around the clearing until he heard a tremendous boom behind him. He turned around to see a giant 10 tailed wolf looking down at him.

"Ah so you finally came to visit" it says with a grin. The weird part was that it wasn't a menacing grin, it seemed almost kind. He stepped back "Juubi?" he asks confused, last he saw the Juubi was not a wolf, if anything it was a weird human, slug thing or in Kaguya's case a badger of some kind.

The wolf huffs "My name is Shinju mind you and I am the 10 tailed wolf" it says as it walks over to the massive blooming tree. "But I thought you were a weird human slug badger thing" he says as he cautiously follows. He then is confused more as he hears the Juubi, now named Shinju laughing. "Oh boy that was my incomplete form, what I take when others try to draw my power for impure reasons, it's been a long time since I've been united with my true soul again. Since I am back together my true form is back and boy does it feel good to have my fur again" he says as he waves his tails.

"Wait I'm really confused, Tsunade-baa-chan told me to talk to you as you'd explain everything" he says making the wolf look at him with his red eyes. It sighed "Figured she'd shove the duty onto me. Okay listen up kid I really wanna explain this just once" he says getting Naruto's attention. He sat down in front of the wolf and got ready to listen. The wolf nodded "Long ago my soul was in your mother, now I'll explain how I know your mother in a bit so don't interrupt" he says stopping Naruto from speaking. He pouts but lets him continue. "Now my soul had been with your mother for a long time as she took her mortal aspect of Kushina Uzumaki so she could bring peace. But she eventually changed her mind when she met your father. Then Obito happened" he spat out the name like venom "when he attacked and released the fraction of me and killed your parents she transferred my true soul into you as a last will. I worked to keep the Kyuubi Kurama at bay while you were little and even helped you by giving you little bursts of strength at times" he says looking up at the sky.

"But then that man Madara" he says with worse venom than when he mentioned Obito "He reformed me without my soul making my power, a soulless husk and full of uncontrolled raging power. Now yes they took control over it but in no way did they have full power over me. Then he tainted your mother when she resurrected and made it so she didn't even notice her own son" he says with pure hatred in his voice.

Naruto was following it so far. Apparently his mother had attracted Shinju's soul and gave it to him but the major part that he was confused at was when he mentioned Madara bringing her back. "Wait, when did I fight my mother?" he asks seriously confused.

The Shinju sighs but not in annoyance, more upset or sad "Kit, before I tell you just know this. Madara was the avatar for her to use to revive herself. His soul was so evil and dark it tainted her so badly that it broke her mind, now if I was able to connect to her I could fix her" he says getting a nod of acknowledgement from the boy. He takes a deep breath "You are the son of Minato Namikaze and Kaguya Otsutsuki" he says dropping a bombshell on Naruto.

He stands up quickly "What!? How can that even be, my mother is Kushina Uzumaki!" he yells in shock. Shinju sighs "Yes you are as Kushina was her mortal aspect that she took as she was trapped. She used it originally to try and reform me but only got the nine tailed part. She then met your father and fell in love and saw how he could bring peace without using the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Your father knew who she truly was and still loved her. The only ones who knew of it was him and Tsunade as Tsunade was her best friend" he explains making Naruto rub his temples.

"So I am apparently the son of a goddess and I fought against her and trapped her in a moon like construct" he says finishing it in a defeated and sad tone, trying to keep tears back. Shinju frowned "Kid remember Madara had messed with her when she inadvertently used him to revive herself. If we can get back to where she is I can break her out and even fix her easily" he says calming Naruto. Naruto nods and wipes the tears "Do you know how to get there?" he asks.

Shinju huffs "Of course! I am the great Primordial Shinju, the God Tree. Give me an hour or so and I can track her energy and we can use your new eyes to warp there. But first I want my gift back from this vile world. I want my chakra back. Tsunade, Shizune and that Gaara boy can keep it as they are kind and even helped you when others tried to imprison you. After all you did for them it's disgusting how everyone repaid you" he says glaring off into the distance.

Naruto sighs "Maybe it's for the better. How do I do it?" he asks as 2 of Shinju's tails tap his palms to reveal both Sage markings (sun on right and crescent moon on left). "Tap them with each marking and it'll protect them from the technique. Also the sun mark will still heal others greatly and the moon mark will help create seals and even make warp points" he says as Naruto nods. "Thanks Shinju, do you want me to release you after we save my mom?" he asks.

Shinju contemplates it for a moment but shakes his head "Naw, what kind of grandfather would I be if I didn't spend time with my grandson" he says making Naruto crash down in shock. "Grandpa!?" he says shocked. Shinju chuckles "Yup, Kaguya is the daughter of myself and the Shinto goddess Amaterasu. I'll fill you in on all that later" he says as Naruto gets up. "Well that's a lot to take in in the span of an hour or so" he says making Shinju chuckle more. "Just head back to Tsunade and mark her and the others and I will help you with the hand signs to take back chakra" he says as Naruto nods and fades from the mindscape.

-Outside World-

Naruto opened his eyes to see Tsunade being berated by Shizune and Gaara baring the door with sand as he could hear others banging on it from the outside. Shizune stopped once she noticed Naruto standing, she went over and hugged him "Naru-chan I'm so glad you got free" she says with a smile as Gaara looked to him. "As am I Naruto but you will excuse me from giving you a handshake as I am keeping the other ninjas from entering" he says in his calm tone.

Naruto chuckles and tagged him with both hands confusing him a bit. He then went and did the same to Tsunade and Shizune. "Okay brat what was that all for?" Tsunade asks as she saw the marks on his hands. "The Shinju apparently wants his chakra back but gave you three permission to keep it as you all looked out for me and tried to protect me" he says as Tsunade nods. "Did he explain everything" she says looking him in the eyes with a serious look on her face.

He nods "Yes and how Madara corrupted mom" he says getting a nod from her. Shizune looks confused as does Gaara "I'll explain once I'm done" he says getting nods from them. 'Ready Shinju?' he asks getting ready. "Yea Kid just go into the cloaked form and I will take control over your arms" he says as Naruto bursts into his silver cloaked form. Naruto's arms run through a series of hand signs and then he slams them down "Great Sage Art: Uprooting of the Gift!" he yells out as the air colors to light blue, the color of chakra as it all flows into Naruto.

"Just stay calm and I can handle the massive influx" he says as Naruto focuses on drawing it into him. He could hear outraged cries from all over as he drew in the last bit of chakra. He wished he could see the Teme's face when he realized he lost his precious eyes.

Naruto turned to them and smiled. Gaara noticed the lack of attacks on the door and just kept his sand up there and sat down as he no longer needed to focus as much on it. Naruto then got to explaining everything to them. Shizune was a bit skeptical but Gaara believed his friend completely, he knew Naruto was not one to lie and the fact he used a Sage art outside of Sage mode spoke to the truth behind it.

Tsunade turned to Shizune "Naruto speaks the truth, sadly Kaguya was corrupted when she used Madara. But hopefully she will be able to be saved" she says getting a nod from Naruto. "Shinju is trying to find her energy signature or something and I am to use my eyes with his help to go to her. But first I want to grab some stuff" he says as he summons 10 clones. He turned to them "Go and grab what I have planned, if anyone gives you trouble just summon a Rasengan to scare them a bit" he says as they nod and dash of at high speeds. Naruto turns to them and smiles "Since no one has chakra except me and you 3 I decided to grab some useful things, most likely Shinju will influence a clone or 2 to grab some stuff he thinks I need as well" he says as they nod.

An hour later the clones return holding a massive storage scroll. "Good job guys, just in time Shinju said he locked onto mom" he says as he dispels the clones and straps the scroll to his back. The clones got everything he wanted and a few things he didn't know the Shinju even knew where they were.

He turned to the group "You guys stay safe until I return" he says getting a smack in the back of the head by Tsunade. "Brat we are strong shinobi and everyone else has no chakra. We'll be fine just go save Kaguya and cure her. I miss my old friend" she says getting a chuckle from Naruto.

'Ready Shinju?' he asks as he goes into his cloaked form and activates his new eyes. "Of course, lets go save my daughter and your mother" he says as he causes Naruto's eyes to spin. Naruto focuses his chakra into his eyes "Kamui!" he calls out creating a tear in front of him.

He leaps through multiple tears layered up on themselves. When he reaches the end it reveals himself standing before the massive moon he had inadvertently trapped his own mom in. "Now what?" he asks as he looks around and inspects the moon. 'You tag the moon thing with your marks and then you need to be fast and tag her before she wakes' Shinju says as he frowns at the moon.

He still hated how his body is trapped in the moon. The only reason he went on a rampage in the first place was because those kids of hers got power hungry. Kaguya had made a deal that he would let his chakra flow for 3 years or until the war ended. After the war he tried to take it all back but Hagoromo and Hamura got greedy and didn't want their power to go. Then everything went to shit as he was divided and Kaguya sealed.

He shook off those thoughts and got back to helping Naruto.

Naruto walked up to the moon and steeled his nerves. He tagged the moon and instantly it broke apart. He took to jumping into it and he saw his mother's body falling. He flew quickly towards her. Just before he got there she opened her eyes. She was about to say something until Naruto tagged her on her shoulders.

Instantly the whole moon was shot apart. As was he as he was sent flying back quite forcefully. 'Did I get her?' he asks as he groans and gets up. Shinju nodded "Yes you did Kid, this is her godly aura returning to her and her regaining her own body" he says as they see her float down from the sky. Her hime kimono was completely fixed as was her arm. He could see that Zetsu's eyes glaring at him from her sleeve.

"Mother, that boy is back, should I kill him?" it asks only to be shocked as his mother hugs the boy tightly to her chest, crying heavy tears. "S-Sochi!" she cries as Naruto cries and hugs her back. "It is okay mom, Shinju told me everything. I'm so sorry for hurting you" he says petting her head as he cried. She pulls away "Dad? Is he inside you?" she asks. He nods and gets to explaining everything that happened for nearly the 3 time today. She frowned "I'm so sorry you had to suffer so much. But it's all over now. Peace is there as no one has chakra anymore and will never wield it ever again" she says getting a nod from him.

"Mother?" the Zetsu says from her sleeve "What is going on? Why are you calling him your son?" it asks confused. Kaguya frowns as she forgot that Zetsu was in her sleeve "Remember Naruto I told you about when you were young?" she asks getting the blob to move from her sleeve and nod. "Well this is him, the only reason neither of us noticed was because Madara infected us but don't worry your brother forgives you. Don't you Sochi?" she asks in a kind tone. Naruto nods "Sorry about everything, if I knew you were my brother in a sense I wouldn't have fought you two but as she said its all better now" he says holding out a fist. The Zetsu looks cautious but bumps fists back.

Kaguya smiles and hugs her son again "I missed you so much Sochi. Now lets get back and see Tsunade and maybe cause some mischief, I seem to have gotten that from my Kushina side" she says as she opens a tear as they walk through.

-Tsunade's office-

Once in the office Shizune steps back in shock as Tsunade gets up to hug her friend. Gaara smiles softly, glad to see his best friend have his mother again. Moments later a flash of light fills the room and a woman with dark black hair is standing before them. She wore a blood red kimono with a black obi. On her waist was 2 swords on her was. The first one has a black sheath with a golden hexagonal guard and white clothed handle. The other had a very dark red almost black sheath with a black clothed handle, its guard reminded them of the Sharingan as it had 3 commas meeting together with their ends pointing out wards as a black ring connected the ends.

Kaguya smiles at the woman as she hugs her close. "Mom!" she says smiling as the woman smiles back. "Oh Kaguya dear I'm so glad you are back to being the darling girl I gave birth to" she says as Naruto stares in confusion until he hits his fist on his open palm as if to say he figured it out "Amaterasu!" he says proud to remember that bit of info.

The woman turns to him and squeals as she hugs him, burying his face in her generous chest. "So you are my grandchild that holds my husband and saved my daughter" she says nearly suffocating him before Kaguya pulls her off. "Mother stop suffocating my child" she says glaring at her.

Amaterasu frowns "Fine, yes I am the Shinto goddess Amaterasu, goddess of the sun, creation and all that good stuff but first I want to reward my adorable grandchild for saving my realm" she hears grumbling from Naruto's stomach, not his hunger, it sounded like a person. She sighs "Fine Darling our realm" the grumbling stops. She thinks for a second before donning a look as if to say a light bulb went off in her head.

She takes her swords out from her sash and hands them to him. "Here, since the Shinto's have made peace amongst themselves I have no need for my swords any more. Plus since we are the leaders of Heaven peace has been in all pantheons, except for one" she says the last part in a quiet tone.

Naruto looks at the blades "Are you sure?" he asks as he holds them in his hands. "Of course as 1. They will help you gain power over your new eyes abilities and 2. What kind of grandma would I be if I didn't spoil my grandchild" she says with a smile. Naruto smiles, yesterday he had no one but Tsunade, Shizune and Gaara. But now he had a mother, a grandmother and a grandfather.

He wipes away tears "Thanks Oba-chan" he says getting another squeal from the goddess. Kaguya holds her back from glomping her son again. She collects herself and clears her throat "I might as well explain the blades. The one with the golden guard is named Yamato, that blade represents my sun aspect as well as it should help boost your Rinnegan abilities as it has some power over space from when it was blessed by another deity. The red sheathed blade represents the aspect forced on me, the black flames of the Sharingan. Its name is Ten no Kuroi Hono literally meaning the Black Flame of Heaven. It will help you with the Sharingan aspects and the flame will only burn what you want instead of everything" she says with a kind smile.

Naruto stares in shock at the blades as he straps them to his sides. "Why are you giving me such powerful blades?" He asks confused. She smiles sadly a bit "Well you see I sort if need your help Honey" she says confusing him. "You see there is only one pantheon that has been giving us all trouble. It is the Greco-Roman pantheon. For eons they have had overthrows of power and that bastard Zeus has even tried to fight me and the others for the throne of Heaven when the Shinto's were voted to rule over unanimously it as we have had peace the longest with only the recent trouble the only trouble we've seen in eons. Sure there were ninja wars but nothing involving my husband ever before" she explains to him.

He sighs as he figures where this is going "You want me to go there and help them out with their trouble?" He asks getting a nervous nod from her. Naruto groans and sits down "Fine but I want something to make sure no one will zap me for being there and what about mom?" He asks getting a warm smile from Amaterasu.

"Well one you are immortal from holding my husband in you and considering you are 3/4 part god plus my blessing will keep Zeus from zapping you" she explains "but your mom will be needed in Heaven for some time but she will visit and black Zetsu will stay with you to stay in contact with her and since he isn't a god he isn't really allowed there" she says getting the blob to grumble but accept.

Kaguya frowns "You want my son to go to the Greek's realm, without the originators permission and help bring peace? You know how guarded they are against outsiders and beings from different pantheons" she says making Ameterasu sigh and nod. "Lady Chaos gave me permission to send 3 people over, Naruto, Zetsu and Shinju. And I have a backstory all set up thanks to a bet I made and won against her. Naruto will be a pseudo-son of Chaos, in name only no blessing. He will keep Zetsu and Shinju silent as that would take a lot of explanation and would break the illusion but that doesn't mean he can't use the cloak or eyes as Chaos has many tremendous powers" she says creating a cup of tea and sits down.

"Naruto will have free roam around her realm and permission to do as he wishes as long as it doesn't cause too much trouble" she says with a knowing smirk that makes him embarrassed. "Also he will get the correct knowledge of that realm as sending you into new territory with no info is incredibly dangerous" she says calming Kaguya's nerves.

Kaguya nods and holds her son's hand and to transfer Zetsu into the sleeves of his jacket. "You be safe Sochi and don't be afraid to use Zetus to send me a message, he will always be able to go to me, even if I am in Heaven. The message will get to me before he needs to leave" she explains getting a nod from him. She tears up and kisses his forehead "Be safe Sochi I just got you back, I don't want to lose you" she says stroking his whisker marks.

"Don't worry mom, we'll get time to hang out since I'm immortal apparently" he says with a smile. Kaguya nods as Ameterasu chimes in "Plus once he is done here he will be easily made a god, we just need him as a demigod until he fixes everything to come. When that happens he will gain his god hood" she says making Kaguya smile brightly. "Finish soon so we can be a family again" she says kissing his cheek once more.

Naruto chuckles at his mother and nods "I'll do my best" he says as he turns to his grandmother. "So when do I need to leave?" He asks as he adjusts his jacket to give Zetsu more space. Ameterasu flashes away her cup and stands, clapping her hands with a smile "Right now so say bye to your friends Honey" she says stepping away, waiting for him near a portal she created.

He turns to Gaara and extends a hand "Try and keep everyone in line Gaara, at least you could keep your sand your mother gave you" he says making reference to the magnet release his actual mother gave him and not Shukaku. Gaara smiled and shaked his friends hand "Try and stay out of trouble Naruto, I don't want my friend to pass on" he says making Naruto chuckle and rub the back of his neck.

Shizune smiled and hugged him close "Stay safe Naruto and maybe find a good girl" she says winking as she kisses his forehead. He chuckled and went to Tsunade "You have a grandmother so no grandma crap from you" she says with a smirk. "Okay Auntie" he says flashing his trademark grin. Tsunade chuckles "Better than grandma, keep safe out there and don't be afraid to send a summon over to keep contact" she says as she kisses his forehead as well.

Naruto says one last goodbye before turning to his grandmother. "I'm ready, where will I be arriving at?" He asks curious. Amaterasu smiles "You will be arriving outside their camp, don't worry Chaos will claim you later" she says as she touches his scroll causing it to glow for a second. "I merely modified a few things in there and added some things also my blades won't have any trouble destroying creatures in this realm" she says before hugging him confusing him a bit but he'll figure it out later. "Thank you for agreeing to this Honey, I'll be watching over you as will your mother" she says with a smile as Naruto nods and heads through the portal.

-Camp Half-Blood-

He looked around to see himself in a forest. He stood up from a crouch and dusted off his pants and looked at Zetsu. "Look about everything I said to you before I'm sorry bout that. I didn't know you were a sibling of mine or something" he says nervous. Zetsu sighs "Relax I understand the situation, I just didn't realize you to be my mothers son. You gave off no aura like mother or any similarities" he says closing his eyes. "How about a new start, forget the past?" He asks him.

Naruto smiles and nods "I'd like that and the next time I get I'll find something with bigger sleeves" he says getting a chuckle from Zetsu. "Watch out Naruto, there are a mass of creatures nearby" he says getting Naruto's attention as he walks through the forest. He frowned as he saw 2 massive beasts with one eye each wielding clubs in front of 4 kids, 2 males and 2 females. The oldest male has short blonde hair, the other has scraggly brown hair and what seemed to be goat legs. The oldest female had short black hair with electric blue eyes while the other had wavy blonde hair and grey eyes. They weren't just up against the Cyclopes, the name of the beasts according to the knowledge his grandmother gave him.

He could see Hellhounds, Stymphalian birds and even the three Furies flying above them. He activated his eyes to read their auras, the 2 blondes weren't too strong of an aura but the black haired girl had a massive aura of electricity. The only god he could think of with lightning was Zeus but according to his knowledge he wasn't supposed to have a kid. Having all this knowledge instantly confused him but he'd get used to it. He could hear thunder rumbling above him and he frowned as Zeus made no effort to even help in the slightest and he glared daggers as he saw the people from the apparent demigod camp just staring and not helping. 'This is bullshit! How can they not try to help?' he thinks angry. Shinju sighs "Greeks are very hands off with parenting. They basically throw their kids to the wolves. The few times a Shinto god or goddess has a demigod child we look after or kind and protect them when they cannot. We make sure they train and survive. They expect their kids to survive on their own with no help, saddens me" he says with a frown. Naruto growls 'Well screw that I'm not letting these kids die' he says making Shinju smile as he goes into his cloaked form and appears before the kids.

They stare at him in shock. He looks at them "Relax kids, just get to camp I can take care of these nuisances" he says forming his Truth Seeking Orbs and creating the shakujo. The beast step back from feeling the power in front of him. 'Will my Truth Seeking Orbs be able to kill the monsters?' he asks Shinju. He shrugs his shoulders "Might as well as try, if not use those blades my wife gave you" he says getting a nod from Naruto. He dashes with great speed and swings the shakujo at a hellhound sending it crashing into 3 others, killing them from the immense impact. He turns to the Furies above him, they were in range so he fired the orbs at them killing 2 and the third fell from the sky. He dodged swings from the Cyclopes and lunges from the other hounds. He kicks one hard in the face into the Cyclopes, killing the hound and toppling over the huge monster. He sent more orbs out, killing the metal birds that flew around him.

He held up a hand to catch a club strike and shattered it in his hands "Amaterasu" he calls out in his head making one burst into black flames and them golden dust as the flame died down. He panted as he wasn't use to using his new eyes. 'Focus on using what you know Kid, using your eyes will just tire you out' Shinju points out. Naruto groans and fires 3 more orbs at a Cyclopes sending them straight through it, turning it to dust. He saw the last Furie appear in the clearing "Who are you lowly demigod! You are interfering with Lord Hades' work, that child must die" she says lashing out her whip. He catches it without missing a step or even being burned. "Why must she die? Because of the sins of her father? That is an idiotic reason and you know it so leave before I kill you" he says releasing a massive amount of KI. The Furie pauses in shock, this demigod stopped her whip and showed no signs of being hurt, not even the children of the forger could be immune of the flames of hell.

She let out a whistle and called forth more beasts and smirked "You can't defeat this many so just die" she says making Naruto chuckle. "Who says I can't copy myself?" he says putting his hands in the familiar cross form "Shadow Clone" he says creating 100 of himself, all in cloaked form. He charges a Rasenshuriken and smirked as the clones set out to destroy the others "I will not let her die for the sins of Zeus. Die!" he yells throwing the Rasenshuriken. The Furie tries to dodge but one of his clones hold her down, killing her in a massive explosion.

He looks to see the other monsters all dead. He walks up the hill, going out of his cloaked form and turned off his eyes. Just as he saw the black haired girl walk towards him with a smile the clouds rumbled and a lightning bolt struck her, turning her to a tree. He stared in shock at the tree 'Did that seriously just happen!? Zeus turned his daughter into a tree!?' he thinks in rage. Shinju himself was enraged as well "Kid, you need to use your Human path and take her out, screw Zeus" he yells in rage at the Greeks actions.

Naruto nods but an idea pops in his head 'Do I really need to be here? And even if I take her out in front of everyone Zeus will just imprison her again, I can leave a clone of her so they are none the wiser and use my aura to cover hers' he explains getting a massive grin from Zetsu and Shinju as Zetsu was linked to Naruto as well.

'Nice plan Kid, do it" he says getting agreement from Zetsu as well. He walks in the camp and glares at the centaur "Why the hell did Zeus trap his own daughter!" he yells flaring his KI. Chiron takes a step back "Look son, I fear it was his punishment for breaking the vow" he says regretting it the moment after as the KI increased. "His punishment was to kill is daughter!? That's fucked up!" he yells covering the ears of the short crying blonde girl. Chiron frowns "Who are you?" he asks. "My name is Naruto Otsutsuki," he says as a black symbol appears before him. It was of the Milky Way and it was spinning in the symbol "and I'm a son of Chaos, the Primordial goddess of creation and the universe among other things" he says glaring at the horse-man.

Chiron paled at what was before him, a son of the Primordial mother to all that hadn't been seen in eons, the same boy who destroyed a massive army of beasts like it was nothing. The boy whose rage had caused numerous kids to pass out. He noticed the two blades at his side and the scroll on his back. He could feel great power from the blades, like they were a god themselves. "L-Look I'm sure she's okay, merely stuck in there" he says backing away from the dark blue eyes that glared at him. "You better hope she's okay or I'm kicking Zeus' ass" he says as a lightning bolt fires down only for him to catch it and crush it in his hands shocking everyone around him. "Gonna have to try more than that Asshole!" he says as the clouds quickly dissipate.

He turned back to Chiron "So what cabin am I staying at?" he says glaring at the man. He made sure not to let them know he was just going to take Thalia out then leave to train the girl.


Zeus was not happy, not only had an unknown man yelled at him for his actions but he turned out to be the son of Chaos, the primordial mother to Gaea. The only reason he fired a bolt in the first place was he was tired of the ungrateful brat badmouthing him. But then something happened that shocked all the gods and goddesses in the room. He caught and crushed a bolt in his hands.

Sends after a black vortex appeared before them and a woman with mocha skin and a long dark gown that seemed to have moving designs of stars and galaxies on it. She had long silver hair and pure black star eyes. "Zeus, I just claimed my son and you go and try and fire a bolt down on him? Do you want to be faded?" she asks in a deadly tone making the god of the sky cower slightly.

"H-He badmouthed me and I wouldn't let that stand" he says trying to muster a confident tone only for an incredible pressure to crash down on him, shattering his throne like it was nothing. "My son spoke his mind, something he has every right to when you idiotically trap your own daughter in a tree for no good reason other than Hades being sore" she says turning to the death god who was there only to make sure the punishment was dealt. "Controlling a prophecy never works so this whole no kids from you three is idiotic and will only lead to more danger, which is why I called out my son for help. He has been away for many years and you will do your best to leave him be or fade" she says as she let up on Zeus's pressure. Zeus glares at her "What right do you have to command me!?" he yells making all the others face palm.

She was the creator of the universe and everything in it, she had every right. Chaos glares deadly at him and flicks her hand breaking every bone in his body and flicks it again to send him crashing through numerous columns. "Zeus, you arrogant fool. I created this universe, I could take control from you all if I wanted to but that would take my focus from my other worlds and the gods on there" she says walking away. "When he gets up and is healed tell him I will be watching over my son and if he tries anything he will fade, consequences be damned" she says as she walks through the portal again.

They all let out a breath of relief and frowned down at Zeus. "Brother you truly are an idiot" Poseidon says with a frown.

-Camp Half-Blood- Later that Night-

Naruto watched over from the Big House as he couldn't stay anywhere else due to the whole 'not your parent you don't get stay in the cabin' crap. Being the 'son' of Chaos didn't mean anything apparently. He wasn't even allowed in Hermes cabin for some reason or another.

He had met the 3 other kids he saved. The blonde male was Luke, son of Hermes. He could feel a lot of negative emotions rolling off him but seeing your friend be trapped in a tree would do that to you.

The other male was Grover the satyr. The watcher over them all. He had succeed in his job but still felt terrible for what happened to Thalia, the apparent name of the child of Zeus.

Then there was the daughter of Athena, Annabeth. She was a very curious girl as he was asked a million questions about his powers and horns. He only answered that he got them from his 'mother', nothing more. She was upset at the loss of her friend but Naruto assured them Thalia was okay.

When they asked how he knew he told them he was a Sage and could feel her life force in the tree. Satyrs and nymphs nearly jumped him but he gave them a look saying 'not the time'.

He sighed as he leaned over the railing. Curfew had been in affect an hour ago but no harpies bothered him as his KI made a few lay eggs in fear, or self-preservation. He didn't quite know.

He left the house using his ninja skills and a clone stand in so no one knew he was here. Perfect time to take her out. 'I can help you using the Human Path and safely extract her, body and all but we will have to create a blood clone using her energy as a battery for it shortly after or the Asshole King would notice' he says as Naruto sneaks his way to the tree. Just because no one was out of their cabins didn't mean people wouldn't be looking from there.

He arrived at the tree and activated his Shinju eyes. He could feel Shinju making them spin as he created an empty blood clone and laid a hand on the tree. "Human Path!" he said mentally as he pulled the unconscious girl from the tree. He placed a hand on the clone and the girl and used himself as pathway for her energy to flow through, transforming the clone into another version of herself that would dispel sometime after being released. He eased the clone in the tree and picked up Thalia.

She was in a deep sleep, he needed to get her away from camp so she could explain everything. Hopefully he could be of help to the girl.

-Miles away from the Camp-

Naruto built a fire and set her down. As she was out cold he decided it was time to look at what the clones grabbed, Grandma said that she modified them a bit, he was curious about that.

He unsealed the massive scroll he had been carrying and saw scrolls of numerous affinities and even some of secondary and tertiary elements, having all the nations together made gathering them so much easier. And since he bore the Shinju's eyes he could use literally every element as the Shinju bore all chakra.

Then he smiled at the next scroll in line. It read 'unique swords' and contained all 7 swords of the swordsmen of the mist as well as Orochimaru's sword and some other interesting swords he grabbed along the way. He unsealed them to notice they were now made of a bronze steel mix. 'That is so you can kill monsters and anyone who tries to attack you' Shinju explains. 'Hmm I'll have to thank grandma next time I see her' he thinks with a smile. He unsealed some clothes and chose to change his attire. Zetsu spilled out and sat next to the scroll.

He kept the cargo pants and sandals but he chose a sleeveless orange muscle shirt and a long baggy sleeved kimono top that was black and closed it with an orange obi. The sleeves were baggy but didn't get in his way. Zetsu smiled and went back into his sleeve. "Thank you, much better" he says before closing his eyes. Naruto smiles and seals back up the clothes. He also found scrolls on the Sharingan and Rinnegan abilities as well as Kenjutsu stances. Those were bound to be very useful. He also noticed a wolf summoning contract as well as numerous other animals. Shinju must have done that.

'I did. With my eyes you can bear multiple contracts and since those damn toads abandoned you since Konoha betrayed you and they couldn't fight against the village with you I thought you should have a new contract so you can continue to channel Nature chakra as you can only do that with a summoning contract for it to flow through' he explains bringing up a sore point for him. He sighed and would sign them later. He didn't feel like speaking to summons. Maybe he'd sign the copy of the slug one first so he could speak to Tsunade easier.

He sealed everything up and sent a clone out to hunt as he over looked the girl, he didn't want any beast attacking Thalia with only a clone left behind. The clone ran off as he stared up at the moon above 'Shinju is your body in this moon as well?' he asks. Shinju opens an eye and looks through Naruto's eyes 'Yes, my body follows my spirit wherever it goes. Eventually I will leave your body once you become a god. Then I will remove my body from the moon' he explains. He was going to say more but Thalia started to stir.

Her eyes fluttered open and once she saw him she jumped back in shock. "What am I doing here? Last I saw lightning hit me" she says with a frown. Naruto sighs "Yes you were hit by your father, don't say his name or else he will find us. He was punished for having you and his punishment was to trap you in a tree" he says shocking the girl hard but she frowned and held back tears.

Naruto hugged the girl as she cried into his chest "Relax Thalia, I've decided to train you and take you away from that backwards camp. Just standing there as you all fought for your lives is stupid" he says making her look up at him. "You're going to train me?" she asks excited. He nods "Of course and if you show promise I can give you a powerful gift and some powerful blades" he says getting stars in her eyes.

He smiled and let out a chuckle "First thing you have to answer a question" he says getting her attention as a serious look gets on her face. "Why do you fight?" he asks in a wise tone.

She thinks for a second then smiles warmly "I fight to protect those close to me and make it so no one has to lose another person close to them" she says getting a massive grin from Naruto. "Great! You pass! Now while we train if you show great skill I can give you something maybe" he says rubbing the back of his neck.

'Relax kid you can give others chakra with your sun mark. As long as they have pure hearts and minds like this girl it'll be fine' Shinju says easing his worry. He turns to see his clone returning with rabbits as it starts to cook the food. "After dinner we can start, I won't be an easy teacher but I won't be brutal. I will push you to your max skill and make you exceed it" he says in a calm tone.

Thalia nods "I understand, I won't disappoint" she says smiling with a look that reminded him of himself when he was a genin. He was definitely looking forward to this.

-Chapter End-

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